Our pizza was being delivered, and the girl that was doing the delivery was a bombshell. It turns out that the girl was one of Jennifer’s friends. Jennifer is my stepdaughter. They grew up together as neighbors until Janice, or Jan as we know her, moved out.

“Jan! Well I’ll be. I haven’t seen you in how many years?”

“I know, Terry. I’m back for the summer and was lucky enough to get this job. It’s not much, but I have free room and board. Your boat is beautiful.”

“Come aboard. I’ll show you the inside.”

“I can’t. I’ve got to get back to work.”

“What time do you get off?”

“At 9 o’clock. That’s if I’m lucky.”

“Well, come back when you get off.”

“Stop by and you can have a drink.”

She said alright and left. I saw the look on Tony’s face and knew he wasn’t happy that he wouldn’t be having his pipes cleaned tonight.

Terry saw his face, “Don’t worry, boys, she won’t stay long. Then I’ll do whatever Chuck wants me to do.”

It was about two hours later. We were sitting at the bar talking about the boat and what we were going to do when we heard a knock at the slider. Tony went and opened the doors and all we heard was a loud wolf whistle. It turned out to be Jan coming back.

I could understand the whistle as soon as I saw her. She had changed from her work uniform. Now she wore a pair of very tight shorts. They left nothing to the imagination. Above the waist, she wore a white tank top. but this tank top was about three sizes too large. The results were there was no way she was going to be able to move without showing some boob. She was also barefoot.

Terry said, “I’m glad you came back. You look like a different girl.”

“Yes, I called one of the other girls that work there and asked her if she would finish my shift for me. It feels good getting out of that uniform. I feel a little more feminine now.”

I asked her if she’d like a drink, and I poured her a glass of white wine. As Jan and Terry talked, I noticed Tony was trying to get a good look at her tits. Tony looked at me and knew that I’d caught him. He just smiled and went back to her tits.

Then the girls excused themselves and went over and sat next to each other on the couch. Now they got into a deep discussion about something. I had my back to the bar and was facing right at them. Then they laughed and then kissed. It may have been just me, but I thought the kiss went on for a little longer than should have. That and I thought I saw Terry grab Jan’s tit while they kissed.

After a while, Terry came over to me and pushing my knees apart, stood between my legs.

“Jan’s staying on the boat with us tonight. I didn’t think you’d have a problem with that.”

“Ah, I don’t think I have a say in it. Why is she staying with us?”

“She has a roomie, and she asked if Jan could find a place for the night. You know.”

“Yeah, been there and done that. What about our playtime later?”

“Oh, I think we’ll be able to arrange something.”

“I’m not sure I like the way you said that.”

“Listen, when she asked if she could stay on the boat, I told her about what may be happening later. She told me it would be nothing that she hasn’t already seen, but then said that if she saw anything new, she would let me know.”

“I’m not so sure I would feel comfortable screwing around with her here.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about her, remember, I was a close friend of her mother. Mary was no saint. She would fit right in with our gang.”

“She’s in your hands. Don’t take that literally, although I know you probably will.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We spent the next couple of hours drinking and talking about much of nothing. It ended up Jan and Terry talking, and Tony and I at the bar. The girls were talking, but now and then, Terry would play touchy-feely with Jan.

Then both the girls got up and went over to Tony. Looking over at me she said.

“Do you mind if I borrow him? I promise to have him back in one piece, maybe.”

Jan took him over to one of the couches, and when he sat, she sat on his lap. Then Terry turned to me and I said to her.

“You’ve got that smile on your face. What are you two up to?”

“Well, Jan seems to think Tony is a hunk. She’s a little shy, so I told her I would help her.”

“Help her? Exactly how are you going to help, and what is she going to do that needs your help?”

“I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen. I’ll find out when I go in his cabin.”

Just as she said that both of them got up and headed below.

“Well, I’ve got a few minutes to kill, so is there anything you would like?”

As she was asking, she was undoing my belt. I didn’t know what she could do before she had to go help Jan, but right about then I would take anything I could get. She fished out my cock.

“My, you are hard. What dirty thoughts have you been thinking.”

She started to move her head to my aching cock when she straightened up and quickly pulled her tube-top off.

“That’s better. I don’t think that I’ll be needing it anymore tonight. Feel free to use my nipples.”

She didn’t waste any time and tried to swallow me whole. When she gagged, she had to pull off and go a little slower. After a couple of in’s and out’s, she got into a rhythm and she took off.

I knew she was in a hurry because she was using her hand along with her terrific sucking. She doesn’t do this when she has a lot of time.

It didn’t take long before I was lifting my hips trying to get more of my cock into her mouth. she knew she had me on the brink and was starting to speed up for the finish. I was just about to let her know that I was going to give her a mouthful and opened my eyes to watch her.

The first thing I saw was Jan. she was standing right next to Terry and she was topless. Man did I lose it.

“Oh, fuck!! Oh, Jan! Oh, fuck… cumming… cumming!”

I may have said more than that but who cares. I came and my eyes never left Jan’s boobs. They were beautiful. Not large and not small. They sagged a little but her nipples were set high and seemed to take away the sag.

I wanted to reach out so bad and feel them. Better yet, suck them. But back to the blowjob.

Terry sucked the last drop from my deflating cock and when she stood up, she kissed Jan. Now, I don’t know if they exchanged my cum but it looked like it.

She saw me staring at Jan’s tits and said,

“Oh, you like these?”

She moved out from in between my legs and pushed Jan there. Then she got behind her and reaching around her with both hands, took mine and placed them on Jan’s tits.

“Don’t they feel amazing? So soft and her nipples are always hard. Pinch them. She’s like me. she likes to have them pinched and bitten. Don’t you?”

“Oh, God, yes! Please pinch them, suck them, bite them. It’s so good.”

So I leaned over and took one between my teeth. I bit down with about the same force as I use on Terry. When Terry pushed my hand off her other tit and replaced it with her mouth, Jen went off like the fourth of July. Not cumming, but just moaning loudly and shaking all over.

I had to stop for a minute, “What’s Tony doing? I thought you were going to take care of him.”

Jan couldn’t talk so Terry let her nipple go long enough to say,

“He’s probably jerking off. We told him to wait and we would be right back. Ah, Jan, why don’t you go back and give Tony a hand… ah… fuck, you know what I mean.”

Jan didn’t want to leave,  but I wouldn’t say no. when she did, my wife said.

“I’m glad she’s gone. I’ve… gotta ask you something.”

“What is it? Is she going to call the cops on us? Tell me?”

“No, no, it’s just that she has a small problem. She needs our help.”

“Please tell me she’s not pregnant!”

“Ha, ha. No, she’s not pregnant.”

“Well! Tell me, for Christ’s sake.”

“It’s just that… she wants Tony to fuck her.”

“That’s a problem? Somehow I fail to see that as a problem.”

“Well, it’s just that…ah…it would…be…”

“Come on, honey! Spill it!!”

“It would be her… first.”

“She’s a… virgin?!”

“Yep. Certified by my middle finger…which tasted pretty good.”

“A virgin. An endangered species right on my boat.”

She gives me a good smack on my shoulder, “Cut-it-out.”

She said, “So what can you do.”

“Excuse me? Me! What can I do?”

“Well, you’ve known him the longest, you talk to him?”

“First, tell me about Jan. This should be interesting, considering her mother.”

“Hey! Not fair. You were gone on business and I was horny. We were talking over coffee one morning and the next thing I know, I’m in bed with her. you can’t complain. You got more than one threesome out of that.”

“Yeah, she did have a mean ass.”

“Right, and the same one that you fucked her in so many times.”

“Alright…later. So, what’s the short story on Jan? You gonna invite Mary and have a mother-daughter threesome?”

“No, but not a bad idea. Jan’s been saving herself for mister right, but no one has been knocking on her door except the hormone guy. So right now, he’s fighting uncontested.”

“So in two words…she’s horny.”

“As a hoot-owl.”

“Alright. I’ll talk to him. He told me he thought she was hot. She can get him alone and…”

“No, not alone. She wants us to witness the flower being plucked.”

“Very eloquent way of putting it. I’ll do my best… hey wait? If he won’t do it, can I?”

“In your dreams, dear. I’ll finish her off with my finger before you stab her with your blunderbuss.”

So I went and talked with Tony. He took it very well.

“HA, HA! That’s funny! That’s the only way I wouldn’t fuck her. Where is she? I want to see those tits up close.”

Okay, so he didn’t take the next part very well.

“She’s a… WHAT! A virgin? You gotta be shitting me.”

“Right now, I wish I was. Nope, she’s a first-timer…just in that. The other tasks are good.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s what leads me to go for this crazy scheme. Would you tell her that I’d like to talk to her. and then leave us alone.”

“Whatever you want, Tony.”

I went to Jen. She was standing in the galley trying to be alone.

“Tony and I were talking, and…”

“And, you know about my situation, right?”

“Yes, and what I wanted to tell you is that Tony would like to talk to you.”

“He what! Want’s to talk to me? me? I don’t fucking believe it.”

Just like two ships passing in the night, Terry came running in, just as Jan was running out. Then I looked at Terry and headed for our stash… of candy…the sugar.

“Your sweating bullets. How bad?”

“Bad, let me sit. Orange juice and some candy”

I quickly got her what she needed. Now for those of you who have not been following my stories, some back story.

My wife Terry was a juvenile diabetic. I say was because she passed away last year. She fought the devil for sixty years.

Sometimes a diabetic’s sugar goes either up or down. Mostly down, and when it does, you need sugar, and fast. When it’s low, you first get the sweats. My wife has had them so bad that she looked like she just got out of the shower with her clothes on.

Then there’s the confusion and then your body won’t hold you up. She’s never gone that far, but it comes on fast. After that, there are convulsions, then unconsciousness, and then your body shuts down. Terry for some reason could usually tell when she’s going into one of these attacks. Most diabetics, cant. It’s saved her life a few times.

While she’s recovering from this, ah, setback to the night, she feels like she’s run a marathon, has a colossal headache, and all she want’s to do is sleep… ahh… and fuck.

I told her about what’s happening in the world of virgins, and it’s good that we could only wait. We went out to the bar and sat while the effects of the sugar took hold and raised her blood sugar level to normal.

“How do you feel, hun?”

“Much better,” she said. She came over to me and kissed me passionately. One of the benefits of these attacks is that she gets very horny after she comes out of them. She also for some reason needs a certain amount of pain administered to her. She doesn’t have to ask for it.

She stood between my legs as I sat on the high stool at the bar. I took her erect nipples between my thumb and first fingers and started applying pressure. I watched her face go from eyes tightly shut to looking at me with a smile on her face.

One of her hands went to her pussy and started rubbing her clit in small circles. I increased the pressure. Now her face showed less smile and more pain. She spread her legs out wide and her hand was flying. I increased the pressure again and now her face showed nothing but pain, or was it pleasure? Her knees got weak and her legs started shaking.

With a scream that brought Jan and Tony out of his cabin, she came. I knew what was going to happen and got up to hold her as she fainted. I led her down to the deck softly and let her lie there.

“What the fuck happened?” Jan asked.

“I’ll let Tony tell you. I have to take her blood sugar to make sure it’s back up.”

As I got up to go get the test kit, I asked him, ”What are you going to do about Jan’s condition?”

Jan was down next to Terry and heard us, “He’s going to fuck me, but not till tomorrow. That’s if it’s alright with you guys.”

Terry was starting to come around and she sat up.

“Wow! That one was a doozy. I wish I could be awake for the whole thing.”

Her sugar was a little low, but still within the normal range.

“The kids here want to pluck Jan’s cherry tomorrow. That alright with you?”

“Of course it’s alright. We’ll make a day of it at the house. I want to take Jan shopping for a few things first. We can BBQ and swim.”

My wife can turn anything into a party. Even losing your virginity is worthy of a party to her. We had a last drink and went to our cabins. I fell asleep wondering if the party tomorrow was going to be too late.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We were all up early and after the first cup of coffee, we left the block and headed home.

“Are we going to watch him take her cherry?”

“Yep, that’s what she wants, but she also said that she would like you to fuck her too. She thinks your cute, and your cock ain’t bad either.”

“You’re just letting her so you can get Tony’s big cock inside you.”

“You can bet your sweet bippy on that one. I’ve been looking forward to that ever since I had him in my grasp.”

“And your mouth.”

When we got to our house, I dropped her off,

“I’m going to the liquor store. I’ll be back shortly.”

I was gone more than an hour thanks to a friend of mine that I saw in the store. He was a talker and I didn’t have the heart to just leave him.

I got back and went in to find Tony to help me carry the boxes in. He was sitting on the deck in a lounge chair with a girl on each side of him. They were all nude and his cock was being shared between two mouths.

“Started without me I see.”

“Ah, sorry hun. Jan started it but I couldn’t resist getting in a lick or two.”

“A lick? You had his whole cock down your throat.”


“Yeah, right. Tony, when you can pull your cock away, get the boxes out of the car… please.”

Terry came up to me and looked down, “Woah, what have we here! my husband has a massive boner! Were you thinking about watching Jan getting fucked with Tony’s large cock?”

“No, not really.”

“Ohh, I know… you were thinking about me getting fucked by Tony’s cock, right?”

“Yeah, that and my cock sliding into Jan.”

“Well, you’ll have to wait a while. Why don’t you get nude and comfortable by the pool? I’ll bring you a beer and a blowjob.”

“Anybody, I know?”

She just looked at me, smiled, and left. I went out to the deck and shucking my shirt and shorts laid down. then I heard a splash, just as Terry was bringing my beer.

It was Jan jumping into the pool. I couldn’t see her, but it wasn’t long before she climbed the ladder to get out. This was the first time that I’ve seen her from a distance and completely nude.

One word… breathtaking. She was everything I love in a woman. Now let me get this straight or my wife will kill me. she is everything that Terry is except a little younger. Okay, she’s gonna kill me anyway.

A long neck that is kissable. Nice shoulders with slender arms. Smaller breasts with little sag, and nipples that are set high. A slender waist that leads to hips that are the same size as her chest. Long slim legs that beg for a pair of lace top black stockings.

My fucking dick couldn’t get any harder. Or so I thought. Jan started walking to us. Watching that young body approach me had my hard cock jumping up and down on my belly.

“Oh, my! Am I doing that to you?”

“Damn straight, Jan. No man in his right mind wouldn’t have one from looking at you.”

She came over and sat down on my chair at my feet. She kept looking at my cock. I was positive that I saw her lick her lips. Then Terry came over to us.

“Sorry, am I interrupting anything?”

She sat down on the other side from Jan, right below my hips. She reached up and gently took my cock in her soft hand and let it just lie in the palm.

“I think your husband needs some relief. That looks a little painful.”

Terry smiled, “Yes he does, and I have an idea.”

She looked back at Jan and then patted the chair across from her.

“Come up here and sit.” When she did, she said, “I want to watch you make Chuck cum. I don’t care how you do it, but I just want to watch. Are you up to that, Jan?”

“It would be my pleasure. Please don’t take this wrong but I’ve wanted your husband’s cock ever since my mother told me how good he was.”

I looked at Jan, and then Terry. She smiled at me and just said, “Later.”

She closed her hand around my leaking cock and holding it straight up, pointed it at Jan.

“Here, take it and make him cum. I’m going to sit in the chair next to you guys and give you room.”

Jan reached out and took hold of me. she waited for my wife to get seated before she said.

“How would you like me to make you cum?”

Before I could say anything, she bent down and milked a large glob of pre-cum to the top of my cock and then licked it into her mouth, “Mmm, good.”

I watched her hand start to slowly stroke my cock while applying pressure. The feeling was out of this world.

I looked over at my wife. She had turned the chair to face us and was sitting with her legs spread wide. One hand was pinching a nipple and the other was busy flicking her clit.

Jan said, “Well? What will it be? My hand. My mouth, or… my ass?”

I went dead silent on her. this was a decision that every red-blooded male would love to have, but few get to make. Then terry cleared her throat to get our attention.

“Ah, if I can say something. I know I left it up to Jan, but I’d love to see you cum all over her. I know you would love her ass, but you can have that later with Tony.”

I looked at Jan waiting for her to say something.

“I will do whatever you want. You just have to tell me. You can come anywhere you want to.”

I hate decisions. “How about if you start with your hand. We’ll figure out the rest from there. that sounds alright to you Terry?”

Terry heard the exasperation in my voice, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to butt in. I’ll just watch and keep my mouth shut.”

That did it. Mood gone, game over. I got up and went into the house. I got a beer, went into the living room, and watched baseball on TV.

She knows better than try to follow up and I didn’t expect her to come in, so when I heard the door open and close, “I don’t want to talk about it now, Terry!”

“It’s not Terry.” It was Jan, and she was still naked, and beautiful, “Are you mad at me?”

“You? No, not you. It’s my wife that ticks me off sometimes. I have a good mind to give her a good spanking.”

“Ohhh, my!”

I looked at her questioningly, “What was that?”

“Nothing. Spanking huh.”

“Yeah. Ahh, do you? I mean, you like?”

“Ha, yes, I do like. to receive a spanking when I’m a bad girl.”

Before I had a chance to respond to her need for a spanking, Terry came in.

“I’m sorry. I know that I went too far. I should have ended it when you told us what you were going to do.”

“Tell that to Jan and thank her.”

“What am I thanking Jan for?”

“She’s offered to receive your spanking for you.”

“You were going to give me a spanking?”


“Oh, thanks, Jan, but I can take it. you don’t have to go through the pain, I will.”

I knew that deep down, Terry wanted the spanking. She loves to be spanked, and always has explosive orgasms.

“No! Jans going to get spanked and you’re going to watch. Come over here Jan.”

She meekly came over to me and stood with her hands behind her back. she obviously has done this before and I wondered with who.

I was sitting on a kitchen chair that had no arms and as soon as I put my legs together, she got into position. Her hands were on the floor as were her feet. She spread her legs just enough for me to have a great view of her bare pussy and asshole. She was one of those girls that had a small tight ass and just standing with her legs together you could clearly see her back hole.

“Stand next to her, Terry.”

When she did, I started by slowly running my hand all around her firm ass. My cock was at attention and I knew that Jan could feel it. when I ran my hand up the inside of her leg and let my fingers wash through her very wet pussy, her ass lifted on its own and she let out a soft moan of approval.

Terry was standing at Jan’s feet and when Jan moaned, she reached down to her pussy and started to finger herself.

“Put your hand behind your back and keep them there.”

 I was holding back. I was just running my hand for a second pass through her sopping pussy when Tony walked in the room.

“Where the hell did you goo…” He stopped in his tracks when he saw what was going on.

I didn’t say anything, but lifted my hand and brought it down hard on Jan’s left cheek. It caught her by surprise and she let out a loud yell.

“Oh, fuck!” she shouted.

“Later,” I replied and landed another hard one on her other cheek. Another loud yell.

I looked at Terry and saw the blush on her chest. She was as excited as I’ve ever seen her.

“Count for her. That’s the least you can do for her. She’s where you should be right now.”

I knew that more than anything right then, that she was wishing she was over my knees and not Jan.

I quickly brought another blow to Jan’s beautiful red ass.

“Three!” Terry said softly.

I continued spanking until Terry said twenty-five, and I stopped. Everything went silent. I surveyed the situation. Both girls were fidgeting around, and I knew that they both wanted to use their hands to bring themselves off.

Tony had sat down at some point and now had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it. My cock was about to burst on its own.

I had Jan stand up, and when she did, her hands went back to rub her sore ass.

“Did you cum?” I asked Jan.

“Yes, sir.”

“What about you.” I looked at Terry.

“Yes,” was her simple reply.

I went quickly and grabbed a cushion off one of the lounge chairs on the deck, and put it on the floor in the middle of the room,

“If I remember correctly, we are gathered here to witness the taking of Jans virginity. You still want to do that?”

She was still rubbing her ass, “Oh, fuck, yes!”

“lie down on the cushion, Jan. Ok, I know this is going to break your heart, my wife, but get down there and put your talented mouth to work on her pussy.”

I didn’t have to ask twice and before I could take another stroke on my cock, she had her face buried in Jan’s hole with her nose tickling her clit.

We both watched the two women. Jan’s face told me that my wife was doing a good job of eating her. TIP: A woman will make strange faces right before she cums.

Jan had an explosive orgasm, and I think squirted. When Terry pulled off, her face had a sheen almost like baby oil. She was licking it off her fingers.

“Tony, she’s ready for you. Go easy, my friend. Don’t forget your size and be gentle. Terry, get your ass over here and sit on this pole,” she walked slowly over to me and started to straddle my legs. I stopped her and told her to turn around. This way she could see what Tony was doing to Jan.

She held my cock upright, and slowly lowered herself onto it. As she sank down, she let out a low moan that lasted until she had me buried in her.

Tony was finished with the pre-fuck stuff, and Terry stopped posting on me to watch the mating.

She reached down and took hold of his very hard and long cock. She placed the head at the entrance to her dripping pussy. She looked up into Tony’s eyes and said,

“Please fuck me. I want you in me.”

I must say, that he took his time and slowly entered her.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, just go slow. Yes…more…there, OUCH!”

Tony backed out, “Did I hurt you, are you alright?”

“No, no, I’m ok. I’m not a virgin anymore.”

She was crying and I hoped that they were tears of joy. Terry just had to say something.

“Welcome to womanhood, Jan. Now lie there and enjoy that big cock of his.”

We continued to watch as the action on the floor got going faster and faster. She pulled her legs up and back to her chest so he could get more of his long shaft in her.

Tony asked in between thrusts, “you sure you’re alright?”


“You sure?”


Five words that were heard around the neighborhood. For the next fifteen minutes, all you could hear was the moaning and groaning of four horny people trying to have a memorable orgasm. Little did we know.

Jan was the first to say something human, “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Not too original but cute, and she was putting her heart into it.

Tony was right behind her. He just grunted his way up the hill, and over the top all in deep base tones. He slammed into her and almost pushed her off the mat, but she took it like a pro, although she probably didn’t feel a thing.

Terry got off me and quickly turned around and sank right back on me. She put her arms around my head and planted her lips on mine. Her tongue shot in my mouth and played.

I felt her body tense up and her arms around me tighten. She pulled her mouth off mine, her head went back, her mouth opened and a sound I’ve never heard before came out. I thought the whole house vibrated.

She took a deep breath and held it. her whole body shook but not hard. It was like you were cold all over and shivering. That’s what she did. She was cumming.

She put her head on my shoulder and very softly said, “Oh, no. No more. Please God, no more.”

She pushed off me and looked me right in the eyes. She gripped my arms so tightly that I had bruises where her fingers were. She shook me, looked up at the ceiling, and yelled, “No! Please!! You can’t do that to her!”

Then she fainted. She caught me by surprise. In an instant, she was silly-putty. She slid off me and my cock came out of her with a pop. I slowly lowered her to the floor.

Jan was looking at us and saw the whole thing happen. She pushed Tony off and out of her. She came over to Terry, “Take her sugar!”

I jumped up with my half-hard cock and ran to get the test kit. It only took me a few seconds to prick her finger, get blood and put it on the test strip. In the glucometer, it went, and then the longest ten seconds of my life.

She came back with a 93 reading. Now 70 to 120 is where you want to be, so she was not having a low sugar problem. She started to come around.

“Are you alright? I’ve never seen you act like that before.”

“Call my sister!”

“Your sister? Why?”


I got the point. Another three words for the neighbors.

I called her sister’s cell. It rang a few times and then her husband picked up the phone.

“Bob, Chuck. What’s wrong. Calm down. What? She what? No, no. Go let them in. Call me when you know something.”

I hung up the phone and looked at Terry. She was crying, but she didn’t say anything. She knew.

Tony asked, “What the fuck is going on? What’s with Cynthia?”

“Bob said he thinks she just had a heart attack not ten minutes ago. The EMTs were just getting there.”

Terry fainted again. She had just stood up and she dropped like a rock and hit her head on the edge of the coffee table. Jan was the first to her and yelled for me to get a towel.

She had a nice cut on her forehead. Jan applied pressure and after a minute, we could see that it wasn’t too bad and would need just a bandage, but she bled a lot and was going to have one hell of a headache.

When she came around again, she was like in a daze. I had to ask.

“How the hell did you know?”

She didn’t answer me. “What happened to my head? Why do I have blood all over me?”

I explained her fainting again and hitting her head. After a few minutes of regaining herself, I asked her, “Your orgasm was different. Can you recall what happened?”

Jan came back with a bandage and a wet face towel. She started to clean her face and put a bandage on her head.

“I was in a zone while watching these two fucking and Tony’s face as he came. They looked so right together. Then my chest started to tighten up real bad. I couldn’t breathe. My left arm went numb. Then I started to shake and got cold, then I came. I couldn’t stop cumming. I shook from the cold and kept cumming.”

“Wait. You were facing Tony and Jan. Do you remember turning to face me and what you said?”

“No. I just remember being freezing cold and I couldn’t stop cumming. I’ve never been that cold before.”

I told her about my conversation with Bob and a little more about her out-of-body experience. She didn’t answer me and went out on the deck. I knew she wanted to be alone. The silence was thick as we sat. She came in after about twenty minutes.

“I’m sorry I spoiled the night for you two.”

She went upstairs. Jan and Tony insisted they were going to stay the night. They slept on the deck. When I went up to our bedroom, she was sound asleep in one of my dress shirts.

I got into bed quietly and put an arm around her. she was breathing softly and evenly. Then she suddenly opened her eyes, with tears in them, said, “No, me,” closed them, and continued sleeping. I don’t know how long I held her. I couldn’t sleep and now the house was eerily quiet. My mind was working overtime. I went to the bar and sat with a beer.

I think it was about three in the morning when the phone rang. It was Bob calling back. He was at the emergency room. He said that they didn’t think it was too bad and were doing tests on her. He said that she had another small attack while she was having a CAT scan. He asked me how the hell did I know about Cyn so soon after it happened. When I told him about what Terry did, he told me that when Cynthia first came to while the EMTs were working on her, she asked him if Terry was okay. He thought she was just hallucinating.

“Bob, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course. What is it?”

“When Cyn had the attack, were you… ah…making love?”

“Ah…Yeah, why?”

“Nothing…Nothing… Go take care of your wife.”

There was about a minute of silence and Bob said, “Freaky,” then the line went dead.


Part 3??

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