It’s been quite a while since I was sixteen. This happened about twenty-two years ago.

“And this is my room,” I said, trying to sound excited, but really a little nervous. Jeremy was my age, sixteen, and this was the first time he’d ever been where I lived. We’d gone to see a Saturday early-afternoon movie, In Dreams, which kind of sucked, but Jeremy kissed me and put a hand on my breast. My heart had gone pitter-pat and my cunt had gotten a little wet.

“Nice,” he said, looking around.

I think he mostly saw the bed, which was nicely made and had two plush bunnies on the pillow. There was no TV in my room, but I had a CD player and a cheap stereo. There was also a bookcase with some books in it and a desk with crap all over it. I had two pictures on my desk, one of mom, one of dad, and a poster on one wall from the Red Hot Chili Peppers that showed a red-headed woman with glasses and a nice figure riding the state of California.

I closed the door, saying, “My parents are out somewhere, but they’ll be home soon. You’ll like them.”

Jeremy shrugged and took off his jacket. It was a cold day in January, cold for San Diego anyway, highs in the mid-fifties. We chatted for a few minutes. I put on some music, Madonna. We sat on my bed, both suddenly falling quiet at the same time, and Jeremy put his arm around me. He pulled me in for a kiss and I opened my lips and tongued him. I don’t think either of us wanted to talk.

My tongue seemed to be all he needed. He pushed me down on the bed and I wriggled back to lie with my head on my pillow, pushing the bunnies aside. I had no idea what to expect from Jeremy, but I wasn’t especially afraid, either. I’d been fucking my dad for several months now and I figured I had not much to learn and nothing to worry about.

He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, but he only pulled them down to his knees. I found this odd, but I hadn’t had sex with anyone but daddy, not real sex, so I didn’t know much about how a guy got ready. OK, I had a little to learn.

I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, totally nothing special. I had no bra on, not to be sexy, really, but because my boobs were still so small. When Jeremy pulled down his pants, I took off my jeans, but I left my panties on. I was thinking that he’d take something off, then I’d take something off, and so on, but Jeremy stopped with his pants around his knees.

He stumbled on top of me, missionary position, the position it seemed I’d make love in most of the time for the next twenty-plus years. He rubbed his hard cock against my cunt. I could feel it spreading my cunt lips slightly as he pounded forward, but it was difficult to understand what it might be doing for him with his boxers still on. After about a minute, I decided to take control and I rolled him easily onto his back. I climbed on top, spreading my legs and easing down so I held up my own weight.

I looked at his face. His eyes were closed, which was disappointing, but he had a big smile on his face. I leaned forward and put my hands on his chest, partly for support. He had a tiny bit of hair on his chest. I looked down between our bodies and saw the tent shape his stiff dick made in his boxers. My panty-covered cunt glided over his cock, back and forth. Nothing seemed to be happening, but he was really hard.

I reached down and took the end of his cock between my fingers. I squeezed the head gently and he took a sudden breath. His hips moved up against me and a few drops of wetness appeared on his boxers. I squeezed him again and again, his hips moving faster, and suddenly, although he never made a sound, I saw first a wet spot on his boxers at the end of his cock, then white cream burbled through his blue underwear. His hips jerked upward, too. I kept squeezing him until cum stopped erupting through his shorts and I made little groany noises that I didn’t really feel. My panties were slightly damp with cum, not a big deal.

We lay alongside, Jeremy holding my hand. Neither one of us spoke for a minute, then he said, “Wow. That was really something, Lauren.”

Was it? I mean, he came, which I’d learned was totally the goal if you were a guy, but was it something to come in your underwear? I’d barely gotten a tingle out of the whole experience, although I did enjoy watching his cum magically appear on his boxers and flow down.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jeremy. Have you ever fucked a girl?”

He turned red, said nothing at first, then said, “Uh, no.”

“Have you had a hand job? A blow job?”

He turned his head slightly away from me, but I heard him say, in a soft voice, “Not really.”

“Look at me,” I said.

Jeremy turned his head and looked me in the chin, looked at my hair, looked everywhere but into my eyes. Maybe he was just embarrassed? I really didn’t know. I kissed him gently on the lips, tracing them with my tongue. His tongue came out of his mouth, searching for mine, I thought, and I parted my lips further to accept it. We kissed for a while, somewhat deeply, and my hand made its way down to his cock.

I had just started to rub his dick through his wet underwear, when I heard a knock at the door and it opened.

“Lauren?” my mom asked. “OK to come in?”

By the time she finished her sentence she had taken a step into the room and saw me with my hand on Jeremy. My sweatshirt had ridden halfway up, so with just my panties on I showed a lot of skin.

“Oh, sorry, baby, I’ll come back.” With that, she turned and closed the door behind her. I heard her talking to my dad, but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

“Oh, my god, Lauren, I should leave,” Jeremy said.

“Nonsense, mom’s already seen us, so you might as well stay a while.”

I returned to kneading his dick and, when he started to get up, I reached inside his boxers and grabbed his cock. I stroked it quickly and it began to stiffen. He fell back onto the bed. I pulled off his underwear and lay down beside him, my hand jerking his dick.

“Isn’t this better than leaving?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Jeremy replied.

He still had his shirt on, a plaid button-down that reached to his balls. I unbuttoned his shirt and began to kiss him, not his lips so much as his neck and his shoulders and his chest and his tummy. My mouth ended up an inch from his cock, which had returned to being as stiff as a board. I moved my hand along the length of it, pressing down slightly, lingering at the tip.

I rubbed my fingers in circles near the end, that special spot that seems to be the most sensitive. I pushed his dick toward his abdomen, watching it roll slightly back and forth. I let it bounce up and pushed it back down. I did that several times, watching closely, his dick an inch from my mouth.

I licked it. I licked the end of his cock and tasted salt and something else. I licked the length of it, down to his balls, then kept on going, licking his balls and under them. I tried to reach his asshole with my tongue, but I couldn’t quite get there. Coming back up, I sucked at his balls gently, kissing more than sucking really, and licked the length of his cock. When I got to the top, I opened my mouth and my lips embraced it.

I thought, a different cock in my mouth. Not my dad’s, Jeremy’s. Interesting.

And it was interesting. It was smaller than my dad’s, no real surprise there, not as long and not as thick. It was smoother. And while it tasted of salt, it was less salty than daddy’s, and there was another flavor I couldn’t quite place. I sucked it. Keeping my lips near the end, I put my hand around it and stroked a short distance. I was jerking him off into my mouth, although that didn’t occur to me until later.

It didn’t take long for him to cum again. One second, I was jacking his dick and slurping at the tip and the next second he spurted cum into my throat. Even though I only had about two inches of his cock in my mouth, I coughed, surprised by the initial squirt. I stroked him a little harder, my mouth open so the cum would drip down my chin instead of being swallowed, and he finally finished.

I had cum on my tongue and my lips and my chin, although most of it pooled near his belly button. I moved up and kissed him on the lips. His head jerked away, but I focused on getting his cum into his mouth, even if it was only maybe an eighth of a teaspoon. At the least, I smeared some onto his lips.

“I don’t want to eat that,” he said. “Drink that. Whatever. Don’t do that.”

“Well, neither do I, then.”

I spit into my hand, more saliva than cum. I encircled his cock, which had softened considerably, and yanked it a few times. Nothing happened except it got a little softer. I took off my sweatshirt. I was a little warm, but mostly I wanted to be naked. Jeremy took off his shirt, too, well, it was just barely on him anyway, and we lay side by side, both naked.

I turned to lie on my side so I could see him better. He was cute, in a slightly long-haired kind of way, with hazel eyes on a face that looked like it seldom needed to be shaved. I didn’t know exactly what he saw when he looked at me: blue eyes? a smile with teeth? small boobs? a tiny ass? Except for my boob size, I was pretty proud of my body.

Pulling on his hand, I placed it on my breast and looked at him, expectantly. He began to massage it, fingering my nipple, basically unsure of what he was doing. I showed him. I reached up to my other breast and grabbed it gently, pulling my fingers back to the nipple, which I rubbed with just one finger, slowly, in circles. I took the nipple between my thumb and middle finger and rolled it. As I showed him, he followed along on the other breast. I kneaded my breast with my palm.

“Suck my nipple, Jeremy,” I said.

He did. He was rough, without much finesse, but he licked around it and sucked it, doing the best he could. I decided we should move on.

“OK, Jeremy, eat my pussy.”

He drew back, his eyes wide.

“I couldn’t… I mean… really? Your… pussy? Really?”

“Oh, Jeremy,” I said. “It’s not that difficult. Look, I spread my legs, yeah? I put my finger where your tongue should go. I’m rubbing myself, but you would be licking me.”

It actually felt pretty good. I enjoyed masturbating in front of him and he let me do it. I masturbated for maybe thirty seconds and felt it tingle.

“Now, you do it, use your tongue.”

Jeremy crawled down between legs with obvious reluctance. He put his head between my legs and frowned.  I watched his tongue ease out of his mouth and lightly lick my cunt. I didn’t say anything.

I guess I tasted alright, because Jeremy took a bigger lick of my slit. Soon, he was licking at me like a dog lapping water, totally sloppy, interesting although not terribly effective. I held the top of his head.

“OK, Jeremy, that’s good, but let’s try it a little slower. And a little more focused. Can you find my clit?”

He squinted his eyes and, I’m pretty sure, had no idea what a clit was or, at least, where it was.

“I’ll tell you what. Use a finger. Put it on my cunt and I’ll tell you where to move it.”

We tried that for a minute and he seemed to mostly get it, although he would lose it again, which mystified me. How do you lose something you just found? Anyway, he fingered me for a little bit and it felt sort of erratic, sort of pleasant. I had him try his tongue.

“Wow,” I said or maybe yelled. “Not quite so hard, but that was excellent.”

He licked my clit, successfully a little more than half the time, and I felt a warmth spreading through me. I was just warm, though, and I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t cum anytime soon. I looked down and saw that his cock was semi-hard.

“Tell you what, Jeremy, why don’t you fuck me?”

His head jerked up. He hesitated, then pulled himself up so we were face to face and his cock was near my cunt. He obviously wasn’t going to get it in by himself. I reached down and steered him into me. There was no art to what he did, he just rammed it straight in, but I was really wet and it didn’t hurt much at all. His cock had gotten pretty hard in my hand and it felt stiff in my cunt. He totally didn’t fill me up like daddy, but it still felt nice. Daddy stretched my cunt way more than Jeremy did. Daddy filled me to the max.

Jeremy fucked me. He held himself stiff-armed over me, our bodies barely touching except for his cock in my cunt, sliding back and forth. I thought about masturbating, but didn’t. I could feel his cock sort of moving around down there like it was a tiny bit wobbly. I guess I pretty much just lay there, my hands on his hips, feeling his cock pumping inside me, until he came. It was the third time he’d cum and it still took only about two minutes for it to start. It was over in seconds.

He tried to pull out and cum on my tummy. I was pretty sure that he didn’t make it, that his first squirt was inside, but I wasn’t worried, being on birth control. Except for maybe the first one, he just had small ejaculations that dripped down my cunt as he jerked himself off.

That was pretty much it for Jeremy. He hung out for another ten minutes, probably out of politeness, but when he left, I just said goodbye at my doorway, still naked, and allowed him to let himself out of the house. Mostly, I didn’t want to get dressed with cum on me and I didn’t want to take the time to shower first. I guessed, too, that I was disappointed.

I lay on my bed and thought about it. Jeremy seemed like a nice enough boy, but he sure didn’t know anything about sex. My hand reached down and touched my clit. I was still a little wet. I rubbed myself some, thinking back to Jeremy fucking me. I rubbed a little faster.

“Can I come in?” daddy asked. He just walked in, though, as if he owned the place, which, of course, he did.

I slowed my masturbating, but I didn’t stop.

“Did you guys have a nice time?” he asked. “I heard you yell, so I’m guessing you did.”

I shrugged and said, “It was nothing like you, dad. Jeremy was a virgin until twenty minutes ago. He couldn’t fuck for shit.” OK, that was probably mean, but it was also basically true and I wanted to say something nice to my dad.

Daddy stood at the foot of the bed and looked at me. He didn’t say anything, he just looked. I was naked, with the remains of cum on my chin and my cunt, although maybe he couldn’t see the latter because of my hand.

“You can keep masturbating, honey,” he said. “You want me to leave?”

I didn’t even stop to think about what I was saying.

“I want you to fuck me, daddy. Fuck me properly.”

He sort

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