In Other Words…
el_henke & AvidlyCurious

A soft, delicate pout
exploring the contours
of the topological landscape.

Once meticulously mapped,
tender lips tiptoeing along
the lush valley carved between
twin mounts on the way to meet
their yearning counterparts.

Hands now taking o’er the reconnaissance
aforesaid vent’rous mushy rim of flesh
have relinquished,
distracted by alluring calls
resembling a siren’s song.

Sharp fangs sinking deep
into yielding flanks
as calloused roughness
grazes softest humps.

Contrasting sensations
stemming from a supple, pulpy ring,
closing onto the peak
as coarseness crumples the luscious mounts.

A dauntless digit trav’ling south,
brushing the flower fields in search
of a precious jewel.

The orb unveiled, the lonesome trav’ler
roams around it with sheer joy,
too shy to touch it as waters rise—
warning of a surging flood.

A glossal duel
far up in the north,
emphasized by
thund’rous breezes breathing
from deep within.

Vanquished from velvety battlegrounds,
the fallen teet’ring down the canyon,
slowly tumbling—a wayward descent
until, with impressive feat of strength,
grasps the saving nub,
forestalling the inescapable fall.

More pilgrims gather at the entrance of the cave,
seeking to prevent the imminent rising tide
from drowning the engorged petals;
alas!—to no avail.

A barrage ensues nonetheless
as the radiant pearl keeps relentlessly
drawing the moist lingual
reptilian attention.

Recurring attempts to devour
the most luscious of treasures.
Precipitating quakes that make
the cave collapse and pulsate.

Slithering with intent,
the ophidian probe
braces for the final assault
teeth blazing.

The wellspring spilling,
sprays bursting past the finger palisade.

Body heaving, the gust of gasps
howling a cry of ancient throb,
echoing with the quaking ground
as the storm washes over.

Wind slowly abating
to a steady breeze,
the tide ebbing away.
Yet, a lingering scent,
just like after a thunderstorm,
roaring and electrifying
climax whisking away
all rational thoughts,
leaving the swollen bud
exposed in its bed of freshly watered pink blossoms.

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