Sara has begged to be James’ submissive. He has accepted her, used her, and hypnotized her to implant certain control commands in her subconscious. Now he is going to teach her to beg for pain.

Sara was standing in front of where I was seated. Her tits were exposed, gripped by nipple clamps, and her shorts and panties were down around her knees. I wet my thumb and fingers, and started massaging her clit and G-spot. It didn’t take as long this time, in fact, I had barely begun, when she started to quiver.


She came, and came hard. Her knees buckled, and her head dropped – and then I ripped the clamps off of her tits.

She dropped her knees to the ground and screamed. I reached down, roughly shoved my fingers back into her cunt, and started rubbing her clit, prolonging her climax and making her cum over and over again.

I wanted to teach her to associate pain with pleasure so that she would eventually want both. And her lessons were going well…


Hours before, Sara woke, alone, in the tent, and stretched. She felt incredibly sexy and good. Her Master, James, had made her long-time fantasy of being gangbanged come true through hypnosis, so there were no physical after-effects except this wonderful feeling of well-being. And yet, she could vividly recall every cock being shoved into her cunt or up her ass, and every load of cum that spurted into her mouth! Amazing!

She noticed that James wasn’t here, then heard him moving around outside, probably getting breakfast ready from the sounds she was hearing. She sat up – and was surprised to see panties, a bra, a t-shirt, and hiking shorts, all in her size, laid out on James’ sleeping bag, next to her. Her hand went to her throat, and she was surprised that her slave collar was gone.

Then she remembered that James had put her into a light spell earlier this morning, removed her collar, and told her not to worry about it and go back to sleep for fifteen minutes.

She wondered what he had planned, and felt a sharp sense of loss and disappointment. Was their sex play over? Had he grown tired of her? These past few days with him had been the most exciting of her life, and she truly did not want them to end.

She reluctantly put on the clothes laid out for her, then exited the tent.


Sara emerged from the tent right about when I expected her, and she was wearing the clothes I had set out. I smiled at her and said, “Good morning! You look well rested!”

She looked at me and smiled weakly. She walked over, sank to her knees, and looked up at me. “Master, have I disappointed you in some way? Is there something I could do to make up for it? I will do anything to please you, you know that. Anything at all.”

She bowed her head and waited.

I leaned over and tilted her chin up. “Get up and come sit next to me, Little Slut. We need to talk.”

She looked unhappy, but got up and settled herself on a rock near me around the now cold fire pit. I had water heating for oatmeal on the single-burner I used when hiking, and had handed her a cup of freeze-dried coffee.

She sipped the hot brew, then blew on it and sat back, eyes downcast. “Have I displeased you, Master?”

I looked at her, and was struck once again at how pretty she was, and now, how eager. I wondered if she would remain so.

“No, you haven’t. So far, you have been the perfect slut, and I am pleased with you.”

She looked up, relieved, then her brow furrowed. “Then…why do you want me to be clothed? Are you tired of looking at my naked body?”

I grinned. “Absolutely not! I love having you naked.”

She looked down again. “I’m sorry, Master, I don’t understand.”

“That’s why we need to have this conversation. Now, relax, you’re doing fine – but I want to take things to the next level, and we need to discuss it before we do it.”

She looked up relieved, and smiled. “Master, I don’t care what it is, I want you to do it to me!”

“Shush, girl. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Now sit still and listen.”

Her eyes got big, but she nodded.

“In any successful Dom/sub relationship, there has to be a high level of communication, understanding, and agreement. Those things eventually lead to trust. I explained already, and you have done just fine in both understanding and obeying me.

“I’ve used hypnosis merely to emphasize the things we’re doing, and to open avenues of play that we could not otherwise explore, like being gangbanged at your former high school.

“But now I want to take things to the next level. I want to hurt you.” And I stopped.

Sara waited, then shifted uncomfortably. “How…how do you want to…to hurt me?”

I smiled. “I’m not going to tell you. I want you to be frightened and uncertain, just like I want you to be embarrassed about having other people see you naked. But what I want to discuss with you is the general idea of using pain to increase – potentiate – pleasure for both of us.

“The most important thing for you to know is that I want to hurt you, but not harm you. There will be no blood, no permanent marks, no scars – nothing that would mar your natural beauty except possibly temporary bruises. You are a gorgeous young woman, and to do anything to mar that beauty would be a crime that I have no intention of committing.

“No, the pain I want to cause you is to increase your sensitivity, and to make you feel more; more pleasure, more anxiety, more uncertainty – more submissiveness. I want you to choose to accept the pain I inflict because it will please me, even if you find it distressing.

“Do you understand?”

She was still for a while, then shook her head no. “No, I…I don’t. Why will me being frightened or anxious or…or in pain make it better for you…or me?”

I nodded. “That’s why we’re having this conversation. Because you don’t understand. I’ll give you a partial explanation, but ultimately, you’ll have to experience these things to truly understand them.

“In some people, there is a direct connection between pleasure and pain. I believe you are one of those people.

“Others, like me, get pleasure from causing pain – but I’m not a sadist, so it’s not about the pain itself. It’s about your willingness to accept pain, humiliation, embarrassment or almost anything I want in order to please me. That is something I find incredibly exciting. It’s why it’s called ‘dominance’ and why someone like me is called a Dom.

“And that is why trust and communications are so important. If you are going to do things you find uncomfortable, or painful, or humiliating without knowing what they are ahead of time, you must trust that I will keep you safe. You are submitting your will to mine in order to please me.

“Now, back to what we are doing here: whether you enjoy feeling pain or not, knowing that inflicting it brings me pleasure, do you want me to hurt – but not harm – you? You did, after all, say you would do anything at all to please me.”

Sara sat back and thought. “I…I guess, yes, I would be willing to let you hurt me if you wanted to. Not only have I said I would do that, or anything like that, but you’ve taught me a lot of things about myself that I didn’t know. You might be right about this, too.”

She looked down and bit her lip, then, with her head still bowed, “I…I can feel that I’m already getting very wet. It’s as if something inside me…wants this.”

“Master,” she said looking up at me, “may we try this? I want to please you, I really do, but…I’ve never done anything like this before.”

I nodded. “Of course. Remember, you can always use your safe words – yellow light to pause, red light to quit. That has not, and will never change. But before I started doing things to you, I wanted you to understand what I was doing, and why.”

I got up. “So, let’s have breakfast, break camp, and we’ll hit the trail. And I will start hurting you. Eventually.”

Sara swallowed, got up and nodded, then went back to the tent to start stuffing the sleeping bags and rolling up the sleeping pads.


Knowing that anticipation would heighten her anxiety, I did nothing when we started. But I knew that she was skittish and wondering what was to come, and bided my time to build the suspense.

We stopped to rest after the first hour, and when it was time to get moving again, I said, “Stand up and take off your t-shirt.” Sara slowly stood up, and I could see the pulse jumping in her throat. She slowly pulled the t-shirt over her head and held it in her hand.

“Now, take off your bra and give it to me.”

She reached behind her and unfastened the clasp, then shucked off the bra, and handed it to me. I stuffed it in my pocket.

“Now, clasp your hands tightly behind you.”

She reluctantly did so, making her tits stand up.

I reached into my pocket and brought out a pair of alligator clip nipple clamps with black plastic coating the jaws, attached to each other on a chain. Without saying anything, I adjusted the tension on both clamps, then opened one, put it around her left nipple, and slowly let it close on her tit, hanging vertically down from it. She inhaled sharply, and whispered “Ow!” but made no move to stop me. I then did the same to her right tit, and got a similar reaction.

“Now, put your t-shirt back on.”

Very gingerly, she complied, although she found it difficult to pull it down over the nipple clamps without disturbing them, and made small ouch-y noises.  

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“It hurts!” she said, her face screwed up in pain.

“Good. Now, let’s saddle up and get back on the trail.” I picked up her pack and held it out to her. She looked at me in disbelief, but when I just stood there, she slowly turned and put her arms out for me to settle her pack on her back. Once that was done, I walked around her front, and did up her bellyband, adjusting the straps – then roughed the clamps under her t-shirt.

“Ow!” She put her hands over her tits, as if to shelter them, then gradually straightened up, looking at me.

I stood smiling at her and waited a few seconds. “So, tell me: are you wet?”

She stood still and seemed to consult with herself, then said, surprised, “Yes….”

“Good. Let’s go.

“But…” she began.

I hefted my pack up in a circle and let it fall it on my shoulder. “No buts. Let’s go.” And I turned and walked towards the trail, then stopped to wait for her to go first.

She walked forward slowly, hands under her pack straps to try to keep them from jiggling her tits. She wasn’t going to be able to keep that up for very long, and that would add to her discomfort.

I was looking forward to our next rest stop.


About an hour later I called another rest stop. I took the pack off her shoulders, then swung mine off and laid it down.

She sat cautiously, and was cradling her tits.

“Do they hurt?”

She nodded.

“A lot?”

She shook her head. “Nor any more. They did at first, but I…I think they’ve gone a bit numb.”

I smiled, and said, “I’m sure they have, and I’ll take the clips off for a break in just a minute. But first, come here.”

She stood up and walked hesitantly over to where I was sitting, and stood before me.

“Take off your shirt.” She complied, and held it in one hand.

“Now, undo your shorts, and slide them, and your panties, down to your knees.”

She gulped, then undid her shorts, and slowly lowered them and her panties to her knees. She blushed and looked away, even though she knew I’d seen her completely naked before.

I felt her panties, rubbing them between my thumb and forefinger.

“Your panties are wet. Very wet.”

She didn’t look at me, but breathed, “Yes…”

“Do good girls have wet panties when they’re being hurt?”

She shook her head, blushing heavily.

“What does that make you, Sara?”

She swallowed. “I’m…I’m a…slut.”

“Yes you are. And what happens to sluts?”

She was silent.

“Say it.”

“Sluts…should be…punished.”

“And how do you think I should punish you for making your panties wet when I hurt you?”

She glanced down at me, then quickly away. “By…hurting me some more?”

“But Sara, if I hurt you some more, won’t your panties get even wetter?”

She nodded slowly.

“Say it.”

“If you hurt me more, my panties will get wetter.”

“In fact, you might cum if I hurt you more, mightn’t you?”

“I…I guess?”

I waited for a few seconds. She shifted uncomfortably.

“Would you like to cum, Sara?”

She looked at me, surprised. “Yes, please, Master!”

“Then bend over.” When she did, I fastened her slave collar around her neck again, and locked it closed. “Stand up.”

After she did, I put my thumb, index, and middle fingers into my mouth to lubricate them, then used the two fingers to split her labia, and started using her wetness to lubricate all up and down her slit. She closed her eyes and moaned, and tried to move her legs wider apart, restrained by the shorts and panties around her knees. I started massaging around her clit, not quite touching it, but stimulating the area around it.

“Oh, God…” she moaned.

I reached up and took hold of the chain connecting both nipple clamps, and pulled slightly on them, tugging the chain left and right, stretching her tits. “Oh, God! Ohh…”

I moved my finger away from her clit, and slid it inside her cunt. It went easily as she was hot and very slick inside.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned in disappointment, until I put my thumb on her clit, and started to massage it even as I was massaging the upper wall of her vagina, rubbing her G-spot.

“OHH…God that’s…so good…” she moaned, “Please…please don’t stop.”

“I’m not going to stop until you cum Sara. You are allowed to cum as soon and as hard as you want.”

Her eyes closed, she threw back her head, and moaned deeply in her chest. “Oh…GOD that’s good! OHHH…!”

Very shortly, she started to pant, and I could tell that she would cum very soon. I pulled harder on the chain, and started yanking it more roughly.

“MMMMmmmm…oh, oh, oh, OHHHH…” Her mouth was open wide in an exaggerated O.

“Ohhhh, oh my god, ohhh, oh my God Oh My God, OH OH MY GODDD!” and she started to cum.

I yanked the chain hard, pulling the nipple clamps off of her entirely, and watching her tits bounce free.

And was ready when she screamed as the blood rushed back into her nipples, causing far more pain than having the clamps on them in the first place. She went rigid, and almost fell over, but I stood and wrapped my free arm around her to keep her steady. I extended her climax by rapidly rubbing her clit and cunt with my right hand, making her spasm repeatedly as she shook and writhed against my arms, screaming but captured in the grip of her orgasm.

Then I stopped, and caught her with both hands as she went limp.

I settled to the ground, cross-legged, and cradled her head in my lap, then smoothed her hair, murmuring soothing noises. Her eyes stayed closed, and her face looked almost pained, but gradually smoothed out into a look of great peace.

Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Wow!” she whispered.

I continued to stroke her hair, then leaned forward and kissed her gently on the mouth. “So, did you enjoy being hurt?”

She closed her eyes again, smiled and said, “FUCK yeah!”

She opened her eyes, looked at me, then leaned up and kissed me quickly on the mouth before dropping back.

“Would you like me to hurt you some more?”

Her smile broadened. “If it’s as good as that, then yes, please!”

I patted the top of her head. “Good. Do you think you can hike again? Or do you need to rest some more?”

She considered. “I…I think in a few minutes I should be okay.” She sat up, then let herself drop back into my lap. “Whoa! Maybe I’m not quite as ready as I thought!”

I went back to smoothing her hair. “That’s okay, we’re not in any hurry. We’re not trying to make lots of miles today…only lots of orgasms.” I smiled at her, and ran my other hand down her almost naked body, brushing her right breast, trailing my fingers down over her abdomen, and lightly over her pussy lips, then back up again.

We sat for some time, just chatting idly, while I stroked her. I could tell that her body was responding again, and the aroma of her cunt became stronger. I eventually judged it was time to restart her education, so lifted her torso so that she was sitting upright.

“Wait here a moment.” I got up and went over to my pack to my toy bag, and came back with her old friend, the Ben-Wa balls, plus the lube.

“Stand up, please.”

She stood up slowly, her eyes on the Ben-Wa.

“Drop your shorts and panties, step out of them, spread your feet wide, and bend over so I can put these back where they belong, okay?”

She glanced at me, gulped, then did as I said, putting her hands on her wide-spread knees.

Once I had lubed up the balls, I gently pushed them inside her still slick cunt, pushing them far enough inside her that only the tether was visible. “Stand up, please, and put your panties and shorts on again.”

She did as I asked, then hitched her hips back and forth, settling the Ben-Wa balls inside her. She knew how they worked now, and knew what they would be doing to her, pulling her slowly towards another orgasm.

I stepped forward, and once again clipped the nipple clamps on her tits, and she once again said “Ouch!” when I did so. But this time, once they were properly seated, I turned the screw on each clamp a half a turn, making them much tighter.

“Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow…!” She hunched her shoulders up forward and started to put her hands towards her tits. I was okay with that, but when she started to fumble for the ends, to unclip them, I smacked her hands away and grabbed her fists.

“Ah-ah-ahh!” I said. “These stay in place until I say so – unless you want to use your safe words, of course.”

She stood there, breathing hard, pushing against my restraining hands, then slowly relaxed.

“Okay?” I asked.

She swallowed hard, then nodded.

“You’re a good girl, Sara!”, triggering one of her hypnotic commands.

Her body shook, and she said, “Thank you, Master!”

“Now put your t-shirt on and let’s get back on the trail. We have a way to go before we get to our camping site.”


At our next break, I repeated most of the same process. I had her remove her t-shirt, lower her shorts and panties to her knees, and spread her legs.

But before I touched her or her panties, I stared hard at her. Her face was flushed, and she was breathing hard.

“You’re close to cumming already, aren’t you?”

She nodded.

“Do you deserve to cum, Little Slut?”

She glanced at me, then shook her head no.

“Would you like to cum anyway?”

Her hands moved protectively to her tits, and she looked uncertain.

“You know, your tits are going to hurt badly when we take the clamps off them anyway, so would you like to cum while you’re experiencing the pain?”

“I…” and she stopped.

“You don’t know what to do, do you?”

She shook her head no.

“Would you like me to decide for you?”

She closed her eyes, then said, “Yes, please, Master.”

“Even though I’m planning to hurt you even more?”

She swallowed hard. “Yes, please, Master.”

“Okay then, you’re going to cum when I take the clamps off. You are allowed to cum, understand?”

She nodded, and I could see the sweat break out on her forehead and upper lip.

“But first…” I reached in and pulled out the Ben-Wa balls, put them aside on a towel, then reached up, and tightened the clamps another half turn.

She bent over at the waist, and clasped her hands to her tits. “Ow! OW!”

Then she slowly straightened up, still holding her tits.

“Drop your hands to your sides and keep them there.”

She slowly lowered her hands, clenching her fists and breathing hard.

I stood up, then suddenly slapped her tits, hard, first the left, then the right.

She dropped to her knees and grabbed her tits. “OH SHIT that hurts!”

I sat down again. “Stand up.”

Slowly, she stood again, and even more slowly lowered her hands to her sides.

“You’re a good girl, Sara.”

She smiled, wriggled with pleasure, and said, “Thank you, Master!”

I wet my thumb and fingers again, and started massaging her clit and cunt. I had barely begun, when she started to quiver.


Her knees buckled, and her head dropped – and I yanked the chain, ripping the clamps free of her tits.

She dropped her knees to the ground and screamed even louder than before. I reached down, and roughly shoved my fingers into her cunt, and started rubbing her clit.

She fell to the ground on her back to avoid putting pressure on her tits, and clamped her legs together.

“Open your knees!” I commanded – and she did, much to her surprise.

I reached in and continued to rub her clit and G-Spot, bringing her to a series of intense orgasms as she writhed on the ground, until finally she held up her hand, and begged, “Stop! Please stop! I’m…too sensitive! I can’t take any more, please!”

I quickly unbuckled my pants and shoved them and my briefs down to my ankles, then reached down and grabbed her hair. “I’ll stop if you suck me, cunt!” My cock sprang free, more than hard, almost achingly so.

Panting, she kneeled up, pushing herself up with her hand, and grabbed my cock, then stuffed it into her mouth, moaning. She wolfed it down as if she were famished, and put her hands behind my ass, pulling me further down her throat, gagging as I reached the back of her throat.

“You want to shove my cock as deep into your throat as you can.”

And she did, she tried hard to push her lips to touch my abdomen and balls, but did not know how to deep throat, so only succeeded in making herself gag and choke even more.

“Now, make me cum, slut! Suck my cock in and out of your throat, and do not stop until I tell you!”

She moaned through her nose, then started to quickly fuck her throat with my cock, sucking on the way out, and pushing hard to the back of her throat on the way in.

As I had been rock hard almost the entire morning, it didn’t take long, although I tried to prolong my abuse of her throat as long as I could. And when I finally came, I exploded into her mouth.

“Now, take me deep into your throat, and swallow every drop of my cum, you cocksucking cunt!”

She pushed herself hard onto my cock, gagging, choking, and retching as I flooded her mouth and throat with cum.

When I was spent, I said, “Enough, back off enough to breathe, but do not take my cock out of your mouth.” And I bent over her, panting, legs trembling.

She stayed still, on her knees, unable to take my cock from her mouth, waiting for my orders.  Her face was flushed, her hair dishevelled, and her breath coming hard, as she panted around my shaft.

She was gorgeous!


We stayed at this rest stop for lunch. I couldn’t see either of us being up to walking with heavy packs for some time, so decided to break early.

I truly had not intended to take Sara the way I just did, but found that she was edging me as much or more than I was edging her, and could not resist. She truly is a gorgeous woman, and had one of the softest mouths I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck. Fortunately, that’s one of the advantages of being a Top – you decide when you cum, not someone else.

We sat together, with Sara leaning her head on my shoulder, and me stroking her hair. I had told her to get dressed, and we ate a companionable lunch, chatting about the natural beauty of Banff Park, which forced itself inot our awareness, despite our sex-games. I also learned more about her background, and got some more clues about why she was taking to being a submissive so quickly.

It seems she had been a good girl all her life. Church choir, honor roll at school, captain of the cheerleading squad – real Norman Rockwell stuff. But along with all of this had come the expectations of the adults in her life: be a good role model, make us proud, set an example for your younger sister, don’t be late for school, you got a B in English, you should try harder, you need to score high on the SATs to get into Wellesley or Barnard or Duke…and so on.

Even if she hadn’t realized it, it had worn her down. She was tired of being a good girl, of being The Good Girl. And she always felt guilty about masturbating, even though it’s one of the most popular activities for teenagers, second only to eating.

She was stuck in her role as The Good Girl.

And now, suddenly, she found herself in a position where she not only didn’t have to be The Good Girl, but she was expected to be The Bad Girl she had always been warned about – and found that she loved it! She had had more, and better, orgasms with me than she had with anyone she had ever dated, even more than she had ever fantasized about.

She found it addictive. She wanted to be dragged through the mud.

And I wanted to drag her there.


After we had lunch and naps – and cuddled while we napped, with me edging her awake by feeling her up – we got everything packed up again, then I turned to her. “Come here, please.”

She approached me very cautiously.

“Do you like being hurt?”

She swallowed hard, but nodded.

“Would you like me to continue to hurt you? Because I should warn you, it’s going to get more intense from here.”

She looked at the ground, swallowed, then nodded again, but very slowly.

“Good. Take off your t-shirt, and drop your shorts and panties again and step out of them so you can spread your legs, then turn around and bend over.”

I waited until she had done as I instructed and was facing away from me. Then I took an egg vibrator that I had hidden in my palm, lubed it up, and gently pushed it inside her cunt, then wiped my hand down her slit to get some of the excess off. I used some water and a towel to get rid of the rest.

“What is that? It feels different?”

I ignored her question. “Now turn around again.”

She complied. I picked up a small, plastic food storage container I had prepared last night, and opened it.  I took a small paint brush, such as I might use to paint fine trim on a wall, and dabbed some of the yellow-ish paste from the container all around one of her tits, then the other, then split her pussy lips, and carefully painted some all over and around her clit. She moaned when I did that.

Then I sealed the container again, rinsed the brush with some water, flicked excess off of it,  stored them, and the lube, in my toy bag.

“What is that stuff?” she asked. “It feels…cool…or something.”

“Put on your panties, shorts, and your bra and t-shirt,” I replied, then handed her bra to her, and waited while she got dressed before I replied to her question.

“The paste is ground-up ginger root. It’s famous for having certain … erotic … properties.”

“You mean, like it makes me want to fuck?”

I smiled, and replied, “Let’s wait and see.”

I picked up her pack and held it out to her, then settled it onto her shoulders, then hoisted my own pack, swung it around, and let it settle on my shoulders. “Let’s go!” and I gestured for her to lead off.

Before she started, she said, “It…it’s getting kind of warm now…”

I smiled and gestured again for her to start walking.




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