Watching him lock the door, Laura was already unbuttoning her dress, knowing that would be the first thing the boss would demand. Among the many items of waste in this storage space, there were convenient broken chairs, scratched tables, a split armchair which so often became the centre of these lunchtime activities.

He turned as she allowed her dress to fall to the floor. His eyes were on her high pert bare breasts as he approached her, unbuckling his belt.

“Panties,” he said, and his tone made it a command. Fair enough, you’re the boss, she was thinking as she obeyed, and he came in close, allowing his pants to fall.

She enjoyed the usual joy of his hand smoothing over her breast, while something, not mysterious, poked into her belly. God, it was ever rigid. And, as ever, she wanted it madly. But she was secretly pleased that he had been too close to view as her panties went down. Good to have a little surprise for him.

As was usual during their first kiss, his hand began its move downwards from her breast. Just as she’d hoped. The usual trail, waist, hip then her belly. Next, his fingers would begin their wander through her bush. She held her breath. A probing on her mound.

Immediately, he broke the kiss, and she was overjoyed to see the surprise and shock on his face as he almost stammered, “Y-Your bush. You’ve had it done?”

“Waxed? Yes, just yesterday. I wanted to keep it secret.” A secret for the boss, great!

He had stepped back, shaking his head as he looked down. Laura had kept her legs closed so all he would see was the first hint of those lips. But he was recovering his composure quickly. His next demand Laura almost expected.

“Must have a closer look,” he said, easing her backwards by propelling with his hands on her hips. “Sit well back on the armchair, left leg over that arm, right over the other.”

He was the boss, she thought whimsically. “Is that wide enough?”

He had dropped to his knees between her thighs, his handsome face close to soft, pink, moistening petals of her exposed opening. Watching his reaction was a pleasure in itself for Laura.

He gave a low chuckle as he said, “Looks brand new.”

“No, it’s the same old me.”

“None the worse for that,” he admitted. He was inspecting her in the way a botanist might be fascinated by a rare wildflower. That very idea thrilled her.

Laura saw his hand move as though to caress the pouting petals. She tensed in anticipation of his touch. But at the last minute, he stroked along her naked thigh, dipped his head, and she saw and gasped as just the tip of his tongue tickled along her visible fleshy pinkness.

Laura felt those so familiar tantalising sensations rising inside her. Those sexual needs that lay just under the surface of her being. She longed to tell him to plough deeper with his tongue, with his fingers, God, with any part of him. But he was the boss. Next steps would be timed by decisions made by him. That was their agreement.

Patience, Laura, patience, it would happen.

Sure enough, within seconds, just as she’d hoped, while his tongue licked deeper through her moist petals to seek out her weeping entry, his hand on her thigh moved, for one finger to point unerringly towards her clit.

Both targets were reached simultaneously, and the charge that ran through her body was laser-like; her hips jerked up to claim his face. While Laura relished his finger frisking keenly over and around her clit, she could not prevent herself from emitting a wild rapturous snort as his tongue pushed in and out of her soaked entry.

That was the moment he drew his head back, and grunted, “Near?”

“God, yes. Do me. Do me.”

“Oh, no, one more stage,” he said, and dragged her legs together off the arms of the chair. He stood erect close to her. His rampant cock was just below her lips, looking huge and threatening like some monstrous cudgel. How being in this storeroom had this effect on him, she’d never know. But he was bigger, wider, and fiercer than at other locations, like twice in his own office, which he had thought risky.

His work on her when her legs were spread had left her with a massive desire for fulfilment, but this was a stage when she could savour the extreme fullness of his cock. And it was part of the service he always demanded, and after all, he was the boss.

Laura leaned forward, needing to bend just a little to encircle his hardness with her lips. Eagerly she sucked the taut, strong solidness of him along her cheek, making it bulge. God, it was like having a massive log on her tongue. Was he ever this hard?

Avidly she sucked and slavered over it. She might have even swallowed all he were he to demand it, even when what she really wanted was to have him enveloped between her thighs. Laura knew well that, being the boss, he liked to have his own needs satisfied. So, she was almost relieved when he gently eased her head back and popped out of her mouth.

However, what he demanded next came as something of a surprise. He hauled her to her feet so that, momentarily, his hefty erection was between her thighs.

“Something different,“ he whispered, before turning her so that she was facing away. When she felt his hardness against her buttocks, she had to make her desperate protest, boss or not, “I don’t do anal.” How could he think she would?

He gave a short chuckle, “I know that. Don’t worry, Laura. Just a change of position.”

“But we’ve always been face to face.”

“Such a small change.”

Still not convinced, she obeyed his instructions. If this led to what her body was now craving, then she’d be happy. He told her to lean forward and grip the higher arms of the chair to support her weight. That action bent her body well forward.

“Now, just spread your legs a little more.”

Laura did as he asked, and the immediate glide of his fingers along the length of her wet crease caused her to draw a sharp inhalation of breath. Her hips were giving involuntary heaves and her inside squirmed in anticipation. His fingers touched on her clit before journeying back and pausing aggravatingly at her weeping entry.

Her breathing had quickened, and she was grateful as the pause was mercifully short. One finger lunged deep inside her. Laura gasped her delight.

Then it was two fingers, twisting and twitching as far as they could. And the sheer frenzied heat of that had her wanting to scream for the real thing. But this was his way, and he was the boss. She rode with it.

At last, the fingers were withdrawn, and initially it was a great loss, but immediately Laura was trembling as the familiar touch of his cockhead at her entry had her grunting, “Yes. Oh, yes.”

No hesitation this time, the head burst into her welcoming passage, and her own backward encouraging pushes had his lovely solid tool soaring to her cervix. Hell, the elation of those impassioned first moments. He filled her, magnificent, massive and this time he was so vigorous, so urgent, almost violent, as he drove and retreated, thrust, and retired encouraging her wanton acceptance.

And she learned the further joys of this position as his hands could reach around to squeeze and caress her breasts, and better, dally on her clit. Oh, yes, she was so close. The rising tide of her own passion helped her notice his panting breath and the quickening of his strokes.

She’d never had the sparkling stars that some women talked of when they had an orgasm, but the sensation now that sent heated blood coursing through her body right to her brain was wonderful. All the more, as she knew he was surging and spurting inside her as he gave his usual frantic yell.

Done, and dripping out of her, he turned her body to deliver one final kiss. “Back to reality,” he said, throwing her a towel as he began towelling himself and dressing.

She wiped herself clear of the voluminous amount of his seed that poured from her, and her thoughts were beginning to move on to later in the day, when he broke into them, “Have to get back to my office. See if anything has happened.”

She nodded. Back to being boss of his furniture store while she had completed her three days-a-week part-time function. He opened the door, looked back to where she was fastening her dress. He smiled, “Was good?”

“Was good,” she agreed, and he was gone.

She finished her dressing and allowed her mind to return to the thoughts she had been having about later in the day. Chuckling to herself, she picked up her handbag. Tonight, when they were home together and tucked cosily in their own bed, she looked forward to straddling him, and pinioning herself on that magnificent cock once again. Then she would show him, what he already, reluctantly knew, who was really the boss.

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