A new romance has its fair share of bedroom shenanigans, but if you’re stuck in a rut of the tried-and-tested positions, things can get predictable very quickly. It’s understandable that “predictable” is the last word you’d want to describe your sex life. Then a few sex positions men love might help spice things up. 

Once you’re a couple of years into a relationship, sex becomes a one- or two-position affair at best. The excitement has waned and the t-shirts are rarely removed. Before you know it, both of you are looking at your phones mid-sex. Having sex in the same positions gets the job done, but is that why you’re having it in the first place? 

Maybe you’re looking to rewind the clock, or maybe you want to spice things up. Regardless, these sex positions that men love will satisfy your needs and provide a bit more. Bring you two back to the days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

Here are 6 sex positions that guys enjoy

Since you know what you’re going to get before you even enter the bedroom, the same-old easy sex positions might just put you off the whole experience altogether. When you’re in the middle of lovemaking, you shouldn’t be planning the rest of the week, and if you are, there’s obviously something wrong. Even when things seem to be going well, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. Keeping things fresh in the bedroom is what’s going to keep your relationship exciting in the first place.

Keeping things fresh in the bedroom is what’s going to keep your relationship exciting. When both of you feel good in the bedroom, there really isn’t any way it might end up disappointing, unless you run out of condoms. Every position brings with it its own possibilities, but when you find the one that truly works for you, you’re going to regret not having tried them sooner.

Due to the deep emotional connection that comes with making love to your partner, intimacy becomes almost as important as the whole ordeal. Intimate positions help you feel closer to each other, and the ones that make you both feel satisfied will top the charts

1. The classic missionary

It goes without saying that this is a classic position. It’s simple and intimate, and practically anyone can pick it up quickly. The man faces you as you lie flat on your back. It allows you to make enough eye contact while also allowing you to use your hands. Despite the fact that he is in command, you are in a comfortable position as well. It can also be a nice posture for women if you adjust it a little by plopping a few pillows beneath your butt. it can be a pleasurable position for women too.

2. Leaning your legs against his shoulders

This is a different take on the lowly missionary job. With your legs spread over his shoulders, he gains support and is able to reach places he previously couldn’t. If you want to go a little kinky, you can reach his hips with your legs and lock him in.

To improve support and penetration, place a pillow beneath the hips. You can both see how much you enjoy your intense moments together. Men adore this position  as women are also actively participating and it gives them a boost.

3. Trying to figure out what sex motions make a man happy? Get a handle on him!

This is the favorite of every male. He prefers to see you self-assured and in command. You get to control the sex, ride him, and drive the sex. Even though a male claims that every sex position is pleasurable, who wouldn’t like to relax, lie on their back, and let their lady do the work?

Return the favor to all those missionaries by riding him and seizing authority. Put a cushion under his back and ride him if he’s feeling sluggish. This allows for more penetration with little effort on the part of the male. This is without a doubt one of the best sex positions for males.

4. The role of the cowgirl

This is a somewhat different version of the woman on the top. You take a seat on the ledge, but you don’t face him. This is a sex position that guys adore because it means they’re not doing the majority of the work. To put it bluntly, the view they get is also quite appealing.

5. The feeling of intimacy — spooning

You lay back to back with your back to the guy’s front. Allow him to press himself between your legs and close your legs by lifting one leg. You can go up and down together a little. Allow him to cuddle you from behind while you have gentle slow-motion sex and fall asleep swiftly. For the guy, this is a wonderfully relaxing sex position.

6. Go for the doggy style.

Out of all sex position, this is the best: Doggy style

The one in which the male takes command: Doggy style

What is the most pleasurable sex position for men? It has to be in the style of a dog. In this position, he has complete control and can unleash the animal within you. Every man adores this sex position because it gives him complete control and allows for deeper penetration. For some reason, men take satisfaction in their ability to maneuver in the doggy-style position. The way they maneuver in a doggy style is top on the list of sex motions that make a man happy. It’s also one of the most comfortable positions for a man, because he has perfect control and can go deeper

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