Cassandra Reid, Cassie to her family and friends, was a mild-mannered community pharmacist with her own successful pharmacy. At forty-three years old and five feet ten inches tall, she had long brown hair and a slim build that she kept with a regimental diet. She had never been overweight; even after the birth of each of her two girls she had remained slim.

Cassie had grown up the middle child of five in a middle-class family. The family had strong church links and she had been brought up to fear disappointing her parents. She was married to Bill. Although he was a plain-looking man when she married him, he was now two stone heavier with badly receding hair. To say he hadn’t aged as well as his wife was an understatement, but most wouldn’t have guessed the body that lurked under the frumpy clothes of Dr Reid. She dressed with the standards of a woman who found it vulgar to ogle the female form; sex was a means of reproduction, plain and simple, to the dear doctor.

Cassie had only gone out with Bill because he ‘ticked all the boxes’ as boyfriend material to her parents:

•Church going

•Good stock (from a good family)

•At university

•Polite and shy

•Same age

He had been her first and only boyfriend. Bill had tried a few times to get into her pants before they were married, but Cassie had put him straight. And after the eighth or ninth date, she had realised he was a push-over, and she liked being able to influence him.

They had been married after graduating university. Bill had taken her virginity and wished his wife would have more of an interest in sex, but it wasn’t to be.

Bill’s granddad had died and left him a small but substantial inheritance which Cassie had commandeered and invested in a shop and refit for her Pharmacy. Bill, the willing horse, had crumbled. It wasn’t the last time he would, either. The choice of starting a family was out of his control, as was how his redundancy was spent, and that he was now a homemaker. His confidence was at an all-time low.

The break-in:

Early in the summer, Cassie had left her family and gone to work. She arrived at the store early, as usual, long before the other staff. She raised the shutter and unlocked the door. She reached for the light switch and was confused as to why the shop remained in darkness.

“Must have blown a fuse,” she muttered to herself.

She stepped over to the alarm and, upon pulling down the white plastic flap that covered the screen and buttons, she noticed there was no power to it either. It was regularly serviced and should have been powered with an auxiliary battery in case the power ever did go out.

She looked around the store with the only light coming from the open door; the shutter on the windows was still down, making the store dim. She stepped down the rows of shelving and towards the desk at the back of the store, noticing several display items missing. As she rounded the counter, she lifted the cordless phone and began to dial the police as she saw more items on the floor. She pushed open the security door which had been clearly broken open; the small room was in mostly darkness, but she could see the carnage that lay beyond the door. Powders and tablets scattered the floor; puddles of chemicals lay spilled and mixed on the tiles.

“Police Department, how can I direct your call?”


She had taken a deep breath at the threshold of the door, prepared to report a break-in, but, caught in the aroma for something sweet, she had forgotten the phone at her ear. Uncontrollably she inhaled deeper.

The smell was so good, she let it rush through her nostrils and fill her lungs, and the feeling was incredible! Never before had she experienced such pleasure. The more she breathed, the less she was aware of where she was and everything around her.

“Hello, do you need assistance?”

The only reason she had been brought around to the woman on the other end of the phone was that the vapour had left the small room and been swallowed up into the atmosphere. She feared it had been lost forever.

“Hello, are you able to tell me where you are?”

“No, everything is fine. We’re having some problems with the line. Sorry.”

The staff arrived and she decided to explain the break-in to Carol, Helen, Mary and young Harry. She didn’t know why she told them the police had been there, but the staff seemed to understand and found the entry of the thieves/vandals had been from a small side window in the staff room.

Harry was the only male in the store, and she had only hired him part-time because his mum was Mary, her longest employee. She liked the boy as he was polite, but she disliked the piercings on his ears and eyebrows. The tattoos he had were unsightly, but as long as he wore long sleeves, she had agreed to keep him in a job.

Harry was the first to walk past her and she had noticed the smell of him. She knew the fragrance; it was teenage boy, sweaty and salty. It was the first smell she could remember since the intoxicating fragrance from the room.

As she inhaled deeper again, she caught the body odour once more; however, the feeling was coming back to her. She stepped closer to him and he watched her, slightly uncomfortable with the proximity closing between them. She knew he was intimidated by her, and usually she liked that, but he didn’t need to be intimidated today.

“Are you okay, Mrs R?”

She had hated that normally, but today it didn’t matter. She looked through to the front of the shop; Harry was now pressing his back to the wall in an effort to keep distance between him and her. She placed one finger to his lips and he was silenced.

Her hands moved to his zipper and she had him undone and was fishing inside for his stiffening cock. She brought it out and began to massage him.

“My mom…”

Her free hand left his balls and moved to his mouth, signalling he shouldn’t speak.


She moved to her right so the ladies could see her, but she was still half-hidden by the wall, allowing her to continue to wank his cock undetected.

“Since we’re in a state of confusion here, I suggest you take the rest of the day off with pay. Helen, if it’s okay, I will keep young Harry here to assist me.”

Her grip on his cock increased as she mentioned him, and she felt him buck a little.

“No, that’s fine. It’ll keep him out of trouble for a while.”

“Can I ask you to lock the door over as you leave?”

She watched them leave; locking the door as she never lost pace with the stoking of his shaft.

“Doctor Reid, I…”

She grabbed him and rammed herself against him; she was taller than him and stooped down to kiss him.

“You’re my bitch, Harry, and right now I want you to fuck me.”

She managed the words between kisses. The vulgarity about that statement wasn’t dirty anymore, it was hot!

She pulled the swivel chair from the desk over to them and pulled his trousers to his knees. She lifted her ankle-length skirt while raising her right foot between his legs. As she placed her thumb inside her cotton pants she stepped down on his trousers, pushing them to his ankles. Her pants came down in the same motion, and she stepped one leg out, leaving the pants wrapped around her left shoe.

She placed both hands on his shoulders and sat him down before straddling the bewildered boy. She lowered herself onto him and remained to hover as she adjusted her feet. She then slowly dropped her full weight onto him as the chair rolled back.

The feeling of him inside her was mind-blowingly brilliant! She bounced on his hard cock, receiving waves of pleasure.

She watched him as he soon began to relax and become more confident. His hands were now under her shirt grabbing at her breasts. The feeling intensified and she moaned with delight.

Harry grew in confidence at the audible moan, and his cock seemed to harden further.

She had never enjoyed sex, before. But this wasn’t sex; this was an erotic euphoria!

She reached to her chest and ripped open the shirt; all but the top and bottom button ripped off, but it gave more than enough room for him to pull her tits up over her bra.

“Fucking hell! I didn’t know you had tits as big as that under there all this time!”

He grabbed and pulled at them, as she changed from up and down to grinding herself onto him, pushing him back into the chair. The chair continued to roll back until it was against the desk.

His mouth came to her nipple and as he sucked the whole one into his mouth, she experienced her first-ever orgasm. It seemed to last forever as she grasped the back of his head, pulling him into her ample chest!

She soon regained her momentum.

“You’re going to come for me now, Harry.”


She slapped his cheek.

“I said, …urrrrrgghh, …you’re going to come for me, now!”

He looked at her, shocked, as she slapped him again. She was raising her hand to slap him yet again when he pulled her hand to her side; his hands moved to her behind and he pulled her deeper onto his cock.

She arched her back and looked to the ceiling before closing her eyes.

“Come, Harry, come up my CUNT!”

He grunted, and she knew the release was coming. His cock exploded deep inside her, and she experienced her second, third, fourth and many more orgasms, that swept through her as his seed coated her insides.

Several minutes passed before she realised both her hands were behind his head, her fingers woven into his thick, greasy black hair. She pulled his face to hers.

“That was a good fuck, Harry. Well done; take the rest of the day off.”

Harry looked like a rabbit caught in headlights; he sorted himself frantically as best he could and left without a word, keeping his head down and eyes on the floor until he was out of the shop.

Cassie felt empowered, in control, and as she cleaned herself, she wondered why she had been so prudish in the past.


“Just home for a freshen up.”

Cassie had explained that she needed to go back to the store later and had stopped in to get a quick change and wash. Bill had tried to kiss her on the cheek as she had come in the back door. Usually, his wife would slightly lean over and allow him a quick peck; today though, she paused and turned her head to his and allowed him to kiss her on the mouth. Her tongue found the inside of his mouth before she broke off and headed to the bathroom.

Bill stood almost in shock as he watched her head down the hall.

Cassie dropped her fresh clothes on the floor and ran the bath. She began to strip off, removing everything except her pants. She sat on the edge of the bath and looked to see if she had remembered to lock the door. She opened her legs and dropped her hand down inside the material and towards her pubic bush; she knew she was still wet.

Her hand found her mound between her legs, and she slipped a finger inside herself before withdrawing it. She brought the hand to her nose and sniffed, her pleasure increasing. The fingers found her lips, and she realized it tasted as good as it smelled.

She slid off her pants and began to suck on the thick material, tasting everything that had dripped from her pussy in the last hour. Her other hand busied itself at her clit, and before long she was coming again, not as intense as before, but it was an orgasm.

“Cassie, you all right?”

She coughed. “Yes, fine thanks. Won’t be long.”

The bath was running into the overflow; she wondered what was wrong with herself.

Hurriedly and reluctantly, she got changed as soon as she was finished bathing. She skipped out of the house in her jeans, t-shirt and running shoes; no underwear. She had shouted ‘bye’ and never entered the kitchen, just in case Bill would notice the lack of support for her breasts.

Cassie parked her car in front of the store behind a blue van; the van belonged to the joiner she had called to seal the broken window in the staff room. Two men met her as she stepped out of her BMW.

“Dr Reid?” the older of the men enquired. He was around mid-50’s, short and going bald.

Until this morning, she wouldn’t have considered him handsome, but now, – well, right now he was fucking gorgeous! She offered her hand to him. She knew she was leaving her chest to bounce as she strutted over to him.

“Yes, I’m Dr Reid.”

She now looked at the younger man with him, who was about 20; his apprentice she guessed. She showed them into the store and swung her hips as much as she could as they followed.

Opening the staffroom door, she put her hands behind her back and her back to the frame of the door. She nodded toward the window. “That’s how they got in.”

She caught a glance from the older man to the boy. She guessed he had noticed the boy ogling her, and he was warning his young assistant to be more professional. The thought of the boy leering at her made her hotter!

“Don’t you worry, Miss. We’ll have this sorted in a jiffy.”

He stepped towards her and paused, waiting for her to move from the door frame.

“Gary, get the tools from the van.”

The boy left, and he then nervously squeezed into the doorway beside her. Before he had a chance to pass, she took hold of his arm; her hands moved to his chest and she rubbed across him.

“It’s ‘Doctor’, not ‘Miss’.” She was stern in sound but soft in touch.

“Err, yes, …right. You are ‘Doctor’ from now on.” He moved to the window and began to size up the job.

When Gary came back, she had found a seat and was watching the men work. She felt as if she were a builder watching a young woman walking along the street. She felt like ‘wolf whistling’ at them as they worked!

The whole job took about forty minutes.

“That’s us, Doctor. All finished.”

“I don’t think so.”

Gary, confused, looked to his boss and then the doctor.

She noticed both men begin to squirm.

“You don’t like the job on the new window, Doc?”

“I told you – it’s ‘Doctor’, and the window is fine; but you still have to finish…”

Both man and boy looked thoughtfully at the window, then exchanged confused glances.

She took the time while their eyes were off her to stand and, in the same motion, pull the shirt up and off over her head.

As they looked back around, both men’s gazes were transfixed on her breasts.

“What’s going on here?! I’m married – and Gary has a bird.”

Gary still hadn’t opened his mouth.

“You don’t get paid until the job is finished,” she said, with a heated challenge in her eyes.

She kicked off her shoes and wiggled out of her jeans. In her full glory, she walked over to them. It didn’t matter they weren’t single, or they were dirty from a day’s work. Hell, it didn’t matter that she was married!

She took Gary’s hand and lifted it up over her head and rested it on her shoulder. She then walked him over to the older guy and began to kiss him, as Gary’s hands moved from her shoulder around to her tits.

She unbuttoned his jeans and began to suck on his cock. Gary was now fingering her soaking pussy, and she continued to take him deep as the older guy’s hands were now fondling her tits. She moaned in pleasure.

She let him spring from her mouth before pushing him back to the closest seat. He sat down, and she reached for the hydraulic arm, letting the seat fall to its lowest height.

She knelt in front of him and began to wank his cock. As she stroked on his member, she looked over her shoulder to young Gary, who didn’t know what to do other than wank his own cock.

“You have until he comes in my mouth to come in my pussy, or I’m going to spank you so fucking hard…”

She dropped her head back down and swallowed as much of the older man’s shaft as she could. She knew Gary had understood, as he knelt behind her and started pushing at her entrance. He pushed four times before his head slipped into her wetness.

“Fuckin hell, Mrs-“

The older man’s cock left her mouth again, and her hand slapped the side of Gary’s arse with a smack.

“It’s ‘Doctor’! And you’re my whore; you both are.”

She focused again on the cock, waiting just inches from her face, and seeing the look of amazement on the owner’s face, she took him again; deeper this time, as she was thrust from behind.

As the young boy became more frantic and forceful, the older man again moved his hands to the back of her head to force her deeper on him again and again.

A firm twist to his balls and a twist to the nipple encouraged him to move away again. ‘The Doctor’ was in control, now.

Gary was obviously listening because soon he was coming deep inside her! And that scene must have been enough for his partner, as he was soon pumping his load into her mouth.

Another orgasm exploded inside her!

As she carefully closed her mouth after coming off his member, she sucked the cum back onto her tongue.

Both men began to zip up.

“Geeze, lady, you’re sick!”

She looked at young Gary. She was annoyed he had called her something other than ‘Doctor’; he would need to be punished!

With cum in her mouth, she stood up. She felt the ooze begin to slide inside her. She let the cum fall to her panting chest before covering the two steps to Gary. She grabbed the boy’s hair and pulled his face to hers.

“It’s ‘Doctor’, my little slut.”

He got the message and she let him go.

“Sorry, Doctor.”

Both men turned to leave.

“I didn’t say you could leave.”

As she played with the cum by rubbing it into her tits, she went on to say, “My bitchies need paying.”

She reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled a roll of notes out, before throwing it on the floor in front of them. The older man bent to pick it up.

“No! Let him.”

She pointed to Gary, who looked at his pal then at the money. He went over and lifted it.

“Must be a grand here! …Dave?”

“That’s too much… Doctor,” said Dave, after a slight hesitation.

“I’ll decide how much,” she said, now knowing the name of the older man. “Also, when, where, and how; from now on. Now leave me. I have your business card.”

Both men left, leaving Cassie catching some of the cum dripping from her pussy and massaging it onto her tits.

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