“What the fuck, Mom?” Chloe whined, closing the gap. “You’re cheating on dad with my best friend? What the hell is going on here?”

“I’m sorry, babe,” I apologized as Darcie got off me.

“Mom, I don’t want to see you naked,” she grumbled, putting her hand up.

“I just wanted to see what it was like to be with a woman, and I convinced Darcie here to do it with me,” I confessed, hiding my boobs and cherry.

“Mom, you’re married, remember? You can’t just have sex with someone else, let alone my best friend. That’s not okay; you can’t just fuck her like that. What were either of you thinking?”

I bit down on my bottom lip for a moment. “Please look at me, Chloe.”

She sighed and calmly lowered her hand. “What, Mom?”

“I’m sorry I had sex with your best friend; I’ve just really been curious about being with another woman, that’s all. I just wanted to see what it was like, it’s nothing I’m ashamed of, but I wasn’t planning on telling you. Please don’t tell your dad about this, though. It would tear our family apart, so please don’t let him know about this.”

“That’s all fine well and good, but how did you land on my best friend, though? Were just under some impression she’d say ‘Yes.’ Mom?” she asked, before a gap. “What about me?”

“What do you mean, Chloe?”

She yanked my arms away and then immediately brought her hands to her top. “If you wanted to have sex with a young woman, you could’ve come to your own daughter. Now, before I undo my top, are you going to make it up to me by inviting me in with you two now?”

“You want to join in with us?” I pondered.

“Don’t pretend like she didn’t tell you that we hooked up once before, Mom,” Chloe warned me, before taking off her top. “We both know Darcie has a loudmouth.”

Then she lowered her bottom, too, letting both of us see her completely naked. I couldn’t help but to check out her body. She was a goddess, just like Darcie, but I was still left speechless, though.

After a moment of leering, she closed the gap between us and kissed me, unlike a daughter. I didn’t even know how to react, but I knew I loved her as my daughter. We were about the same height, so our tits went together.

She reached over and placed her hands on my butt too, so I had to do the same as we made out. As far as I could tell, Darcie just stood there and watched us. I felt Chloe’s body with mine and sure felt my juice leaking nonstop too.

After a few minutes, she parted her lips. “You’re beautiful, Mom, but I can keep a secret, but you better too, Darcie,” she said, coming to her. “You were having sex with a boyfriend again, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” Darcie admitted, before kissing Chloe. “Your mom is just a horny woman, that’s all, so you better be good to her. She’s a great mom.”

“I will, bitch, and I know that,” Chloe whined, taking her hand.

Then she escorted us both to her room. I wasn’t sure what to expect again, but I was more than excited to find out. I was more than satisfied with Darcie, but then I got a better taste of the young lesbian juice coming from my daughter.

She had me sit down on her bed first, and Darcie sat next to us. Then Chloe got down on her knees in front of me and felt my boobs. She failed to say a word, but viewed the results as I had to jiggle and let my juice out too.

She didn’t make me convince her at all; after a moment, she leaned back to my jugs too and let her tongue out too. She didn’t say anything and just gave me some not-so-mother/daughter love.

“Oh, Chloe, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were turned on by the idea of Darcie fucking me.”

“No, Mom, but come on, Darcie, she has another nipple.”

Darcie couldn’t resist that offer, so she leaned to my other melon and began licking it slowly along with Chloe. I couldn’t help but to feel both of their heads and pay them more attention too. I fondled both of their heads, but no one said a word for a while.

I knew they both had experience giving females pleasure, but for my flesh and blood daughter to do it for me was just something else entirely. I had to relish that and look directly into her eyes too.

As if that wasn’t enough, I felt Chloe feel my pussy as well. She fingered me slowly and kept her tongue going just calmly on my nipple as well. I wanted to look at Darcie, but of course, Chloe brought the incest factor too.

I surely still saw her as my daughter, but of course, all bets were off. I already felt be on fire, but when I began doing it with Chloe, she dropped an ocean of lighter fluid on me. Darcie was lucky enough to be invited along, but Chloe was the ringleader there already.

I felt her move her fingers on the outside of my lips slowly, but hardly. I attacked her with my breath too, but she didn’t seem to mind. She just looked right back at me with the lustiest eyes I could imagine.

After a few minutes, she lifted her face. “So, did my BFF make you feel good, Mom?”

“Yes, she’s a great woman too.”

“‘Too’? You think I’m a great woman, Mom?”

“Yes,” I answered, yanking her to me. “I’m sorry I didn’t come to you; it won’t happen again.”

“Good, but make sure you give Darcie some love too,” she ordered me, before leaning down to my breasts. “That means look at her too, Mom.”

I looked at Darcie again just as Chloe began licking my nipple again. I couldn’t help but look at Chloe as much as possible. She had the sweetest form of sexual love working for her, and even if she didn’t want it to happen, it did.

I felt them both grab my melons hard, but Chloe just kept one hand on my slit, though. I felt them both continue to lick those nipples and even let them fling too. That created an even sexier sensation, and I certainly had Chloe’s bed soiled too.

After another moment, my daughter even stole a hand from Darcie and placed it on my pussy as well. So, I had them both fingering me and licking my nipples as well. I couldn’t have been having more turned on by then.

“Oh, I was having sex with you BFF here, Chloe, and I thought so many times that I’d never have more fun. Now, I have you here too, so you proved me wrong.”

She nodded too and pushed her mouth onto it even more. As my jugs were big, they even covered some of their faces with them as they pushed as much as they did on my tits. That only turned me on more and indeed made me love her, unlike a daughter.

I certainly knew I’d have to keep those feelings intact, but of course, it’d be an uphill battle. Feeling her taking my nipple into her mouth and looking straight into my eyes while she did it was mindblowing, and I couldn’t help, but cherish it.

“I love you, Chloe; you’re a wonderful young woman.”

“She’s your daughter, woman; you have to love her.”

“You might be my BFF, but shut up, Darcie,” Chloe warned her, before kissing her.

Darcie nodded and brought her hand up to Chloe’s mouth. My daughter opened her mouth and let those fingers in there. Chloe sucked off all the juice for a moment as I just jiggled. Then Chloe went back to my nipple again, but immediately took my nipple into her mouth.

Darcie did the same, and I had to begin feeling their heads again. I looked at both of them, and they both viewed my eyes right back. I still couldn’t fathom the whole idea, but yet, it was happening right on my boobs and pussy too.

They both caressed my lips and had me increase my grip on them too. Again, neither of them seemed to mind. They just kept going on me as nothing else mattered on both my nipples and snatch endlessly.

I knew they had sex at least once before, so I knew they had chemistry together, and therefore, I was in for one sexy ride. I felt the intense suction on my nipples again and brought out the tears again as well.

Then Chloe got onto the bed with us, but failed to let her eyes off mine even for a second. Once again, she stole my attention, but she didn’t call me out on that. I just eyefucked her as nothing else mattered to me either.

I was cheating on her dad, but she was helping me do it that time. For whatever reason, she did it and seemed to love it too. I could imagine her being hurt that I didn’t go to her with my desire, but of course, it was an unorthodox desire.

Seeing my daughter sucking on my nipple painted a picture that she might have had some of the same lust for me, whether she knew it or not. Even though I knew she was enjoying the touch of my hand on her head, she stole my hand as well and brought it to her pussy.

“Oh, that’s a saturated cherry, Chloe. Is your mommy turning you on now?”

She nodded and leaned up to kiss me. “That’s not weird, is it?”

“No, but if I have the longing to have sex with you, I’ll tell you.”

“Good, now feel your daughter’s snatch too,” she said, before taking my nipple back into her mouth yet again.

“I’m feeling it, babe, I’m feeling it and getting my dose of your juice too. I love it so far, but I must taste it now,” I added, before bringing my hand to my mouth.

I got to taste her juice then, and she watched me do it while keeping her mouth going. I didn’t look at Darcie yet again, but she didn’t care. She knew of the newfound mother/daughter love, so she let it happen.

I couldn’t help, but twitch like I was having a seizure and a breakdown too. I kept shedding tears like I was at Chloe’s funeral, but of course, they were coming for an entirely different reason. I felt the lustiest yet incestuous love I could think of possible.

So, I had to yank her up with me again. “Oh, I love you, Chloe,” I moaned, before kissing her. “You’re lucky I never gave you a sibling. Otherwise, you’d have to share the love.”

“I’d love to see them top this,” she added, dropping down to my crotch.

Darcie moved her hand away, but kept licking my nipple and just watched Chloe spread out my legs even more. She placed her palms on my thighs and immediately went to town on me. I felt her licking my slit and doing it fiercely.

Darcie got up and positioned herself behind me too. She let me lean onto her, and she kept me up as I felt Chloe eat me out like it was nothing. I couldn’t look at her, just like with Darcie, but again, it was understood.

Even though we had never discussed anything like this, Chloe fucked me mad without any other mental preparation. She let her tongue all over those lips again and pressured them so hard; I couldn’t even believe it was possible.

“Oh, yes, Chloe, show your mom how much you love her.”

“Shut up, Darcie. You got to have sex with my mom before I did, so shut it. You didn’t have to go through me jibber-jabbering.”

“Be nice, you two, now keep going, sweetie. Show the love,” I implored her, fondling her head. “If you love me more than dad, then there’s no better way to prove it than this.”

“She’s right, Chloe, your mom, is a sexy woman, and she needs an extra good fuck from you now. She already got one from me, but she needs it from her smoking hot brunette daughter. Aside from that, you’re her daughter too,” Darcie moaned, feeling me up.

Chloe failed to say a word and kept going on me like she was on a mission. After all, I was her mom, but she nearly thought I was cheating on her rather than cheating on her dad. With help from Darcie, I was able to watch her fuck me.

We looked into each other’s eyes with the most loving looks we could fathom. She kept it somewhat slow so we could keep constant eye contact. She let her tongue in the past my lips rarely, though. She wanted to keep me on edge, and she succeeded.

“Rub your daughter’s head, woman, and let her know how much you love her too. Despite you’re not wearing your wedding ring now because you were in the pool, but you’re still married to her dad.”

“Shut it, Darcie, but I understand,” I moaned, clutching her head a bit. “I love you, Chloe.”

“I love you too, Mom; now quit eyeballing me and turn to my BFF. Kiss her or lick her nipples; she loves that.”

I nodded, blew her a kiss, and turned my head to kiss Darcie again. Needless to say, it was more romantic doing it with Chloe’s tongue and lips on my slit. Although, with that amazing thing happening, I still couldn’t give Darcie the attention she deserved, though.

Nevertheless, she still helped herself to feel my boobs with one hand. I breathed as heavily as I could and moaned even more. Everything was hitting me even harder than before, but of course, that was thanks to the incest factor.

I felt Chloe’s tongue devouring my twat and surely making it hard to be mad at her for anything as I peeked at her. ‘I just thought of this; you’re late, young lady. I was too busy fucking your BFF to notice.’

“Come on, Mom, you wanted to cheat on dad with Darcie, so cheat on him with her. Finger her too,” Chloe whined, coming up to me. “I’m mad at you, but I love you and want you to be happy. So, if you want to feel both my BFF and I, then do it,” she explained, before kissing me and going back down to my slit.

“I understand, Chloe; I want you to be happy too,” I moaned, plopping one hand on her head and feeling Darcie’s cherry too.

I fingered her, took the pleasure from Chloe, and kissed Darcie as hard as I could as well. So, it was an uphill battle, but one worth fighting. I felt sweat going down all over my body, and my heart pounded even harder too, but I still loved feeling it.

I moved my fingers all over Darice’s cunt again, but not in water that time. I didn’t know what to say or think about everything, but I knew I didn’t want my hubby to find out, and it was too good just to put a stop to wither.

Darcie pushed her lips onto mine as hard as she could and surely showed she loved the fact that I was having sex with my daughter. I felt the passion in her like mad, but even kissing me wasn’t enough, though.

She swiftly yanked her off mine and got onto her knees. “Let your smoking hot daughter see you lick my nipples now,” she said, placing her hands on my head. “Don’t you dare stop fingering me, though. She wants to see that too.”

“I do, Mom.”

I looked up at Darcie and licked her left nipple slowly, but very sexy, though. Darcie caressed my head, and Chloe kept her tongue moving in my pussy as well. I felt her hands stay on my thighs, and she gripped them hard.

It worked perfectly because she ate me out perfectly. I felt her tongue go out on a pleasuring rampage, so to speak. It went all over my lips and even inside it too. Although she teased me by letting it go in shallowly at first, I knew she’d give me more.

Until then, I made sure to please Chloe by pleasing Darcie. I licked her nipple so much more than I did in the pool, but I was instead fueled by Chloe then, so Darcie got the long end of the stick there. That made her scrub my head with both hands and jiggle too.

I felt her juice going all over my hand and dripping off my hand too. I also made sure to pay attention to her other nipple and give it quite the pleasure. Even though I still didn’t consider myself a lesbian, I certainly enjoyed them.

“Oh, yes, Angie, just like that. Yes, you do it better than your daughter.”

“Shut up, Darcie,” Chloe whined.

I yanked her up with me. “Be nice to your BFF, Chloe,” I ordered her, before kissing her. “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

“Am I a better snatch eater?”


“Fuck you, Angie.”

“Fine, get down here and prove it,” Chloe grumbled, hauling her down there.

From one second to the next, I got to relive the sensation of having Darcie eat me out.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sweetie, you might be better, but you still can’t discount Darcie here,” I moaned, feeling her head. “She is still quite a sexy lady that knows what she’s doing.”

“Well, she had me teaching her.”

“Shut up; we learned together, Chloe.”

“Damn, you two are like sisters.”

“We’ve been BFFs for over ten years, Mom,” Chloe added, feeling Darcie’s head. “Yes, make my mom feel good, you skank. You fucked her even though she’s married. You know my dad, but you did this to him, and you call me the bitch?”

“I love you to death, Chloe, but now you need to shut it.”

“Fine, but I’m still better at licking your cherry.”

I nodded, and then Darcie let her jealous ass have her crack at me again. Chloe latched onto the incest thing like the most enormous bowl of mint chip ice cream, covered in cherry toppings. She moved her tongue and head so much faster than Darcie, so it was no contest; she won in a landslide.

Nevertheless, just as I said, Darcie was still a magnificent woman that deserved her shot. Even though Chloe was a possessive brat at times, she still knew how much I loved Darcie, so they shared my twat for the time being.

They took turns roughly every minute or so, but surely kept me more than satisfied. My snatch was on fire, and with every passing lick from them, I felt it burn even more. I loved it, and there was no end in sight.

They helped themselves to all the MILF muff they could handle, but shared it as besties should. I felt the chemistry, and it was superb, to say the least. I indeed didn’t configure this would all happen when I decided to fuck Darcie, but shit happens.

I managed to stay up and watch them go to town on me like mad, and I fought like hell not to scream. I wanted to run a marathon by then, but I managed to keep myself sitting down and enduring the pleasure.

Although, after a couple more minutes, Chloe came up to me. She immediately pressed her lips on mine, felt my boobs, and indeed made the love known too. I couldn’t help but reach over to her butt with one hand.

I kissed my daughter like a lover or at least some horny chick, but the fact remained, our relationship would never be the same. It seemed to be true with Darcie because she even moved my hand from her head to Chloe’s cunt.

So, I felt Chloe in a way that no mother should feel her daughter, but it was happening. I knew who she was, but I still didn’t think of her like that, but of course, I couldn’t just erase that from my mind.

“Did you eat her out, Mom?” she pondered, backing away.

“Yes, even though I never did it before, I had her moaning and loving it.”

“Good, would you try mine, Mommy?”

“Fuck yes, sexy lady. I want to lick your beaver so much that my tongue wants to fall off.”

“Then do it, horny lady,” she dared me, lying down next to me.

I looked at her smoking hot body for a moment and felt some stage fright. She brought her hands to her snatch and spread out her lips down there too. I calmly got down on my knees on the floor and made Darcie follow me.

She moved right to my butt and spread out my cheeks too. Then I felt her fuck me yet again from behind. She made sure not to speak, but she knew exactly what was going on, though. I nonchalantly moved my head to her pussy and felt it with both hands.

I needed to get a feel for it first, and Chloe obviously understood that. She wasn’t Darcie, so the stakes were higher than ever. I licked my lips as well and certainly got myself ready. Although nothing and no one could do it for me, I had to get it done independently.

“It’s just my pussy, Mommy; it won’t bite,” she implored me, feeling my head.

“What if I can’t make you feel good, Chloe?”

“You will, Mom,” she made clear, before leaning to me and kissing me. “If you wanted some young lady to fuck, you gave birth to one. I would’ve fucked you,” she told me, before lying back. “Now eat out your daughter.”

I took a deep breath and angled myself down to her muff. Even though I was nervous as hell, I let my tongue out and licked her once. I got her to twitch and pressure my head, so I knew I had to give her more.

“Yes, Mom, just lick me nice and slow. You know how Darcie likes it, but don’t pretend she’s me. I still like my pussy licked ever so slowly, but hardly too. So, make your daughter feel good.”

I nodded and began slathering her lips lazily, and I placed my palms on her thighs. I grabbed them hard, but not too hard. I was nervous, but still managed to think somewhat clearly. I only had Chloe on my mind, even with Darcie still fucking me.

I got the intense scent of Chloe’s slit, and it infected my brain, too, making me want to make her feel as great as I felt as ever. I didn’t know how to really do that, but I was up for the challenge, though.

I acted the same way with Darcie; I let passion and my heart lead me. I moved my head back and forth somewhat, making my tongue go back and forth a bit and please those lips in the process. Judging by Chloe, pushing her hands on my head told me I was doing something right.

I was still on the edge of the edge. I wasn’t even sure it made a difference if Darcie was fucking me or not. Either way, my tongue, and lips were on Chloe’s slit, and I wasn’t regretting it. I felt Darcie’s tongue zig zagging all over mine, and I certainly used her inspiration to get Chloe.

The results showed as I had her rattling around like she was on a mechanical bull. I couldn’t help, but relish that. I saw her reacting to the thrills, and it couldn’t have been sexier to see, especially from my angle.

I made myself insert my tongue in there slightly, but I almost immediately took it back out. I began licking her twat rather quickly again, but I knew she noticed what I did. She couldn’t look at me, but I took that as a good sign.

It told me she didn’t want to or just couldn’t look at me because she had some mother/daughter pleasure to deal with. I gave it to her, even though I had no idea I’d do it just a couple of hours before that when I drove home.

I did it for her because I loved her, and I certainly found myself liking our new mother/daughter playtime. I worked myself up to let my tongue in between her lips again, but I still remembered it was Chloe’s twat I was dealing with then.

I closed my eyes and dealt with the emotions the best I could, and that certainly was the more significant hurdle to jump over. I wanted her to love me more than a mother by then, maybe it was solely due to the circumstances, but still, I wanted it.

“Fuckl yes, Mom, just like that, let that tongue in there little by little, and let me feel it touch down,” she moaned, jerking around before I felt her rise with me. “You like that, Mommy?” she asked, rubbing my head.

I had to look at her, and she was eyeballing me like a hawk on a snake. “You like my cherry, Mommy? Don’t worry; I won’t tell dad. He might get pissed off about this, but then he’ll get turned on, though. He’s still a guy, and he’d love to get into both of our panties, don’t you think?”

I nodded, but closed my eyes again. I applied pressure to her thighs, too, and kept myself as concentrated as I could. It was still quite difficult to keep my cool and go on her, but I was still up for the challenge.

I kept my tongue in her slit somewhat and rubbed her thighs too. I licked her inside her pussy partially, but I was undoubtedly looking to work my way to make her scream if I could. I knew that was probably a tall order, but still, nothing was going to stop me from making my daughter love me.

She pressured my head and made me go in a tad deeper, so she got what she wanted, even if it was by accident. Either way, I had my lips pushing on her lips down there, and that meant that her hair and some of her lips went into my mouth too.

She had all of her bases covered, it seemed, and so did Darcie. I still felt her tonguing my snatch and rubbing it too. I couldn’t see her, but felt her touch, though. It was rocking sexy alone, but with Chloe there, I was set.

I got to feel Chloe move around and pressure my head more and more. With every moan and move she made, it certainly told me that I was on the right track. I was sure she set her standards down for me at least a tad, but I still wanted to woo her way better than Darcie.

So, I didn’t see her reacting, but feeling it painted the picture. As I let roughly half my tongue in there, I jolted a bit myself. Needless to say, I grabbed her thighs hard, but she didn’t whine. She only moaned and even giggled somewhat.

So, I knew I had her in a somewhat good position, but of course, I wasn’t riding the ‘Mom’ train and did the work myself. I let my tongue in there and licked around once again. I tingled and smiled, too, because it was new, but yet, I knew it was good for her.

“Yes, Mommy, lick those pussy walls and kiss those lips too. Do it in the most sensual way possible, do it for your hot daughter. Look at me and scrub my lips too, Mom. I’m telling you exactly what to do, so do it, MILF.”

I chuckled and followed that last order. I lifted my head and locked eyes as I let my fingers go and forth on her lips rather swiftly. I saw her reacting again, but I didn’t have her twat in my way that time. I moved it so quickly; I felt my wrist hurting.

Nevertheless, I kept going on her for a moment. She squeezed her tits, and then Darcie even came over to her. They failed to touch each other, but they did exchange eye contact for a moment.

“If you’re gonna kiss her, then kiss her.”

“Sorry, Angie,” Darcie apologized, before kissing Chloe. “Your mom told me she’d turn me in if I didn’t get with her.”

“It’s not that cut and dry, she didn’t have a gun to her head, and it’s not like you regret it now, lady.”

“She did warn you last time, now get on your knees.”

She did that, and then Chloe leaned up to her. “She’s got two knockers too, Mom,” she reminded me, grabbing her right breast.

I watched her lick Darcie’s nipple, and I quickly joined her. I grabbed her other boob and began licking that nipple too. Chloe and I looked at each other several times but said nothing. She did grab my hand and bring it over to Darcie’s cherry, though.

She covered it with hers and smiled at me the most she could too. I didn’t even know what to say, but of course, Chloe couldn’t be more supportive by then. I was cheating on her dad, but yet, by then, it didn’t seem like she cared.

We were bonding more than than the year prior to that day. We both fingered Darcie together just as they both did to me. I saw up close and personal that she knew what she was doing on her too. She went to town on Darice’s nipple as well, and I couldn’t have been more turned on too.

I nearly felt like I was involved in a real adult movie, both participating and watching. I couldn’t help, but love it all. Darcie caressed both of our heads, but made sure not to block either of our views. We just licked and sucked those delicate nipples and loved every second of it.

Even though we were having fun fingering Darcie, Chloe took hers in mine. So, we were holding hands as mother and daughter, bonding in the best way possible too. I had to shed some tears at that, but after a moment, Chloe came to me.

She placed her palms on my neck and kissed me. “You’re the only mom I got, I can’t judge you, but still, you have a daughter; just remember that next time,” she made clear, before going back to Darcie’s nipple.

I did the same and took Chloe’s hand in mine yet again. I held it as tightly as I could and surely gave her the intimacy she desired. I loved her like no one else, and her doing this with me was beyond wonderful.

She understood me and didn’t judge me for my actions, but of course, everyone still knew it was wrong. Nevertheless, nothing was stopping us, I still had no idea where my husband was, but he wasn’t there.

Both Chloe and I sucked Darcie’s nipples into our mouths and provided some intense sensations for her. We felt it all too much as she had to scrub our heads and attacked us with her breath too.

“Oh, I’m one lucky bitch; I’m getting action from a mother and daughter at the same time. You’re one lucky chick, Chloe; your mom is cheating with you and your BFF.”

“Duh, woman,” Chloe whined, leaning up with her.

They both wrapped their arms around each other and made out again. I plainly saw some great chemistry and had to be proud of them both for that. Even though I had no idea of it, I still enjoyed seeing it.

After a moment, Chloe parted her lips. “If my mom catches you using her pool with a boyfriend again, I’ll turn you in myself, got it?”

“Yes, whinny-ass,” Darcie added, bringing my head to hers. “It won’t happen again, Angie,” she told me, before kissing me.

“Thank you.”

“Now, Mom, make it clear how much you love Darice by eating her out,” Chloe said, having me lie down.

Darcie got right over my face with her front towards my face. She lowered it to my face and let me go to town on her. Then I felt Chloe touch my legs, and then her pussy come onto mine. Even though I couldn’t see her, I knew it.

“How’s my mom doing, sexy lady?” Chloe pondered, leaning to Darcie.

“She’s a cherry-eating machine, Chloe,” she moaned, angling her head back and feeling Chloe’s head too.

I saw Chloe wrap her arms around Darcie and feel her up too. That didn’t stop her from scrubbing my twat with hers, though. So, she multitasked and made both Darcie and I feel good. I was still on edge, though, because pussy-eating was still mindblowing to me.

I surely knew I was doing something right making Darcie shake, but of course, I was a novice. Nevertheless, I was out to prove I could be more than that when passion got in there too. I had my tongue in there somewhat deep, and I grasped her thighs hard too.

I let my tongue roam in there freely yet again and got her juice as a reward. It drizzled off my mouth and onto my chest quite a bit, but I liked it that way. It thrilled me just to feel it and not see it, so it painted a picture of mystery, so to speak.

All the while, I felt Chloe moving around somewhat slowly, but hardly, making sure neither of our slits ever got dry, even though she was rubbing them together so hard. I looked up into Darcie’s eyes as much as I could, but it was

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