Tom had coffee on the go when they emerged from the bedroom. He poured some for them and kissed Laura as he handed her a mug. “Everything okay?”

“Yes,” she snapped. “You should have told me that you had been for tests.”

He turned away sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I should have done but I… I”

“It’s okay… water under the bridge now,” she interrupted. “Anyway, Jason’s moving in with us. He’ll be sharing my bed, so you will need to move into one of the spare bedrooms.”

Tom nodded, taken aback by her abruptness “Yes, I suppose that’s the best thing.”

Laura looked at them both. Jason had a smile on his face, Tom looked a bit down but both men had one thing in common, prominent bulges. Jason, she could understand, he was about to be fucking her regularly, proper bareback, as they say. The result would be pregnancy. Tom, on the other hand, was stepping aside and letting another man do his job for him. He would be hearing it happen, watching them disappearing up to the bedroom together, listening to them procreate. She wondered which one of them was the most excited. She looked at their groins again. It was hard to say. But what did it matter anyway? Better both men excited than being at war with each other, and after all, she was the beneficiary of their arousal.

Jason did not stay long. He looked at his watch and told them that he had better go and get packing. Laura showed him to the door and kissed him. Her hand dropped to his bulge and squeezed. “Don’t be long,” she told him. Jason pushed his hand under her skirt, and pulled her panties aside to cup her sex. “Get rid of these by the time I get back,” he snapped.

Laura smiled. “And if I don’t?”

“I’ll tear them off you and give you a good spanking,”

“Oooooh,” she responded. “Better take them of now then, hadn’t I?”

Jason watched as she stepped back and took them off. “Here, taken them,” she said as she thrust them into his hand. He grabbed her and pulled her to him. “You’re one hot fucking bitch,” he said before kissing her.

Closing the door behind him she turned and saw Tom in the lounge doorway watching. How long he had been there she did not know but he must have realised that her and Jason’s relationship was serious. “You don’t mind Jason moving in do you?” she asked him.

He shook his head. “No… it has to be done and we might as well get it over as quickly as possible.”

She kissed him. “What if he wants to still see me after I get pregnant?”

“He… he said he would just do his job and go. Why, has he said anything?”

”I get the feeling that he would want to keep the relationship going. I also think that he would want to be at the birth as well.”

She could see that Tom was shaken. “And what about you, do you want him there?”

“I don’t know to be honest,” she told him. “It’s early days. Who knows how things are going to go?”

“I would prefer it if he had no part of his once he’s done his job.”

Laura kissed him. She could see that he was getting a bit edgy with things. “Shall we go and move your things?” she coaxed. “First things first, hey?”

She took his hand and led him to their bedroom. “You don’t mind moving out, do you, darling?”

He shook his head. “No, this part is okay. This is the exciting bit for me. Anyway, you will need your privacy in doing what you have to do.”

She noticed his excitement and fondled his bulge. “You won’t get left out, you know,” she said softly. “There will be no penetrative sex for you but there will always be my hand and lips if you are a good boy.”

Tom laughed. “And what do I have to do to be good?”

“Well,” she answered as she fondled him once more. “You can start by clearing out your stuff from my bedroom and making room for Jason.”

“Anything else?”

Her fingers fumbled with his zipper. “Well, you can maybe give some serious thought to the future regarding Jason. He and I are going to get very close over this next while and he’s going to be the father of my child.”

Her hand clasped his erection and drew it of his pants. It was sticky with precum. “You… you mean this could be a long-term thing… you and Jason?”

She ran her thumb over the tip of his cock. “He’s a good fuck, darling,” she told him. “Men like him don’t come around very often.”

She felt him tremble; she felt his excitement too. Laura released him. “Better get started, darling,” she told him. She had learned that Tom too was submissive, in different circumstances to her own, but nevertheless he was pliable. In her hands he was putty and needed taking advantage of.




By the time Jason returned a few hours later all vestige of Tom had gone from her bedroom and the en-suite bathroom. Jason stood in the middle of room and looking around as Tom brought up the last of his bags. Tom’s empty wardrobe with doors opened beckoned him. Closing the bedroom door behind him he left Laura and Jason alone together. As they kissed, his hand found its way under her hem and between her parted thighs. “You’re horny!” he commented, feeling her wetness. Laura squeezed his bulge. “So are you.”

Jason smiled as he pushed her back onto the side of the bed. Laura lay back with her hands behind her head in complete surrender. Jason turned away and delved into one his bags. She watched in fascination for a few moments as he delved around and then she trembled with excitement as he pulled out some items and tossed them onto the bed. The two pairs of handcuffs she was familiar with but not the paddle. She had seen them in magazines, and she knew what they were used for, but Laura had never experienced one. “Take the rest of your clothes off and lie down,” he told her.

Laura was quickly off the bed and stripped off her dress and bra before climbing back on the bed. She knew what the cuffs were for and was already reaching back and gripping the bed rails. Jason sat down beside her. “That’s a good girl, Laura,” he told her as he snapped a cuff around one wrist and then a rail before attending to the other one. She was helpless now, helpless, and vulnerable. She was wet with excitement. Jason stood up and slowly stripped off as he looked down at her. His huge cock stood out ready for her, increasing her vulnerability but it was when he picked up the paddle that he looked menacing.

For a few moments he just stood there looking down at her. She was naked and restrained and he was also naked, but he was also armed with a huge erection and a paddle. Climbing onto the bed and kneeling at her side, he pushed a hand under her knees and lifted her legs back. With her knees pressing into her torso, he tapped her exposed bottom with the paddle. “This is just to show you that I’m the boss and I mean business Laura,” he told her.

She cried out before his raised arm even moved. It was a cry of excited anticipation that was quickly followed by a cry of pain. He repeated it moments later, holding his raised arm aloft with hand gripping the paddle before bringing it smartly down on her soft, vulnerable flesh. Laura cried out again as it struck and then cried out once more as he repeated it. She was sobbing as he tossed the paddle aside and pulled her legs back down and climber between them.

His cock eased into her, pushing all the way inside her before he kissed her salty cheeks and eager lips, while his hands fondled her breasts. “This is what you need isn’t it Laura?”

She did not answer. She did not want to admit to him that this was what really wanted. This was how she wanted her sex; restrained and violated. Taken, spanked, and fucked; used for pleasure. And this was exactly what she was getting. Jason banged away at her pussy; hard, deep, thrusts designed to satisfy his lust. She could feel his cum-filled testicles slapping against her bottom and his groans told her that they were about to release his seed inside her. She cried out as another orgasm hit; cried out in her helpless, vulnerable state. He was about to fill her fertile womb and there was nothing she could do about it.

She was still sobbing five minutes later, as she lay there, still chained; still with his hardness inside her as it released its final droplets of sperm. But these tears were not because of pain, these were highly emotional sobs. Laura knew that at that moment she had conceived. She felt fulfilled.

Laura never said anything to Jason. It was not that she had any doubts, it was because she did not want to lessen the joy of their future couplings in any way. As Jason released her hands he apologised for hurting her, but she brushed it aside. “I enjoyed every moment of it,” she told him as she climbed off the bed. He reached for her hand and pulled her back to the bed. “This is what you want isn’t it?”

She leaned over and kissed him. “Do you want someone to fuck to your heart’s content and breed in the process?”

His eyes widened with lust and the grip of his hand hurt. “I take that as a yes then?” she smiled.

He grinned. She kissed him again. “So, I already have a man in my life for the romance and roses. Right now, I want and need a man with a paddle and a huge cock, and who likes to just take and fuck,” she told him. “Are we on the same page now?”

He laughed and released her hand. “We’re on the same page,” he told her.

Laura stood up. “Good. That is settled then,” she told him. “Right now, I’m off for a shower.”

Jason climbed out of bed and followed her. He was fully erect again. Moments later she found herself bent over with hands gripping the edge of the bath, crying out in ecstasy as he fucked her.





Jason stayed for five weeks, commuting to work and back from their home. He had become part of their lives. Laura joked that she was a shared wife, sleeping with one man while sharing normal married life with another. The relationships worked well. Tom and Jason got on as good friends while Jason continued in his efforts to get Laura pregnant. Though Jason got all the penetrative sex, Tom was never to be left without. She regularly visited his room and gave him hand relief and paid lip service too. Tom liked to hear her talking about what Jason did to her as she slowly masturbated him. He very rarely lasted more than a couple of minutes.

He was fortunate on one occasion to see them fuck. Such was their eagerness to get to bed, they left their bedroom door ajar, and Tom took advantage and stood there watching while his wife was taken on the edge of the bed. He was left wondering how she could have taken such a ferocious pounding. Watching them had been exciting; watching another man pound his wife until he came inside her was a cuckolds delight, and he experienced that. But it was the aftermath he found hard to deal with. Watching his wife kiss Jason passionately afterwards, not just kissing him, but thanking him and telling him that she would always want him to fuck her. Tom could understand that. Jason was an awesome guy, and any woman would be proud to have someone like him fucking them. But it still hurt.

Laura already knew that she was pregnant long before she took the test. She could feel the body changes and there were cravings for foods that she had never eaten before. It was only when Jason asked her one night about her periods that it all came to light. He commented that she looked radiant. “I’ve seen that look before with Barbara,” he told her before explaining that Barbara was the last woman he had got pregnant. She admitted to him that she suspected that she was pregnant, and so next day she went out and bought a test kit. The two men nervously waited while she went to the bathroom. When Laura emerged she calmly sat down between them and showed them the result. It said ‘Positive’. There was a few moments silence while each of them individually processed the revelation.

It was Tom who spoke first. He turned and kissed her, congratulated her, and then stretched out his hand to Jason to say thank you. It took Laura a little longer to come to terms with it all. She was nervous, knowing that she was going to have another man’s child. The process had been exciting, exhilarating like a roller coaster ride but it had now come to an end. Jason noticed as he patted her thigh and said, ‘well done’.

“It was nothing,” she shrugged. “You did all the hard work.”

He smiled as he kissed her. “Yes, but you made it all very pleasurable.”

She returned a weak smile and sat silently for a few moments before saying, “So, where we do from here guys?”

Tom shrugged but Jason put his arm around her. “Where do you want to go Laura?”

“I’m not sure to be honest,” she responded, wistfully. “I think I’ll sleep on it.”

Laura got up and began to walk away, then stopped and turned around. She could not see the two men. All she could see was the settee where it all began – herself alone, handcuffed, and blindfolded. Naked under her dress except for suspender belt and stockings, before hearing the door open followed by her husband’s voice. “This is Jason,” he told her.

Laura turned away and smiled to herself. Jason had come that night to do a job and by fuck, he had done it and done it well!



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