It was Wednesday, and most everyone in the office had gone to a luncheon. Jennifer had chosen to stay back and do some paperwork. She wanted to get a head start on polishing her portfolio to be the first to submit it for consideration as the team lead. Her goal was to have it completed and given to Roger before she left on Friday. As she worked, she was glad she had decided to bring it out to the desk in the lobby area. There was room to spread out her papers to regroup them more effectively. She would be able to work and keep an eye on the office for any clients who might drop in.

Jennifer heard the door open to the office and looked up to see Gretchen sauntering in the door. Both surprised at Gretchen’s arrival and at her appearance, she gave a polite greeting as she watched the blonde walk towards the reception desk. The young girl was dressed down from her usual attire; the word “frumpy” came to Jennifer’s mind as she stopped in front of her. Gretchen was wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt. Even though she was in the building, she still had on her sunglasses. It seemed as if she were trying to remain disguised. There was no doubt that Jennifer would soon hear why her coworker was incognito mode.

In Gretchen’s usual fashion, she leaned against the desk, interrupting Jennifer’s work and expecting her to stop work completely to listen. “Hello there, Jen. Roger’s out of the office, right?” She looked cautiously left to right and then conducted a full 360 scan of the visible office space.

Jennifer saved her work on the computer. She felt that Gretchen would not go until she could have Jennifer’s undivided attention and had told her everything that was on her mind. She was a bit curious why Gretchen hadn’t been at the office yesterday, having half hoped that Roger had fired her. Jennifer now figured there was a different reason. As she was satisfied that her work was safe, Jennifer turned to Gretchen, forcing a smile on her face as she answered, “Yes, they are all out, in fact. They won’t be back for at least thirty minutes, probably more.”

Gretchen let out a little cheer and took off her sunglasses. “Oh, goodie!” She giggled and added, “I think Roger still might need some cool off time. I don’t want to come back in the office until he’s started missing me.” She winked at Jennifer, hoping that just that tiny tease might make her coworker’s brain go into overdrive. She had been thinking for a few weeks of letting Jennifer in on the big secret. After all, Jennifer gave Niccolo to her, and Gretchen needed to return the favor.

“Anywho…” Gretchen cheered as she hopped up on the edge of the desk. “I need to thank you so much for giving me Niccolo’s number. I don’t think he will be bothering you anymore after all that happened this past Monday night.” She smiled as she leaned towards Jennifer. “Although I could see my way to sharing him with you. You know, in case you start missing that gorgeous body of his. And oh my,” she stopped to fan herself, “You should have warned me about his fabulous package.” She winked at Jennifer. “I am sure you’ll be wanting to feel that again.”

Stopping for a minute to gauge Jennifer’s reaction, Gretchen smiled. Just remembering how sexy Niccolo was when he had arrived at her house Monday night with dinner made her temperature rise. There was no way she would share him, but she wanted Jennifer to desire him still. Gretchen hoped to make Jennifer at least a slight bit jealous before Niccolo arrived at the office to pick her up. She thought it would be priceless to see Jennifer’s reaction when Niccolo showed up at the office wanting Gretchen. Niccolo would walk out with her, and then she would drive her car to his house, where they could have the entire afternoon and evening to enjoy each other. Gretchen was thrilled to be invited to his house, knowing Jennifer never even made it that far.

Jennifer chuckled briefly, realizing she had no idea what Niccolo’s body looked like. She had been practically undressed that night, and he was fully clothed as she turned around to catch the glass over the back of the couch. It was only then he unzipped his pants and had his way with her. She could not deny he felt good inside her but did not feel the urge to be with him again. Something about him was off, and Jennifer did not want to find out what it was. She was glad Gretchen would keep him busy.

As Gretchen let Jennifer stew a little in that thought, she remembered how Niccolo had allowed her to do most of the talking through dinner. At first, Gretchen wondered if Niccolo was going too slowly, but as she put away the food in the refrigerator, Niccolo made a move. She breathed in deeply as she recalled feeling his hand travel up her dress and between her legs as she leaned into the fridge to put the food away. The feel of his breath against her ear as she stood up sent chills up her neck. ‘I make the first move, remember that,’ he had said as he pushed a finger inside her as she stood there with the refrigerator door still open.

“After dinner, he couldn’t even wait for me to finish putting the food away.” Gretchen bragged as she recalled how swiftly Niccolo had moved. She was dripping minutes later as he fingered her slowly, making her moan for more as she gripped the sides of the appliance. His force had excited her, remembering how he closed the doors to the fridge and guided her to the sink. Deciding to tell Jennifer the next part, she began, “He pulled up my dress and bent me over the sink. It was so naughty how he unzipped his pants and took me right there in the kitchen. The incredibly sexy man couldn’t keep his hands off of me. Feeling him inside me from behind like that, I knew he had a great cock.” She winked again, enjoying telling Jennifer the intimate details and hoping it would make her jealous and upset she “gave” him away.

Jennifer raised an eyebrow. It seemed as if Niccolo had a preference for taking women from behind. That only proved to her that Niccolo and her would not have been a good match. It was not her preference at all, only something that happened that night. Figuring that Gretchen was not done telling her story, she simply commented, “Sounds like a good night for you then.”

Gretchen giggled. “Oh, he was just getting started. I knew he would not last long if he did me like that. No guy ever can,” she bragged and continued, “As he started thrusting faster, he lifted off my dress, so I was there naked at the sink. He’s so naughty! Was he like that with you?” Gretchen faked like she was pausing to wait for an answer but kept talking. “He pulled out and shot his load all over my back and ass. It was so hot.” As she noticed Jennifer might be about to talk, she quickly went on to say, “But that was just the first round. He picked me up and carried me in his arms to the bedroom. As he set me down, I got my first look at his magnificent manhood.”

Jennifer did not move. She listened as Gretchen went on, strangely captivated by the retelling. It was interesting to hear her coworker’s voice change as she got deeper into the story. Even though Jennifer was not personally interested in the participants, she had to admit Gretchen’s adventures were entertaining. Giving in, Jennifer decided she needed a break from her work, and she would allow Gretchen to finish the story. She turned to Gretchen and thoroughly listened.

Gretchen smiled as she saw Jennifer focused solely on the retelling of her Monday night. “As he laid down beside me, still mostly hard, I decided I’d let him experience my oral talents. He closed his eyes and enjoyed it.” Gretchen winked and licked her lips. “He certainly is a mouthful. Don’t you just love how the head of his cock is? Like the world’s best mushroom. I loved taking it deep in my mouth, but I wanted to feel him inside me again. Mmm,” she went on explaining, “Soon he was solid as a rock and ready again, so I climbed on top of him. Oh, I have had thicker, but feeling him so deep inside me felt great—and, well, you know how it feels. He told me you two fucked.” Gretchen winked and stopped, waiting for Jennifer to react to knowing Niccolo had told her.

Jennifer shook her head in disappointment. If Niccolo had already told Gretchen about being intimate with her, then it showed he had no respect for her. It proved to her that all he wanted was to seduce her and nothing more. Now she found herself wanting Gretchen to use him as much as she could. “So, he is better than most of your lovers then?” Jennifer wondered aloud, letting Gretchen think that she was curious. It was becoming more evident to her that Niccolo was just like all the other men out there.

Gretchen could sense Jennifer’s building jealousy and decided to go all in. She would tell Jennifer more details than she ever had before with previous lovers’ tales that she shared. “I loved riding him. The whole time I did, he had his eyes closed and was moaning like an animal. I think he enjoyed me being in charge. It felt so good; I made myself orgasm just bouncing on it. His hands squeezed my boobs as he thrust up, wanting more, and he made me orgasm again. I thought he would cum by then, but he rolled me over and put my legs over his shoulders, and gave it to me that way. I orgasmed twice that way, but he wasn’t done.”

Jennifer forced herself to smile. “Sounds like you two went on all night.”

“We went on for a couple of hours in different positions. When he turned me over on the bed and gripped my ass while we did it doggie style, I had the best orgasm I’ve had in forever. But that’s probably because I had already had like a dozen by then.” Gretchen grinned, knowing that Jennifer had not had as long of a night with him. She figured it was because Niccolo probably didn’t even like Jennifer.

Shifting in her seat, Jennifer looked at the clock. It was only about fifteen minutes until everyone would get back, and she had hoped to get some work done. Thinking it would get Gretchen to skip some details, she asked, “He came again from behind then?”

Gretchen grinned, sensing Jennifer was uneasy, knowing how much fun she had given up. She would not let Jennifer speed her story up any more than she wanted, so she went on. “It’s great that he knows how to use what God gave him. And it is also great that he is not a kisser either. I hate kissing. He finally told me to roll over, and he came all over me. I enjoyed watching him shoot his cum on me. He had so much of it. I cannot wait to swallow a load.” Gretchen sighed as she stood up, smiling. “Maybe next time,” she giggled.

One more thing to rub in, she thought to herself as she added, “Thanks again for his number. We would have fucked yesterday, too, but he had a meeting with his investment brokers and then dinner. We will do it again really soon.” Gretchen smiled, planning on acting shocked when Niccolo walked in to get her in a few minutes.

Jennifer felt like she had just finished watching a porn movie. There was no doubt that Gretchen told her so much detail because she wanted her to know that Niccolo had moved on. Her pulse was escalated by the intense picture that Gretchen had “painted”, but she was not jealous, nor did she want Niccolo back. I am not sure there’s a man out there that is right for me anymore, Jennifer thought to herself.

As Gretchen had mentioned that there was no kissing, it confirmed to her that it was the best decision to end it with Niccolo before it started. Her thoughts shifted to another coworker, wondering how he would take the news. “So, you are done with Ferris then?” As soon as she asked Gretchen, Jennifer was not sure why she phrased it like that. She was concerned that Gretchen might even misunderstand her tone.

Gretchen giggled and shook her head. It sounded like Jennifer was getting an idea to make a move on Ferris. There is no way I am letting Jennifer have any of my lovers, she told herself. “Done with Ferris? No way, he’s part of the office entertainment.” She grinned, satisfied that she was doing a great job of being discreet since Jennifer did not mention any more names from the office. Allowing everyone in the office to know about her and Ferris was an excellent front for her other activities. She was not about to stop any of it. “Don’t worry, I’ll still keep Niccolo distracted for you. But for now, I’ve got some work to do.” She held up a large bag and carried it with her down the office hallway as she called out, “I’ll be in Ferris’ office.”

Jennifer shook her head as she watched Gretchen walk down the hallway. Getting back to more important things, she opened her document on the computer again and started typing. Just then, the chime to the door sounded again, alerting her to someone walking in. When she looked up, she gasped. It was Niccolo.

Niccolo chuckled as he saw Jennifer at the reception desk. His luck was even better than he had hoped. The arrangement with Gretchen was that he would text her so she could leave the office as he walked in, but Niccolo had other plans. He had wanted to see Jennifer again, without Gretchen. While the young blonde was entertaining, he wanted more of the woman he had gotten a taste of last Friday. Before she could say anything, he stated, “Good afternoon, lovely Jennifer.” He smiled and winked at her as she looked up. “I was hoping you would be in. I agreed to take Gretchen out for lunch as an excuse to see you. You have missed my calls. How about you come over to my place tonight, and I will remind you of everything you loved last Friday?”

Jennifer looked up to see Niccolo standing over her desk with an arrogant look on his face. She could not believe that he thought she wanted him still. Ignoring phone calls usually meant the opposite. And even if she did, after hearing everything he did with Gretchen, it didn’t make her want him any more than before. She retorted, “I think you’ll have more fun with Gretchen. I can page her if you wish.”

Niccolo held up his hand to stop her. “No, no. That will be okay.” He looked and noticed that Jennifer was working. He would just let her know he could wait. “I only befriended your friend, so I could find out where you worked. I can see now that you are busy. I’ll call you Friday, my sweet. I do not need a girl when the woman I desire is in front of me. Addio.” He waved to her and walked back out of the office.

Minutes later, Jennifer noticed Gretchen walking quickly out of the office without even saying goodbye. As she walked across the parking lot, Jennifer shook her head in disbelief. Gretchen had changed clothes in the office. She now had a white crop top that barely covered anything, short shorts that only covered half of her rear end, and sandal wedges tied twice around her ankles. “That outfit screams tramp if you ask me,” she muttered as she looked back at the computer screen to do a few corrections.

“Are you talking about me, or did you mean that hooker that hopped into the sports car?” A voice quipped from across the room.

Startled, Jennifer looked up. She had not realized anyone had entered the office. A young man was walking towards her desk. Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, she assumed that he was in the wrong office. “Oh, I am sorry. No, of course, I was not talking about you. Can I help you find the office you are looking for? I do know most of the businesses that are in this complex.”

The young man smiled as he replied, “Oh, I’m in the right place. I’m looking for Roger Singletary.”

Jennifer wrinkled her brow in confusion, wondering why a college kid would need to talk to her boss. Perhaps he was another one of Roger’s distant relatives that were visiting Florida. “He is still at a luncheon with the rest of his staff, so you will hav—”

“They left a nice-looking woman like you to watch the office? I hope they are paying you extra for that.” He winked at Jennifer and added, “I was hoping to get a tour. Would you be able to show me around? I officially start work on Friday, but I wanted a sneak peek at my office.”

Jennifer blushed momentarily as she realized that this was the young man that would be working with them. Glad to have written his name down, she stood up and held out a hand to clarify who she was. “Hello then, Tim. I’m Jennifer Hayward. I am one of your team members.”

Timothy chuckled as he shook Jennifer’s hand. “Oh no. I am so sorry.” Putting his free hand to his forehead, he apologized, “I just assumed. Wow, this is bad. Please don’t think I’m—” He moved his hand to his mouth and covered it, unable to speak from his embarrassment.

Jennifer smiled as she lowered her hand again. “It is a perfectly simple mistake. Partially my fault for sitting at Tamara’s desk.” She did not want to start on the wrong foot, so she let him off this time. However, it hinted that he might be too wet behind the ear and too confident with women. She looked him over as he recovered and concluded that while he was attractive, he was too young to be working in such a serious office. Breathing deeply, she could already imagine Gretchen snatching him up. “They should be here shortly, but I can go ahead and start showing you around.”

“Thank you. I promise you I do clean up well in a suit.” Timothy chuckled. “I’ve been getting to relax for a few days, and I guess my manners got a little lax as well.” He had noticed the woman had not gotten too upset, but she was not exactly laughing. As he followed her, he noticed how attractive she was from the back as well, but he was not going to be saying that out loud today.

Jennifer led him down the hallway. This is definitely an interesting start, she thought to herself. I wonder if this one can fit into our office.


Jennifer turned the car off as she put it in park. It had been a wild day at work. She was ready to pick Jason up from Tonya’s, feed him and help him get ready for bed. Tired enough to go to bed as soon as she arrived home, she knew it would be a while until she could.

She looked over and noticed that Tonya and Gerald’s Kia Soul was not in the driveway and remembered they would take Jason to the zoo today. As she walked up to the door to her house, she took a deep breath. Her next task was going to be to talk to Adela. When she arrived at the door, she was startled when the door unlocked, and Adela opened it for her.

“Hello, young Jenny. I have been waiting to talk to you. My driver will be here soon, and I asked him to wait.” Adela smiled as she watched Jennifer walk into the house, noting the blue blouse and long pencil skirt, as well as the heels she was wearing. She always dresses so nicely, she thought to herself. “Do you have a moment to talk? I have made paella for you and Jason.”

Jennifer smiled, grateful for dinner being ready again on a Wednesday. “Yes, we can.” She breathed deeply, knowing the subject Adela was sure to be asking about. “How about here, in the living room?” She asked as she sat on the couch. As soon as she did, however, Jennifer wished she had chosen another room. Adela sat down where Niccolo had the previous week.

The older woman smiled, looking at Jennifer. “How was your dinner party with Niccolo? When Niccolo visited Sunday, he said you had a good time, and you two would be seeing each other again.” Adela then asked, “Has he asked you to see his house in Italy then?”

Jennifer chuckled softly, “Oh goodness, no. That would be so forward. I don’t want to rush anything.” She leaned towards Adela and smiled, trying to console her as she frowned at Jennifer’s response. “I have been working too many hours since then. We haven’t even spoken.”

“I will have him call you. You should think about going with him back to Italy.” Adela answered back. “You would be a good woman for him. Jason would want for nothing.”

Jennifer knew Adela’s intentions were good but wondered why Niccolo did not take his mother when he went to Italy. Choosing to push for an answer, she asked, “Why would he leave you here in that home and not take you with him?”

Adela patted Jennifer’s knee. “Ah. I told him I was too old to go back to Italy. I like living with the two older women in the home. The staff is minimal, and I feel comfortable there. I am free to come and go; I like to clean houses for my families still. Niccolo is a busy man over in Italy. You could stop working and be a woman of the house again. And take good care of young Jason. Cook. All the things you used to do.”

Jennifer nodded her head. She understood that this arrangement would help her son, but she believed Adela’s heart was in it to help Jennifer. She would have to tell her that is not what she wanted. “Adela, I appreciate all of this. But I have told you I am happy with things the way they are.”

Adela shook her head. “I will tell Niccolo to call you again. One more chance, dear. You will see.” She looked at the clock on the wall. “I need to go. Have a good night.”

Before Jennifer could say anything, Adela stood up. She did not know what else to say. Leaning back into the couch, she began to remember last Friday. Her pulse quickened as she forced herself to recall the details Gretchen had told her about Niccolo to remind herself of what kind of character he was. He is more of a playboy than he lets on to his mother, she told herself.

The sound of the doorbell woke Jennifer minutes later. She sat up, realizing she had drifted off, as she heard the front door open.

“Mom!” Jason cheered. He ran over and jumped on Jennifer, hugging her tightly.

As Tonya closed the door behind her, she saw Jason and Jennifer on the couch. “Mmm, what is that delicious smell?” She chuckled and looked over into the kitchen. “Oh, that’s right, it is Wednesday.”

“Yes, it is. And Adela made too much again, I am sure.” She chuckled. “Why don’t you get Gerald and join us?” She hugged Jason and smiled up at Tonya. “I insist.”

Tonya chuckled. “Well, sure. I guess this time.” Handing the stuffed penguin to Jason, she replied, “I’ll be back shortly. Jason can tell you how much fun he had at the zoo while I go get Gerald.”


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