Sara is James’ new submissive for a week while they hike in the Canadian Rockies. He has put ginger root paste on her tits and clit, and is testing her limits of pain – and pleasure. She is having the most amazing orgasms of her life, and is eager to experience the new things he is doing to her. And then someone else walks in…

I knew what Sara would be feeling in her tits and clit – they would be getting hot, tingling, and perhaps even stinging from the ground-up ginger root paste I had painted on them. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the control to the egg vibrator I had placed in her cunt and pushed the first button, starting it on its lowest setting: a gentle, persistent hum.

Sara jumped, startled, then stopped hiking, and awkwardly turned back to look at me. I smiled at her, then caught up and stopped next to her. “How’s it going?”

“I…I don’t know. That stuff you put on my tits and…and clit is starting to burn. And then that thing you put inside me is…doing something.”

I nodded, “Yes, it is. It’s a remote-controlled egg vibrator. It has eight speeds and five different patterns of vibration. Like it?”

“I’m…not sure.” She swallowed, then continued, “How much farther do we have to go?”

I thought for a moment. True, I had planned on making a few more kilometers today, but there was no special hurry. We had just stopped for lunch, but there was no reason why we couldn’t stop after three or so kilometers. “Perhaps another hour. Would that work for you?”

Sara gulped, “I…I’m not sure. It depends. How much hotter will this stuff you put on me get?”

“It’s hard to say. It affects different people in different ways. But I suspect it’s going to get more intense.”

Sara started rubbing her tits, then her crotch. “It’s…my clothes are uncomfortable. May I take them off again? They’re rubbing against my…places.”

“You mean your tits and clit.”

She nodded.

“Well, you can if you wish, but we’re about to join up with another trail that is more likely to have other people than this one. Do you want to risk being seen…naked?”

Sara stood still, her eyes wide, then slowly shook her head.

“Then, lead off!” I said, gesturing towards the trail ahead of us.

She swallowed hard, then turned and slowly moved on.

I pushed the first button again and watched as her ass twitched as the egg started vibrating more quickly. I also knew something else: sweat and friction were both going to make her…places…even more sensitive.

This was going to be interesting. Would she get really turned on by the combination of the burning of the ginger root and the vibrations of the egg, or was it going to be so uncomfortable that she would ask to stop? I was clearly hoping she would be even more turned on, but there was no way of knowing.

After about twenty-five minutes, she stopped, leaned against a tree, and turned towards me. “Yellow light?”

I moved up next to her, “Yes, Sara. What’s up?”

“I…I think I want to take the chance. I really want to get these clothes off.”

“Even at risk of running into other people?”

She bit her lip, then slowly nodded.

“If you take them off, you don’t get them back. Understood?”

She nodded slowly.

“Okay, then let me get your pack off of you.”

I shrugged my pack off and set it down, then helped her off with hers. She very quickly almost ripped her clothes off, quickly undoing the button and zip of her shorts and letting them drop, then pushing her panties down to meet them. She started to put her hands into her crotch, then stopped.

“I…I don’t know what to do,” she confessed.

“What are you feeling?” I asked.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head and dropped it on her pack, then reached around and undid her bra, shrugging it off her shoulders, and letting it fall. “It burns, it stings, I don’t know…I’ve never felt anything like this before!”

I looked at her, and said, “Do you want me to make it stop?”

“I…I don’t know! I’m very wet, and this is…it’s kind of exciting…but…”

She tailed off. Then she shook her head, clearly undecided. But she did cradle her tits, rubbing them gently, remembering the pain from the nipple clamps I had on her earlier – and had ripped off.

I picked up the bra and t-shirt. “Are you sure you want to take these off? Remember, you won’t get them back.” I said.

She shivered, then nodded. “Okay. I can’t…I can’t wear them. The air feels so good on my…my nipples.”

“How about your shorts?” I asked.

She tried to kick them off, but there was no way she could get them over her boots.

“Come over here,” I said, “and sit. I’ll get them off.”

She shuffled over, ankles trapped by her clothes, then awkwardly sat on the rock, emitting an “eek!” as she sat on the comparatively cold rock, then shifted her feet, shorts, panties, and boots, over to me.

I knelt down, slowly unlacing her left boot, pulling it gently off, pulling her shorts and panties down past her foot, then replacing and retying the boot. I repeated the process for the right foot, then tossed the shorts and panties onto the top of her pack, along with her bra and t-shirt, but made no move to get up.

I thought for a moment and realized how earthy she smelled. She smelled of sweat and her own cunt juices, and it smelled…good. It smelled like an aroused girl. And I realized that I must smell of my own sweat, and probably of my own arousal as well.

I realized this was one of those moments where our animal senses were heightened. And I wondered if she was as aroused as I was by it.

My body felt sensual, electric. Alive. Sexy! And I was pretty sure that, with one thing or another, she was probably feeling the same thing. It was almost like two magnets, pulling towards each other.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the egg control, and pushed the second button, to change the program from a steady hum to a gradual oscillation, faster, then slower.

Sara let her head roll back, and moaned. I softly pushed her legs apart, dragged the back of my hand up her thigh, watching her flesh raise goosebumps, then started to rub her pussy lips together with two fingers, using her wetness to slide her nether lips against each other. She pulled her head up and looked at me. “Please…” she whispered.

“Please what, Little Slut?”

Please let me cum. I’ve been a good girl, I’ve done everything you asked, please…” Her words trailed off in a moan, even as she started shifting her hips back and forth.

I put the flat of my palm against the face of her pussy and pushed gently, letting the vibrations of the egg vibrate through her labia, and making her whole vulva vibrate in sympathy.

“Oh, God! Oh, that’s…that’s so good!”

“Massage your tits…gently…Little Slut. Enjoy yourself.”

She closed her eyes again, and put her hands around her tits, cupping them, then kneading them like dough, but delicately.

I upped the speed of the vibration and oscillation of the egg with the control.

“OOHHhhhhh…Oh my…that’s…that’s…so good. Thank you, Master, thank you…”

She tilted her head up again, and kept her eyes closed, her hands busy massaging her tits.

I spread her legs further, and shuffled forward so I was kneeling between them, my hand on her pubis, using the vibrations from the egg to massage her entire pubic area.

I took the middle finger of my left hand, stuck it in my mouth, tasting the sweat on my skin, adding to my own arousal. I wetted my finger as much as I could, drooling saliva onto it, then moved my right hand away, and slid my left finger down along her perineum, finding the brown knot of her ass. I slowly but firmly pushed my finger against her dark star, but found she was resisting.

“Open up for me, Little Slut, relax your ass, please.”

She lifted her head and opened her eyes, looking at me, then got a look of concentration as she tried to loosen the muscles for my finger. Finally, after panting a bit, she was successful, and her back passage relaxed open. I slid the finger in up past the second knuckle, and slowly stroked it against the anterior wall of her rectum, pushing against the egg in her vagina.

“Oh GOD! OH! OH!” All of the muscles of her vagina and anal sphincter tightened, then gradually relaxed.

And when they did, I slid two fingers of my right hand into her cunt, pushing against the vibrating egg, forcing it deeper inside of her, and very lightly rested my thumb against her clit, which was hard and fully out from under its hood.

She jumped and moaned even more deeply. “Oh, please, Master, please, don’t stop…I’ll do anything, anything at all…please…” Her words trailed off into an incoherent moan, and she dropped her head forward.

Her hands, which had been massaging her tits, now started to pull on them slowly, twisting the nipples between her thumb and fingers. “Ow!” she whispered, but continued to slowly pull and twist, stretching them even further.

I very gently started to massage her clit, just moving it in a circle, not putting any appreciable pressure on it.


She let go of her tits, placing her hands on my head. “Oh, God that feels so…great. Please keep doing it, please…ohhh…OHHH…God I need to cum. Please, Master, let me cum…PLEASE Master… please!”

I looked up at her, my fingers busy and said, “Yes, Little Slut, you may cum.”

She leaned forward and kissed my head. “Thank you, thank you thank youthankyouThankyouTHANK YOU…OHH GOD…OOOHHHHH!” She wrapped her arms around my head, hugging me to her tits and babbling incoherently.

And came.

I kept massaging her clit, and moving my finger in her ass, and started pulsing the fingers in her cunt slowly in and out, pushing the egg gently deeper, then letting it move back towards the entrance, then in again, varying the intensity of the vibration, even as the oscillations rose and fell. Her legs clamped around me, pulling me in closer as her muscles clenched, her legs around my torso, her cunt around the fingers I had lodged there, and her anal sphincter around the finger of my other hand.

She started crying against my head, and I felt tears running into my scalp. She rocked from side to side, holding onto me, moaning and sobbing.

I was content to feel my erection creaming pre-cum into my underwear. I would have her bring me off later, but for now, I wanted her to luxuriate in this feeling, to reward her for her obedience. I also just enjoy it when women cum. It is, perhaps, the ultimate aphrodisiac for me.

Gradually, she slowed, and finally whispered urgently into my ear, “Please stop, Master. I’m getting very sensitive.”

I slowly disentangled myself from her and pulled my hands from her cunt and ass. She shivered as I withdrew.

Careful not to get her juices on the control. I clicked it with my left thumb until it stopped, put it in my shirt pocket, then sat back on the ground, tailor fashion.

She leaned forward, twisted, and slid herself into my arms, legs across my lap, her arms around my neck, and kissed me like she meant it. I hugged and kissed her back hard. She was naked except for her socks and boots, and she was beautiful.

Finally, she broke the kiss, laid her head on my chest, and, in a low voice, said, “Master?”

“Yes, Little Slut.”

“I…I found the nipple clamps hard to do, but I didn’t want to disappoint you.” She looked up at me. “I said I would do anything you wanted, and I mean it. I will. You are an amazing lover, and I adore the way you treat me – even if it does hurt sometimes.” She took a deep breath and sighed. “It has been the most…amazing experience of my life, and I very much want it to continue it.” She laid her head on my chest. “Please.”

I looked at her. “Well, let me say two things about that. First, thank you. Your willingness to be submissive means a lot to me.

“But second, if you don’t want to do something, you must absolutely say ‘yellow light’. I will never hold it against you, and I need to know what you want, and how far is too far. That’s the only way I can be sure that we are both enjoying it. Understand me?”

She nodded. “I…I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Just that it was difficult.” She shivered. “Right now, my nipples are sore – and they’re burning from that stuff you painted on them.” She shifted her hips around on my lap. “It’s…hot, but kind of…sexy.” She looked down again. “I think that’s why I came so quickly, Master. That, and the…uh, thing…you put inside me.”

“The egg vibrator, yes.”

She leaned her head against my chest. “You turn me on so hard, Master, that I don’t care what you do to me!” And she breathed heavily against me, and shivered again, then looked up into my eyes. “I trust you, Master. Use me. I want to be your…your fucktoy!”

I smiled at her again, and kissed her forehead, then said, “Yes, but you still need to use your safe word when I go outside the boundaries of what you want. Okay?”

She nodded her head. “I will. I promise.”

She looked up at me, “I almost did, the second time you pulled the clamps off of me. And it did hurt. A lot.

“But I also found it was so exciting that I…kind of…liked it. Afterwards.”

She looked up at me again, “So, I want you to do what you want, Master. I want you to be you! I promise I will tell you if I need you to stop. We got close to the edge, but…this is all so far outside of my everyday experience, and I’m learning so many things about myself that I never knew, that I want you to push the boundaries. Okay?”

I nodded. “Yes, very okay,” I said. I held her for some time, in silence, the two of us just cuddling, and enjoying each other.

“Now, do you feel up to hiking some more?” I finally said. “This isn’t the best place to stop for the night. But I should also tell you that the sweat and friction of walking will make the ginger feel even hotter – and might make it seep into your cunt. Would you like me to wash it off?”

Sara thought for a moment, then shook her head. “It stings, but…” She bit her lip, “…it’s kind of…exciting.” She thought for a moment, then shook her head. “I…I’ve never done this before, and I don’t know how…it will feel. Let me try.”

“But you’ll call ‘yellow light’ if you need to?”

She nodded, “I promise.”

I moved out from between her legs and stood up. Picking up her t-shirt, bra, panties, and shorts, I opened my pack, folded and stored them, then got out a long, thin, white t-shirt and handed it to her.

“Please put this on.”

She looked at me for a moment, then at the shirt, but put it on. It came down below her waist, just barely covering her pussy while revealing the curve of her ass from the back. And the material was so thin that you could practically see through it, and could actually see the areolae of her tits, plus the tight nipples tenting the fabric. Which was the point.

I really did expect to see other hikers on this section of the trail, and while I wanted to humiliate and embarrass her, I had to be sure it was nothing more than that. Although she was technically clothed, I’ve found that it is the threat of exposure that is sometimes more erotic than actually being exposed.

“Now, turn towards the rock, bend over, and spread your legs wide. You need to have your second butt plug in.”

She looked at me, eyes wide, then swallowed, turned, bent forward and spread her legs. I lifted her t-shirt up to her waist, then took out the second, slightly fatter butt plug, lubed it up, and gently screwed it into her ass. She fought me at first, then sighed, relaxed, and the plug popped into place, secured by it narrow neck between the wider top and body.

I pulled her t-shirt down again, and said, “Stand up and see how that feels.”

She slowly raised herself up, turned to look at me, then twitched her knees back and forth. “Full.”

I nodded. “Good. And I think you’ll find it accentuates the sensations from your other…toys…even more. Now, let’s get rolling.”

I lifted her pack, waited for her to turn, then settled it on her shoulders. She did up the bellyband, and then turned to look at me. I swung my pack up high, and let it settle on my shoulders, fastened my own bellyband, nodded to her and said, “Lead on.”

Her face showed uncertainty, but she turned and strode off along the trail. I reset the egg to vibrate in a steady hum at the lowest setting, then followed after her, watching the butt plug in her ass wink at me from beneath her almost-too-short t-shirt as we walked uphill.


After about forty-five minutes of hiking, I called a halt since it was harder going uphill. I didn’t want us dead by evening, so I made sure we were taking it easy, especially as I wasn’t yet sure how Sara would respond to the combination of the ginger, egg vibrator, and butt plug.

After I helped her off with her pack, I watched with a grin as she settled herself very carefully on a rock, keenly aware of the butt plug. I walked over, knelt down and unlaced her boots. Before I took them off, I could very distinctly smell her cunt. I made a show of leaning forward, inhaling deeply, then looking up and grinning at her. She blushed and looked away, then put her hands on my head, and rubbed it fondly. I leaned in and kissed her pussy under the t-shirt.

She moaned, and pushed it forward, perhaps hoping I’d get carried away and make her cum. I just smiled, and sat back on my heels, then finished taking off her boots and socks. She sighed and shook her feet, one after the other, letting them air out.

I went over to another rock, took off my own boots, and rubbed my feet.

We both drank some water, and I was just getting trail mix from my backpack when I heard one set of footsteps, coming up the trail from the direction we had come.

Sara tensed, and made as if to stand.

“Stop!” I said, “Stay where you are, pull your t-shirt up to your waist, and open your legs wide.”

She settled back, reluctantly, hiked her t-shirt up to her waist, and spread her legs open, blushing furiously.

A young woman with red hair pulled back in a ponytail, and a full-framed backpack, using a hiking stick, came striding vigorously into the clearing where we’d stopped. At first, she didn’t notice us, as she had her head down, puffing up the trail. She was wearing hiking shorts, a thin t-shirt, and a floppy canvas hat, plus well-scuffed, good-quality boots. She had an air of competence about her.

When she noticed me standing by my backpack, she stopped abruptly, then pushed her hat up and said, “Hi!”

I nodded to her, “Afternoon.”

“Sorry,” she said, “You startled me. Or, I guess I startled you. Mind if I join you?”

She took off her hat, and wiped her brow, then walked over to a more distant rock, shrugged her pack off her shoulders, put her stick down, then got out her water bottle, unscrewing the cap and taking a swig.

She turned as she was drinking, and finally saw Sara, cunt on full display, legs spread wide, sitting on the rock opposite. The redhead choked on the water, and leaned forward, letting it drip down her front.

“OH! I’m sorry…didn’t mean to…interrupt.” And she turned back to her pack and started to pick it up.

“No, no, it’s okay. This is Sara. Sara, say hello.”

“H…hello,” she said in a quivering voice. Her arms were twitching as if she wanted to cover herself.

“Keep your hands where they are, Sara,” I said, and She trembled but obeyed.

“Um…Miss are you okay? Is this man abusing you?” The redhead gave me a dirty look, then moved over and grasped her hiking stick.

Sara looked at her for a moment and then giggled. “Other than teasing me mercilessly, no, he’s amazing.” She stood up, keeping her shirt up around her waist.

“I’m fine. Other than being nearly naked, I mean.”

The redhead slowly put her hiking stick down, and said, continuing to talk to Sara, “May I ask why you are…um…dressed like that? Not that it’s any of my business, I mean. It’s just a bit…unexpected, like.”

Sara looked at me, so I said, “She’s my submissive, and I told her I wanted her that way. So, she is.”

The redhead stood for a while, thinking, then shrugged. “Okay, I get it. I’ve done that.” She grinned. “I’m between Mistresses now, but I get it.”

She stepped forward and held her hand out to Sara, “I’m Tammi, from Florida. You sound like you come from up Georgia-way?”

Sara’s face lit up. “Yes, I’m from the Atlanta area, born and bred! I’m Sara.” She juggled her t-shirt, then stuck her right hand out and grasped Tammi’s.

“And I’m from Toronto. My name’s James.”

Tammi stepped forward, and slowly took my hand, then held onto it. “And you’re her Master?”

I nodded. “I am.”

She looked me up and down for a moment, then looked at Sara. “Is he any good?”

I noticed she still had hold of my hand, but made no comment.

Sara thought for a moment, then spread her feet wide, pulled her t-shirt up even higher, revealing her tits, pushed her cunt forward, and said, “He’s fuckin’ amazing!”

Tammi now looked her up and down hungrily, then looked at me speculatively.

I turned to Sara, and said, “Sara, remember you’re exposed, and embarrassed by it. But don’t move.”

She blushed deep red, and closed her eyes, then opened them again, and shivered.

“Tell Tammi how wet you are.”

She gulped, and said, in a shaky voice, “I’m teetering on the verge of cumming – but he won’t let me!”

I smiled, and patted her ass, making sure to put pressure on her butt plug as I did it. She shivered again, looking at me pleadingly. I shook my head, “Not yet, Little Slut. Not yet.”

She looked crestfallen.

“You may drop your t-shirt now.”

“Oh, don’t do it on my account!” Tammi said, “I love a good floor show! And I’m bi-, so…please continue.”

I looked at Sara, saw her blushing red, figured it was because Tammi was bisexual, so said, “Okay, Sara. Take your t-shirt off, and put your hands behind your back.”

Sara looked wildly at me, then slowly obeyed, lifting the hem of her t-shirt over her head, then dropping the garment on the rock before clasping her hands behind her. Standing like that made her tits stand up, and the nipples were hard pebbles.

I reached into my pocket, retrieved the egg controller, and boosted the vibration two levels. Sara closed her eyes and moaned.

Tammi’s eyes opened even wider. “May I…uh…” and she gestured towards Sara.

I looked at Sara and asked, “Have you ever been with a woman before, Little Slut?”

Sara looked away, blushing an even deeper shade of red.

“Answer me,” I said mildly but with a tone of command.

She nodded, but would not meet my eyes. “In college, with my roommate. When the boys weren’t biting, just to, you know, help each other out.” Her accent was deeper than usual, so she pronounced it “hep” instead of “help.”

“Okay, Sara, stand there, just as you are.”

I nodded to Tammi. “You are free to play with her…as long as you don’t allow her to cum. Understood?”

Tammi nodded, then walked over to Sara and started massaging her nipples.

“Softly, Tammi. Sara’s had a recent experience with some nipple clamps. So be gentle, please. Oh, and she has ginger root on her clit and tits.”

Tammi nodded, and her moves became smaller, but she continued to twist and stretch them, and Sara’s hips started moving, clearly turned on by the attention.

After a time, Tammi released Sara’s nipples, then knelt down and started stroking Sara’s pussy delicately, smiling.

“Oohhh…” Sara moaned, her hips moving, her back arching, pushing her mound towards the other woman.

Tammi smiled, then reached in, spread Sara’s nether lips with her ring and index fingers, then leaned in and started to lick. She licked slowly up Sara’s slit, wiggling her tongue as she went, until she got to her clit – which she avoided.

“Oh, please…” whispered Sara.

Tammi chuckled, then repositioned her knees closer to Sara, and repeated her maneuver, always missing Sara’s clit.

Sara was squirming hard by now, hands still firmly behind her, clenching her hands together, her thighs quivering. “Please, Master, please tell her to lick me…there.”

Tammi laughed, then slowly placed her thumb gently on Sara’s clit, and massaged it.

Sara started to breathe hard, sweat appearing on her forehead, her moans becoming ever louder, her hips moving without her meaning to.

I tapped Tammi on the shoulder and shook my head.

Tammi giggled again, then shuffled backwards, away from Sara, then stood up, brushing off her knees.

“Oh, God…please, Master, make her keep going! Please, I’m so close…”

I turned the egg vibrator in Sara’s cunt off, and shook his head, “Not yet, Little Slut.”

Sara bent forward, putting her hands on her knees, panting, “Please…”

I bent down and fondled her ass, twitching the butt plug, which made Sara jerk. “Get up, Little Slut, and put on your t-shirt again. Time to hit the trail. Just about another hour before we get to where I want to camp.”

Sara pushed herself up and put her hands together in prayer position. “Please, Master, I’m sooo close!”

I shook my head. “Nope. Not until we’ve made camp. Then, if you’re a good girl, I will give you a chance to cum. But you’ll have to earn it. Now, get up…or you won’t get to cum at all anymore today!”

She bit her lip, but quickly scrambled up, and put on her t-shirt.

I hoisted her backpack onto her shoulders. She shifted it, then fastened her bellyband. I could see her hand pause as if she was thinking about putting it down into her cunt and frigging herself, but she took a deep breath and put her hands on her shoulder straps.

I pulled my backpack up, swung it around, and let it settle on my shoulders. Tammi lifted her backpack and swung it onto her shoulders as well, picked up her walking stick, and said, “May I tag along? I’m going in your direction anyway.” And she gave me a wink and a sidelong smile.

I thought about it, then smiled back and said, “Sure, glad to have the company!”

Sara shivered, and I could see the thoughts running through her head. Was Tammi going to be part of her evening? And would that help…or hurt…her chances of cumming?

I could see streaks of honey running down Sara’s legs already, and despite the smell of the pine forest around us, I could smell her excitement as well. Clearly what I had planned for Sara was working. It would be interesting to see how she responded to whatever happened next.

And Tammi was a wild card…but I liked improvising.


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