“That’s it. Bend over more and stick your ass out. Beautiful. Now stick your fingers inside your dripping wet cunt. That’s so hot! I want to fuck myself just looking at you. He’ll love it!” I heard the shutter-snap of my phone taking the picture and then, “Ok, sent.”

The week since my boyfriend met my parents flew by in a blur. The semester started, which made work busy and hectic with students needing their overpriced books. After work I had gone to Kiera’s to help her set up her new place. Her apartment was a surprisingly large, three-bedroom place with a spacious living area, plenty of storage, an excellent view, and a Jacuzzi bath tub.

I had left work early and drove out to her place. Kiera had dyed her hair once more; now it was a platinum blond with dark brown streaks. She was wearing stretchy red shorts that were so tight and short that a good third of her ass-cheeks were exposed and they might as well have been spray-painted on. Her top half was mostly uncovered; her nudity barely concealed by a thin, distressed crop top that showed the bottoms of her breasts and revealed all when she stretched or bent. I was enjoying her attire, but not nearly as much as the pizza delivery guy did.

I was dressed in a simple black midi-skirt, sandals, and a blue-gray, scoop-neck t shirt. For the sake of modesty I had put in a simple black satin thong. We were having fun but still I was missing Glade and was more than a bit insecure that he was out with friends. To keep my mind off of him and all the imaginary sluts that I was convinced would be throwing themselves at him, Kiera and I had finished unpacking her stuff and mostly finished decorating. I also talked incessantly about him, which I habitually do when I’m trying not to think about him.

“If you’re so worried that he’s going to forget about you,” Kiera said to me, “then just make sure that you are the only thing on his mind.”

“Like that’s so easy!”

“It is!” she continued. “If you’re stressing that another cunt might catch his eye, just remind him why he’s obsessed with yours. Sext him.”

“I’ll try,” I responded. “How about ‘I miss you and wish we were together right now’?”

“No, no, no!” Kiera scolded me playfully. “Tell him that your cunt is dripping for him and that you need him to fuck you like a whore.”

“How about the word ‘pussy’ and I leave out the ‘like a whore’ part?”

That was how it had started. She was right. It most definitely kept his attention on me. The heated texting became more lewd and suggestive and evolved into me sending him a suggestive selfie. As time went by those suggestive pictures grew nastier. I had gone from a cleavage shot to me bent over a chair with my thong around my knees and two fingers buried inside of myself knuckle-deep. There’s a certain taboo naughtiness to sending nude pictures of yourself to your boyfriend while he’s out with friends. After two hours of this banter he was most definitely horny for me and me alone.

The trouble was that I was also incredibly horny now and too inebriated to drive home. Over the past two hours of her and me talking and setting up her place I had enough to not want to drive home and a long Uber ride just didn’t sound like any fun.

“You can crash here if you want,” Kiera said. “But I do have a VIP cam show in about 20 minutes, so I need to work for a few hours, maybe longer.”

“No problem. I’m exhausted. I’ll just hang out and then go to sleep.”

“Cool, a sleepover! Let me show you my cam setup.”

Her cam “setup” was a work of geek-art. In her performance room, one of the bedrooms, she had multiple cameras set up so she could be viewed from almost any angle. A forty-three inch monitor was mounted on one wall with a keyboard, mouse, microphone, and speakers set up. The room was also primed for sex-play with all the trappings, toys, and props that you could imagine. She had three cams set up in that room and additional cams set up in every room of the house except for her private bedroom. Her private bedroom consisted of a large waterbed with satin sheets, basic wardrobes and dressers and a video recording and streaming computer with another giant screen.

She showed me her main system and it was impressive. The system constantly recorded HD video and clear audio from every room in the house. One could easily view an individual camera by clicking on the smaller video box and then the audio would come on. From there she saved her choice videos and also put together movies for sale online.

“My show is about to start,” she exclaimed. “Why don’t you drop in and say ‘Hi’ to my fans? They’ll love you!”

“I don’t know,” I said with hesitation. “I’m not so bold as to show my face online like that; especially on a live broadcast.”

“Up to you,” she said. “Feel free to watch me if you want, though. That would make it extra horny!”

I helped her get her makeup done and get her lights and ambience set up. Right before she went live she grabbed her nipples and twisted them harshly to get them standing up at attention. I wished her good luck and went and sat in the living room, very aware of the cameras now. Even without eavesdropping I could easily hear her greeting people by name and chatting about their lives. She seemed to be having fun. I saw my discarded thong on the floor and set it on the coffee table.

I was finishing up messaging my mother and my boyfriend and was thinking about heading into the bedroom to call him and get myself off to his voice. I got up to refill my wine and noticed that Kiera had left her drink in the kitchen. Without thinking I set down my phone, grabbed her large cup of booze, and took it to her. She was seated on a couple of huge floor-pillows with her legs spread, talking with people. The screen mounted on the wall in front of her showed perhaps a dozen men on their own cameras and a multitude of others text chatting.

”Oh, hey, everyone!” Kiera exclaimed when I opened the door. “This is my good friend Kry…Red Witch. She’s helping me organize and decorate my new apartment.”

She turned to me. “Say hello to everyone.”

“Um, hello, everyone,” I said feeling the heat of embarrassment well up. I gave a nervous wave to the cameras.

She thanked me for the drink and took a big swallow.

“Look at how fucking sexy she is!” she said to everyone. She grabbed my hand and pulled in front of her cam.

“Look at those tits. See how hard her nipples are. Her fingertips tweaked my nipples and they sprang to full attention. Her touch does that to me.”

She turned me around so my back was facing the camera. Knowing that complete strangers were remotely devouring me with their eyes was quite the turn-on.

“Who wants to see me pull her skirt up? Four-hundred tokens and I’ll show you her ass.”


She whispered to me. “Have some fun! Besides, you flash your ass to everyone that cares to look. That’s like twenty bucks just for you to flip up your skirt.”

I turned my head and watched the screen. Comments about my body and what they’d like to do to it danced across the display. Three of the guys on camera had their cocks in their hands and were masturbating. It was dirty, nasty, perverted, and so horny. Being the center of lust for so many people was liberating and empowering.

In less than a minute Kiera had raised required tokens from her audience. She reached around me and hiked up my skirt. My nude ass was on display for everyone viewing.

“OK,” Kiera shouted out. “One-hundred to give it spank. Five-hundred and I’ll lick it for you.”

By my third spank I was loving it. When I received my fourth spank Kiera typed something on the nearby keyboard that didn’t show up on the screen. Then a big red blurb of text popped up on the screen.

“Seven-Hundred–and-fifty to kiss the front.”

“You got it LesboLover69!” Kiera said.

As the sound of coins clinking together played Kiera spun me around and flipped up the front of my skirt, exposing my bare pussy to the camera and countless strangers’ video screens. She then put her face up to my pussy and began kissing it.

She lingered over my pubes for a short while and then moaned to her audience. “She tastes like nectar,” she said with an impassioned voice as she buried her tongue between my folds.

I let out a gasp and felt my knees buckle a little as her tongue worked its wonderful magic on my already-dripping pussy. She quickly found my clit and her tongue was a tornado as her hands groped at my ass.

I saw an endless stream of tokens being tipped to Kiera as she ate me out on cam. Then I saw one of the men masturbating on his cam erupt in orgasm. His average-sized cock spit forth a few gushes of jism as her pumped it furiously. Then his camera window went dark and disappeared.

“One of your friends just came,” I told Kiera, trying to keep my voice even despite her cunnilingus skills.

“Goody!” she cried out. “Let’s check the pool. Let’s see who won.”

Kiera jumped up, much to my chagrin, and pulled up what looked like a spreadsheet. The title read “First Cum, First Served”.

“Justin420 has the winning bid,” she announced. “He guessed ‘BigDickRick’ would shoot this load first. Congratulations, Justin, you get a free private show.”

I told Kiera that I was going to go to bed and to have fun. She stood up and kissed me long, deep, hard, and passionately. Her hand shot under my skirt and ran through the wetness between my legs. I cupped her breasts from under her shirt and she broke off the kiss with a devilish smile on her face.

She flipped up the back of my skirt once more as I turned to leave. “Good night, everyone,” I said to the anonymous people on camera.

As I was walking out I heard Kiera telling her fans, “I love eating her cunt.” I glanced back and she was sucking my juices off her fingers.

I refilled my wine before I went into the bedroom. I saw my phone lying there on the counter, but didn’t even think about picking it up. I went into her bedroom and as soon as I turned on the light I saw her very impressive video-streaming computer getup.

“Well, she did invite me to watch,” I told myself as I turned on the monitor and turned off the bedroom light. I looked at the camera videos on the screen and plugged in the headphones. I saw the one that looked to be the view everyone online was getting and clicked on that one. It expanded and filled up about two-thirds of the screen.

Kiera had removed her shorts and was sitting, spread-eagled against the cushions. She and another guy were talking over the audio. I couldn’t hear him very well. Her dark patch of pubic hair glistened in the low light and she was obviously soaking wet between her legs. She had a pink rubber, oddly-shaped vibrator that she was alternating between running over her clit and fucking herself with. She was talking about eating my pussy!

I turned up the audio so I could hear well. She was grunting and moaning and talking dirty. “Then I plunged, umm, two fingers into her cunt. You should have heard her moan, Justin. It would have been better if you had been there! When are you going to come over and fuck my hot cunt?”

He said something but I didn’t hear it.

“Sure,” Kiera said. She grunted and moaned as she began fucking herself hard with the big pink vibrator. “You, ahh fuck that feels so good, can, ummm, fuck my ass. Oooh, I’m going to cum. Fuck my face and shoot your fucking cum wherever you want.”

“Your face. I want to cum on your face,” I heard him say.

“I love cum on my face. You could fuck my sexy ass and paint my face.” She laid back and moaned and brought one of her nipples to her mouth, flicking her tongue over it. “Then we could go out like that and everyone could see what a filthy whore I am with your hot cum all over me.”

My hand was between my legs, rubbing my clit. I felt my juices pouring and oozing out my pussy, soaking the chair. I thrust two fingers inside of myself as deep and as hard as I could. My right hand was strumming my clit. She was loving the attention and it sent her skyrocketing into heat. Seeing her acting so wanton and sleazy made me feel it through every fiber of my body. The voyeuristic aspect of watching her only added to my own arousal. I felt an orgasm welling up inside of me.

I peeled off my shirt and propped my right leg on the computer desk. I pulled up the window that showed me what she was seeing and I could see the guy she was talking to laying on a bed stroking his hard cock. I moved the two windows around, resizing them, until I could view both. It took me a second or two to figure out how to get her audio back.

“…fucking cumming,” she said. “Yes, fucking cum for me. Shoot it for me. Make me cum by shooting for me. Yes, that’s right, I’m a nasty fucking whore. You like that, don’t you? Aaah, fuck, I’m fucking cumming!”

Her body racked up and down and the toy she had buried deep inside of her popped out. Her hips bucked and her stomach convulsed so hard that it looked like a seizure. Her virtual lover erupted and shot streams of white, hot, sperm all over himself.

It was enough to push me over the edge. I had been frantically pummeling my clit as I watched and just as they were done, my own orgasm ambushed me. It was hard and deep and my body shook. A loud moan escaped my lips as the third wave of pleasure hit me and I nearly fell backwards in the chair. I had to quickly maneuver my legs back down so I was in a sitting position. The headphones’ wire pulled out of the jack as I did so and the audio of her moans erupted from the speakers.

“Good for you, too, Krystal?” I heard Kiera laughing. My eyes shot up as I felt my cheeks flush with shameful heat.

She blew me a kiss into the camera. “I heard you fucking yourself, you nasty slut.”

Dying inside from embarrassment I jumped out of the chair and stripped off my skirt and dove under the covers. I wasn’t so embarrassed that I turned off the video-feed, though. By the time I had recovered enough to peek my head out from under the covers, Kiera was back in her main chat room.

“I’m fucking horny,” she announced. “I want to see all you fucking worms stroke your cocks to me. Fifteen-hundred tokens and I’ll fuck myself with my bad dragon for you.”

I watched her as she worked everyone in her chat room into a sexual frenzy. Not being satisfied with the view, I got out of the bed and expanded the cam on Kiera to full-screen. When I got back into bed I piled the pillows against the headboard so I could sit upright and watch her. As I moved the last pillow, I saw an odd-looking sex-toy secreted beneath. I held it up and studied it. It was a clit-sucking vibe. I hit the switch and it buzzed to life.

I looked at the screen and Kiera was taking that huge dildo of hers inside of her. She rocked on her haunches and the forearm-thick, knurled and ribbed, dildo disappeared inside of her. In her trademark dirty-talk, she fucked herself while cursing and swearing until each and every guy masturbating to her orgasmed.

I gave in to the temptation and placed the toy over my own clit. The feeling was incredible. It was like having my clit lovingly sucked while a thousand tongues danced all over it. As she was telling her audience how she wished she had a cock up her ass and two guys cumming on her face while she fucks herself, I had my second orgasm.

When she had two men in a jerking contest, telling them that whoever came first would get a ten-minute phone-sex call from her tomorrow, I had my third. Just after she got on all fours and showed the view from behind and I had my fourth orgasm, the screens all went dark.

I turned off the toy with my heat finally subsiding. In the afterglow, I slowly fingered myself, not to have another orgasm, but just because it felt good. I began to relax. Then, without warning, the door burst open and the light flicked on, temporarily blinding me.

Kiera was standing in the doorway totally nude. Her inner thighs were glistening with either her own cum, the lube for that massive toy she had fucked herself with, or both. Her hair was beautifully disheveled. Her face showed lust and hunger.

“That was so fucking hot,” she breathed out to me. “Look at you fucking yourself, you dirty whore.”

I was slightly ashamed at her seeing me like this, but she had seen me in more compromising positions, so I didn’t bother to stop. “You said I could watch!”

“Yes, I did,” she smiled out. One of her hands went down between her legs and began stroking her clit. Her other hand fondled her breast and squeezed her nipple. “It was so hot knowing you were in here fucking yourself and getting off watching me.”

She spread her legs and began hammering on her clit. I matched her pace. “I usually need to fake my orgasms but you made me so fucking horny, you little slut. I came twice but I need more. I want to fuck you.”

“Come to bed, Kiera, I want to make love to you.”

“You know I don’t do that. I fuck. Let me eat your cunt first.”

She jumped onto the bed and dove between my legs. “You’re all soaked. Give me my womanizer so we can get off together.”

Resting on her stomach she put her face between my legs and started licking my clit. I heard the toy begin to buzz and then become muffled as she forced it on herself. Her licking became harder and faster, beginning to moan into my drenched pussy.

I grabbed her head with both hands and ground my pussy on her mouth. She quickly brought me to another orgasm. Her mouth left my clit as I was flailing about screaming to the gods that I was cumming. When I managed to open my eyes I saw her in the throes of her own orgasm.

As we both came down from bliss, she climbed on top of me and we kissed. Kiera kisses hard and passionate. We made out together, our tongues in each other’s mouths and our hands groping flesh. My hands settled on her ass and I kneaded it and traced my fingers around her holes.

Kiera jumped up then, breaking off our kiss. “I know what I need!”

She ran over to the desk that housed her computer system and opened a drawer. She proudly pulled out a strap on dildo that was as thick around as a soda can and almost twice as long. She also held up a bottle of lube and started spurting it all up and down the length.

“This will do perfect for anal,” she said as she smoothed the lube up and down its length, stroking it like a real cock. “Fuck me in the ass with this and call me dirty, nasty, filthy names.”

She tossed it to me, smiling. I tied the harness on as Kiera piled up the pillows and bent over them with her ass sticking out. She poured a big mess of lube on her ass and began fingering her sphincter.

I knelt behind her and placed the head of the hard fake cock against her asshole. I applied a little pressure and she pushed back on it.

“I saw you, you dirty slut,” I said to her. As soon as I called her a slu,t she pushed back hard and fast. I felt the head pop into her ass and she screamed out in pleasure.

“You like being a dirty slut don’t you?”

“Yes, I fucking love seeing everyone jack off to me! Fuck my ass, oh yes.”

“You’re a whore, aren’t you?”


I slapped her ass hard with a thrust. “Yes what?”

Her hand reached between her legs and she started working her clit. Pumping her ass on that huge strap-on she fingered herself with wild abandon and spoke in moans and cries.

“I’m a fucking whore! I love cum. I’m so fucking horny. I’m a big fucking slut. Fuck me harder, please. Please, please fuck my ass. I need to be fucked. I love it!”

She worked herself into a frenzy and I could tell she was close.

“Cum for me you filthy slut! If you don’t cum for me now I won’t let you eat my ass while you finger me.”

“Yes, fuck, I want to. Call me a whore again.”

“Cum for me you worthless whore. You’re nothing but a cheap sex doll. You’re a slutty whore.”

I pushed the dildo in as far as it would go without being too forceful. As I did her entire body started heaving. She cried out profanity that puts mine to shame. Kiera’s hips undulated with her orgasms and she screamed into her pillow.

I kept on fucking her. She needed to be punished. She wanted it. She added her other hand and put four of her fingers into her dripping pussy. She kept repeating “I’m a fucking whore, I’m a slut,” over and over as she came again. Her orgasm was so hard that tears flowed from her eyes.

I pulled it out then and she also pulled her fingers out. A large amount of her own juices spilled out of her pussy.

“Thank you,” she said to me, smiling. “Can I please eat your ass like you promised?”

I got on my hands and knees and spread my legs a little. She knelt behind me and wrapped one hand around my thigh and then moved her fingertips up to my clit. She began slowly and lightly playing on my still-swollen clit until I was moaning. I could feel her lips and breath on my ass. Every now and then her tongue would gently rake over my holes.

When I was really getting into the sensations, I felt her tongue swirling over my anus. Her fingers increased pressure and pace and her tongue matched. She’d cascade her tongue around my asshole and then plunge it inside, sending shivers up and down my body.

I told her that I was getting close and her tongue and fingers went into a pulsating rhythm that was pure heaven. I was moaning and panting and thrusting my ass back onto her mouth. She fucked my ass with her tongue. When her tongue would recede, her fingers would increase pressure on my clit. When her tongue plunged inside of me, her hands would lessen pressure. That back and forth action had me rocking to the pace she was setting.

I humped my hips and bucked up and down. Waves of pleasure grew inside my heated belly and then pulsated outwards to my clit and ass. Although I had already orgasmed several times, this one was so intense that I saw stars and touched heaven. I collapsed as she kept up tongue-fucking my ass, letting the pressure off of my sensitive clitoris.

When it was over, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I awoke before her and immediately remembered my phone in a panic. I ran, still nude with my own orgasmic juices encrusting my thighs, and checked my messages. Glade had sent two.

One message was a follow up to our prior conversation. The second one was him saying that I must be busy and he knows how Kiera gets, so I should enjoy my evening and fill him in. I dialed his number.

“Hey babe,” he answered on the second ring. “I had a wild dream about you last night.”

“Sounds hot,” I said to him in my husky, wanton voice. “But let me tell you about what I did last night, unless you don’t want to hear about it.”

Of course he did. So I told him all about it. As I told him about being exposed on camera he got all excited. His excitement turned me on. When I told him about touching myself and watching, his breathing grew heavy. I pictured him stroking himself over me and decided that what’s good for the gander is good for the goose, so I started fingering myself and I told him.

By the time I got to Kiera and myself in bed I was moaning and panting more than talking. My words came out between moans as I brought myself off.

I finally got to have phone sex!

“Have a great day, my knight.” I said to him. “Remember you promised to go see mom tonight.”

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