It is very odd the things you do when you have lots of time on your hands.  John Wall had an unusual hobby.  He liked to watch people through his telescope. John worked from home, so it was easy to spy on people. However, his new neighbor was very watchable.  She seemed to be a nudist and often was outside doing gardening and swimming. In addition, she often would go on her trampoline and work out in the nude.

She lived with a much older man, and when he was there, he would order her to do things.  She would wear a collar around her neck, and he would call her “slave.” She often would be on all fours acting like his pet.  John wasn’t too sure what was exactly going on.  He didn’t come around too much.  The blonde liked to entertain and had wild parties where they would all have orgies together.

As much as John spied on his neighbor, he also liked to masturbate.  Sometimes he would watch his sexy neighbor through the fence.  That way, he could also play with his cock.  She was a petite woman who had a large chest.  She sometimes would jump on a trampoline in the nude where her breasts shook.  John liked when she did her calisthenics in the nude.  She had a great ass.

John loved watching his neighbor and fantasized that she would catch him spying on her and invite him over to fuck her.  John wanted to fuck her and fantasized while he spied on her.  Unfortunately, that had not happened yet, but John was hopeful it would happen.  John would watch his neighbor up in his bedroom while looking through his telescope, or if he were feeling daring, he would watch from the yard.  There was a small hole in the fence where he could see the pool and hot tub in her yard.

John was upstairs watching his neighbor, who seemed to have a male friend over.  He, too, was naked, and they sat together drinking wine. Then, after a while, they went into the pool, and that’s when things got interesting.  The man and the woman started kissing passionately. Their hands explored each other’s bodies.  He held her big breasts in his hands and squeezed her nipples while frenching her hard on her mouth.

He picked her up and brought her over to a yard bed.  She lay still on the bed while he pulled her legs apart and began kissing her thighs and legs.  His neighbor was moaning like she always did and began twirling her hair around her finger.  The guy had a long tongue that brushed her pussy several times and began to explore her pussy lips.  She played with her giant breasts and screamed in ecstasy while he picked up the pace and tongue fucked her.  He moved his tongue in and out of her bald pussy.

John was naked and began stroking his hard dick.  He continued watching in his telescope and enjoyed his neighbor getting off. She was squirming on the yard bed while her friend ate her pussy. 

John held and massaged his warm balls and pulled furiously on his hard cock. John’s cock was hard, and he moved his fingers up and down his stiff shaft.  He was going to bust a nut watching the sexy neighbor that he wished he could be fucking.

Her friend stopped licking her cunt and turned her over on her belly. Then, he pushed his cock into her butt and fucked her ass hard.  She was screaming, telling him to fuck her harder and faster.  John loved how sexual his neighbor was.  She was getting fucked hard, but then some of her friends entered the backyard.  There was another guy and girl.  They went over to where the hot blond was getting fucked hard.

They watched as he drilled into her butt. Finally, the guy pulled out, and the hot blonde turned around and kissed her two friends who were also naked.  They all went into the pool and jumped around, having fun.  John loved how sexual they all were.  He, too, blew a load in his hand and continued watching the foursome.

They got out of the water and went to the enclosed trampoline, and jumped around in there.  The girl’s tits were shaking up and down, and the two men’s cocks were also bouncing.  John liked how big the guy’s cocks were.  He wasn’t sure if he was bi-sexual, but he did like watching the guy’s cocks shake. Also, he enjoyed watching the guys fuck the hot blonde.

After they played on the trampoline, the foursome went over to the outside bed.  The hot blonde lay on the bed while the other woman started licking her pussy.  She went to town on her beautiful cunt.  She seemed to like to lick pussy, and the hot blonde was screaming in ecstasy.

The two men joined the hot blonde on the bed, and the girl stopped licking her.  The original guy lay on his back while John’s neighbor climbed on top of him.  She pushed his cock into her pussy and began fucking him.  The guy sat up and held her big breasts in his hand.

The new guy pulled the hot blonde’s buttocks apart and spat on her butthole.  He then slid his cock into her butt. After that, the two men fucked the hot blonde, and the other woman masturbated and watched her friend get fucked.  John was mesmerized watching his hot neighbor get her ass and pussy fucked.  She screamed so loud while she had her orgasm.  John was in heaven with his masturbation but continued to watch the foursome.

Finally, John’s neighbor switched places with her friend, and the guys took a stab at her butt and pussy while the hot blonde masturbated.  They fucked most of the afternoon, and after she came, they all jumped into the pool.  They fucked and swam for many hours.  John wished he was friends with his neighbor.  He wanted to fuck her too but needed to think of a way to meet her. 

For now, he would spy on her and masturbate and fantasize that they were friends with benefits.  She had more sex than anybody that John knew.  She had many friends coming over to fuck.  While all the fucking was going on, the older gentleman came home and looked pissed at the hot blonde.  He was furious at her and began screaming.

He told the people to leave, and then he looked at the hot blonde and screamed at her.

“What the hell are you doing?  You are my slave and my whore only.  Did I permit you to be a wild slut when I wasn’t home?”

“No, sir.”

“What the fuck were you thinking?  You are a slut, a slave who I own.  You have made me furious with you.  You must collect your things and leave.”

“Where will I go?”

“I don’t give a fuck where you go.  You have crossed the line bitch.”

John knew the hot girl was in trouble.  He planned on rescuing her and offering her a place to stay. But, instead, the older man yelled at the naked girl.  She begged him to forgive her.  He didn’t have it.  But then he ordered the woman to take his clothes off, and that’s when she dropped to her knees and sucked his big cock.  She sucked his cock while he continued to berate her.

After a long while, he brought her to the yard bed, and he fucked her butt and cunt.  He continued calling her a whore, but afterward, he lay her on the bed, and he held her in his arms and told her how he loved her.

John thought he would rescue her, and they would be a couple. But, instead, he was disgusted with what he saw. So he decided after what he had watched that he would stop spying on people.  He felt enough was enough.


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