In “The Summit,” (link below) Sue and Thomas finally realized they both wanted something more with each other after twenty years of friendship. In this second chapter, we tie up loose ends and begin new commitments. We also discover Sue and Thomas aren’t as innocent as they first appeared, and there’s the question of what’s in the future for Sue’s younger sister, Kelly. As in the first part, this one builds slowly, but I hope you’ll stick with it to the end.

I barely remember the fifty minutes of traffic as I drive back to my house from dropping Sue off at Robert’s condo. My brain keeps replaying that unforgettable mountain top sex Sue, and I shared and those last words she said when I dropped her off, “… it will be a dinner for two.”

I’m a few minutes from home when my phone buzzes with a text message from Sue, which I key my car to read aloud to me.

Hi, I’m going to my sister’s, Kelly. Everything’s okay. Don’t respond until you get home. Then give me a call. Sue

I enter the garage door at home and quickly settle on the sofa to hit dial for Sue’s number.

“Hi,” Sue answers on the first ring.

I immediately fire off questions. “Hey, why are you at Kelly’s? What happened? Are you okay?”

“First, yes, I’m fine. When I walked into the condo, Robert was all worked up and immediately wanted to know what we’d been up to and why I was late getting back.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him the truth or at least part of it. I told him it was a long hike, and we’d spent more time on the summit than we’d initially planned. He angrily responded, ‘Yea, I bet. He fucked you, didn’t he?’ ”

“Fuck, what did you tell him?”

“I changed the subject. I told Robert we needed to talk about him and me and that I didn’t think either one of us was happy together any longer,” Sue says with a sigh.

“How’d he respond to that?”

“Oh, he blew the fuck up. I’ve never seen him so angry before. He was screaming at me, calling me a fucking whore and slut as he walked the floors, angrily clenching his fists. It was a different Robert, and he scared me,” Sue softly says.

“And what did you do? I’m sorry, Sue, for asking so many questions.”

“That’s okay, Thomas. I grabbed my keys and purse, and I started toward the door as I told him I was leaving because I couldn’t deal with him like this.”

“And he let you go?”

“Not immediately. Robert grabbed my arm, and I told him to let go. He did, but then started crying and begging me to stay. He said he’d change however I wanted him to.”

“Shit, that’s terrible.”

“It was a fucking mess! He was crying, and I was crying, but I knew I had to get out. I didn’t feel safe. As I left, I told him I’d call later and make arrangements to get my things. At that point, he stood in the doorway crying as I drove off.”

“You know you could have come here.”

“I know, but I need to end this relationship before beginning a new one. Now, I’ve got to make arrangements to get my stuff and store it somewhere until I decide where to go and what to do. I need to do it quickly before Robert decides to do something stupid with my things.”

“Are you available tomorrow?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Call Robert and tell him you’ll be there at nine am to collect all your things. Tell him you’ll have someone with you. See if Kelly can go with you, but if not, don’t worry. I’ll make all the arrangements. I’ve got friends who owe me. I’ll have a truck there at nine with at least two guys who know the score and will move you. They can easily handle Robert if needed.”

“But, I don’t have any place to store my stuff. I can stay here with my sister for a while, but she doesn’t have storage space.”

“Listen, the house I just bought to renovate has an oversized two-car garage, and over half of it is empty. I can have them bring you stuff here until you decide what to do. Then you can stay with your sister and those things you need you can come and get. It’s only ten minutes from your sister’s place, and I’ll give you the code to my garage so you can come and go as you please.”

“Thomas, are you being so nice to me because I finally fucked you?” Sue laughs.

“Yea, maybe,” I tease, “Now, call Robert, talk to your sister and be at Robert’s condo tomorrow at nine. I need to go and make all the arrangements.”

“Thank you, Thomas,”

There is silence as I end the call and begin making other calls to friends for favors owed.


The morning was calm and clear, a good day for moving. I’d parked down and across the street from Robert’s condo in a borrowed unmarked company pickup. I wasn’t making my presence known unless things went wrong.

At 8:55 am, my two friends pulled up in front of Roberts condo in a panel truck, followed by Sue and her sister a few minutes later. Sue went to the door and knocked, and Robert eventually answered it.  For a moment, it appeared he wasn’t going to let her in, but just then, my little surprise pulled up in front in the form of a Deputy Sheriff’s car. After finishing his junior college degree in law enforcement, a high school friend, Ken, joined the Sheriff’s Department. Ken, of course, knew Sue, even had a crush on her in high school, and was happy to make sure there was no trouble.

Along with Sue and Kelly, the two guys made quick work of it and had all of Sue’s belongings on the truck or in Sue’s car in about an hour. Ken remained on-site doing paperwork in his car. Near the end, I gave him a call on his cell phone and thanked him for staying. I told him I owed him and would like to have him and his wife over for a cookout. He got suspicious, realizing I somehow knew he was still there, and asked where I was. I told him I was close. I watched his head spin around, but he didn’t spot me.  Ken laughed as he told me he never knew I was such a sneaky SOB.

I’d given my buddy on the truck my address and garage code with instructions on where to put Sue’s things so they could go ahead of me. He knew I was there and gave me a little salute as they left, passing my parked truck. Sue and her sister were following behind but didn’t see or recognize me.

I got a text message from Sue a little later in the day.

Hey, thank you so much for everything. Having Ken show up was brilliant, and your other friends did a great job. I tipped them, so don’t let them tell you otherwise. LOL!  Robert hardly said a word. I’m going back to work at the university tomorrow; it’s much closer driving from Kellys. It’s over, and I’m so relieved!

I texted back a simple reply.

You’re most welcome. I’ll talk to you later. Get some rest and decompress. XO 

I thought Sue probably needed time to sort things out.


Thursday, Sue calls.

“Hey,” I answer.

“Hi, I thought I would have heard from you by now. Have you already lost interest in me, Thomas?”

“Never! I know it was a hell of a couple of days, Sue, and I thought you could use some time to work through things. You don’t know how hard it was not to call you every day. I picked up my phone a dozen times, starting to call.”

“I was kidding, I do appreciate it, and it’s been good spending time with and talking to my sister, but I’ve missed you too. I told my sister about us.”

“Oh, what did she say?”

“She said it’s about damn time and that it was only out of respect for me that she hadn’t made a move on you herself.”

“You mean I could have had the younger sister?” I laugh.

“Hey! You’d better watch yourself, Thomas,” Sue giggles, “besides, you haven’t proven you can even handle the older sister yet. Maybe if you do, then we’ll talk.”

“I’m up for the challenge, win or lose. Are we still on for dinner tomorrow night?” I say while trying to decipher the meaning of Sue’s ‘Maybe if you do, then we’ll talk’ statement.

“Dinner had better still be on. I need to get out,” Sue laughs.

“How about dinner and then dancing. I’ll make the arrangements.”

“You’re pretty good at making arrangements, aren’t you, Thomas?”

“Yes, when it’s something I want.”

“Thomas, since you’ve had some time to think, are you sure you want me, that you want us as a couple?”

“I’m sure, Sue. I should tell you this in person, but I need to say it while I have the courage. I’ve been in love with you for years, but I’ve been afraid to let you know how I feel because I dared not risk losing your friendship.”

“I’ve been in love with you too, Thomas, but I didn’t think you thought of us that way.”

“Kelly is right; it’s about damn time for us. I’ll pick you up tomorrow night at seven. Wear something club-worthy.”

“I can’t wait. I love you,” Sue whispers.

“See you then, and I love you, too,” I whisper back before ending the call.


The butterflies in my stomach make me feel like I’m back in high school about to go on my first date as I ring the doorbell. I wait a minute until I hear footsteps approaching the door. Kelly, Sue’s younger sister, opens the door and, with a big grin, hugs me and invites me in. Kelly, in many ways, looks like a younger version of Sue, except she’s a little shorter.

“Sue will be down in just a minute. You’re looking good, Thomas. Perhaps I should have made a play for you myself instead of deferring to Sue?” Kelly laughs.

“I know Sue told you about us, Kelly, and I’m pleased you’re happy for us.”

“I’ve not seen Sue this happy and excited in a long time, Thomas. But, if you break her heart, I’ll hurt you,” Kelly quietly tells me with a look on her face that leaves no doubt she’s serious but in a friendly sort of way.

“Kelly, I love Sue and would never intentionally hurt her. But, I do take your warning seriously!” I grin.

There is a slight cough from the top of the stairs, and I move quickly to the bottom step, where a vision awaits me at the top. Sue’s in a little sleeveless, backless, spaghetti-strapped asymmetrical black dress cut well above her knees. Her hair is down and softly flows over her shoulders. She’s wearing bright red heels to match her lipstick and fingernails. Her eyes twinkle like stars in the night sky. I’m breathless and wonder how I’m ever going to be worthy of her.

I hold out my hand, and with a grace that defies description, Sue glides down the stairs to take my hand and gives me a slight peck on the cheek.

“You said to dress in something club-worthy, Thomas, will this do?”

“Sue, you’re stunning. I may need to upgrade my wardrobe.”

“No, baby, you’ll do just fine,” Sue says as she winks at me.

“We probably need to leave since we have reservations,” I say.

Holding her hand, I walk Sue to the door and turn to say goodbye to Kelly, who comes to hug Sue and then me.

“Now, don’t you two do anything that I wouldn’t do,” says Kelly with a grin and a wink.

Sue and I look at each other and laugh. Kelly has always been the wild child, and if half the rumors are true, Sue and I have carte blanche tonight.

I’d chosen a highly rated fusion restaurant at a conference center, thinking we probably needed to eat light if there was dancing later. I hand the keys to the parking valet as I help Sue from the car.

We’re seated immediately at a small private tablet in the corner with window views of the city below. We select a white wine and place our orders before I reach across the table, taking Sue’s hand.

“Have you looked for a new place to live yet, Sue?”

“I was about to Wednesday, but Kelly stopped me and told me not to. She said to wait and see if you’d ask me to move in with you!” Sue laughs.

A little angry Kelly spoiled my surprise. I react, “That damn Kelly always knows everything. I’ll be lucky if I can ask you to marry me before she tells you I’m going to!” My brain suddenly catches up with my mouth as I realize what I’ve said, and I look to see Sue’s reaction.

Sue’s mouth is open, and I see a tear forming in her eye. She looks at me, “My, you do move fast. You’re talking about marrying me on our first date, Thomas?”

“Well, when you say it like that, it sounds pretty stupid. I’d only planned on asking you to move into my house with me. But let’s just say if I did ask you to marry me on our first date, after twenty plus years of knowing each other, what would you say?”

“Damn, Thomas, put me on the spot, why don’t you,” Sue’s quiet for a moment before continuing, “You know I care about you too much to let you be foolish by yourself. I’d probably say yes under one condition. That we have at least a year’s engagement before we’re married.”

“Instead of a year, how about we’ll not get married until the house is fully renovated. I could use the help and your good taste. It could take less than or over a year, but if we can survive working together on a complete home renovation, we’re probably good-to-go for marriage.”

Laughing, Sue says, “Okay. YES, Thomas, I’ll move in, help you renovate your house, and then I’ll marry you. But if you think I’m going to put in all that work and then let you escape, you’re another kind of stupid!”

“It will be our house, Sue. Oh damn, I don’t have a ring to make it official.”

“That’s okay baby, I’ll think of something else you can do tonight,” Sue winks.

I lean across the table for a taste of Sue’s lips, and what began as a simple kiss gathers heat until forced apart with the waiter bringing food.

The food is delicious but not filling. I’m about to ask Sue if she had enough when I feel something pressing against the inseam of my pants. Looking down, I see Sue’s cute little red-painted toes wiggling and stroking up and down my crotch. I feel my cock searching for space as it hardens against the ball of her foot and toes.

“Ohhh, it looks like I’ve got someone’s attention, doesn’t it?” Sue whispers, “let’s pay the check and do a little exploring, my fiance.”

The waiter stops to asks about dessert, and Sue, with a wicked grin and a wink, quickly replies, “No, I’ve got that covered tonight.”

The waiter blushes before taking my card for payment and whispering to me, “You’re a lucky gentleman, sir.”  Don’t I know it!

With the meal completed, we stand, and both stop at the restrooms before leaving.  I meet Sue afterward outside the restrooms, where she guides me to a back corner with a door labeled Conference Rooms and beyond a dark hallway. Trying the door, we find it unlocked and move silently down the hallway, checking each conference room until we find one open. The room has a big boardroom table with chairs seating thirty-plus people and high windows with enough light to see from a nearby streetlight. I smile and carefully lock the door behind us.

Pulling Sue tightly against me, I press my lips to hers. I feel her body relax as our kisses quickly fan each other’s desires. My hand slips down and grips her butt cheeks as she grinds into my hardness.  Sue suddenly grabs my cock through my pants while at the same time biting my lip. She then breaks our kiss and whispers in my ear, “Take me and use me any way you want. Oh, and I do enjoy a little pain!”  I see her watching what my reaction will be. Years ago, I’d briefly dated a girl who could only get off being taken, bound, and fucked hard, so this confession by Sue was not something utterly unfamiliar to me.

Conference chairs go flying as I violently kick them out of my way, which causes Sue’s eyes to widen with a bit of uncertainty. Then with my face almost against hers, I roughly whisper, “I’ll take and certainly use you. However, you can stop it at any time by saying your sister’s name as a safeword. Is this acceptable?”

Sue barely whispers, “Yesss.”

Grasping Sue’s arms, I roughly bring them behind her, so her wrist cross over the top of her lower back and butt. I turn her and bend her over the conference table, face down with her butt outward and high. Sue’s short black dress rides up, providing me a view of her toned butt cheeks with high-cut black lace thongs pulled tightly between them. I quickly unfasten and slide the leather belt from the loops of my pants, cracking the end twice sharply against the tabletop just to one side of Sue.

“Oh, shit, what are you going to do with that?” whimpers Sue.

“Sssssssh, no questions,” I reply to quieten her.

Looping my belt, I pull it just tight enough to hold her wrist together, leaving a good portion of the non-buckle end free. I raise her arms and push her black dress up and over her waist.

I trace the edges of her thong with my fingertips before easing it down her legs.  I notice her pussy has already soaked the thong’s crotch. Her angle, with her head and chest on the table and her legs spread in four-inch high heels, will be perfect, giving me easy and complete access.

I run a single fingertip around her outer and inner lips, using her juices to lubricate her opening thoroughly. I add a second finger as I rub either side of her clit before slipping them into her, slightly curled as I finger fuck her. Two fingers become three as I feel her juices flowing freely, and she begins pushing back against my finger strokes. At the same time, the thumb of my other hand rubs and lightly probes her anal rosebud using her juices as a lubricant.

Sue’s eyes close as her body rocks in rhythm to my fingers working in and out of her pussy. I slow my movements as she begins showing signs of an impending orgasm. At the last moment, I stop and remove all contact with her.  She twists and moans upon the table from the sudden loss of stimulation and her overpowering but unsatisfied need for climatic release.

“Fuck, don’t stop. Please, I’m almost there,” Sue begs.

“What do you want?” I ask in a calm deep voice.

“Make me cum. I’m so close,” Sue whimpers.

Slap! The sound of the free end of the belt end as I snap it firmly across her ass cheek, enticing a sudden jerk and loud moan from Sue.

“What do you want?” I ask again with a slightly more urgent tone to my voice.

“I want you to fuck me,” Sue responds somewhat defiantly.

Slap goes the belt harder against the other cheek.

“Tell me in detail exactly what you want,” I say, leaning over her.

“Damn it; I want you to fuck my hot wet pussy with your big hard cock as hard and as long as you can until we both cum. I want your cum deep in my pussy!” Sue chokes out.

Snap, Snap as the belt slaps each cheek again.

“And what will you do for me?” I whisper in her ear.

“I’ll do anything for you. I’ll do anything,” Sue whimpers as tears roll down her cheek.

Sue’s legs dance as I slowly run my fingernails softly, from her ankles, up the inside of her legs to her dripping pussy. Stepping closer, I drop my pants, freeing my hard cock and ease it into the sopping wet opening as I push forward.  I feel her silken tunnel expanding around the thickness of my cock as I slip deep within her. Her bound fingertips touch my lower stomach just as I bottom out against her ass cheeks, and my cock head bumps her cervix.

“Oh yes, that’s what I needed. Please fuck me!” Sue whimpers.

I can’t stop myself from fucking her even if I want to. Our interactions have me as hot and needy as Sue. I slip the belt from her wrist to free her arms as I begin.

All the years of frustration from not having Sue and of not telling her how I felt about her came flooding over me and, in some way, temporarily changed me.  She is mine now, and I am going to make sure there is no doubt about that.  I’m not particularly proud of it, but I’m fucking Sue with a vengeance.  I’m pounding into her as hard as I could.  It is selfish and brutal, and I feel guilty about it even now, but I can’t or won’t stop.

Sue pushes back into me with each stroke, egging me on perhaps from her own suppressed frustrations.   Her clit bumps against the smooth slick table as her upper thighs pound and bruise against the table’s edge. She moans and groans as her hands claw and slap at the hard surface for traction to push back, to fuck me.

I sink my thumb into her asshole as she rotates her hips upward and heard a soft scream and moan of Sue’s climax. I suspect she climaxes a few more times before reaching our crescendo.  But for much of this time, I am oblivious to anything but my own blind, selfish need.

There is no warning, no shout of impending climax, but that doesn’t lessen the enormous release I feel when it happens.  I can only mumble something that includes Sue’s name as I flooded her pussy with streams of my hot seed, cumming until it is nearly painful. That deepest of plunges, the slight swelling of my cock, and the feeling of forceful hot cum filling her sent Sue over the edge once again. She screams as a climax overcomes her, her body trembling on the table with knees barely able to support her.

It was only then I worry about making so much noise. But either the room is soundproof, or we’re fortunate no one came to investigate.

I eventually pull away and help Sue to a chair while my cum still leaks down her thighs.  As she sits, she takes my softened cock into her mouth and gently sucks it, cleaning it of our combined juices before sitting back in the chair.  I wish there were time to return the favor, but I notice it grows late, and we must leave before the restaurant closes.

Sue looks wonderfully used and satisfied as she pulls my head down to give me a gentle, loving kiss.

“What, did you not have enough?” I tease her.

“No, I’m great for now, or at least I will be as soon as the feeling comes back to my legs.” Looking at the table edge impressions at the tops of her thighs, she states, “That’s going to leave some marks. Wow, even my pussy and clit are numb as well.”

“You’ve been hiding stuff from me, Thomas. Where did that all dominate manly-man come from, big boy?” Sue asks, wearing a mischievous grin.

With a wink, I reply, “I have secrets, but you have more than a few naughty surprises of your own, don’t you, my love?”

“Do you have any second thoughts about us now, Thomas?” Sue asks, suddenly turning serious.

“Oh hell no! I love and want you more than ever,” I say as I bend down to give her another kiss.

“Good, because I’m sure we belong together,” says Sue.

“Baby, why don’t you grab your thong and things and slip down to the ladies’ restroom to get yourself together before we make that walk of shame back through the restaurant. I’ll clean up in here as best I can and meet you in front of the restrooms.  Do you still want to go dancing?” I ask.

Sue looks at me on wobbly legs and laughs, “No, let’s go to our house and order a large delivery pizza. I’m starving!”

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