Jennifer closed the door to her office and carried all her papers and Tim’s reports to her desk. Standing in front of her desk as she set down the pile, she moved the flower arrangement to the very edge. Now that she knew they were more than likely from Tim, she did not want to admit how beautiful they were. As she stood there and looked at them again, she noticed how perfect they were. Just like him, she snickered to herself. Jennifer buried her face in her hands as she sat down. What was Timothy trying to get, talking so smoothly on his first day? Did he think he could waltz in and take over? Shaking her head, Jennifer resolved not to give in. She would move forward with submitting her portfolio to Roger.

Taking the portfolio from her stack of items on the desk, Jennifer opened it. She looked through it, trying to see it through different eyes. Deep down, she knew she had a fantastic presentation already laid out, but still, she felt uneasy. Two problems arose on the same day, and she was not sure she had enough “fight” to triumph over both hurdles to get to her goal.

She was unsure about Tim’s intentions on the lead position but had been shocked to learn that Ferris was also gunning for the job. Ferris had not spoken to her for a couple of days, so Jennifer had no idea what was going on in his mind. Was he getting played or just playing with Gretchen? Gretchen was no more than a gold digger in Jennifer’s mind, playing in the pockets of the highest bidder for the day. It pained her to see Gretchen have her claws in Ferris because she believed that he deserved better.

Satisfied that she had done the best she could with the portfolio, she closed it up and took it with her down the hall. As she approached Roger’s office, she noticed that the door was closed completely. She put her ear up to the door, and it sounded like he was talking on the phone. At least he was still in the office. Surely, he would not be on the telephone too long. She would go back and call him in a few minutes to see how late he would be in the office.


Gretchen had stood up from the small sofa as soon as Roger had entered his office. While he was gone, she had redone her hair and fixed her clothing back to normal. She had changed her mind about her tactics to get rid of Ferris. It would not take any lying on her part. If she had falsely accused Ferris of attacking her, then he would have had a chance to defend himself. Perhaps it would even surface that she was lying. After all, it was no secret that she and Ferris were having sex. Especially not a secret from Roger, Gretchen grinned as she thought about her previous conversation with him regarding Ferris. She smiled as Roger walked over to his large high-backed leather office chair and sat down.

Gretchen had a little over an hour while everyone had been in the meeting to develop a new plan on how to get Ferris out of the building, away from the company for good. The best part of her new plan was that Ferris would have no idea what hit him and not know it originated from her. She would use Roger’s hidden jealousy for Ferris as fuel to get Roger to let him go. Roger would get rid of Ferris, and she would get a new list of clients’ names to explore.

As she walked over to the desk, she chuckled softly. Of course, Roger would not do any of this willingly. She would have to “convince” him to fire Ferris, and she would just steal Roger’s new contacts. There were benefits beyond the little bits of time she allowed this man of sixty-three to enjoy her body. So far, it had paid off immensely. She had no intention of stopping. There was no way that Roger would refuse her. Gretchen knew he couldn’t. It was not just because of her talents, but everything she had on Roger as well. If he wasn’t careful, the office would soon know what kind of man Roger really was.

Roger leaned back in his chair and rested his elbows on the narrow arms, folding his hands across his chest. “So, what is this charade about, Gretchen? Why did you have to be excused from the meeting?” He inquired, sounding a bit agitated. “You look perfectly fine to me now.” As he looked at her standing close to him and leaning on his desk, he began to feel uncomfortable. He sensed that something was wrong with Gretchen, and the consequences would not be good for him.

Gretchen grinned, running her fingers around the hem of her skirt as she slowly slid it up her legs, baring her thighs. She stopped just before it exposed anything else. “I know you want me again, Roger,” She said seductively. “I can see it in your eyes.”

Roger scoffed. “Gretchen, I assure you that is not on my mind.” He pushed his chair back, further from the desk, and was about to get up when he saw her move to sit on the edge right in front of him. “What are you doing? Are you crazy? Everyone is still in the office building.”

“You look at me the way you did the day you caught me messing around with your butler last fall.” She smiled as she sat on his desk, letting her legs swing freely in front of her. It would be at just the right moment that she would show him her secret. “Annette was at the spa. You fired your butler.”

“Yes. Yes. You don’t have to remind me. Annette and I fought that day.” Roger waved his arm to dismiss the subject and tried to look away.

Gretchen would not allow Roger to turn away. He was not going to escape that easily. She reached out her leg and placed a heel on the arm of the chair, and pulled him closer. Letting him smell her, she continued, “I knew you were hard. When I grabbed you as you confronted me, I knew you wanted more than for me to suck you. You fucked me so hard right there over the back of the couch.” She ran a hand through Roger’s thinning hair as she continued, “You were like an animal.”

Roger remembered the day clearly. He was furious with Annette and saw the opportunity for revenge. That evening they had resolved their differences, and Roger tried to keep his indiscretion hidden from everyone. “I never should have agreed to have you work here in return for your silence. I cannot believe I’ve told everyone you are family to my wife.” He tried turning his face away from her, but he felt her grip his hair. Before he knew it, he found his face inches from her open legs.




Jennifer breathed deeply and gathered the courage to call Roger from her office telephone. There was no use stalling any longer. She had done the best she could to show Roger how she would be the best choice. Now it would be up to him. As it rang, her heart beat quickly.

Gretchen had opened her legs as she listened to Roger attempt to act as if he weren’t turned on. “You watched him fuck me, and you liked it. And after you were done with me too, you couldn’t help but taste it all. For a guy your age, Rog,” Gretchen purred as she pulled his head close enough to her that his nose touched her clit, “you sure are a fun, naughty man.”

As Gretchen leaned back and pulled him closer to her, she did not see that the office phone was ringing. Roger had not unmuted it since before the meeting. While she looked behind her to see where his cell phone was sitting, she decided to take the landline phone off the base. “No phone calls for you.” She knocked the receiver onto the floor, not aware that it had connected the call that had just come in. “Now lick me. I know you want to.”

Jennifer thought she heard someone pick up the phone. It had stopped ringing, so she waited to see if Roger would speak. She covered the mouthpiece and listened intently. Seconds later, she heard Gretchen’s voice saying, “lick me.” Jennifer was determined to find out what Gretchen was doing in Roger’s office.

Roger tried to pull away. He knew he could not hide that he was attracted to Gretchen, no matter how much he pretended. The rest of the staff might be deceived, but Gretchen knew differently. He tried another approach. Perhaps if he could make her upset, her libido would slow down. “You’re still having sex with Ferris. We agreed you would stop.” It was no use fighting Gretchen. He was talking to her beautiful pink pussy now. He could smell her juices and noticed cum oozing from her. “Did you fuck him today?”

Jennifer gasped as she heard Roger talking. She had never heard Roger speak in this manner. Why was he discussing this with her? Could Gretchen be about to get fired? Jennifer remained as quiet as she could be and continued to listen.

Gretchen reached for Roger’s cell phone with her free arm and grabbed it, stuffing it in her bra as she pulled Roger’s face into her. As she began to rub her clit with his nose, she announced, “Then suck his cum from me like you did that time with the butler James and claim me again, Rog. Then you can fire Ferris so he will never touch me again.”

Jennifer could not believe what she was hearing. She wasn’t sure which shocked her more—the fact that Roger and Gretchen were involved sexually or the way Gretchen was trying to get rid of Ferris. She decided she would play the spy again and find out as much as possible about what was happening.

Roger inhaled deeply as he felt her sticky clit rubbing against his nose. As he tried to talk, her juices got on his lips. He closed his eyes as his tongue touched his lips, tasting the flavor he had sampled only once before but still remembered. Darting his tongue quickly into her wet inner lips, he spread them and probed her depths repeatedly to get as much as he could.

Forcing himself to stop, Roger stayed with his lips practically still touching her. Inhaling her scent, he wondered aloud, “Maybe we should find you another job, Gretchen, so no one will—”

Gretchen yanked Roger’s hair backward a little to pull him away completely. She wanted to make sure he heard her as she spoke and see that she was serious. “Want me to call Annette and tell her how you let me sneak into your bed that night and suck you off? Tell her how you fucked my mouth and came so hard?” She grinned as she saw Roger’s eyes bulge. There would be no way he would not cooperate now. “So, kiss my pussy and enjoy it. You know you wanna.” She wrapped her legs around him, resting her feet on his back as she pulled him closer again.

As he felt her warmth again with his face, he groaned. His suit pants were straining to contain the arousal he was trying to hide. He could not believe he was reacting this way all over again. The other two times he was with Gretchen, he had been acting out. Gretchen had worn Annette’s perfume that night, and Roger was inebriated. He had no idea it wasn’t Annette until after Gretchen cuddled up to him, having made him cum. But now, she had cornered him in the office. He suspected that there would be no stopping Gretchen until she got what she wanted.

Roger had gotten himself into this jam, so he had to play along. Let her have her fun, and she won’t bother Annette, he told himself as he tilted his head to look up at her. As he began to watch her facial expression show that she was enjoying his tongue, he gripped at her legs. He could not believe that he was starting to enjoy what Gretchen was doing to him. His other excuses would not be able to protect him this time. To keep his sanity, he decided to allow himself just this one time to do anything. Surely, he would be able to find a solution and put a stop to Gretchen’s blackmail. He would have to think seriously about how to proceed after today. It would be a weekend of tough decisions.

“Mmm, that’s right, Rog. I know you want it. You have a magical tongue there when you are motivated.” Gretchen let go of his head now that he was gripping her. She leaned back on her hands as she was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to convince him. He was doing even better than she expected. The room started spinning as she felt his tongue probing her deeper—sucking and licking, bringing her closer to orgasm. Her legs began to feel warm, and before she knew it, they were shaking out of control as she climaxed in silence. She did not want to be discovered by the other staff. Juices rushed from her, covering Roger’s face as he swallowed what he could. Gretchen could not move for a few seconds and quickly tried to recover from her heavy breathing.

After a few minutes, she sat up more and spoke, “Oh Rog, I know you wanna fuck me now. I see that bulge.” Moving her legs away from him, she used her foot to push on the armrest. It sent Roger back a couple of feet. She saw him smiling at her, as well as the tent in his suit pants. “Take it out and let me feel it.”

Jennifer covered her mouth, trying not to gasp into the phone. It was all too crazy to be true. Since when were Roger and Gretchen involved in such a way? How long have they been involved? She needed more of the story because it was hard to believe Roger was sneaking around with her. So many questions rushed into Jennifer’s head.

“Mmm, you have a nice cock there, Roger. Stroke it for me.” Gretchen commanded as she moaned. “You can’t hide how I turn you on. Still looking at my pussy, aren’t you? Did you enjoy how you made me squirt like that?” She giggled. “I’ve gotten your shirt all wet. Oh, I see you stroking fast. You want my pussy now, don’t you?”

Shaking her head, Jennifer was in disbelief that she was spying on Gretchen having sex for the second time in a day. She wondered how this had happened. Trying to hear Roger’s response, she pressed the phone’s receiver to her ear harder. She could only hear faint noises and moans from the participants. Looking at the office clock, she saw it was time for her to go home. She wondered how long she would stay and listen.

“You stay right there, Rog. I’m getting in your lap and enjoying a nice ride. You’ll be firing Ferris, won’t you?” Gretchen winked and paused as she lifted one leg and draped it over the arm of the chair, purposely letting her pussy rub against his shaft. She had enjoyed watching Roger obediently pull down his pants and start to handle himself as directed. “Fire Ferris, and you don’t have to share my pussy with anyone in your office staff here,” she lied. Only half a lie, she mused, since she only had sex with Paul at his apartment. Laying in on thickly, Gretchen inquired, “You want it, don’t you, my sexy silver-haired lover…”

Roger groaned. He felt almost ready to explode when her smooth wetness touched his shaft. It had been a week since he and Annette had sex since she was ill and sleeping in the guestroom. Feeling the need for a release, he gave in, moaning a long drawn out, “Yes.”

Gretchen smiled, maneuvering her hips to allow him to slide into her. “Mmm, that’s better. You know you want this every day.” She moved her other leg over the arm of the chair, straddling him and lowering herself onto his shaft fully. “You love how easily my wet pussy slides onto you and squeezes you, don’t you, Rog?” She knew he was about to burst already, so she went a little slower. As he moved his hands to grab her breasts, she swatted them away. “No, Rog. You get what I give you when I think you’ve deserved it.” Gretchen winked at him again, acting as if she were teasing him. She did not want him to know she had his cell phone.

Jennifer decided she had heard enough. She hung up the telephone and closed her eyes for a moment. Watching Gretchen this morning was enjoyable, despite the shocking discovery they were plotting to take Jennifer’s chance away from her for the lead position. Right now, however, it was not enjoyable to listen to Gretchen threaten to destroy the man she worked for. Waking up the computer, Jennifer decided she would email Roger and let him know her proposal would be in his mailbox.

Realizing it was getting late, Gretchen figured she would go faster. After all, it was Paul’s turn later, and she would enjoy him a lot more. Moving up and down quickly, she moaned and said, “You like that, don’t you? When I am in charge of our fucking, you love it. You don’t want anyone learning how perverse you really are.” Squeezing and almost bouncing on him, she squealed, “You have a great cock, Roger. I bet you were quite the stud when you were younger. Mmm, you like the idea of me being your own private office lover, don’t you? You will fire Ferris before the end of next week. I know you wanna fuck me every day…” Her voice trailed off as Roger held her down on him silently.

Roger could no longer concentrate on holding back as he heard Gretchen talking dirty into his ear. Gripping her shoulders, he pulled her down onto him fully, so he was deep inside her. Not caring how wrong it was, he was lost in the moment as he pulsed inside her, releasing his load. He could not say anything as he collapsed backward in the chair. Gretchen had taken the last bit of self-discipline that he had. She was in control even more now, and he could do nothing about it. He would have to do everything she wanted.

Having sent the email, Jennifer sat there for a moment. She thought about knocking on the door and at least interrupting what was going on, even if it remained behind closed doors. She wanted to rescue Roger. Gretchen was ruining both Ferris and Roger. Jennifer wondered if she had all the men in the office up her skirt. There was no doubt she would probably get Tim soon as well.

Jennifer brought her fist down on her desk harshly but not too forcefully. She was determined to find a way to resolve this growing problem. If only there were a way to get Gretchen to want to leave, she thought to herself. As if a guardian angel was waiting to help her, she heard her cell phone ring, startling her from her thoughts.

Picking up her cell phone, she saw it was Niccolo calling. As she rolled her eyes and was about to decline the call, she wondered if there was some divine intervention helping her. Perhaps he was the answer on how to get Gretchen away from the company. Answering the phone, she quietly responded, “Hello?” She needed a moment to think of how she could turn this call into a positive for many people.

“You are about done with work, aren’t you? Would you like to join me here at my place, or shall I come to you, my delicious woman?” Niccolo asked as he heard a quiet hello from Jennifer. He grinned to himself, sure that he would have another enjoyable evening with her tonight.

A plan developed quickly inside Jennifer’s mind as she heard Niccolo speak. She took a deep breath. This would be difficult, but she convinced herself to think of it as “fighting fire with fire.” Trying to sound convincingly disappointed, she told Niccolo, “I can’t, Niccolo,” she cried. “I am stuck at work with an extra project.”

Pausing shortly, she pondered one last time on whether she wanted to go through with the plan. It would mean lying and using people, two things in which she loathed. She consoled herself with the idea that the two people she would be “using” would not suffer in the end, and problems would be easier solved. Perhaps it would even work out for the best with everyone.

“Sounds like you’ll need another massage soon. You are welcome to come over for a full body one when you finish,” Niccolo coyly suggested, imagining Jennifer’s body in front of him again.

“I believe Gretchen worked hard today. You could give her one.” Jennifer suggested, trying to mention her name and gauge his reaction. It sickened her to talk nicely about Gretchen at the moment, but she was doing this to save more than just herself from a lot of trouble. She added a fake sweet tone, trying to channel her inner flirt, “Even though the idea would make me incredibly jealous.”

Niccolo chuckled, detecting a new inflection in Jennifer’s voice. She seemed to be happier to speak to him today than at the office. Perhaps her desire for him was growing. But Jennifer was still refusing him. He wanted company tonight. If he called Gretchen, Niccolo knew that she would be over as soon as possible. The young blonde was eager and knew what she was doing. A nice consolation prize, he chuckled to himself.

“You are trying to put Gretchen on me now, are you?” Niccolo inquired. “Does this mean that you are going to deny you enjoyed last week?” Blood surged to his groin as he remembered his evening with Jennifer. He wanted it again. Jennifer was playing hard to get, and he was enjoying the chase.

Jennifer frowned. It was not working. She had to convince Niccolo somehow to call Gretchen. Deciding to brush his ego a bit, she went on, “You know Gretchen fully enjoyed her time with you, and she shared with me that she is falling for you. She would probably do anything for you. Even with all her lovers, she says you’re the best in bed.”

“And do you agree?” Niccolo smirked, holding the phone to his ear and checking his reflection in his bathroom mirror. He had hoped Jennifer would jump at the chance to join him for dinner and an evening at his place.

Jennifer rolled her eyes, imagining that at least she was being successful at stroking his ego. She tried to sound as casual as possible not to sound staged as she asked, “You know how I feel about that subject,” she cooed, hoping he did not make her elaborate. The truth was her stomach was already flipping over. Ramping up the sweetness, she tried to sound innocent as well. “I would hate to know you’re alone waiting for me tonight. And I know you’re leaving for Italy soon. You deserve to have your needs met. Would you consider letting her please you while I can’t?”

Niccolo thought for a moment, enjoying hearing Jennifer speak about how she did enjoy him. He knew she had been trying to deny she wanted him. She desired to please him so much she was willing to let him have a substitute until she could join him. The smile on his face grew, as did the bulge in his pants. “How devious to use a young woman in this way. You are a naughty woman,” he teased. “You want me to take her to Italy to keep my bed warm? I’m touched.”

Jennifer sensed her idea might be working. She just had to keep sounding convincing. Thankful it was over the phone she said this, she added, “It would benefit you. I could tie up loose ends here and join you. And if you would like her to stay when I arrive, we can work something out. She had hinted at the idea of sharing you,” Jennifer let her voice trail off, hinting at every man’s fantasy. Surely it would entice Niccolo. Closing her eyes, she made a silent wish it would work. The conversation needed to be over soon because the thoughts and suggestions she was verbalizing were making her nauseous.

“You are a woman after my heart. I can tell,” Niccolo smiled. He knew Jennifer would not admit it, but she wanted him badly and would do anything to make sure he wanted her as well. Entertaining himself with Gretchen and then having them both? The idea was intriguing. Jennifer was a rare woman, suggesting things that would benefit him the most. “I will consider it, sweet woman, if you confess that you lay in bed at night wanting me. And if you will allow me to call you some nights from Italy.”

Jennifer held the phone away from her ear, scrunching her face in displeasure. Niccolo was indeed so full of himself he agreed to this outrageous offer. Knowing it would be the only way to convince the greedy, egotistical man, she told him, “I lay in bed at night touching myself, hoping you and I can be alone again soon. And every day, I am at work thinking of a way to make that happen.”

Amazed that she had gotten out the entire thought, she realized that she could never truly be like Gretchen. Jennifer was not a woman that lived to stroke a man’s ego to get what she wanted. Instead, she was about getting the job done right and proving she was worthy of it on her own. Breathing slowly to calm her stomach, she waited for Niccolo’s response.

“I will consider your idea. First, I will have to see if Gretchen is interested in a trip. But let’s keep the other details between us, my beautiful woman, shall we?” Niccolo grinned. He had Jennifer wrapped around his fingers and allowing him to have fun while she figured out how to get away. Next week he would look into boarding schools for Jason. “I know everything will work out for us, so do not stress. I shall let you know what Gretchen says.”

Jennifer hung up her cell phone and sighed loudly. She laid her head on the desk to recover from the act that she had just put on. The room was quiet as she went over in her mind what was just said.

“What are you doing there, Jennifer?” Gretchen called out as she opened the door to Jennifer’s office. “I thought you would be going home to your son by now.” She was irritated the Jennifer was still at the office. Gretchen had planned on planting Roger’s cell phone in Jennifer’s office to make it look like Jennifer stole it.

Jennifer looked up. Gretchen was flushed. Had she been with Roger all of this time? She wanted to leave and get home to Jason, but she knew she would have to warm Gretchen up and make sure her plan would work. Faking sadness, she informed Gretchen, “I don’t know what to do. I’ve had the most terrible news.” Then, wiping her eye as if she were trying not to cry, she added, “Niccolo just called me.”

Gretchen sat down in the chair in front of Jennifer’s desk. “Oh? What happened?” She listened intently. Perhaps her evening was getting better. Maybe Niccolo dumped Jennifer. It would make a fantastic day even better if he did.

Jennifer frowned on the outside but was smiling on the inside. Gretchen had taken the bait. Now Jennifer would “feed” her the rest.



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