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As soon as the door clicked shut, I dropped my bag and grabbed my sexy tryst partner to push her up against the wall. She didn’t resist, letting me take control, passionately making out with her, holding her face, shoulders, hips, waist, neck, moving my hands to each area of her body as she did the same with me. We both needed this release, and leaned into each other without inhibitions for a good two minutes, feeding each other’s desire for hot, steamy sensual contact. I felt her breasts push into me as we held each other firmly, and felt her tongue have its way with mine between pulls with her strong lips.

When we finally slowed down, we were panting slightly, standing there looking at each other’s eyes, smiling, almost laughing. Only then did we separate to take in our surroundings.

The waxing gibbous moon and the lighting on the grounds outside coming through the single unshaded window bathed the room in a soft glow, enough for us to easily see our way around once our eyes adjusted. It would have been a romantic setting if it wasn’t a stale office, but as it was, the solid wood desk and chairs, built-in bookshelves, ornate picture frames, and fabric-covered accent wall made the room quite appropriate for our rendezvous. The space, albeit not perfectly quiet with the creaking floors, was illuminated and furnished enough to provide for us a private den much more fitting than a dark, cramped broom closet somewhere.

“Nice place you found here.” I smiled as I commended her for selecting a place with suitable surfaces – a desk and chairs – on which and over which we could fuck.

“It was available. So, did you bring some porn to watch?” she asked, motioning toward my computer bag.

“Oh, no. It’s so that if anyone asks, if my wife wonders where I’ve been when I get back to our room, I can say I was, maybe, checking emails or something.”

“Oh, I see. Very smart.”

“There is porn, yes. But I’m not interested.”

“Oh? You seemed very interested last night.”

“But tonight, I’m otherwise occupied.”

“Must be special, to take you away from your porn. What are your plans?”

“Very special.” I stepped up to her and moved my hands over her hips and behind her waist. “No plans.” We shared kisses, much softer than the rough activity when we jumped each other upon entering the room. “But with a beautiful, sexy, exciting woman, in a setting like this.” I kissed her again. “I think I’ll just go with what comes naturally.”

“I like ‘naturally’,” she replied, moving her mouth to my neck and running her tongue along my jaw and behind my ear. My dick responded by growing into a half-boner lodged uncomfortably in my pants. When I drew her close, I had no intention of keeping it away from her, pressing it into her stomach. “Ooo, is this natural?” she asked as one of her hands dropped to caress it.

I released her and guided her back so that her ass was up against the desk, and set my hips forward, longing for her touch. She must have been reading my mind, or it was just that obvious, because her hand reached out again, fingers tracing the outline, groping and pinching gently at my hardening member. She glided her other hand up to my face, caressing a cheek before tapping a finger against my lips to offer it to me. One of my hands couldn’t help but land on one of her breasts, which felt particularly high and perky for a mature woman, as I kissed that finger. She stroked my cock through my pants and I gathered her nipple in my fingers while I grabbed her finger with my lips to draw it into my mouth.

Both of her hands worked at my pants, getting them unbuttoned and the zipper down while I felt her tit and decided it was my turn to feed her my finger. With my fly open, she pushed my pants down a bit so that she could get to the waistband of my boxers, pulling it away from my body and lowering it too, my yearning cock springing into view.

With my pants slipping and the waistband of my boxers hooked under my balls, my sexy new lover turned us around so that I was the one backed up against the desk. “Mmmm,” she purred, palm and fingers caressing my shaft, “I have wanted this.” She looked into my eyes as she stroked, growing it into a full, raging erection. “Ever since last night when I went to bed,” she whispered. “I need some dick.”

I pulled her in close, and our lips locked again, with more intensity this time. “I think we can… uuuhh” – her hand hit a particularly sensitive spot in the middle of my sentence – “give each other what we need!”

Her shirt was cute, but had way too many fucking buttons. I started undoing them while kissing her, but had to break the kiss to get to them all. Finally open, I pushed her shirt off her shoulders, and shrugging and swinging motions of her shoulders and arms got it to fall to the floor. Her sexy peach-colored bra was pushing her tits up, I think, a little more than normal, but it was fine by me. She lifted my shirt, not carefully, and threw it to the side when it came off over my head. Naked from the thighs up, I enjoyed the sensation of her hands, even nails, then cheeks and tongue, tracing patterns up and down my torso.

She used the back of her hands, too. Both hands, including her left one with the big ring, which she made no effort to conceal. In fact, I think she was scraping it against my nipple on purpose.

I hopped back and up onto the desk, feet off the floor and my hard dick straining forward, closer to her face than ever. She crouched and untied one of my shoes and then just wrenched the other off, pulling my socks off afterward. My pants and boxers came off together, and there I was, feeling strange but so excited to be completely exposed to a new lover. When Cheryl is agreeable to sex, it’s always in the dark, under the covers being her preference, so my longing for a partner who would enjoy fully-displayed unabashed nakedness hadn’t been satisfied in years.

The woman before me rose to her feet, devouring my body with her gaze, running her hands up and down my thighs a few times before handling my dick again. “You can have it,” I told her. Leaning back on my hands and presenting my stiff cock to her with my mind, I longed for, and even began to expect, the feeling of her wet mouth taking it in. “If you need it,” I breathed suggestively, “you can have it.”

As she continued to squeeze and pull on my raging erection, she came up close, kissing my chest and neck and holding the back of my head to bring my mouth to hers. Tongues swirling in need, sounds of wetness and moans escaping, we kissed deeply and passionately, my fingers working their way inside a bra cup while hers danced around my cock. Her tight bra strap wouldn’t fall on its own, so I pushed it off her shoulder. While I squeezed and pulled on that lovely bare breast, she squeezed and pulled on the end of my cock, with her left hand, thumb down, giving me the impression she was digging that ring into my stomach intentionally.

I was slightly disappointed, but only slightly, and only for a second, that she didn’t seem willing to go down on me. But this experience was so exciting, so erotic, with so much to look forward to, that I put aside the blowjob fixation and started to explore what was next.

Hopping down from the desk, I led my lover over to the window, floorboards creaking once or twice under us. Her shoes were off now, and I admired her manicured toenails, the moonlight just enough to make their pink color evident. After making out for another minute, I turned her away so that we could both gaze out onto the yard while I caressed her neck and shoulders with my lips and tongue.

Running my fingers under the bra strap on her shoulder, I noticed that it was shortened all the way, and I couldn’t help but let out a snicker, sure that she had adjusted them for this occasion to push her breasts up high for me. I could barely make out the sight of them in the reflection as I unhooked her bra and let it fall to release them, but cupping them and peering down over her shoulder gave me a much better view. She shuddered and moaned while I lifted them one by one and grabbed the nipples to pull them gently up and out.

Turning her to face me, I leaned my mouth down into hers, gliding my arms up and down the soft bare skin of her back while the firmness of her nipples scraped against my chest. I knelt on the floor in front of her, looking up to admire her lovely breasts, then focused on her eyes as she gazed down into mine.

“You say you needed dick,” I said. “You know what I need?”

“Um, pussy?” she asked, running her fingers through my hair.

“Well, not exactly.” I admired the womanly curves of her hips, running my hands up and down them and behind to her ass. “Well, yes, but, after last night, I really just wanted so badly to see you naked. Completely naked.”

“Well, you can have that,” she assured me, a little laugh making her tits jiggle.

Kneeling on the floor in front of this alluring mystery woman, unbuttoning her pants and tugging them down to reveal the pretty peach-colored bikini panties that matched the bra beside us on the floor, was about the most exciting thing I could ever remember. That is, until I grasped the delicate waistband of the panties themselves, lowering them over her hips as she swayed, facing up to that glorious nest of dark, dense pubic hair disappearing down between her thighs. I drew in deep breaths, able to sense the musky scent of her sex as I kissed her hips and tummy, nuzzling my chin and bottom lip into the top of her bush.

She stepped out of the last tangle of clothes, asking down at me, “Is this what you need?”

“Oh, yessss,” I whispered, “Wooow.”

Turning her to the side, I kissed her hip and reached my lips back to take in the flesh of her soft butt cheek a few times. I couldn’t help but give it some licks, and I couldn’t help but push my fingertips into her pussy hair.

After attending to her lower half for a minute more, I stood, hands gliding around and behind her, feeling every inch of the warm, smooth skin that I could get to, from her thighs and butt cheeks all the way up to her ears and chin.

“Mmmm, I need this,” I told her with a whisper. “You feel so nice.”

“This is what is… natural?” Her soft hands and hard nails roamed my bare back from butt to neck.

“Mm-hmm, yes.” We kissed deeply, hands roaming, clutching each other closely. Even though this was illicit, forbidden, it quickly began to feel, yes, so natural. My rigid cock pressed into her as we turned and stepped, moving against each other.

We ended up bumping blindly into the desk, startling us into separating. She turned around and playfully swayed her ass back and forth, rubbing against my thighs and teasing my cock. I pushed on her shoulders, getting her to lean forward, and draped myself over her, dry humping one ass cheek while I grabbed handfuls of the other with one hand and reached around and under for some tit with the other. I could smother her neck with my mouth while doing this, trying to feel all of her with all of me.

I felt her hand grab my ass and hip to pull me harder against her, and then slip in between us to find my cock. Moving my hand down her front to between her legs, I petted the dense pussy hair for a few strokes before going in deeper, finding her warm, wet folds just as she grasped my shaft up around the head. Our breathing increased while we masturbated each other at this awkward but titillating angle.

She folded over completely, and with her tits planted firmly on the desk, the back of her was the only surface I could get to, which was fine with me, because I thoroughly enjoyed giving her goosebumps and eliciting sexy little sounds from her while I loved on her neck and ears with my tongue and lips and breaths. I worked all the way down her shoulders and back, and ended up kneeling behind her to wet her ass cheeks with my mouth, trailing South even to the back of her thighs.

While I was behind her and beginning to dig at her flesh with my teeth, her feet shifted apart. I was just low enough, and the moonlight in the room was just bright enough, that I could gaze upon that magnificent sight, the slightly parted slit of her pussy adorned with the neat fluff of pubic hairs. My hands traveled up the inside of her thighs, too gently at first so that she squirmed and squealed at the tickling sensation. With firmer pressure, her squeals turned to softer moans, and I made sure to apply the same pressure to her labia when I got there.

Still kissing and nibbling at her ass, I pressed my fingers into her sex from behind, reveling in the sight, squishing sounds, and womanly fragrance from between her legs. A minute later, she was gasping with my middle finger up to the second knuckle in her warm, slick vagina, and a minute after that, she was moaning with two of my fingers lodged deeply inside. The wetness of her fantastically willing pussy produced squelching sounds as my fingers probed inside. Even more erotic, perhaps, was the fact that I was using my ring to nudge up into her clit, accidentally at first, and then with intent.

As I stood to kiss and lick back up her body, I left my fingers inside as long as I could, but they came out as she turned around quickly to attack my mouth with hers. “Mmmm, you’re so wet,” I observed when our kiss broke.

“Rub it on your dick,” she told me.

“Okay,” I laughed, wiping the slick lubrication onto my shaft and starting to stroke it.

“Uh, yes, your dick is mine,” she growled, as if to tell me that her pussy juice was some potion by which she could claim me. I think it was.

“You need it, don’t you?” I teased her by waving it at her.

“Fuck, yes.” She grabbed my dick firmly and buried her face in my shoulder, purring and biting gently. I almost had to pull away at the sensation of the friction of her thumb massaging my sensitive glans. But then, it too turned slick, indicating my preliminary oozing.

Releasing me to step back, she pinched the large bead of precum off my tip. I watched in awe, almost shock, as she did one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen in person: she brought her hand up to her mouth, maintaining eye contact with me, nipped the wetness off her thumb quickly and then inserted her entire middle finger into her mouth, drawing it out slowly to let my little smear of semen stay inside, no doubt mixed with a bit of her own lady juices.

Oh, fuuuck,” I whispered.

She smiled. “Get me my pants.” She hopped back and up to sit on the desk, knees moving apart and back together a few times to give me naughty flashes of glorious pussy.

Hoping that I knew what she was up to, I walked the couple of steps to where her pants were crumpled on the floor, with her panties wrapped around the inside-out leg. Grabbing them from me, she dug in the back pocket. Her key card fell out onto the floor while, sure enough, she held up the condom packet. She tore into it without hesitation, and dropped the foil to the floor while grabbing my cock again. “I need this dick,” she reminded me. “I need it inside me.”

I stood there, tense at the sensation of her hands while she rolled the condom down over my dick, smoothing it with her left hand as the large ring teased my stomach yet again. I moved a step closer, and both our hands helped guide the head of my cock right into the folds of flesh mostly concealed by her pubic hair, but just visible enough since her legs were spread wide.

I watched in amazement, feeling a bit guilty but a whole lot more excited, as the head of my dick entered an exciting new woman’s pussy for the first time in years. It had been so long since I had seen the explicit act, the way Cheryl’s infrequent toleration of sex is always doubly hidden, in the dark and under the covers. The moonlight in the room was plenty bright, and the way my new partner was lewdly spread open on the desk gave me a clear, exciting view of the penetration.

Pushing my hips forward allowed me to slide all the way in smoothly. We both gasped at the same time and held our breaths as our pubic hair met, joined in an intimate single mass. Withdrawing revealed the thick lubrication her vagina had liberally applied to my shaft.

After intently watching several insertions and withdraws, my eyes scanned up her body and met hers. Looking directly at each other, the initial tenseness of our sex dissipated, and our bodies relaxed into a natural rhythm. My hands moved from where they had been on her hips, one resting behind her shoulder and one lifting a breast. One of her hands roamed my side and hip while the other held the back of my neck.

A minute later, we were crushed together, my arms tightly around her middle while hers were hugging my neck. We fucked strongly, her ass sliding back and forth on the desk while my hips drove into her. “Oh, I needed this,” she said in more than a whisper. “Uhh, aaahhh, Uuh-hhmmmmm!”

The desire, the need, the enthusiasm, is what excited me more than anything. Sure, the feeling of my cock inside a warm, wet pussy was fantastic, but sex hadn’t been like this for so long, with a partner as excited and engaged as this woman was. The warmth and smoothness of her skin exposed out in the open in the room was pure ecstasy. Her vagina definitely wasn’t tight, but it was more welcoming than any I could remember.

We slowed to a halt and released our grip on each other’s upper bodies, her hips still fully forward with her pussy fully engulfing me. We shared deep kisses as I stood there nestled inside, her legs wrapped around me.

One of the chairs in the room was begging to be a sex aide for us, so I stepped back, withdrawing my dick from her, allowing it to spring to attention upward. As I took the five steps past the window to the chairs, she called after me in a loud whisper. “Where do you think you’re going with that?”

The last step and my weight in the chair produced a loud creak. “Going with what?” I grabbed my dick and waved it at her. “With this?” When I beckoned, my lover hopped down from her perch on the desk and walked the creaky steps toward me, standing in front. “You still need it?”

“Yes, I am not finished with it.”

~~~~~~~ to be continued… ~~~~~~~


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