The warmth of the day was just starting to ebb away as I lounged in an Adirondack chair in front of my cabin. The local insect life was in full chirp, and the last of the sunlight was dappling the lake’s surface.

I was watching a shoal of fish; don’t ask me what sort they were, but they were breaking the surface to snatch flies from the air before sinking back into the crystal-clear water. Large ripples spread out to lap at the lake’s edge.

My family owned the cabin for generations, and I sat wondering how many of my forbears had sat amidst this tranquil beauty taking in the same sights.

My eyes would momentarily flutter shut as I sipped my chilled beer, two more bottles nestled in a bucket of ice at my feet. I was relaxed and at peace with the world for the first time in months.

Inside the cabin, I had a huge steak ready for the grill, along with a fresh green salad and baby salad potatoes. I just needed to muster the energy to light the grill.

“Arrrrrrrrrgh!” The scream split the air, shattering the calm like a pick through the ice.

Dropping my bottle, I leapt from the chair, instinctively reaching under my armpit for my weapon before remembering that it was in a lockbox many miles away.

The scream, distinctly feminine, had come from the next cabin down, which was a good seventy yards further round the lake.

Barefoot I started to run toward the cabin, pausing to grab a short-handled axe from my woodpile.

Hugging the scraggly line of bushes, taking whatever cover I could, I hauled ass until I reached the porch, at which point I slowed right down.

Keeping to the shadows, I ducked up to the window and risked a peek inside.

In layout, the cabin was similar to mine, sparse but kinda homey. The bed was made up with a colourful patchwork quilt, a couple of brown leather weekender bags sat at its foot.

Slipping inside the open door, I looked further into the main living space before deciding it was clear and moving to check the bathroom at the rear.

The sound of running water was loud.

“Fuck, fuck fuck,” cursed a woman’s voice.

I nudged the door wide with my toe before swinging low and wide inside the room.

“Hello,” I shouted, “Everything OK here?”

There before me was a taut, tanned ass, partly hidden by a short white tee shirt.

A broken pipe hung at an angle from the wall; fresh cold lake water sprayed across the room.

“Ah shit, yes, I’m fine, I think.” I couldn’t see the owner of the voice. Her head was down behind a wicker towel hamper.

“Can I give you a hand up?” I offered, moving further into the small room.

“Ohh, yes, please.”

In short order, I had taken her by the arm and around the waist to help her to her feet.

“Thanks, I’m Louise,” she offered, tugging down on the hem of her tee to preserve her modesty.

The more she tugged the hem down, the tighter the now transparent fabric hugged her breasts. Large dark nipples tented the wet cloth.

“Carly,” I smiled in return as I moved to close the water off. “If you’re OK, I’ll leave you to it.”

“Yes, thanks, sorry to have disturbed you. I slipped and grabbed the pipe. Bad idea,” she stumbled through another apology. Her words didn’t quite ring true to my experienced ear, but hey.

And with that, I turned to leave. Just as I moved through the door, I caught a glimpse of something red lying against the hamper.

A large, ribbed dildo, it must have been under her body when I entered.

Smothering a smile, I called over my shoulder, “If you want to pop over for a beer, I’m the next cabin down, and I’m in for the evening.”


My firepit was soon glowing bright against the dark fresh night sky. Little showers of sparks danced in the night air as the wood crackled and spat. I just love the smell of a wood fire.

Turning my steak, I heard a twig crack behind me.

Straightening up, I turned to see Louise approaching, a couple of beers in her hand.

“I thought I would come over and introduce myself properly. I hate to think of the first impression I must have made.”

I surveyed my visitor, designer leggings and hoody, expensive sneakers, blonde hair in a loose topknot. She looked like a professional woman.

“Hey, I’ve met people in much worse situations, don’t fret it.” I offered my hand again to shake, but she stepped forward and hugged me instead.

“Hell, you’ve seen enough of me that we’ve reached the hugging stage.” She laughed, a warm, infectious laugh that resonated with me. I felt my barriers drop—no easy thing with a prickly personality like mine.

“Grab a chair; I’m just cooking. Have you eaten?”

“I stopped for a cheeseburger on the way, but that does smell good.”

“Honestly, it’s too much for one, so I’m happy to share.” I grabbed a second plate to which I added salad and potatoes before removing the steak from the heat to allow it to rest.

The meal was terrific. There’s just something so special about food cooked in the open over a real fire. Anyway, we ate, rinsed the dishes, and settled back to chat and sip a few cool beers.

It transpired that we were both between relationships. I was single again, and Louise was on the cusp of singledom. She just needed to finalise it. That was why she had taken the cabin for the week.

Late evening the temperature really dropped, and so we folded the blankets we had wrapped ourselves in. With another hug, Louise headed back to her cabin.

Returning inside, I fastened the door latch and tugged off my jeans and sweater. The cool air of the cabin quickly perked my braless nipples, and my thong was hastily thrown to the laundry pile before I pulled on a thick pair of socks and slipped between the sheets.

OK, I confess, I can’t sleep in PJs or panties; it’s just too confining, but I hate cold feet, so the unsexy socks are one of my weaknesses.

The yellowy light of the oil lamp warmed the room and my soul, another connection with my forbears, I guess. I sat and read a few chapters of the latest Baldacci novel before turning the lamp off and snuggling into the thick feather pillows.

My mind filtered the events of the day, cataloguing the highs and lows, the fun bits, even the annoying bits. I guess most people do. It’s probably how we forge our memories.

The high points and the most memorable, it seemed, were Louise’s hard nipples tenting that tight tee.

I moved to cup and stroke my breasts as I pictured her lying there. That tee was really quite full.

A sensation of deep pleasure was buzzing through me as I tweaked and stretched my aching nipples. I could feel my pussy moistening as my tummy tumbled in anticipation of the pleasure to come.

I’m not a huge masturbator, but on this occasion, I just slipped into it.

I let my mind drift back, Louise’s bare ass, just a hint of pale hair at the joint of her legs. My fingers moved to tease apart my labia. Slowly I stretched and stroked them, feeling my heat, my juices start to flow, and that delicious trembling in my tummy built.

Flashing back to her short tee, I remembered that close-clipped fuzz surrounding her pussy, the bare pink lips. I slipped a finger deep between my slick folds and started to gently fuck myself.

The need to cum was real and strong, strange how I had either suppressed it or, worse, failed to notice it for so long.

Focussing on her blonde hair, a weakness of mine, and those startlingly blue eyes, I slipped in another finger. My pussy has been “cock free” since college, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to be filled, even stretched a little.

Inhaling, I could still smell the smoke of the fire on my skin, but now it was overlaid by the tangy aroma of warm wet pussy.

Kicking off my sheets, I pulled my knees back and started to work my pussy hard. Oh, fuck was I wet. Juice ran around my hand and wrist as squishing noises filled the air, mingling with my none too quiet moaning.

One hand pressed my clit, and the other fingered my pussy. My mind imagined Louise filling herself with that red dildo.

Choking off a scream, I picked up speed and bucked my hips from the mattress. Moments later, my sheets were wet, matching my trembling thighs and aching wrist.

Licking my fingers clean, I rolled over from the damp spot and pulled up the sheets before sinking into a deep and undisturbed sleep.

I woke bright and early the following morning. The sun was rising over the lake. I had slept better than I had in ages. I felt truly rested and refreshed.

I drew up a list of supplies to fetch from town, maybe after the farmer’s market. I would try the Walmart on the main road and see if they stocked dildos or vibes, perhaps some spare sheets.


I landed up spending most of the day away from the cabin. I picked up my supplies from the local town and then set off to explore the neighbouring towns before cutting across to the Walmart.

Returning mid-afternoon, I pulled my rented SUV up alongside the cabin and started to carry my parcels inside. Food for several days, a crate of local craft beer, and a twin pack of sheets and pillowcases from Walmart. Last and by no means least, I retrieved my final purchase, sourced not from that well-known retailer but a nondescript adult store on the edge of a retail park.

Just carrying the plain paper bag inside my cabin triggered a sense of naughtiness; me, a grown woman excited at buying a bag of sex toys. I lined my purchases up on my pillow. I had purchased a pink silicone butt plug, a string of anal beads, and a Lelo Sona clitoral sonic stimulator. It had been pricey, but the shop assistant had promised I wouldn’t be disappointed, oh and of course a large tube of lube.

Groceries stashed away, I returned to my favourite chair with a coffee and my book, happy to lose myself in the sounds of the lake. My expedition had left me a little tired, and a slight throbbing had started over my right-hand ribs. It was time to follow my own advice and chill out.

I guess I nodded off in the sunshine. I woke with a start to find my book laying alongside my chair, pages flapping in the late afternoon breeze, and half a mug of cold coffee resting on the log that served as a table.

Looking about, I could see a figure lying at the lake’s edge. As the person moved, I glimpsed the blonde ponytail fed through the back of a ball cap and realised that it was Louise.

She was focused on the task at hand, and I refrained from calling her name. Watching further, I realised that she had a camera on a short tripod and was taking great care to set up her shot.

Eventually, she straightened and turned to walk inland; catching sight of me, she waved and turned in my direction.

I watched her walk, graceful and poised, her tanned legs bare in hiking boots and tan coloured shorts, with an olive-green shirt and that tan ball cap.

My pulse quickened, and I could feel little skitters of arousal flutter through my belly and down into my pussy.

“Hi, how’s your day been?” I called out as she approached.

“It’s been lovely, warm with just a little breeze, great weather for exploring and taking photos.”

Her camera, like her clothes, was expensive. She lifted it from her neck and pointed at my other chair. “OK to sit?” she asked.

Trying not to gabble, I waved her down and offered her a coffee. “It’s fairly fresh and should be warm in the thermal jug,” I explained as I emptied the cold dregs from my mug.

In short order, we were sitting clutching mugs and chatting about our days. I told her how I had been out for supplies, glossing over the sonic vibe. Then she told me how she was taking a photography course and had to compile a portfolio of pictures.

I had come out to the cabin to get away from the bustle of the city and people. To de-stress and relax. Perversely I found that being in Louise’s company was far more relaxing than being alone.

When she invited me over for dinner, I accepted without hesitation. The promise of grilled fresh Walleye combined with her company was too good to resist.

A couple of hours later, I had showered, even shaving my legs, and slipped into nice pair of yoga pants and a clingy rough knit top that emphasised my curves.

I don’t know why, but it was important to me to look my best.

Grabbing a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio that I had bought that morning, I headed over to Louise’s.

As I approached, she came forward to hug me. Her hair tickled my nose, and the smell of her shampoo was fresh and lemony. I tried to discreetly inhale the enticing bouquet. That buzzing sensation was back.

She had changed into tight Lycra leggings, pale orange with white flashes; a matching long-sleeved top completed her outfit. I guess, like me, she was wary of the mozzies that came out to play each evening.

The fish was terrific, and Louise whipped up fresh berry pancakes to follow. We just chatted and laughed as we watched the sky darken to reveal bright twinkling stars. No light pollution here.

After a while, I asked about her photography, and pulling her chair closer to mine, she fetched out her tablet to show me her work.

Honestly, I was surprised by just how good she was. Her pictures were grouped under a variety of headings.

“I have to complete a selection of pictures under each of the headings,” she explained, “at the end of the course, they are assessed.”

I saw urban street scenes and graffiti, multiple shots of the vase, taken from different perspectives and in different light settings.

Then I clicked on the wildlife tab and saw her work from that morning, birds, fish, horses all from around the lake. She had taken several shots of a derelict barn, with splitting faded timbers, peeling paint, a few rusted old tools leaning against a wall. These were so atmospheric; they really spoke to me.

“You’re excellent. I love these,” I offered.

“Aw thanks, I enjoy spending time with my camera. It’s a welcome break from the pressures of work.”

“What do you do, if you don’t mind my asking?”

Louise revealed that she was a doctor, an ER specialist.

I guess that figured; apart from when I’d found her lying bare assed on the floor, she had shown calm, measured confidence in everything she did.

I didn’t offer my own profession, and Louise didn’t push the point. I listened to a few tales of life in a busy ER and then started to make my excuses.

I helped rinse off the plates and, with a parting hug, headed back to my cabin.


Slipping back into my cabin, I kicked off my boots before shrugging off my pants and top. I had opted for tiny black lace thong panties. I didn’t want a visible line under the leggings.

Even for thong panties, they were small, and the front was one large wet spot. I reached, intending to take them off but instead, I gripped the waistband and tugged upwards.

The thin triangle of cloth slipped between my swollen lips. I worked the fabric back and forth, groaning aloud as the soft cloth rubbed my inner lips.

Soon I was stretching the fabric so that my cunt was getting rubbed, and then the string gave friction to my ass. Strands of thick cum seeped from my core to smear my mound.

Moving to my bed, I bunched my pillows up behind me and pulled my panties down. The cloth tugged against my lips as I pulled it free, sending a wonderful spasm of pleasure through my body.

It was time to test my clit toy. I placed it against my cheek and thumbed the button.

Oh, fuck, it was sending pulses of pleasure through my skin. Quickly I moved it down, letting the soft round mouth sit atop my swollen nipple.

The sensations were incredible—wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through my breast. I watched in amazement as the tiny mouth caressed my aching nub. Moaning loudly, I switched to my other breast.

Oh fuck yes, my nips had always been sensitive, but this was mind-blowing. I still needed more, I was bucking my hips with desire, and my juices now flowed down to coat my thighs.

I moved its mouth to my cunt. It said to use plenty of lube, but I was flowing like a stream. Lightly I stroked the tip between my lips, coating it with my rich girly goo.

Just holding it against my swollen cunt lips was almost too much. Pulsing waves of pleasure swept through me; I was wailing in delight.

This was going to be a quickie; I had been aroused all evening, and now this wicked device would push me over the edge in seconds.

I moved the Sona until it was brushing my clit, my hood had retracted, and my bud was swollen with need.

Nudging the control up a setting, I started to rock my hips, riding the pulsing waves of pleasure that now invaded my core.

I gripped and stretched a nipple as I surrendered to my needs.

Thick spurts of cum sprayed from my cunt as I moaned and wailed.

My mind focused on Louise; with my last ragged breath, I screamed her name.

I could hear the blood pumping through my head. My heart was pounding, so was my cunt.

Oh god, did I feel alive. For the first time in ages, I truly felt good.

It was then that I heard the noise, a creaking sound from the porch, like a board lifting.

I leapt from the bed on legs that were still wobbly, feeling my cum start to run down my thighs.

My bedroom window was shuttered on the outside, and through the gaps in the slats, I couldn’t see anything.

Running through to the outside door, I tugged the catch and went low, just peeking around the edge of the door, offering the minimum target.

Weak moonlight illuminated the open ground running down toward the water’s edge. Nobody was there.

I listened hard; maybe there was a slight rustle.

I moved forward, out front of my cabin, looking both ways

My peripheral vision caught a quick flash of light, like a torch wobbling toward Louise’s cabin, then it was gone.

I froze; nothing attracts the human eye more than movement. I watched and waited.

The clouds parted, and the moonlight turned up a notch. A slight figure slipped across Louise’s porch and in through her door.

I would have gone over to check things out, but apart from my socks, I was butt naked with cum smeared thighs, and I had seen the white flashes on the mystery figure. It was Louise.


The following day I woke calm and refreshed. The clear, clean mountain air was working wonders for me, or then again, maybe it was frigging myself senseless each evening. Still, either way, I could feel myself healing.

I poured a large OJ and moved to sit on the porch whilst I planned out my day. One of the best bits of my cabin life was that I didn’t have to do anything other than gather supplies once in a while.

I watched a slight figure off to my left. It was someone out for a run.

There was only my cabin at this corner of the lake and then to my right, Louise’s.

You could walk the shoreline of the lake or follow the single track out to the main road to the left.

The figure was moving at a fair pace, and pretty soon, I could see that it was Louise.

Sketching a quick wave, she detoured toward me.

I nearly choked on my juice. Her blonde hair was loosely gathered in a ponytail, and her skin was flushed and coated with a sheen of sweat.

Is that all I see? you ask.

No, her large breasts were braless in a thin white vest top that her sweat had turned all but see-through. Her nipples, hard and dark, stretched the fabric. Honestly, she was showing more than when I’d rescued her from the bathroom.

Her shorts were tight and clingy, her pussy outlined to anybody that cared to look, and oh fuck, did I manage to look. I could hardly keep my eyes off.

“I was hoping to see you,” she smiled, but her eyes were watching mine.

“You look like you could use a glass of water,” I said.

“Yes, please, I’m feeling hot.” There was something in the way she said those words that sent shivers down my spine and straight to my cunt.

I passed her a glass, watching her lips curve around the rim as she drank.

As she moved the glass from her mouth, water dribbled from her lips, down her chin, and splashed onto her chest before running down.

I swear, my pussy lips squeezed out a spurt in sympathy.

“So, I have more photos to take. I wondered if you fancied a hike through the hill trails with me?”

“I’d love to. I have nothing else planned. I can make sandwiches,” I offered.

We agreed to meet in an hour.


Showered and changed into walking shorts and a tee, I waited outside my cabin for Louise.

I had filled my backpack with a crusty loaf and some cold cuts and cheeses, along with water and a couple of chilled beers.

Louise had changed into hiking shorts and a tee. She carried her camera bag over one shoulder and a small backpack alongside it.

We struck off at a leisurely pace and made our way slowly up the footpath that led through the trees and eventually to the summit of the hills.

Before long, an easy rhythm was established. Most of the time, we walked alongside each other, chatting and admiring our surroundings. Occasionally we would encounter a narrow section of track, and I would fall back a pace or two and follow behind.

That was a bonus as I could study Louise’s firmly muscled legs and admire her tight ass in her shorts. I couldn’t see a panty line. Maybe she was commando, a thought that released a trickle of excitement from my pussy.

Pretty soon, it was noon, and the heat of the day was upon us. We pulled up at a clearing and decided to sit on a couple of fallen logs to eat and rest awhile.

Louise chatted freely at first, but then she seemed to become pensive and quiet.

“They say a worry shared is a worry halved,” I offered as I passed her a second chilled water.

“Am I that obvious?”

“Well, you have gone kind of quiet. If I can help, tell me.” I sat back against my log and waited.

Experience has taught me, leave a silence long enough, and the other party feels a need to fill it.

“OK, I know we’ve only just met and that we don’t know each other that well, but I’ve been wondering if you would pose for a few pictures?” After that initial outpouring of words, she continued, taking time to marshal her thoughts.

“I need to complete the people section of my course. I’ve done some kids in the park, a few of a colleague in the hospital garden in her scrubs, but there’s a quiet strength about you, an aura of authority that I want to capture.”

“That, I wasn’t expecting,” the words slowly escaped from me. “Honestly, that’s how you see me?” I queried.

Louise just nodded, her blue eyes watching me.

We sat a few minutes in silence, me with my mind racing, Louise just letting me process my thoughts.

“OK, if that’s what you want, I’ll do what I can.” I offered a smile to show that I was genuinely willing.

Louise moved to me, hugged me close, and whispered her thanks into my ear.

My pussy throbbed and leaked in an unbidden response to her contact.

Packing away our lunch things, we moved on up the trail. Louise was taking time to capture flowers and birds as we moved along.

We had chosen a circular route, and by mid-afternoon, we were heading back toward the lake and our cabins.

Rounding a bend, we were greeted by the muted roar of falling water. Two bends later, and we came across a small pool fed by a mini waterfall.

Louise immediately moved in with her camera, gushing about the light and how the sun passed through the falling water.

I watched as she worked to catch the spray glinting in the sunshine.

Fifteen, twenty minutes later, she packed her camera away and turned to face me, her face alight with mischief. “Swim?” she asked.

“Cossies?” I asked.

“I’m a doctor. You haven’t got anything I haven’t.”

“Well…” I struggled with my emotions; my desire to see Louise fully naked fought with my own ingrained modesty.

“And you’ve seen most of me already,” she giggled.

With that, she toed off her boots and tugged off her socks, placing them inside.

Moments later, her tee was off, followed by her bra and then her shorts, and oh fuck yes, she was naked underneath.

My eyes devoured her full round breasts, large dark nipples, and pale pink sex. Her fair hair trimmed tight above her sex, leaving it bare for all to see.

I surrendered and started to strip as Louise leapt into the water.

Leaving my clothes alongside hers, I ran forward and jumped in before I chickened out.

“HOLY Fuck!” I screamed as the frigid water hit my body.

It may have been a warm day, but the pool was fed by the stream from the top of the mountain and was freezing.

Icy fingers of water slipped between my thighs to grip my sex. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and my lungs felt like there was a weight upon my chest.

“This way, into the sun.” I followed Louise’s voice and swam toward the far side where the sun glinted on the water.

She stood there; the water lapped her upper body, her full breasts bobbing on the surface, her large dark nipples rigid.

“It’s a little warmer here, but just a few minutes more, or we’ll get too cold,” she cautioned.

We swam around the sunny side for a few more minutes, and I must admit that after the hot, dusty trek, it was refreshing but still dammed cold.

“OK, time to get out.” Louise pointed to the bank where we had jumped in, and I led the way back.

As ever with outdoor swimming, getting out of the water in a dignified manner is never as easy as getting in. I scrambled up the banking, painfully conscious of my bare ass and pussy being fully exposed to Louise behind me.

I stood, trying to brush the water off myself as Louise clambered up the bank.

My eyes caught hers. She was unashamedly eyeing me up from head to toe. I could feel myself blush as blood flooded to my face and, as I’m being honest here, my pussy too.

She stepped forward and gently trailed her fingers across my lower ribcage, “You were wounded, it’s healing, and I’m sure that water is clean, but even so, we need to be careful.”

Twisting my head, I could just see the ridge of raised pink flesh that ran for six inches across my lower ribs. Pinpoints of darker flesh dotted along the line showed where the surgeon had placed his stitches.

“It should be healed by now; it’s just a flesh wound.” I tried to make light of it and reached for my shorts.

“I’m the doc here,” Louise said as she pulled her shorts up. I watched as she deftly buttoned them over her smooth mound. “Still too wet for the shirt,” she added.

I shoved my bra and panties into my backpack – they would chafe my damp skin – and reached for my tee.

Louise stepped closer and took my arm, steering me to a nearby rock.

“Sit!” Her tone invited no dissent,

Her backpack contained a comprehensive first aid kit. I guess you can take the doc out of the ER, but, well, you get it.

Moments later, her soft, elegant hands were encased in nitrile gloves as she gently cleaned the wound with a mild antiseptic.

“There, all done. I guess there’s a tale to tell behind that.” Peeling off the gloves, she moved to trace her fingers along a pink star-shaped scar just below my clavicle. “And this one too,” she murmured.

“Can I just say occupational hazard,” I spoke softly. My pulse had raced under her gentle, probing touch.

“To my eye, that’s a stab wound, this new one is more of a slash, and this, of course, is an old bullet wound.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Let’s head back now then,” Louise tugged her now largely dry tee over her head. I followed suit, and grabbing our packs, we headed back onto the trail.


Arriving back at the cabins, we arranged to meet for dinner later and went inside to shower and change.

Grabbing a cold beer from the fridge, I turned the shower on and stripped off my sweaty, dusty clothing.

Touching my fresh scar, I remembered the feeling of Louise’s fingers against my skin, her hard pebble-like nipples atop her breasts, bare and water-splashed in the sunshine; shudders of desire shook my body.

The warm water felt so good. My hair was thick with rich vanilla-scented suds, and I delayed rinsing whilst I took a generous dollop of mango body wash and worked it into my skin.

My fingers soon found that now-familiar slickness between my thighs that even the scented suds couldn’t remove.

Soon I had my fingers deep between my folds, stretching and squeezing my petals, dancing around my clit, building my pleasure.

My other hand stretched and rolled my nipples, edging to pain and then riding the pleasure of my sensitive flesh.

Unhooking the showerhead from the wall, I turned the pressure up, switched to a pulsing jet, and aimed it fair and square at my throbbing clit.

The sexual tension of the day exploded from me; lights danced before my eyes as my legs quivered.

Groaning and sobbing in pleasure and relief, I slid down the tile wall to squat in the tub.

I couldn’t carry on like this. I needed to share my feelings, but would they be reciprocated?


Dinner was chargrilled chicken, with jacket potatoes and salad. Simple fare that could be cooked over the firepit.

As we sat eating, I bought up the idea of having my photos taken. What exactly did Louise have in mind?

Louise explained that her original idea had been for black and white shots of me set around the cabin, sitting by the fire, chopping logs for the burner, reading by lamplight. She felt that my profile and aura would capture well in frontier-style photos.

Now she wondered if I would show a little skin if she didn’t show my face. My scars and muscular build would carry their own message, she added.

That set my heart racing. To pose for the original pics was no problem but to bare myself for the camera was a new ballgame.

If I was willing, Louise wanted to start with the campfire shots immediately. She wanted to capture the dusk light with the fire and then the oil lamp.

We quickly cleared our meal things, and Louise set up her camera.

I guess it’s all that pressure of life in a big ER, but Louise moved with deceptive speed; everything seemed calm, but no time was wasted.

She posed me cooking over the fire pit, sitting on a log, backlit by the fire, old enamel coffee pot in one hand.

By the time we moved to the porch for shots in the yellowy light of the oil lamps, the temperature had fallen, and I fetched my old Carhartt jacket. Faded and beat up, it radiated authenticity and character.

She took several shots of me reading, clutching my coffee mug, all with the collar up against the breeze. Toward the end, I grabbed Grandpa’s ancient old John Deere ball cap and added that.

“OK, honey, that’s enough for tonight.” Louise started to remove her camera from its tripod.

I turned, letting the warm lamplight bathe me in its mellow glow, “Louise,” I called her name as I popped the fasteners on that old stockman’s jacket.

As she turned, I let my jacket fall open, pulled my shoulders back, baring my breasts to her.

“Louise, there’s something I need to tell you,” my voice shook with nerves as I stepped down from the porch to approach her.

I expected surprise, if not shock at my actions, but instead, all I got was a broad grin.

“Thank fuck for that,” Louise giggled as she opened her arms to receive me.

“You already know?” I stammered out

“Yes, well, I had a fairly good idea. I came over last night to suggest the hike, I heard you cumming and calling my name, and I must confess to sneaking a peek through your shutters. I nearly came on the spot.”

Holding my coat wide open, I asked, “And did you like what you saw?”

“As if you need to ask, why the hell do you think I was jogging half-naked this morning?” she giggled, “I was trying to send a message.”

As she spoke, she placed her camera on the chair and slid her warm, soft hands inside my jacket.

I sucked in a deep breath and groaned as she caressed my flanks. Little sparks of electricity shot through me.

“You did look hot in that outfit,” I whispered, running my hands up her arms.

“Almost got joggers nipple,” she murmured, and with that, she slid her hands up to thumb my rigid nips.

My knees almost buckled as her strong, soft fingers rolled and tweaked my aching nubs. I had fantasised about the feel of those hands, and now they were stretching and teasing my flesh.

My pussy was dripping. I could feel my juices running as we stood entwined in each other’s arms.

Barely an inch separated us in height; our eyes met, and then our lips locked.

I cupped and squeezed those firm ass cheeks through her leggings, pulling her into me as I opened my mouth to accept her probing tongue. She tasted of coffee; her warm breath caressed my cheek.

My hands moved to slip inside her leggings, cupping her warm bare flesh.

We stood there under the stars, exchanging spit, with duelling tongues, tasting, and inhaling each other.

My hands never left her ass cheeks. Hers were welded to my breasts. Hours could have passed.

A log collapsed in the fire pit; showers of sparks floated through the night air.

Finally parting, I threw more wood on the fire. Louise spread a blanket on the ground beside it.

Slipping out of the coat, I started to remove my leggings.

“NO, let me.” Louise moved to kneel before me, tugging the ties of my pants and gently easing them down to reveal my pussy in its girly pink thong.

As they pooled around my ankles, I jiggled my feet free.

Bending, I gripped the hem of Louise’s tee and tugged it over her head. Those full round breasts bounced free, nipples dark and stiff with arousal.

Louise started to rub the front of my thong; the little squib of cloth was already soaked with my juices.

Her gentle pressure slowly forced the cloth between my swollen lips. I groaned and squealed in delight.

Satisfied that it would go no deeper, the string was hard up between my ass cheeks. Louise applied her tongue.

I swear I screamed at the firm, warm contact. Long slow strokes as she lapped my pussy.

Cum was pouring from me. I’ve always been one to leak a lot.

Gripping my ass, she held me fast as she sucked my cum through my panties.

My fingers entwined in her hair as I rocked my hips to fuck her face. I needed to cum. My cunt was on fire; no, my entire body was alight. Every nerve ending I possessed was firing away.

I screamed for release; Louise nudged her nose against my clit.

She pressed and squeezed my clit with her nose, her tongue still lapping my cum as I dissolved in wave after wave of pleasure.

My screaming wails of delight ripped through the night air. With Louise’s support, I slowly sank to my knees before collapsing onto the blanket.

I lay exhausted, aftershocks of pleasure flitting through my body.

Louise pulled the other blanket over us and spooned against me as we basked in the heat from the fire.

I guess I dozed a little. I woke with a start, feeling Louise’s fingers tracing my scars.

“I’m sorry, you must think me a selfish bitch. You gave me so much pleasure, and I’ve left you wanting,” I apologised, rolling over to face her.

“Sssshhh, your pleasure, your screams of delight, they were my pleasure,” she smiled, “But, if you’re offering.”

Under the blanket, we were warm and cosy, our breasts mashed together; with every breath, our nipples teased against each other.

I kissed her slowly, exploring with my tongue, nipping, and sucking on her lips, stroking her glorious blonde hair.

Her breathing became more erratic. I could feel her skin heating up beneath me.

I moved to slip a knee between her legs, raising it until it met her pussy.

Pussy, cunt, call it what you will. To me, it was a cauldron, hot and slick, throbbing with lust.

I rocked my knee against her heat, feeling her slickness build and spread. Groaning, she parted her legs, bearing down on my knee.

I massaged her cunt with my knee, gently kneading and spreading her lips, harvesting her dew.

My mouth sought out those dark brown pebbles.

I sucked hard on each, in turn, trying to inhale her flesh, dragging my teeth across her smooth sensitive skin, rejoicing in the sounds she made in return.

I let her hands take over from my mouth, gripping and teasing her own nubs as I moved my mouth south.

Under the blanket, her rich aroma assaulted my senses.

I trailed my tongue slowly down her rib cage, across the taut flesh of her tummy, and into those closely trimmed blonde hairs.

Finally, I reached those swollen cunt lips, those lips that had filled those ridiculously tight shorts that morning.

Oh, so gently, I placed little butterfly kisses along that sweet seam. Louise bucked her hips in response, her heels drumming against the blanket.

“Yes, my darling, it’s coming, and so will you,” I whispered.

Then I firmly licked the length of her cunt lips, gathering up all the trickling cream from within before plunging my stiffened tongue, splitting apart her gooey lips.

My mouth filled with her flavour, rich and tangy, so fucking delightful.

Lick after lick, I swiped through her swollen fruit, her juices flowed like honey, and I lapped them all up.

“YES! YES, CARLY, fuck me, make me cum,” Louise was shouting, screaming her desire.

I slipped a finger into her hot cunt, immediately, it clamped around my finger. “You like that, eh,” I pushed in a second finger, then a third, spreading my fingers to fill and stretch her.

Pumping my hand, I started to lick around her clit; it was huge, swollen, and pink, fully exposed from its hood.

Every time Louise bucked her hips and begged for contact, my tongue would skitter away, eliciting wails of agony from her.

I had to be careful; her bucking was violent, her legs flexing as her heels drummed against the ground. One wrong move, and I could get my nose broken or lose a tooth.

Finally, I slurped against her clit, sucking it into my mouth.

That was all it took to drive Louise over the edge. Her entire body went rigid, her hot cunt clamped around my fingers, her legs locked as she arched from the ground.

One long keening wail broke from her lips. Have I mentioned what a sexy mouth and lips she has?

Oh, so slowly, her body relaxed and sank back to the ground. I moved to wrap the blanket back around us, my turn to cuddle and spoon.

We lay there watching the stars move across the sky. We chatted, we kissed, we hugged.

At one point, I fetched a small bottle of bourbon, and we sipped a little.

She talked of her family and sisters, her hospital, the town she called home.

I explained my lack of family, how I got slashed by a suspect we were chasing, and how his victim’s butchered remains had so distressed me that I had taken a leave of absence.

Louise had roots and a support structure. I had very little, but I was Federal, so I could change towns; let’s face it, they owed me.

The sun started to creep over the horizon. The early morning light was beautiful.

Louise hastened to set up her camera on its tripod. She arranged us against arm in arm, naked and cum stained against the log pile.

“Another picture?” I asked as Louise picked up the remote.

“Yes, it will go above our bed when you move in with me.”

With that, we embraced and kissed. I could hear the shutter firing.

Now I felt truly healed.



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