How The Adventure Began – Sherry Chronicles

Sherry confessed to me that she knew the owner of a strip bar in a town about 90 minutes south of where we lived. She said that on occasion in the past few past years she would go down there and dance some weekends. I guess she never got stripping out of her system. She had told me about her dancing for private parties when she turned eighteen, and I thought she was done with all that. Apparently not, but I didn’t mind. I knew this bar and the fact that it was an all nude bar made it even more exciting for me.

So with my blessing and some prodding, she contacted the owner and he agreed she could come down anytime she wanted. Things were falling into place… So we made a plan and went down on a weeknight when they were having and amateur contest.

Now, while she had been a pro a few times in her life, I had been in the audience for way longer and had some suggestions for what to wear that evening. Dress like a girl who’s going out on the town for the evening, NOT like a slut that is gonna work the street corner after the bar closes. She took my advice and dressed like we were going out to a regular bar, jeans (that fit her well), button shirt, cowboy boots and of course, thong and matching bra.

When we got to the bar, people noticed her right away and it definitely didn’t seem like she belonged there, which was by design. She sat down and I went over and gave the DJ her name and also told him that she might need some coaxing to get up there. He smiled and said ‘No problem”. I joined her back at the table and she whispered to me that she was getting lots of stares. She actually looked a bit nervous and I ordered a couple shots of tequila for her, then several more…

The contest got started and a couple of obvious pros in a row started things off and the crowd was getting revved up and soon the DJ was calling for “Sherry to report to the stage”. She gave me a tequila fueled, confident look as she stood up and walked to the stage. The crowd roared with delight as she made her way up the stairs. As she stood on the stage, the house lights went down, the stage lights brightened and her music started. She started swaying to the music, getting a feel for it as she moved around the stage.

Shouts of “take it off” echoed through the club as she danced around the stage and began to undo her belt and unzip her jeans. She had to stop dancing for a moment to get her cowboy boots off, and then slide off her jeans to reveal a nice green thong (I always think redheads look great in green underwear). As she danced she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the ground showing her matching green bra. As her last song came on, she undid her bra and showed off her firm breasts to the cheering crowd (she has 34 B-C cups). Now this is where some planning came in to play. Almost to the end of her last song she started teasingly pulling down part of her thong just a bit and acted very shy and pretended she really didn’t want to show her pussy. The crowd was going nuts as the song ended and she picked up her clothes and went backstage.

After all the contestants were done, they were all called back on stage, Sherry was wearing her long sleeve button shirt and no bra or jeans, but had put her cowboy boots back on. The top three vote getters (of which she was a member) were told they had one song as a dance-off before picking a winner. The music started and the girls began dancing. Sherry made her way to the front of the stage and unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the ground. WOW!! The crowd went bonkers! She was completely nude and her small v-patch of red bush was on full display. She danced around collecting dollars and was even bending over and giving the men some great views of her meticulously trimmed pussy. All to soon, the song ended and the girls lined up for the vote. Sherry won by a large margin and looked thrilled.

When she came back out, after dressing, she ordered more tequila and asked how she looked. I told her she obviously looked better than anyone there and it seemed the crowd agreed. “How did you feel?” I asked. “Nervous at first because of you being here, but then GREAT!” she answered. Just then, a man came over and asked if she’d come over and give the table some lap dances. I told her to do whatever she wanted and she smiled and followed him towards the back to his table. I wasn’t really sure how she was gonna handle it, so I kept a close eye on her.

She got to the table and began dancing and removing her shirt and bra. This time she just undid her jeans and lifted her foot to one of the guys and asked them to pull her boot off. After her boots were removed, she just pulled her jeans and thong off in one motion, leaving her naked once again. No shyness, she was in her tequila fueled element as she danced around the table. She was grinding on their laps and putting their faces between her tits as they rubbed all over her ass and legs. She even bent over and stuck her pussy right up in a few of their faces, (I thought sure we’d get kicked out). She was giving lap dances the likes of which they could of only dreamed of and after the songs were over, she slipped her thong, boots and shirt back on and came back over to our table. She didn’t get much of a break as men were coming over and inviting her back to their tables.

I don’t remember exactly how many lap dances she gave out, but it was a lot! The DJ announced it was closing time and she finally got back to out table, a little out of breath, but smiling from ear to ear. Everyone was leaving and it was a warm evening, so she just wore her shirt, thong and boots for the walk to the car. And what a ride home it was…

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