After reading several stories on Lush I decided to attempt my own. At first, I was going to write a fictional story about fetishes or kinks I enjoy or fantasize about. Then thought I have my sexual adventures I could write about so decided on writing about some of them. I didn’t know where to start and people say it’s best to start at the beginning, but I decided not to start at the beginning. I decided to write about when I was nineteen, just ended my first year of college, home for the summer, and when I got an internship at a law firm. At the firm, I had a summer affair with a thirty-two-year-old junior partner. The affair was filled with fetishes and kinks I had yet to explore or even thought about exploring. I have changed the names of the people except myself in my story for privacy reasons.

My name is Lihn, pronounced Lin, and I am of mixed race.  My mother is Vietnamese and my father is white.  I was born in the naval hospital at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii.  My father was in the Marine Corps and stationed there at the time.  I am a military brat, my father was an officer in the Marine Corps, and we moved around a lot.  I have been to Japan, Germany, and several bases in the states.  When I was fourteen, we even lived in Saudi Arabia for almost two years.  My father was in command of the Marine Corps Security attachment on Riyadh Air Base. 

I liked when my father was stationed in Japan.  We were on the Island of Okinawa and I got to visit my maternal grandparents during the summer who still lived in Vietnam.  I enjoyed my visit to them and the village they lived in.  My older sister did not like it much because of the lack of modern conveniences, but unlike her, I was young enough not to let that bother me.  I was ten until age fourteen when we lived in Japan.  My grandparents, who both spoke English, taught me how to speak and write and read Vietnamese and I became fluent.  I was also fluent in French by the time I was eighteen. 

When I was sixteen, my father retired from the Marines as a full bird colonel when he was stationed at the Marine Base in Quantico, Va.  We were living in Fredericksburg, Va. at the time and my father accepted a job working in the Pentagon so we stayed in Fredericksburg where my parents currently live.  I liked having a “normal” life without having to change schools all the time.  It was nice to attend the same high school from age sixteen and until I graduated. 

I am very small and petite.  I stand only five feet even, weigh about ninety to ninety-five pounds, and have 32A size breasts.  My body measurements are 32-23-29.  While small, I am not sickly or anorexic looking.  I have a very cute body.  I am not some beauty of a girl but I have a very adorably cute face that makes me pretty and I can be sexy when I want.  In high school, I was not the most popular person in school but I had a lot of friends, and people liked me.  Teachers liked me because I was intelligent, had a 3.9-grade point average, and never got into any trouble or caused trouble in their classrooms.  I was a cheerleader, very outgoing personality, great sense of humor, fun to be around, and always cheerful and friendly.  I was very nice and sweet and charming.  I got asked out a lot, accepted most dates, never had or wanted a serious boyfriend, invited to parties, and was just an average teenage girl.  I was also rather promiscuous. 

I lost my virginity when I was a sixteen-year-old flat chested, skinny, boney girl with braces.  I was cute as a button though.  It was in the back of a military Humvee to a Marine Lance Corporal in a secluded location on Riyadh Air Base.  I gave him a blow job for a while, my first, and he then fucked me.  The sex was fast and hard and was over much too soon, but I still had two orgasms and I liked how fast and hard it was.  After my first time I wanted more; a lot more.  I discovered how great sex was and I wanted it and as much as I could get.  The two orgasms were so much better than the ones I had when I masturbated.  I wanted to do it again, but the Lance Corporal was worried we would get caught.  I couldn’t blame him because it would not have been good for him to be caught fucking the sixteen-year-old daughter of his commanding officer.  I did get more three nights later. 

It was in the back of a Humvee again in the same secluded location with the same Lance Corporal.  This time his eighteen-year-old Marine PFC buddy was in the front watching.  Again I sucked the Lance Corporal’s cock for a while before he fucked me.  When the Lance Corporal was done the PFC got in the back and I sucked his cock before he fucked me also.  Having them watch me fuck the other really turned me on.  Three weeks later my father got transfer orders to Quantico, Virginia.  I had sex with the two Marines a few more times before we left, but never again with both of them there at the same time.  It was not because I did not want to, but because with their military duties we never had the chance.  It was with the two Marines that I discovered how much I like rough sex, having my hair pulled, my butt spanked while getting fucked, the taste of a man’s cum, and having my face and body cummed on.    

I was willing to explore my new desires and I did.  At sixteen, now living in Virginia, I had my first anal sex experience and loved it and it felt so good, very good.  I had my first threesome with me, another girl, and a boy.  After that, just the girl and me, she was one of my closest friends, often fooled around.  

At seventeen, I had my first real threesome with two boys.  By real I mean they did not just take turns fucking me but fucked me at the same time.  I was casually hooking up with Daryl, who was a black eighteen-year-old senior.  Daryl had a girlfriend but that didn’t bother me.  I had a threesome with Daryl and his twenty-year-old brother, Carl.  They gave me my first double penetration and I loved it.  I enjoyed the double penetration so much I asked them to do it again during our threesome.  Daryl had an average size penis but Carl was very well endowed.  The older brother had the biggest cock I had ever been fucked by at that point in my life. 

After the threesome, I still hooked up with Daryl a few more times, but not as often as before.  I was hooking up with his brother Carl more than I was with Daryl.  While I had another threesome with the brothers, I could not get enough of Carl’s large cock.  With Carl, I discovered my big cock fetish

It’s just not the physical feeling of a large penis I like; it’s also the visual of it.  Yes, physically, I get a great deal of pleasure when a long and thick cock enters my pussy and asshole.  I enjoy how I can feel it stretching my pussy or ass open and how deep it goes into me as it hits and then pushes past my cervix or drives deep into my ass.  I enjoy how a thick cock stretches my mouth open when I suck it and how it makes me gag and choke from the length, but there is also the visual image of it.

I get turned on when a man with a long and thick cock lays it over my stomach before he fucks me and how it goes past my belly button and shows me how deep it is going to go inside me.  I enjoy when a man is going to fuck my ass from behind and lays his cock on my butt crack and I can feel it pressing on my butt and up to my back.  I can picture it in my mind how deep in my ass it is going to penetrate.  That’s not to say a large cock is a requisite for me to have sex with a guy.  Most guys I have been with are just average size and I get a great deal of sexual pleasure from them as well.  I have had guys with an average size penis fuck my brains out and give me lots of orgasms.      

I would have sex with boys I dated, fooled around with my girlfriend, and hooked up at parties for a one-time thing but I was never labeled a slut or a whore by my peers.  Some girls did much worse than I did, hard to believe I know but there were.  I never acted like a slut or whore outside of my sexual activities.  I did not dress like one, or curse like trashy girls, or advertise my promiscuous behavior.  True, the boys talked like all boys would and they even exaggerated the sex, not that they needed much to exaggerate.  I was well-liked, friendly, nice, and most of my peers just overlooked it or did not believe most of the rumors; even the ones that were true.  I even had two more threesomes with other boys and one more threesome with my friend and another boy by the time I graduated high school.

When I graduated high school, I was going to enter my first year of college as a sophomore.  I had taken enough AP classes and college credit classes in high school to obtain a college sophomore status.  I was accepted to several colleges in state and out of state.  I did not want to go to college right away and planned on taking a year off, but my parents were against it.  I fought them on it but it was my grandmother who convinced me to go to college. 

When I was almost seventeen, she had moved to the US from Vietnam when my grandfather died.  She lived with us in the full basement of our house where she had her own space, bathroom, and kitchen.  I was very close to my family and loved them dearly, but my grandmother and I had a special bond.  My grandmother talked me into going to college and not taking a year off.  I choose to go to Clemson University in South Carolina.  There was no special reason; I just liked the campus when my father took me to visit the school. 

I was glad I went.  My first year of college was fun, I met my roommate Ashley and we became close friends.  Like me, Ashley entered her first year as a sophomore.  I liked college; the parties were fun, the classwork came easy to me, and there were the girls and boys I hooked up with!  My first year was going great.  I had hooked up with seven boys, one girl from one of my classes, and a thirty-one-year-old woman who bartended at a pub we frequented.  I dated some casually, two of the boys were one-night stands, and had threesomes with two of the boys I dated casually regularly.  All of that while maintaining my 3.8-grade point average.  Would have been more boys or girls I hooked up with I am sure, but then Covid hit.  The university canceled all classes and closed at the end of March and I went home and finished my first year online. 

When at home, I started having a casual sexual relationship with Derrick.  Derrick was twenty-four, stood six-five, and cute even though I was not too fond of his beard.  I had a thing for tall men.  I liked the contrast of their tall bodies next to my five-foot, petite frame.  I found it incredibly sexy and when they were fucking me, I found it even more arousing to have their large bodies against my small one. 

Derrick had a very nice muscular body as well.  I met Derrick through a friend of a friend at a small party in April.  Derrick had a nice size cock and he knew how to use it.  He liked sex rough and hard and I was more than happy to oblige him but he didn’t get out of hand with it.  He liked to fuck my mouth when I sucked his cock, fuck my pussy and ass hard, pulled my hair on occasion, or swatted my butt when he fucked my pussy or ass from behind.  All of which I enjoyed a great deal.  He was very affectionate and sweet outside of sex but could be jealous which I did not like. 

In the first week of May, I started a paid internship at a law firm in Fredericksburg.  My father got me the internship.  I don’t know why he did since I never expressed any interest in becoming an attorney.  My job was boring.  I was assigned to one of the partners whose office was on the fourth floor and whose name was on the firm’s business title.  He was in his late sixties and did real estate law, financial planning, probate law, etc.  My job was basically getting coffee, picking up lunch, and data entry.  After my third week, he had me assigned to Sean Gathers.  (The name I will refer to him as for my story).

Sean did criminal defense law and his office was on the second floor.  Sean was preparing for a murder trial where he was defending the accused and since Covid, he was short-staffed.  I was excited but also nervous.  I was excited because a murder trial sounded cool and interesting and not boring like I had been doing.  I was nervous because I had heard around the office Sean was a real asshole and did not tolerate mistakes.  Sean was a junior partner but I knew little about him.  I had seen him in passing and he looked to be in his early thirties, was very handsome, about six-two in height.  He wore suits that I knew were not off the rack and tailored to fit his body.  I knew he had never been married because the ladies in the office who were not sent home due to Covid would gossip about him and how good-looking he was.     

The trial was to start a week after I started reporting to Sean.  I ended up doing what I had been doing before.  All I did was get coffee, get lunch, and this time dinner because we worked later hours.  It was not exciting at all.  The office gossip was true, Sean was an asshole and very arrogant and after observing him while working for him, I noticed he had a minor OCD issue.  One day, he yelled at me when I misfiled some information on a USB drive and said he had no earthly idea why I was assigned to him if I was so incompetent.  After he dismissed me, I rushed to the bathroom and cried.

With my entire bravado about my sexual freedom, my sexual desires, my high sex drive; I am a prissy girl and sensitive and often cried when someone yelled at me when they were mad at me.  My sensitivity and tears did not work with my mother or grandmother, but It worked great with my father because my tears made him feel guilty, but Sean did not feel guilty at all.  It only took me two days to develop a major crush on Sean.  I was turned on by his arrogance, his control over everything, and even him being such an asshole.  I was also attracted to the few times he let his humor and kindness show.  I masturbated with fantasies of Sean and as much as I have to admit, there were times when Derrick was fucking me I wished it was Sean. 

The trial started and due to Covid, the courtroom was restricted to just the people involved in the case so I was disappointed I could not attend.  I wanted to see an actual murder trial.  After the end of the second day, Sean surprised me and asked if I wanted to sit in on the trial as an assistant.  Of course, I said yes and I sat behind the defense table.  Again, I was the one who went and got coffee or other types of drinks during recess and went and got the lunch.   

The defendant who Sean was defending shot both his wife and the man his wife was having an affair with.  The man died but his wife survived.  The client was going with a plea for temporary insanity, against the wishes of Sean.  He was offered a plea bargain for third-degree murder, which Sean suggested he take.  Since he declined the plea and wanted a jury trial, the DA’s office was going for first-degree murder.  Per Sean, they had a good case because the client seemed to plan the murder. 

The trial was boring!  It was not like on TV or the movies; no one standing up and yelling “Objection!”, no surprise witness who could break the case open, no yelling across the courtroom, and no witness yelling, “You can’t handle the truth!”  The trial only lasted four days.  Around four-thirty in the afternoon on a Friday the jury was sent to deliberate.

“So what now?” I asked Sean as he was putting paperwork into his briefcase.

Sean pulled down his mask, “We wait.  Should not take long.”

“I meant do we wait here or go back to the office.”

“The jury should not be out long so going back to the office would be a waste of time.  By the time we got there, we would be called back for the verdict.  Normally, we would just wait in the courthouse but with Covid, we can’t.”  He smiled at me, “Why don’t we just walk across the street and wait in the park.  It’s a nice day.”

I followed Sean out of the courtroom, out of the building, and we walked to the park across the street.  We sat down on a park bench and when Sean removed his mask I did the same with mine.  We sat in silence for about ten minutes.  Normally, I would make conversation.  I was a talkative person, but Sean intimidated me.  I found that rather odd because men don’t normally intimidate me like that.  I also found it arousing.

“Why don’t you think it will take long?” I finally found the courage to ask.

Sean shrugged, “He is guilty and he premeditated the murder.”  Sean turned his body slightly toward me.  “So what did you think of your first trial?”

“I found it boring.”  Sean chuckled at my answer and I giggled. 

“Yes, it was.  It’s not like you see in the movies or on television, is it?  If you were on the jury, what would be your decision?”

“I thought you did a great job,” I answered to avoid the question.

Sean laughed.  I liked his deep, rich laugh.  “That was not the question.”

“I… well, um hmm… I would vote guilty,” I answered looking at my toes poking out of my heels.  I thought I needed a pedicure but with Covid, nail salons were shut down.  Thank God, I was wearing pantyhose to hide my toes better.

“And you would be right to vote that way,” Sean told me and I looked up at him.

“But if you knew he was guilty, then why did you defend him?”

“It was my job.  I swore an oath to defend my client to the best of my ability and I did.  I tried to get him to take a plea bargain but he refused so it was my job to defend him.”  Sean grinned at me, “Plus he made me and our firm a great deal of money.”

“So it’s all about the money?” I asked.

Sean chuckled at me again, “Lihn, if you want to become an attorney and be one of those fighters for justice types, then work for the Poverty Law Center or become a Civil Rights attorney or work for a DA’s office somewhere.  You may do some good but you will be broke.”

“Yeah, but it should be about helping people and seeking justice.”  He was making me feel like an idiot.

“You are young.  You are what, seventeen or eighteen?  You are a very intelligent young lady, Lihn, so let me share some wisdom with you.  I felt the same as you do when I first graduated law school and was going to set the world right.  I was going to fight for justice, put away the bad guys, and defend the innocent.  I worked for five years for the DA’s office in Norfolk County.”  Sean looked me in the eyes.  His blue eyes were so dreamy.  “One day, I realized I was broke and living in a one-bedroom apartment while the defense attorneys were getting rich even if they lost the case.  I decided to switch sides.  I am more practical now and no longer an idealist.”

“I am nineteen,” I told him.  I hated he saw me as a young girl.  I wanted him to see me as an adult.  I did not reply to his other statements. 

Working at the firm made me think maybe I wanted to be an attorney but I don’t care what Sean said.  I wanted to be one of those righteous defenders of the innocent.    

We made small talk for a while.  It was nice to talk to Sean out of the office.  While he was still controlling and arrogant, he was not so much of an asshole and had a very nice sense of humor.  He asked about my school and seemed to show interest.  I opened up more and became less intimidated and started talking more.

“You have a unique conversation style,” Sean he interrupted me. 

I blushed, “How so?”

“You ramble sometimes and you tend to switch the conversation from one subject to another in mid-sentence.  An example is a story you were just telling me.  You were telling me about a time you visited your grandmother in Vietnam and when you mentioned your grandfather you started a new story about him before you went back to your original story about your grandmother.”

I kept blushing and he was right.  I do that often.  I can be a chatterbox, ramble on and on, and change the subject in the middle of the conversation.  It gets worse when I am nervous and while I was a little more relaxed with Sean, I was still nervous having our first private conversation. 

“I am sorry,” I told him and looked at my feet again.

Sean laughed, “Don’t be.  I find it rather charming and not annoying.  At least, you are not one of those ‘like’ girls and you use proper grammar and don’t curse in a conversation as kids your age do nowadays.” 

I cringed when he said kids my age.  I didn’t want him to picture me as a kid!  “’Like’ girls?” I asked.

Sean smiled, “Yes, girls that use ‘like’ all the time in conversation.”

I nodded, I knew what he meant.  “I am fluent in Vietnamese and French,” I blurted out for the only reason to let him know I was not some kid but an intelligent young lady.

Sean laughed and was about to reply but his cell phone chimed alerting him to a text message.  He read the message and stood up and held out his hand.

“The jury is back,” he told me.  I took his hand and he helped me to my feet.  Was a very gentlemanly thing to do and I was impressed.

Sean was right, the client was found guilty.  The judge set a sentencing hearing date and thanked and then dismissed the jury.  Two deputy sheriff officers handcuffed the client and led him out of the courtroom.

Sean looked at his watch and then at me, “How about some dinner?”  He did not seem fazed at all that he just lost the trial. 

“Yes, sir. What would you like for me to get?  I can bring it back to the office for you.”  I assumed he wanted me to get him dinner.

Sean shook his head, “No, I mean how would you like to go get some dinner with me.  It’s the least I can do for the help you gave me and before you go back to helping Mr. Whitmore.”

I grinned and was thankful for the mask covering my mouth.  I didn’t want him to see me grinning like an idiot or a schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher.  I cleared my throat so my voice would sound more adult.  “Yes, I would like that.”

“Where did you park?” he asked me as we walked out of the courtroom.

“In the parking garage.” 

“Good.  Your car will be safe there while we eat.  You should call your parents and tell them you won’t be home for dinner.”

I gave a fake laugh, “I am an adult and don’t need to tell them what I do or where I go.”

On the way out of the courthouse, I told him I had to use the restroom.  Inside the restroom, I sent my mother a text, telling her I won’t be home for dinner.  Okay, yes, I needed to tell my parents I would not be home for dinner.  It was the polite thing to do and also my mother required it.  I told my mother I was going to have dinner with a friend.  I didn’t exactly lie. 

We had to drive around for almost an hour before we found a restaurant that was not doing take-out only during Covid lockdown.  I did suggest we could get take-out and take it back to the office.  I even slyly suggested we could go back to Sean’s place.  Sean declined both offers and said the food was not as good when you do take-out as when you eat it in the restaurant.  I did agree with him.  We found a small Italian restaurant that was doing dine-in against the state-ordered shutdown.  It was just over the Rappahannock River in the small, but quaint suburb of Chatham Village.

When Sean ordered a glass of red wine, I ordered a glass also.  The waiter asked for my I.D and when I was opening my purse to get my fake I.D. that read I was twenty-one, Sean told the waiter I was underage. 

“Why did you do that?” I asked as I sat back in my chair and was embarrassed.

“Because you are underage and I am not going to risk being disbanded from the BAR for contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” he answered.

I was even more embarrassed.  I did not want the wine; I didn’t like red wine much.  I just wanted to appear older for Sean who still saw me as a kid.  I ordered a soda.  After looking over the menu for a moment, Sean asked me what I was going to order.  I told him and when the waiter came back to take our order, Sean ordered for me.  I thought that was sexy. 

We made small talk again as we ate, Sean asked for more stories about my growing up as a military brat.  I did like the attention he gave me and how he seemed interested in me.  I did flirt with him.  I started subtly but when he ignored it or did not take the hint, I became more obvious.  That did not work either.

“How did you get the intern job?” he asked me.

“Sorry, I don’t know what you mean?”

“We do normally hire summer interns but they are already in law school and we don’t pay them.  You are a paid intern and just finished your freshman year of college and not even in law school.”  He took a sip of wine before he continued, “We also decided with Covid not to hire interns for the summer.  I am sure you have noticed you are the only intern working as well as we sent some of our less necessary staff to work from home.”

“I didn’t do a good job?” I asked with a sharp tone in my voice.  The way he asked it was like he was cross-examining me on the stand in a courtroom and it not only made me feel embarrassed but did make me a little angry.  He was being the asshole again. 

Sean smiled, “You did a fine job.  You are intelligent and organized.  You don’t complain about even the most mundane tasks and the office staff finds you charming and witty, but you did not answer my question.” 

“My dad got me the job,” I muttered.  I was humiliated I had to tell him that.

“Which partner does your father know or which one owes him a favor?”  Again, he sounded like he was cross-examining me. 

I took a long pull on my straw.  My mouth felt dry.  “Mr. Conner,” I said after I swallowed my soda. 

“That does explain it,” Sean nodded as he spoke. 

The name Conner was the first name on the law office’s title.  His great-grandfather founded the firm.  Mr. Conner is now in his seventies but still practices law and comes into the office part-time.

“And how does your father know Mr. Conner?  You told me your father works for the government at the Pentagon and we don’t handle any government contracts or represent them,” Sean continued his cross-examination.

“My father served with Mr. Conner’s son in Afghanistan.  They were close from what I understand.”

“Now I understand how you go the internship and are being paid,” Sean nodded.

I did not know the entire story because I never asked and my father never talked about the time he was deployed in combat situations.  I didn’t ask because when you grow up in the military, you get accustomed to knowing what to ask and what not to ask.  What I do know is this. 

I was not even two when my dad was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California and he was a First Lieutenant platoon leader of a Marine Recon Unit.  His unit was deployed to Afghanistan for the War on Terror.  His platoon and Mr. Conner’s son’s platoon were assigned a “Snatch Mission.”  A Snatch Mission is just that.  They go into a village and take prisoner the pre-designated target.  The target in question was a Taliban leader with ties to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.  The mission was not a success due to poor intelligence and the target was not even in the Taliban-controlled village.  Who was in the village were about one hundred Taliban fighters. 

A firefight started, the Marines were outnumbered by five to one and they had to fight their way back to the extraction point which was ten miles away.  Many of the Marines were wounded, including my father, and three died.  Mr. Conner’s son was one of the KIA.  He was wounded in the firefight and died on the evacuation helicopter.  I didn’t tell any of that part of the story to Sean. 

“Was your father there when he was killed?” Sean asked with a sincere, regretful tone.

“Yes.  My father was holding his hand when he died on the evacuation helicopter,” I answered as I looked down at my plate of half-eaten dinner.  I was no longer hungry.  It could easily have been my father who died on that helicopter instead of First Lieutenant William C. Conner.

“Do you want to be a lawyer?” Sean asked to break the awkward silence.

“I don’t know.  Never thought about it until I started working at the firm but now I may consider it,” I answered.  “The work I do with Mr. Whitmore is boring but I liked working with you.  I know I didn’t do much but I observed the things you did and what Denise did and it was interesting.”  Denise was Sean’s paralegal.

“So you want to be a trial attorney?  Work on the big cases and defend the bad guys?” Sean teased me.  “There are very few trials of the century like you see on TV or the movies.  I never had that big case and doubt I will.”

I grinned, “No, I would want to be the one who puts the bad guys away and seek justice for the victims and their families.”

Sean laughed, “You are young and a kid and want to make a difference, which I respect even if it is idealistic.  I think you are intelligent enough to make it through law school and maybe you should consider it.”  Sean smiled at me after he took the last sip of wine from his glass, “Plus, juries would be captivated by you.  They would be drawn to your looks and personality and the way you present yourself.  That helps a great deal.  Don’t be fooled and think it’s all about the evidence.  Half the jury finds most of the presentation of evidence boring and their minds wander.”   

“I am not a kid, you know?  I am a young adult lady.”  I was flattered by what he told me and liked his comment about my looks and personality, but I was still annoyed he kept referring to me as a kid. 

Sean just smiled at me and seemed to ignore what I told him.  We chatted some more about general topics and I flirted with him again, which he again ignored.  After the waiter brought the check for the dinner, we stayed and chatted for a long while.  I was so turned on by him and his lack of response to my flirting seemed to arouse me more.  I never had a guy ignore my advances like that, but then again, I never had flirted with a man his age.   

The oldest man I ever had sex with was twenty-seven.  It was New Year’s Eve during my first year of college and I was home for the holiday break.  I went to a New Year’s Eve party with some friends and ended up spending the night with him in a cheap hotel room.  He fucked my brains out and enjoyed rough sex, which I didn’t mind because I like rough sex also.  For about two weeks, I had small bruises over my body from his manhandling of me.

“So do you take all your interns out for dinner or am I special?” I asked in a flirty manner.

Sean nodded, “Yes, I do sometimes after a trial to thank them for their work.”  I frowned.  I wanted to be special.  I watched as the man looked at his watch and then got his credit card out of his wallet and then placed it on the small tray the check was sitting on.  He looked at me and smiled, “Well it was a nice dinner and I enjoyed our conversation, but I think it’s time to take you back to your car.  I think the waiter wants us to leave so he can have the table.”

I looked around and saw people in the front area of the restaurant waiting for a table.  With most places shut down due to Covid, the place was getting busy.  I started twisting my hair with my fingers.

“It’s not too late.  We can go somewhere else.  I am enjoying the conversation also and maybe could continue it elsewhere?”

“Most places are shut down so where would you suggest?”  For the first time that night, Sean had a flirtation tone in his voice.  

I looked around and pursed my lips so I would appear I was thinking, but I already knew what I was going to say.  I just did not want to look too eager.  “Maybe your place,” I said in a seductive whisper.

Sean grinned but I knew it was not a grin of him agreeing with me or of him wanting me.  It was more a grin of him being amused by my bold suggestion.

“Lihn, you are very charming and pretty and your flirting has not been lost on me.  I even played along with it because I was flattered, but there are several reasons why I think I should just take you back to your car.  First, you are too young for me.  I prefer women with more experience and not some innocent kid with a schoolgirl crush who has no idea what they would be getting into.  Second, you are an intern at the office I work at and I am not going to get wrapped up in some sex scandal with a barely legal girl who could change her mind about consensual sex and report me for sexual harassment.  I could not only lose my chance at becoming a senior partner but my job and even my license.” 

Sean paused when the waiter came and picked up the cheek.  He waited until the waiter was out of hearing range and continued, “You are a smart girl and I am sure you are aware of other reasons why this is not going to happen.”  He gave me a kind smile, “I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I am just being honest with you.”

I sat back in the chair and crossed my arms over my chest.  I was embarrassed; I was humiliated and angry at being rejected.  “I am not some innocent kid.  I have done things.  Things that your more experienced ladies probably never did or would consider too taboo or risqué to do,” I told him.  I used my hands to make air quotes to emphasize “experienced women.” 

Sean chuckled, “Oh, such as?” he asked to tease me.  I was amusing him and it was pissing me off.  He was such an arrogant ass!  He was an arrogant ass I wanted to fuck me.

“I don’t kiss and tell,” I told the man sharply.

“That’s very admirable for young people today.”  He gave me that arrogant grin of amusement, “Or is that you don’t want your friends and parents to know that you’re promiscuous?”

“I am not a slut,” I told him.  I spoke too loudly in my anger and people at the near tables looked at me.  I blushed and lowered my voice, “I think you are right; you should take me back to my car.”

We left the restaurant and I was still angry at being so embarrassed.  Sean opened my car door for me and I got in without even thanking him.  I did not say a word to him as he drove me back to my car.  Sean tried to talk to me and I just answered him with muttered grunts.

“Where are we going?” I asked as he drove back into Fredericksburg.  I noticed he was not going toward the parking garage where my car was.

“You said you wanted to continue our conversation back at my place,” he answered me.  I turned my head to look out the window and smirked.  My smirk was short-lived when Sean continued, “Don’t let your teenage pussy get your panties all wet.  It doesn’t mean I am going to fuck you.”

I was shocked by his words.  That was the first time I heard him use such foul language.  Even though I was shocked I was not going to let him get the better of me any more that night.  I turned my head to him and smiled.

“Who says I am wearing any?”  Truth was, I wasn’t wearing any. 

I was wearing pantyhose and I never wore panties under my pantyhose.  Pantyhose had a built-in, cotton gusset for “protection” in the crotch area.  Plus with the summer heat wearing panties under them would have been very uncomfortable.  I think we all can agree a girl does not want a sweaty pussy.  I also liked how the nylon felt against my skin.  I was glad they did have the gusset because my pussy was wet from arousal all through dinner. 

Sean laughed at me.  “How long have you been planning on trying to seduce me?”

“I…I was not!”  I blushed again and turned my head to look out the window once more.

“You have been throwing yourself at me ever since we sat down for dinner.” 

“I don’t throw myself at men.  For your information, I don’t need to.”

“Oh I am sure boys come running to you, but I am no boy.”  I knew Sean was teasing me again and I shouldn’t have let it get to me but it did.  It also made me strangely more attracted to him.

I didn’t answer and did not say another word as he drove us to his place.  Sean lived in a large three-bedroom loft apartment in downtown Fredericksburg.  The area of downtown he lived in was mostly old buildings and warehouses built after the Civil War.  Fredericksburg had been shelled and burned by the Union Army during the Battle of Fredericksburg and very few buildings in downtown survived the destruction.  In the early 2000s, to bring new life to the downtown area, developers remodeled the buildings into lofts and opened up new restaurants and various bars or clubs.  It worked.  Downtown was now a place for young people to go to clubs and bars, families to restaurants, and tourists.  Well until Covid.  Now places were once again dark and empty due to the state-imposed lockdown.   

Sean did not give me a tour of his apartment, but what I saw of it the décor was very Spartan.  He did not have much in the way of nick-nacks or photos of family scattered around.  There were a few paintings on the wall; prints of famous works of art like Gustav Klimt’s painting The Kiss and some Monet prints.  The living area where he led me had hardwood floors and was furnished with matching, expensive, black leather furniture.  A sofa, a love seat, and a recliner were set up in the room in an organized manner.  There was a coffee table in front of the sofa that was bare except for a stack of coasters.  A large-screen television was against one wall and set up so that it can be viewed from the recliner and the sofa.  Two end tables were set up at each end of the sofa and both had lamps sitting on them.  A fireplace was on the other side of the room.  From what I saw of the loft, it was very nice, very clean, very organized, and very large.  I was sure Sean paid a pretty penny for the place.

Before I sat down or was offered to sit down I asked Sean if I could use the bathroom.  I had drunk three sodas and one glass of water at the restaurant and I had to pee.  He told me where I could find the guest bathroom.

“Would you like something to drink?” 

“Whatever you are having is fine,” I told him as I looked over my shoulder.

“I am having another glass of wine and you are underage so for you I have either ginger ale or water.”

I stopped and flipped my hair as still looked over my shoulder.  I gave Sean a half-smile and winked, “Underage to drink but not other things.”

Sean chuckled and I giggled on my way to the bathroom.  The bathroom was like the rest of the house.  Clean and organized with very little décor.  In the bathroom, I texted my mother I was staying the night at my friend’s house.  I had no idea if I was spending the night with Sean; by the way the evening was going, I doubted it, but just in case it was better to let my mother know I was not coming home than her calling me in the middle of Sean fucking me.

When I came back into the living room, Sean was sitting at one end of the sofa and on the end table was his glass of wine sitting on top of a coaster and his cell phone next to it.  My bottle of water was on the end table on the opposite side of the sofa, also sitting on a coaster.  Sean had taken his suit jacket off but was still wearing his shoes and tie.  He had unbuttoned the top button on his shirt and loosened his tie, however. 

“Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable.”  He pointed to the other side of the sofa.

I placed my purse on the coffee table and then raised my left foot and took off my heel and then my right foot.  I was wearing a tight black pencil skirt that came just below my knees so I adjusted it and sat down.  I sat on the sofa with my back to the armrest, my legs crossed under my butt, and my skirt hiked up above my knees so it would not bunch up, but did not reveal much except my legs.  Sean raised his eyebrows and I giggled again.

“You did say to make myself comfortable.”  I was comfortable.  That was how I sat on the sofa at home.

“So are you seeing anyone?” I asked him.

Sean shook his head and smiled, “I don’t kiss and tell.”

I laughed, “That was a simple question.  Nothing too personal about it.”

“Are you?” 

“That’s not fair.  I asked first.”

“True.”  Sean took a sip of wine and places the glass back on the coaster.  “Let’s play a game.  Quid pro quo.  One question in an exchange for an honest answer.  Let us limit it to five questions each or the game could go on all night.  No subject matter is off-limits.” 

I was holding my water bottle in my left hand and had my index finger of my right hand circling the opening of the bottle.  I brought it to my lips and took a swallow and licked my lips.  I reached over my shoulder and placed the bottle back on the coaster.  Sean may have thought I was young but I knew how to be sexy when I wanted to.  For the first time that evening, I got the reaction from Sean I wanted. He looked at me in a way I have seen many guys look at me when alone with them.  He cleared his throat and quickly recovered.  I smiled at him. 

“How do you know I will be honest with my answers?” I asked.

“I can tell.  When I worked for the DA’s office my specialty was jury selection and I was damn good at it.  I can tell when someone is lying to me.” 

“How will I know you will be honest with me?”

Sean grinned, “You will have to trust me.”

I laughed, “And how do I know I can trust you?”

“Because you are here alone in my apartment, I know you have wanted me all night, and I bet your little, barely legal pussy is wet thinking about it.  No one knows you are here with me,” Sean gave me a mischievous smile, “although I am pretty sure you sent a text to one of your parents while in the bathroom that you would be home late tonight or not at all.  Naturally, you did not tell them who you were with.  Maybe told them you were with a friend.  Taking that into consideration, I could have you on your knees right now with my cock in your mouth whether you wanted it or not.”

I blushed but was not offended.  I enjoyed teasing and dirty talk and seduction and foreplay.  He was right also, my pussy was wet.  “Okay, I will play the game.” 

Sean picked up his cell phone, used his fingers on the screen, and pointed it at me.  “I am going to ask you to repeat what I ask you to say and I am going to record it.”

“Why?”  I was confused.

“Because I want proof that whatever we ask one another is consensual and you agree to it.  I don’t want some nineteen-year-old girl to file a sexual harassment suit against me and the firm and say I forced her into doing anything she did not want to.” 

That never crossed my mind of course, but I could see his point in this day and time.  “Okay.”  I had no problem with that.  

Sean recorded a video one me saying several statements about whatever happened that night was all consensual.  He seemed to have covered all the bases.  When he was done he put the phone back on the table.

“Do you want to ask first?” he asked me and I nodded.  “Some advice, though, be careful how you phrase your questions.  You asked if I was seeing someone.  I see people every day.” 

“Are you in a sexual relationship with someone?” I asked with a smile.

Sean smiled back, “Clever.  No, I am not.  My turn.  Are you in a sexual relationship with someone?”

“Yes, but it’s just casual and nothing serious.  I am not monogamous with him.  Do you think I am pretty and what do you like the most about my looks?”

“That is two questions but I will give them both to you, but only this time.  Yes, I find you very attractive and I like how small and petite you are.  How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

“Who says I have?” I teased and Sean laughed.  “I was sixteen.  It was in the back of a Humvee on a base in Saudi Arabia.  He was a Marine. ” I did not tell him the rest of the details.  “What did you mean when you said you liked women with experience?”

“Just that.  I like women who know what they want sexually and who are not afraid to express what they want regardless of how taboo or kinky it may be.”  Sean paused for a glass of wine before he asked his next question.  “If you are ever my client, remind me never to put you on the witness stand,” he said and then chuckled.

“Why?” I whined out.  “That is not one of my questions,” I added quickly.

“Because you give too much away in your answers.  I asked you simple questions that only required a short response but you elaborate.  I asked if you were sexually involved with someone and all you and all you had to answer was a simple yes.  When I asked how old you were when you lost your virginity all you had to do was give me the age.  You gave more details than I asked for.  Even a poor prosecutor would have a field day with you on the stand.”

I pouted, “Would not. So ask your next question.  You have three more and I have two more.”

“Do you masturbate?” 

I blushed, “Yes.  I like to…”  I stopped myself before I elaborated, remembering what he said.  “Do you?”  I could have kicked myself for asking that.  Of course, he did.  He was a man.

“Yes.  Do you want to touch your wet pussy right now?” 

I bushed again, “What makes you think it is… wet, I mean?”

“No cheating, you have to answer my question before you ask yours.  Remember we are being honest.”

I bit my lower lip, “I don’t want to play anymore.” 

“No, we agreed we would play and no question was off-limits.”

I brought my hand to my hair and started twisting it with my fingers.  This time, I was not doing it to be seductive but because I was nervous.  I was also very aroused.  I uncrossed my legs, pulled the hem of my skirt over my thighs, and spread my short legs.  I looked Sean in the eyes.    

“I…I would rather you touch it.”

Sean smiled, “That was not answering my question.”

I took a deep breath, “Yes, it’s wet and I want to touch it.  I want to cum.”  I did not care if my answer was more than he asked.

“Touch it, Lihn,” Sean said as he was looking between my legs.

I had no problem with him seeing me touch myself or even seeing my pussy.  I was not ashamed of my body and it would not have been the first time I masturbated for a guy I was going to have sex with.  I also knew I had an awesome pussy.

My pussy was devoid of any hair except I kept well-trimmed pubic hairs above my pussy at times.  It was that way now.  I got a regular wax on my pussy, my taint, and any strays hairs that may grow around my asshole, which there never was but one can’t be too careful.  I also had my legs waxed.  Even with the Covid lockdown and wax salons closed, I still got my waxing.  The lady who had been doing my wax job since I moved to Virginia would see some of her long-time clients in her house.  Yes, my pussy was sexy.

I ran my right hand under the hem of my pantyhose and then made a squealing shriek.  Sean moved over to my side of the sofa so quickly that I did not have time to react.  I didn’t squeal out in fear, I was not afraid of Sean, but he did startle me.  I gasped when he grabbed the crotch area of my pantyhose with both hands and ripped a hole in them to expose my pussy.  The man then moved back to his side of the sofa.

“Now you have better access to your pussy and I can see it better,” he told me.

I recovered quickly and giggled and then grinned at Sean.  I placed both hands on my inner thighs and spread my pussy open for him.  I was so wet that you could see my thick pussy fluid inside me and how it was sticking to the flesh inside of my pussy. 

Now is a good time to explain something about my pussy and my orgasms.  When I get aroused and wet my pussy gets very sticky with thick and at times mucus-like fluid.  The more aroused I get, it will actually drip out of my pussy.  When I get penetrated, sometimes that fluid becomes thicker and is a thick, creamy, white fluid.  When I orgasm, I orgasm very easily and quickly and several times before the man cums once.  I normally have three, sometimes four, orgasms before the man has one; more depending on how long he lasts.  I have never faked an orgasm and never had to.  I have never had sex where I did not cum at least two times, even five-minute quickies.

Sometimes when I cum from penetration, I ejaculate a white, thick fluid that looks similar to a man’s cum.  It has no odor but does have a sweet taste.  I don’t “squirt”, just ejaculate my cum and it runs or leaks out of my pussy.  I wish I could squirt but never had a guy able to make me or never could make myself squirt  One girl I had sex with used to squirt and I thought it was so cool and sexy and I wanted to do it.  The fluid also tastes good.  It does not happen all the time but it happens.  I used to be embarrassed by it until I found out guys really like that.      

I once asked my gynecologist about it because I was worried something was wrong.  After several questions about the fluid; what color was it, did it have an odor, any irritation, etc. she told me it was perfectly normal in some women. 

I looked at Sean and gave him a seductive smile, “Do you like seeing my wet pussy?” I teased.  “I have a sexy pussy don’t I?”

Sean’s gaze changed from looking at my pussy and looked into my eyes, “Is that your last question?”

I pursed my lips in a pout.  I thought we were done with the game.  “No.” 

“Well, it’s your turn.  Run your finger up and down your pussy slit but don’t use it to penetrate yourself and avoid your clit.  By how wet your pussy looks, you may cum with the slightest touch.”

I made a slight gasp of pleasure as I did what he told me to.  I closed my eyes and ran my forefinger slowly up and down my pussy.  It felt so nice and having Sean watch me just made me more excited.  I was quite aware that I had a slight exhibitionist fetish.  I ran my finger up and down for several seconds.  I was no longer interested in asking questions.  I was imagining sucking Sean’s cock and then him fucking me. 

“Your question, Lihn.”  The sound of his voice brought me back to reality.

“I… uhhh… I don’t know,” I whimpered out.  I could not focus.

“Well since you don’t want to finish the game I might as well take you back to your car.”

“No… please… okay… okay.”  I thought for a few seconds and something Sean said at dinner flashed in my mind.  I was still touching myself.  “When you said I would not know what I was getting into, what did you mean?”

Sean was still watching me touch myself.  “I have certain things I like.  Call them kinks or fetishes if you want, but there are things I enjoy that get me aroused and one thing I enjoy more as a hobby even though it does arouse me.”

“Like… like what?” 

“You asked your last question but I will allow it.  One is I like watching what you are doing now.  I enjoy watching a girl masturbate.  The next I will answer once you answer my last question.  First, I want you to taste your pussy.  Don’t tell me you don’t do that because by the way you are acting like a little slut right now and what you are doing for me, I know you do.”

He was right, I did like to taste my pussy as well as other girls’ pussies.  I brought my finger to my mouth.  Even though I had not penetrated my pussy with it, I was so wet that my pussy fluid was leaking out of me and my finger was glistening with the fluid.  I licked and then started sucking my finger while looking at Sean. 

“Have you ever taken nude pictures of yourself or let others take them or any pictures having sex?”

I pulled my finger from my mouth and blushed.  “Yes.  I like when guys take my picture when I am giving them a blowjob.  It turns me on to know they are doing it and to look at them after.  I have also let guys take pics of me flashing my boobs.”  I put my finger back on my pussy and started caressing myself again.  “It has not been many guys.  Just a couple of guys at college and one took pics of him fucking me and cumming over my stomach.  I have them do it on my phone so I can control who sees and gets the pics.  I do it more for myself than for the guy.” 

Sean nodded and stood up and held out his hand for me to take.  “Now to answer the extra question I allowed you to have, but since it was a free question, I will only give you a half answer.”  I took his hand and he helped me to my feet.  “It would be better to show you my hobby.  My other fetishes you may learn about first-hand.  I am still undecided if I should fuck a girl so young.”

Sean led me down the hall and to a spare bedroom he had set up as a home office.  I was excited and a little scared about what his hobby and other fetishes may be.



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