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It really was just another day in the office. I had just finished a major presentation I had been working on for a few weeks. It went well and I was just starting to relax before the next one. It was mid morning on a warm summer’s day. In the summer I like to wear stockings, nothing about feeling sexy you understand. I just like to feel a bit of fresh air movement on a warm day. On this day I was wearing hold ups. My legs are quite slim and one of them kept falling down a little.

I was just pulling it up when I noticed Jack having a peep at me. He didn’t see that I saw him, his eyes were somewhere else. Now, Jack was a bit of a looker and a few years my junior, more than a few actually. That didn’t matter though, I was just happy to get a look from him. As I said earlier, I had a bit of time on my hands. I was just passing the time before the next big project. While I was sitting at my desk, I started daydreaming. I imagined that I just walked over to his desk and bent over it as I lifted my skirt. He would then take me from behind while squeezing my breasts.

Nobody else in the office would notice of course. It would just be a natural thing. I remember going to the zoo once. In one of the caged compounds was a tribe of baboons. The alpha male was just strutting around with an erection. As he passed a female he just took her, no box of chocolates or bunch of flowers. He just took her and moved on to the next. All the other baboons took no notice; they just carried on as normal. Even his conquest went back to picking fleas out of another baboon’s arse. None of that ‘Was that good for you?’ nonsense.

I was allowing my daydreams to make me a bit wet. Would Jack be my baboon for the day? I waited until the woman next to Jack went to the coffee machine. Standing up to adjust my stocking I lifted my skirt a little higher than needed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jack taking a good look. Then his eye caught mine; I just gave him a naughty smile. He went a bit red and quickly looked away. It was coffee time, the rest of the office were now gathering around the various vending machines. Jack remained seated.

I stood up and walked toward him, I would need to pass him to leave the office. As I arrived at his desk we made eye contact. I gave him a look that said, follow me. I wasn’t sure how well he understood body language but I gave it my best shot anyway. I pushed the swing door open to enter the corridor, took about five or six steps and stood for a moment. Would I hear the door open behind me? I certainly did, he was right there. I was getting excited, I had found my baboon. I went into the store room with him hot on my heels.

Without a word, I looked him in the eye, lifted my skirt and bent face down over piled boxes of typing paper. I could hear him undoing his pants before he lowered my knickers. Within seconds he was inside me. It was bloody gorgeous, just raw sex. His wife was heavily pregnant at the time so he wasn’t getting any at home. I had no such excuse, other than feeling randy. He had his hands on my hips; I took them off and placed them firmly on my breasts. My little daydream was actually happening.

I’m not going to lie and say it was the best sex ever, it wasn’t. Then again, it wasn’t meant to be, just two grown up people enjoying a bit of primeval baboon lust. I started to climax as he was cumming. It felt like he had gallons of the stuff, and I do mean gallons. I can’t be sure when he’d last had sex but I guessed it was some time. I had to borrow a maxi pad off one of the girls. I told her I was a few days early. I could hardly say I was full of Jack’s love juice. We never said a word before, during or after. Just a knowing look, that was all that was needed.

The following morning I was in a little early. I will forever treasure the look on Jack’s face as he found two plastic baboons on his desk. He looked over, I just smiled. From that day on I had my own little office baboon. We never spoke, and all the other baboons in the office never noticed. All was good in the world.

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