Diana and I woke to the sound of birds chirping outside our window. I got out of bed and opened the shutters to discover what seemed to be the whole avian population of the Bahamas chowing down on the mangoes hanging from a tree next to our window. I stretched and stood gazing at a sea that seemed to stretch out to infinity before my eyes.

A smile came across my face as I thought back on yesterday and the sexual smorgasbord that Diana and I had sampled in each room of this house which would become our vacation retreat.

I felt a pair of arms encircle my chest and a warm body plaster itself to my back. As I pivoted around in the encircling arms. I was met by a passionate kiss from the woman I had come to love. When she finally could reclaim her tongue, she smiled at me and uttered the magic word, “Coffee?”

“Well, if I have to settle for coffee after that, I guess I’ll have to suffer. Though it doesn’t seem fair. Feels like a bait and switch technique to me.”

She giggled with delight, took my hand, and led the way downstairs to the kitchen. I sat and watched as she brewed a pot of coffee, admiring her pert ass, which was delectably apparent through the see-through fabric of the sarong wrapped around her hips. When she turned, the magnificent swell of her tits with their luscious nipples caught my eye.

My cock sprang to attention, threatening to rip through my shorts. I decided that coffee was less of a priority than returning to bed with Diana and ravishing her body for the next few hours when a loud scream shattered the silence, followed by sobbing.

What the hell, I thought, starting to go for the door to investigate when Diana grabbed my arm and held me back. “Let it be, David. Whatever it is between those two, let it play out. We can’t afford to have them involved in this if they can’t get along.”

She made absolute sense. However, the mood was broken, and we took our coffee to the wrap-around porch and sat basking in the warm tropical breeze.

Twenty minutes later, Ed and Shelly appeared. They helped themselves to coffee and at across from us. “What the hell was all the racket about?” I asked.

“Shelly and I were having a business discussion,” answered Ed.

“A business discussion? Really!”

“Yep. We were settling once and for all who’s boss.”

“So, how was the issue resolved?”

Ed turned to Shelly and said, “Show them.”

Blushing like crazy, Shelly asked, “Do I have to?”

“Shelly, what’s our agreement?”

“That I will do what you tell me.”

“Show them!”

Shelly stood and bent over with that, then lifted her sarong and exposed a well-reddened ass to our gaze. She then started to straighten up when Ed barked, “Everything!”

She returned to her position, exposed her ass, and parted her ass cheeks, revealing a red jewel, lewdly glistening between them.

“What’s that all about?” I exclaimed.

“That’s to remind Shelly that her ass is mine from now on, and she can’t peddle it to any Tom, Dick, or Harry without my consent. If she and I are going to be lovers and also work together, especially in the sexually charged atmosphere this will become, I felt that some ground rules had to be established.”

“What are those ground rules?” Diana asked.

“Go on, tell her,” Ed snarled when Shelly seemed to hesitate.

“Ed and I have reached an agreement. From now on, I have to have his permission to have sex with any other man or woman. If I don’t, he will leave and go back to Texas.”

Diana and I sat there in stunned silence on hearing those words. Diana found her voice at last and asked, “Why?”

Ed assumed a thoughtful look as he finished draining the dregs of his coffee before speaking. “Diana, my failed marriage was a disaster. I found out my ex was fucking anything in pants behind my back. What broke my heart was not that she was doing that. It was that she did not trust me enough to talk to me about it. If she had, I would have had the choice to accept or refuse or even find a way to be a participant if the man had a wife or girlfriend. I do not want to be in that situation again. The four of us know Shelly’s nature and that she loves sex, be it with men or women, and truthfully that turns me on. While I will not be a cuckold, I’m perfectly happy to be a stag. This is not a punishment. It is a way for Shelly and me to grow together as a couple. I love her.”

“Shelly, are you okay with that rule?” Diana asked.

“Shit, woman, I have been around the block with more losers than you can imagine. The only man who has ever been upfront with me until I met Ed was David. What I was doing was not fair to either of you, though it was fun. Here I have found a man I can respect and who accepts who I am and is ready to be with me for the long term. I would be an idiot to refuse.”

“I have granted permission to Shelly to maintain her relationship with you, Diana, and with David as well in as much as it predates the arrangement.”

“Well, children, go forth and sin no more,” I quipped. “Now on to serious business. Diana and I sat up last night and talked about this venture. I have decided to undertake to finance it from my own funds. Diana pointed out to me that we were going about this the wrong way. Her words were cruder, as she pointed out that we were thinking with our cocks and cunts and not as business people.

“I think that I am not wrong in saying that all four of us enjoy extracurricular sex and are tempted at the thought of an unending supply of willing partners. However, as she pointed out, we are sitting on a potential goldmine and are just scratching the dirt around.

“Yesterday, talking off the cuff, I mentioned a rate to vacation here of $500 a day. Ed, let me ask you a question, what would you pay to take a trip to with a woman you intended to seduce or if you were a swinger and you and your partner were looking for a week-long hedonistic experience?”

“That’s hard to say as I have never had the opportunity, however between membership fees and meals, etc., at the 416 Club, costs me about $50,000 a year.”

“So would you find that spending $1500 a night for luxury accommodations and gourmet meals would be out of reach?”

“Hell no. When I travel internationally, a hotel room can run to that a night.”

“See where I’m going. Planning to host fifteen couples at a time with an 80% occupancy rate, you’re the financial wizard; what does that come out to?”

Shelly blurted out, “Holy shit! That’s about $6,500,000 a year.” That earned her an admiring look from Ed, who was amazed at how fast she had figured the sum out.

“And that does not include additional charges such as laundry services, liquor, massages, and so many more that I haven’t had time to wrap my brains around yet. So I have decided I want it all and not to share it with bankers and the ilk. I am going to set up the company as a Bahamian corporation so that the locals are satisfied. I am ready to share the wealth if you two are interested. Diana and I will own the majority of the stock. The remaining 48% is available to you if you want to buy in.”

“What will it cost us?” Shelly asked.

“About $2,000,000.”

“I’m in for one mill,” she said.

“What do you mean you’re in for a million?” Ed asked.

“What does it sound like, Ed? I can easily raise that overnight.”

“Without us talking about it?”

“Ed, you might own my ass, but you don’t own me. How soon do you need the money, David?”

“There’s no immediate rush. We have a lot of decisions to make first.”

“Can you believe this woman? Beauty, brains, and money, in addition to all her other hidden talents. Where have you been all my life?” Ed said with a grin. “Come here, little one, so I can admire you more closely.”

As Shelly stood and approached him, he diddled her ass by toying with the butt plug that gleamed wickedly between her butt cheeks. She leaned forward and locked lips in a passionate kiss.

“Hey, you two, get a room. We have our real estate agent coming over soon, and we need to discuss buying this place with her.”

Shelly straightened out and cryptically said, “Milk chocolate. I’ve never had milk chocolate. I wonder what she tastes like. Yummy, I’ll bet.”

Ed looked at her questioningly before her meaning became clear to him. When it dawned on him what she was alluding to, he roared with laughter. “She really is insatiable.”




After breakfast, we heard the sound of a powerboat approaching our pier. We recognized Anna but the tall man accompanying her was a stranger. She was wearing the skimpiest excuse for a bikini that I had ever seen. It seemed to be made entirely of string with three tiny wisps of cloth covering tits and pussy and just minimally at that.

This had Shelly salivating in an instant, and the rest of us were not far behind.

Anna strolled up to the veranda, followed by the huge man who was probably over six-two and extremely muscular.

“David, good morning. I hope you don’t mind if my husband joins us. It’s such a beautiful day we thought we could enjoy the sun with you and have a swim after we discuss our business.”

I rose, extended my hand, and said, “Hi there, I’m David. You are very welcome to what I hope will soon be our island.”

The man’s hand wrapped around mine, and he smiled as he said, “David, the pleasure is mine. I’m Tim. When I heard of your project, I was intrigued and wondered if you could use my help.”

I watched him as he looked at Diana and Shelly with undisguised interest as I introduced him to our group. “How do you think you might be able to help?”

“I run one of the largest construction companies on the islands. From what Anna has told me, you will be building a resort here. I would be interested in bidding on the contract. You’ll need someone who can move building equipment by boat.” With a big grin on his face, he said, “That would be me!”

“Please sit, and let’s talk about it,” I said, pulling out a chair for Anna. “Since you do construction, perhaps you’d like to hear our plans and suggest what our building plans might run.”




Two hours later, we had struck a deal for the island and the properties. Tim offered to shepherd me through the Bahamian bureaucracy and tell me which palms I’d have to grease to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. The ladies had prepared a light lunch, and soon after, we were making our way to the beach.

I could tell from how Diana and Shelly were looking at Tim that their curiosity was aroused by what he might be packing under his shorts. I held her back to talk to her alone. I told her that she could sample the merchandise if the opportunity presented itself as long as I could do the same with the delectable Anna.

She smiled at me as she licked her lips. “This could be an auspicious beginning. The first of many orgies to come.”

The six of us reached the beach, and Shelly unwrapped her sarong and removed her top. “This, after all, will be a clothes-optional resort. We might as well start the festivities the right way.” She started running towards the water when Ed ordered her to stop and come back. When she returned, he had her lean over and grab her thighs. Parting her ass cheeks, he extricated the butt plug that was still lodged up her ass. It came out with a pop accompanied by a round of applause from the rest of us.

Both Diana and Anna looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders before stripping to the buff. They ran down the beach after Shelly, and soon the three women were frolicking in the water. We watched from afar and could see much titty grabbing and ass pinching taking place.

As is well-known, men are more bashful, and we sat watching when I finally said, “What the hell. I’m joining them,” as I stripped out of my shorts. “You guys joining me?”

Tim asked, “Are there any rules to this?”

“Just one, no means no, silence means go for it. Do you have any rules?”

“Pretty much the same ones for us. I learned long ago that a woman can’t be controlled. She is going to end up doing what she wants no matter what you say.”

“You’re a smart man,” I said as he lowered his shorts, revealing a cock that merited the term majestic.

The three of us ran together to join the women, who saw us approach and started swimming away from where we would enter the water. We were treated to the sight of three saucy asses swaying from side to side as they swam.

The race was on, and it took us five minutes to catch up to them. I reached Anna first, and I grabbed her ankle and stopped her in her tracks. We found that the water was shallow enough to stand, and I pulled her into my arms. There was not a moment of hesitation as she wrapped her arms around my neck and her long legs around my hips.

Our lips met, and her velvety tongue explored my mouth. She tasted sweet, and I returned the favor with enthusiasm. My cock rose to the occasion and nestled between her slim thighs. Despite being in the water, I could feel the warmth of her pussy as she ground her pelvis against me. And the press of her hard nipples against my chest was heavenly.

She released her grip, took my hand, and we walked back to the beach. “So is this part of my fee you’re going to give me?” she said, wrapping her small hand around my cock.

“That and a lifetime invitation to come and visit.”

“What will Diana think of that?”

“I’m sure she’ll be ecstatic. I know she wants to sample your charms also.”

“Really? I’m so glad. I’ve been drooling to eat her pussy since I saw her at the airport.”

I glanced back and saw that Tim was walking up the beach with Shelly, one hand wrapped around her curvy ass, and Ed and Diana following not far behind.

When we got to the house, we rushed up to our bedroom, and Anna lay on the bed and spread her legs. “Come to me, big guy, fuck the hell out of my needy pussy.”

“Not before I taste it.”

I lay down and spread her thighs, revealing her dark lips and pink interior. I began between her slim legs and licked my way up those slender thighs. Her skin was soft and silky and tasted salty. Her pussy was surmounted by a soft crinkly carpet of silky black hair, which I toyed with as I gazed in fascination at how her pussy lips seemed to gape and beckon my tongue. I started to lick on either side of her nether lips, eliciting moans of pleasure. When my tongue slid in between them, her ass lifted off the bed as if trying to force more of me into her moist cavern. She tasted delicious, her juice both sweet and tart.

I felt a hand cradle my balls and fondle them. Glancing back, I saw that Diana had joined us. Anna saw her too and gave a sheepish smile. “Don’t fret, honey,” Diana said, “We both plan to make you very happy. I know that David is a shit, but he is a magnificent cocksman. David, get out of the way. Let me have a taste.”

She took my place between Anna’s thighs and turned her so that Anna’s leg was wrapped around her head. This exposed Anna’s ass to my gaze. Diana spread her ass cheeks, which revealed Anna’s puckered crinkly brown star to my eyes. Taking the hint, I fingered the tight ass hole, which made that tush push back against my finger. I lowered my face and rimmed the adorably offered ass. At the same time, from the sounds I was hearing, Diana was tongue lashing the tasty pussy pushed against her face.

Anna could not resist for long, and her climax was loud and long. Diana pulled back, and she was covered with copious juices from nose to chin. She smiled at me and said, “Your turn, fuck her; she’s so ready.”

I went back between those sweet thighs and thrust my cock into that hot velvety tunnel without the slightest hesitation. Anna was amazingly tight, and the massage she was giving my cock felt fabulous. Diana straddled Anna’s face and lowered her pussy, which was immediately assaulted by a probing tongue. She took Anna’s legs and pulled them back and as wide as they could reach. I felt my cock thrust even deeper while each thrust bottomed out against a spongy cervix.

Diana’s hand reached forward and teased the now exposed clit of the thoroughly ravished dusky beauty. That tight little ass that I had rimmed was now thrusting up to receive each powerful thrust of my throbbing cock. Any sounds Anna was making were muffled by the pussy covering her mouth.

Anna’s legs were shaking, and her body was writhing under me as we all came almost at the same time.

I let her ride her orgasm before pulling out, releasing a flood of our combined juices. We all lay there panting and in that rosy afterglow of a climax when Tim entered the room.

“Is this party started yet?” he asked.

“Guess what, darling,” Anna said, “I have just earned us a lifetime membership to the resort.”

“It’s about time you used your ass for more than sitting,” he said, turning her on her stomach and spanking her butt cheeks.

“David, was she a good girl, or should I tan her hide?”

“Look at the abuse I have to suffer from that brute. Diana, he is going to want your pussy. Just say no way. He doesn’t deserve it.”

“I don’t think I could turn down that magnificent black cock, Anna. I want it stuffed right inside my pussy. What I want is to be filled by both these scoundrels while I eat out your steamy pussy,” Diana suggested. Then turning to me, she said, “Lie down on your back. I want Anna to suck your cock till it’s fully hard again.”

I soon felt a velvety tongue licking from my balls to the tip of my cock in long saliva-coated sweeps. As I began to harden, Anna trapped me balls deep into her tight throat. Each time Anna came up for air, her tongue twirled around my cock. It took a few minutes before she announced to Diana that I was ready.

While I was being attended to, I saw Diana was on her knees with Tim licking her ass. She got up and sat with her back to me and carefully eased my cock into her behind before she lay back in my arms. My hands wrapped around her chest, and I played with her nipples. I heard her grunt and the tightness of her rear hole increased. I figured that Tim was taking possession of her pussy. I felt him slide into her through the thin wall that was separating our cocks.

Diana screamed as she was double filled by the two of us stretching her and rubbing against each millimeter of her inner passages. Tim and I soon established a rhythm as we alternately scoured each hole. I saw Anna’s slim thighs surround Diana’s torso and figured she was feeding her pussy to my lover.

If Tim and I had not cum shortly before, I don’t think we could have held back. I could make out Diana’s moans and screeches of joy as she realized one of her many fantasies. I made out her voice, telling Anna to play with her clit as I kept thrusting up into that tight, hot, wet ass that clenched around me.

Despite my wanting to hold back, I soon was throbbing and pulsing while Diana thrashed her body all over the place. All too soon, the four of us came. I flooded her bowels with a strong stream of cum which set her howling while Tim flooded her pussy with his seed. We finally collapsed and untangled ourselves.

Diana crawled into my arms and snuggled up to me with a happy smile on her face. “Thank you, darling. You have made me a very happy woman.” With those words, we fell into a deeply satisfying sleep.

We were awakened when Ed and Shelly joined us on the bed. “Come on, sleepyheads, it’s time for a swim to wash off the stench of all this glorious cum. That, followed by supper. I have decided that Tim and Anna are spending the night with us. I have not yet had my milk chocolate ration for the day.”


To our surprise, Tim turned out to be a gourmet chef. He prepared a meal based on the harvest from local waters. He and Anna had packed freshly caught Mahi Mahi on their boat, expecting to prepare a meal for Anna’s potential clients.

Sitting around the table enjoying Tim’s delicious meal, I asked the group about cutting our new friends in on the resort’s ownership. “We will need guidance with the construction. Tim could be an amazing asset and would make certain that our construction costs would be reasonable. I would also suggest that Anna could direct a lot of business our way through her real estate contacts.”

I could see that Ed was a little uneasy with my suggestion.

“Speak up, Ed,” I said. “I can see you have reservations.”

“You’ve told us that Shelly and I can buy in for 48%. If we give stock to Tim and Anna, that lessens our portion.”

“That’s a fair point,” I told him. “How about we do it this way? Diana and I will keep the majority share, but at 48%. If Tim is willing to work with us, he could save us a million. I would suggest we give him five percent non-voting stock. That would leave 47% for you and Shelly.” I watched the look on his face and added one more point. “I would also suggest that we would have to hold quarterly stockholders meetings here on our island to review our progress and fuck ourselves silly.”

The entire group broke into laughter, everyone looking at Ed.

“Okay, I agree,” Ed laughed. “After all, getting to live here and share a bed with Shelly should be worth something.”

“Have you ever wanted daily sex?” Shelly asked as she ran her finger down Ed’s chest.

“Only since I had my first erection,” Ed laughed while Tim and I nodded.

“You had to wait a while, big boy, but if you’re sleeping in my bed, you’d better be ready to put out every single day. This Shelly would then be satisfied,” she told Ed.

Again the room was filled with laughter.

Diana stood and announced she would be making a round of drinks for everyone.

Sitting there, watching her incredible body, I let my eyes rove over Anna and Shelly. I thought, “This is going to be the greatest production of all times. This will be every man’s wet dream.”


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