This is Part 4, the morning after the evening I met my sexy new partner. To get the whole story, I recommend starting at the beginning:

The scent of the coffee is beckoning, so I climb off the bed and walk over to the breakfast tray to examine the setup. Opening the pot, I’m happy to report that the water is still steaming, and proceed to pour it slowly around into the grounds in the filter that’s perched on top of the decanter.

“The coffee will take a few minutes,” Yuki tells me, sitting up on the bed. She smiles and beckons, enticing me to step close to her, and runs her hands around my waist to pull me into her, my boner poking her in the chest. The delightful stiffness of her nipple nudges the underside of my glans and shaft as she rubs it on her tit. She wipes my cock on one breast and then the other, back and forth a few times, her thumb and forefinger imitating a cock ring by encircling it firmly at the base. Her small, soft tits feel so good under and around my throbbing dick as I push it into the cleft of cleavage she presents to me by holding them up and together.

She bends down to take the head of my cock into her mouth, but after a few slurps, it seems like the angle isn’t right, so she swings her legs around behind her, lying prone, her feet pointed away and her face right up close. Propping herself up on her elbows on the edge of the bed, she opens her mouth, and opens those pretty almond eyes up at me, longing for my erection. I tease her momentarily by tapping it against her cheek before feeding it to her.

Yuki’s lips make a tight seal behind my dick head, and I feel her warm slick tongue wiggle over the tip and flick underneath. I can’t help but move my hips slightly forward and backward, time and time again, a few inches sliding into her hungry mouth before she clamps down firmly on the out-strokes. Then she bobs her head as I try to hold still, the oral pleasure she’s giving me sending a tingling sensation up and down my shaft.

“Mmmm, Yuki, that’s sooooo good!” She smiles as much as her mouthful will let her, working her lips and tongue over the head before releasing it and wrapping her mouth around the shaft from the side a few times, looking up at me periodically. Then she raises up onto her hands and knees and climbs off the bed, evidently wanting to go on to the next thing.

The next thing is coffee, which is done brewing now. I put a bit of cream and sugar in mine, but Yuki has hers black. We stand there naked, sipping our coffee while we look over the tray of breakfast foods: croissants, butter, honey, and three kinds of jam; an array of fruit, but not mixed: melon, strawberries, and assorted other berries; and two dishes of yogurt.

I start by grabbing a croissant, pulling the flaky pastry apart and holding a piece up to Yuki’s mouth. She takes it with her teeth greedily, chewing a few times and downing it before I feed her another bite. She takes some and feeds it to me, and before long we’ve devoured the first one. Damn, that was tasty – good thing there are two more left.

“I think some butter and jam on the next one,” I tell Yuki, carrying the tray and my coffee cup around to the other side of the bed and setting my cup down on the side table. She lounges with me on the king-size bed, which has plenty of room for me to place the tray by the headboard out of the way. She sips her coffee while I cut open another croissant and spread butter and a red jam on it. We take turns feeding each other half of it, and then she stabs a piece of melon with a fork and holds it up for me to take.

She sets her coffee cup on the table on her side after taking a couple more sips, and lies down on her back, looking over at me. I give her a bite of strawberry with the fork, and then hold a piece of melon to her lips. But she takes it off the fork with her fingers and sets it on her chest. It’s hard for her not to laugh as I offer her two more pieces, each of which she places on herself. A strawberry follows. I straddle her and eat one of the melon pieces off her chest, then another, licking and slurping the damp spots on her skin where they were resting. Then I grab the strawberry with my teeth and take it up to her mouth. She bites into it, eating half while I eat the rest. Then I pick up the last bite of melon and feed it to her.

My dick is so hard now, I have to rub it in her pussy hair and on her stomach before rolling off. I take a small spoonful of jam and dollop it right on her tit, coating the nipple. After sucking it off, with eye contact, of course, I do the same to her other tit with another flavor. She sits up and grabs her coffee, taking a sip holding it in one hand while using the other to scoop up some of the third jam with her fingers, smearing it on my nipple. She leans over and sucks it off, downing the rest of her coffee and setting the empty cup on the tray.

“Here, lie back,” she tells me, pushing on my chest. I take another sip of my coffee and set my cup back on the table, lying on my back, anticipating what she’s about to do. Sure enough, she smears jam right on my dick, caressing it with her fingers, then holds them up to my mouth for me to suck clean. Then she leans her head down and takes my raging hard cock into her mouth, sucking and slurping the jam off it. She applies some of a different flavor and sucks that off, too. Then she climbs in between my legs, looking at me with those pretty almond eyes, giving me a wonderful sensual blowjob for quite a while. The feeling is incredible, the sensation of her warm wet lips and tongue covering my head, pushing down my shaft, and kissing and licking all around, her fingers playing with my balls, coating them with a new dab of sticky jam. The room fills with the sounds of oral sex, “mmmm”s, and wet slurping sounds from her, complemented by gasps and moans from me.

“Mmmm, Sebastian, you have a nice cock.” I think I love that we know each other’s names now. “So yummy with the jam.” She licks and sucks my balls while pumping her fist up and down my shaft.

“Ohhhh, Yuki, that feels so good. Mmmmm, that’s nice. Ha – reminds me of last night’s dessert. You told me you like nuts in your mouth!”

“Mmmm, yes, these kind of nuts.” She flicks one of my testes with her tongue and sucks it gently into her mouth. “much better!” After more ball licking and holding my dick upright and caressing the head with her thumb, she adds, “In Japanese, men’s balls are called ‘tama’, or ‘gin-nan’, the fruits of the ginkgo tree.”

“I’ll be fluent in Japanese by the time you’re through with me!” She laughs. “You know, they say learning by doing is the best way, not just reading from a book.”

“I think you will remember some of these words!”

She leaves my balls and takes most of my dick into her mouth, sucking hard for a while, with lots of eye contact. She’s getting me close to orgasm, and we haven’t even finished breakfast yet, so I stop her by holding her head steady and crawling backwards a bit.

“You were about to cum?” Yuki asks.

“You were getting me close.” I pick up my coffee cup and drink the last bit, “Lie on your back now. I want another taste of you!”

She does as I ask, and I dot her chest and stomach with a few pieces of fruit and eat it off. Then I splat a couple spoonfuls of yogurt on her tits and stomach and suck it off. Continuing down, nipping and pulling at her trimmed pubic hair with my lips, I settle between her legs and kiss her labia.

I start to lick Yuki’s pussy, flat tongue gliding up her slit a few times, eventually working the tip in between the folds, her womanly scent urging me on. I spread her pussy open with my fingers, looking up at her face while I probe her wet pink insides with my tongue. Her eyes are closed, gasping slightly at my touches. I seal my open mouth over her cunt, French kissing passionately and noisily, moaning and slurping as I push my tongue into her vaginal opening. Her eyes open as I look up again, and she smiles, running her fingers through my hair and moaning.

The tray of breakfast is within reach, so I break from eating her out for just long enough to open the little jar of honey. I apply a little bit to her tummy and lick and slurp it off while she sucks it off my fingers. Then I drizzle some right across her pubic hair and onto her pussy lips. I grab it out of her messy bush with my lips and then lick her sweet honey pussy a few times. After drizzling a bit more honey, spreading her labia open to get some inside, I go after her again. It takes me a while to lick and suck most of the sticky stuff out of her bush and out from the crevice of her warm, wet twat, including from around her swollen clit.

I look up at her, and she’s dolloping a serving of yogurt on her tits. So I climb up her body from between her legs and eat it off, then continue up to her mouth for some French kisses while she handles my cock with sticky fingers.

“Get on your knees,” Yuki tells me, fingers in the honey jar. I obey, looking down at her as she applies the honey to the end of my dick. She sucks it for a minute to clean it off; then I spoon some yogurt along the top of my shaft. She takes a few of the smaller berries and aligns them on top. “Mmmm, delicious,” she says, looking up at me, mouth poised at the end of my decorated cock. A few sucks and licks and slurps later, it’s all clean.

I lie on my side, and she puts more honey on my dick, lying the opposite direction to take it into her mouth. After some adjusting, we’re sixty-nining each other, on our sides, with me lifting one of her legs to lick her pussy while she holds my cock firmly in her mouth.

Yuki rolls me over onto my back and straddles me so that she’s on top. She rides my face as I keep eating her, tonguing her hole, and sucking her clit. Her sucking continues as her hip thrusts increase, but she soon rolls off, laughing and panting.

Yuki reaches over and spoons some yogurt onto her pussy, smearing it around with the back of the spoon. Then she climbs on me, scooting up to straddle my face. I eat the yogurt off her thighs and out of her bush, then lick all around her pussy lips to clean them off, opening her up to make sure I get inside. Now that the yogurt is gone, I enjoy the tangy flavor and intoxicating strong odor of her sexy pussy juices as I continue to feast on her, sucking and pushing hard with my tongue, trying my best to pleasure her clit as well. After a minute, my mouth is tired enough that I have to give it a rest, so I leave her pussy and kiss up her body to her tits.

She grabs my dick when it comes within her reach. I’m horny as fuck, but I want to play some more before I cum, so after cuddling and fondling with her only a few more seconds, I stand up and fetch our coffee cups. I offer her more, and pour another cup for each of us, handing hers to her. We share the last croissant as we sip some more coffee, and then I feed her a couple strawberries with my mouth.

Yuki puts her cup down on her side table crawls toward me. As her face approaches my semi-drooping dick, I wave it at her. “I think I must have worn it out,” she giggles, swatting it with a hand. “But I think I can make it nice and hard again!”

She does. On her hands and knees on the bed in front of me, she opens her mouth and accepts my dick as I step in closer to her. Sucking and swirling her tongue around, it’s less than a minute before she gets my hard-on as stiff as ever. When it’s erect and pointing upwards, she licks the underside of the shaft and head.

“You didn’t finish your yogurt,” I tell her, grabbing the dish and holding it low. I push my cock into it and offer it to her mouth, and she laughs and sucks it off. She takes the dish from me, swinging her legs around and sitting on the bed in front of me. She uses my dick as a spoon to scoop up some more yogurt and eat it. “Mmmm,” she says, “yummy!” It takes a minute, but she manages to scoop out most of the yogurt with my cock, slurping it all down bit by bit. I set the empty dish down on the tray and pick up my coffee cup, taking some sips while she cups my balls and blows me for a minute, looking up at me with those pretty almond eyes.

I want to cum, to go ahead and spurt all my jizz into Yuki’s mouth, but I tell myself I need to hold off. There has to be time for a fuck, doesn’t there? And we can’t leave two out of three condoms unused, can we? So I withdraw, take her by the hand to stand her up, and kiss and hold her close. A few final berries and pieces of melon, and we’re done with breakfast.

“I hate to ask,” I tell her, “but, when do you need to be at work?”

“Well, there’s no rush,” she replies. “I am the boss, you know.”

“Ha, yes, I remember! I don’t have my meeting till later, but didn’t know if you had to start getting ready soon.”

“I think soon… but not just yet.”

“Good. I was thinking we could go to your room. Whenever you have to get ready and go, I can come back here and pack up and check out after that.”

“I don’t know if I should be worried about you.”

“Uhh, why?” I ask.

“I thought you would cum before breakfast, then we ate, and still no cum.”

“Oh, yeah,” I chuckle, relieved. “Well, I don’t know what would happen after I came once already, if we’d have time for another round. We can’t waste two of the condoms, right? And I really want to be inside of you.”

“Your dick inside of me? It was inside my mouth. That’s inside of me.” She laughs, back to the dirty-talking woman with whom I got acquainted last night.


“You mean you want your dick inside my pussy? You want to cum by fucking me in my pussy?”

“I think you have the idea.”

“Okay, we can fuck in my room, then I’ll be there already to get cleaned up and get off to work.”

“That’s a great plan,” I agree.

Yuki starts getting dressed, of course in the same clothes she had on last night. Well, almost: she puts on her skirt and blouse but doesn’t bother with her bra or panties. As I’m getting dressed, just in jeans and a t-shirt for the walk to her room, she puts on her jewelry and steps into her shoes. I locate the two remaining condom packets and grab my toiletries.

Holding her computer bag over her shoulder, she announces that she’s ready to go. In her other hand, she’s clutching her stockings, bra, panties… and last night’s spent condom!

“You’re not bringing that with you?” I ask. “Are you?”

She smiles and giggles. “Come on, let’s go.”

“You are, aren’t you?” I shake my head as I pick up my key card and open the door for her. “Yuki, you are dirty!”

“Yes, Sebastian,” she admits, stepping out into the hallway. “So fucking dirty, but I’m not the only one!”

I close the door behind us as we leave my room, glad to see that no one is on our floor as we make our way to the elevator. Sure, we’re clothed now, but the relics of our naughty sex are on display for anyone to see. The elevator is empty too, not surprising since we’re going up and most of the morning traffic is likely descending to the lobby. As we slow, approaching Yuki’s floor, she throws her arms around me and locks lips with me. The bell dings and the doors open as I try to peel her off me. Apparently, she’s not as embarrassed as I am about our public display.

We get a couple disapproving looks – and at least one approving one – from the three pairs of people as we exit, Yuki making no effort to conceal the bra and panties and condom she’s carrying. She stumbles a bit as she steps around the small crowd. As they pile into the elevator, she tells me, loudly, “Ooo, I think you made my legs weak.”

I shoot her a surprised look, intending to silence her.

But just as the door is closing, she adds, “And my pussy is sore from last night. Or is that from this morning?”

“Fuck,” I whisper, “you are crazy!”

“Just having fun. I bet I have another orgasm when you get yours.”

We say a cheerful hello to a couple of not-very-attractive ladies who pass us just as we stop at room 1218 and Yuki swipes her key card at the door. As I hold the door open for her, she announces, “Time for you to fuck me in my room,” of course loud enough for the ladies to hear.

Yuki’s room is bigger than mine, with a bigger desk and a large armchair and ottoman beyond the bed. It’s spotless, like no one has even been in here yet. That makes sense, I realize, as room service probably cleaned yesterday and she hasn’t been back since. A fresh, pleasant, slightly fruity, slightly floral fragrance hangs in the air, a scent that suits Yuki personally, likely not just the industrial hotel product. The scent, a stack of small leather or vinyl cases on the desk, and some personal items laid out neatly on the bathroom counter are the only indications that the room is even occupied.

As I set my stuff down on the bed – my toiletry kit with the two condoms – Yuki is already on the move, discarding her underthings and used condom next to my stuff on the bed. She wastes no time unzipping and shimmying out of her skirt and sending her shoes clattering against the wall. I feel my cock stir against the inside of my pants as I watch her hurry to the window and quickly pull on the cord to open the curtains. She unbuttons her blouse and holds it open momentarily, allowing me to see the outline of her body through the thin material, illuminated by the bright sunlight in front of her. When she drops her garment to the floor, she’s fully nude, gazing out the window for a moment before turning to face me.

“Let me see all of you now,” she teases, arms above her head, swaying her hips. I obey, loosening my shoelaces as I sit on the bed momentarily. Once down to my bare feet, I stand and undo my pants, letting them fall and pushing my boxers down to join them. Off comes my shirt while I untangle my feet, and in no time, I’m just as naked as she is, swinging my dick at her.

I drink in the sight of my new sexy illicit Japanese lover, her mature but little tits bouncing as she giggles at my bouncing cock. Oh, those pretty almond eyes and those lips drawn back in a wicked smile. That shiny cute black hair dancing on her shoulders, one side subtly but noticeably messed up with that just-got-(tongue)-fucked look. That alluring manicured triangular patch of thick dark pussy hair. My dick signals its approval, straightening toward Yuki as a fresh flow of blood rapidly engorges it.


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