David and his mother were having sex most nights.  Usually, he would approach her after her shift at the club. David’s mother was a stripper and enjoyed having sex.  Since his threesome with his friend Mark, David allowed Mark to join in the threesome with his mother.  He told Mark that at some point, he would want to have sex with his mother.

Mrs. Williams was kind of chunky but still had admirable attributes.  She was a bit frumpy, but her breasts and wide ass made David horny.  The thought of having sex with her excited him.  Mark had called David to let him know that his father was out of town and invited him to a sleepover.  David planned on fucking his mother later that evening. 

He was thinking about how he would get her into bed.  He could be quite the charmer and was a good lover in the bedroom.  His mother had told him how proficient he was.  He was excited to go to Mark’s and hit on his mother.

“I’m sleeping at Mark’s tonight. I’ll see you later, mom.”

“Really?  Why are you going there? Don’t you boys want to have another threesome tonight?”

“Not tonight, mother.  You are quite the whore aren’t you?”

“I like sex, and you boys like giving it.”

“Mother, you excite me!  Come over here and kiss me.”

Susan went over to her son, and David wrapped his arms around her.  He kissed her passionately while his hands untied her silk robe.  He helped her take off her robe.  Her breasts were magnificent, and her nipples were hard.  David was horny looking at his mother.  She was so hot to him and always willing to please him.

“Before I go, I guess we could fool around.  You know how horny you make me. Let’s go to your bedroom.  I am hungry for your pussy.”

Susan and David went to her room.  Susan lay on the bed and opened her legs wide.  David took off his clothes and knelt on the side of the bed.  He pulled Susan’s legs closer to his mouth.  He kissed her thighs and enjoyed his mother’s sweet pussy scent.  He inhaled her aroma before moving his tongue in the folds of her cunt.  Her pussy smelled and tasted like spun sugar.

He took time pleasing her, which didn’t take long.  She was moaning and grinding her face up against his mouth.  David pushed his tongue into her pussy and tongue-fucked her.  Her pussy tasted so sweet while he assaulted her pussy with his tongue.

“David, fucking hell, your tongue feels so nice.  I am going to cum soon.”

David was eating his mother’s pussy furiously and making her scream with pleasure. Susan’s pussy juices were dripping from her pussy.  David usually would tell her not to cum, but he just wanted her to cum, and then he would fuck her.  His mind was elsewhere thinking about fucking Mrs. Williams.  He was thinking of her plump body while making his mother scream in ecstasy.  While he was eating her pussy, he was pulling on his cock.  He was hard and ready to fuck his mother. 

“Mommy, I want you to ride me.  Climb aboard whore!”

David went onto the bed, and his mother eased down on his cock.  She pushed his large cock up into her wet pussy.  Once he was inside of her, she rocked her hips and began fucking her son.  David sat up and held her massive globes in his hands.  He loved his mother’s breasts and twisted at her nipples which made her scream in ecstasy.  Her pussy was wetting up, and David continued to pull on her nipples.  She was fucking David and arching her back screaming. 

“David, I’m going to cum!  Fuck!”

David swatted at her bottom while she had her orgasm.  David made a weird face and blew his load inside of his mother.  Susan climbed off and lay next to her son.

“Baby, that was so good.  It feels so much better when you just let me cum.  It was cosmic this time.”

“It was an amazing session, mother.  Why don’t you blow me now!”

Susan licked her son’s cock up and down like an ice cream cone.  She gobbled up their shared cum and sucked on the tip of his cock.  She adored his cock and loved pleasing her son.

“Mother, that was amazing as per usual.  You are a Rockstar in the sheets.”

“David, a Rockstar?”

“You are a great lay mother.  I am the luckiest guy in the world.”

“You will meet a nice girl someday, and you won’t even look at me then.  What we do is wrong, and you will get tired of our games.”

“I doubt it.  I like fucking you, mother.  You are amazing, and perhaps you will be the one meeting some guy.  He would never understand our relationship.”

“We will enjoy one another until the other meets somebody else.  You have your whole life to lead.  I would understand if you met somebody else. That’s what is supposed to happen.”

“Come here, mother.  Stop worrying about me meeting somebody.  I am not looking for anyone.  I enjoy making love with you.”

David held his mother in his arms.  They kissed each other passionately.  He wondered why she was talking this way.  He was thinking it was her who had met somebody and was trying to ease into telling David.  He was feeling a bit jealous and wondered what she was planning.  He wasn’t going to think about it anymore.

“Mom, I need to take a shower and get ready to go to Mark’s. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, son.  Enjoy yourself.  Mommy loves you.”

David smirked at his mother and went to the shower.  He was starting to think something was up with his mother. Would she bring a new lover home when he wasn’t home?  It was possible.  She was a whore, after all.

David finished his shower and got dressed.  He was looking forward to bedding his friend’s mother.  David hoped she was as easy as his mother.  He couldn’t wait to grab onto her chunky ass.


David drove over to Mark’s house.  He didn’t live too far from him.  He was going to try his best to fuck his mother.  She would be putty in his hand.  David was a charmer and quickly got people to do what he wanted.  His mother was a pushover and hoped Mrs. Williams would be a horny and bored housewife too.

David arrived and went to the door.  He rang the doorbell, and Mrs. Williams answered the door.

“David, it’s so nice to see you.  You haven’t been over in quite a while.  How is your mother?  Please come inside.”

“Nice to see you too.  Wow, you look amazing.  Have you lost some weight?  My mother is well and still working hard.”

“Really?  Do you think I have lost some weight?  I think I probably gained a few.  You are so sweet.  Mark isn’t here right now, but he will be here later.  He mentioned you were staying the night.  Mr. Williams is out of town for the next few weeks.”

“Where is Mark?”

“He had to help my sister with a few things.  He will be home later.  Since you are spending the night, would you like a beer.  We could go outside on the deck.  We could take a swim if you like?”

“Sure.  That sounds like a great idea.”

David was excited that he wasn’t around.  He was going to have sex with his mother.  She was already flirting with him, and she looked amazing.  She was more plump than chubby.  Mark wanted to hold her wide hips and fuck her hard.  He was already getting horny with the idea of fucking her.

David followed Mrs. Williams into the house.  He put his bag down, and they went into the kitchen.  She was wearing a bathing suit and a cover-up.  It was a one-piece style bathing suit since she was on the heavier side.  David felt his cock growing inside of his boxers.  The sight of her body was pleasing to David.  She was not a knockout like his mother, but he suspected she would be just as whorish.

David and Mrs. Williams went outside to the deck.  They sat down, and she gave him a beer.  She smiled and batted her eyelashes, and began flirting with David.

“Where is Mr. Williams?”

“He’s in Europe on business.  He goes away a lot.”

“I bet you must get lonely.”

“Mark is home, and we go out together, and he keeps me company.  I do get lonely and miss my husband.  So are you dating anybody?”

“Not really.  Just having fun before college starts up.”

“Are you going away?”

“No, I’m staying local.  Starting in community college and transfer to a better college after I get my associate’s degree.”

“Mark is doing the same, but you probably knew that already.”

Mark chugged his beer while Mrs. Williams drank her wine.  His mind was thinking about having sex with Mrs. Williams.

“Do you have more beer?”

“Of course.  Since you are staying over, you can have as many as you want.  Let me get the beer in the outside fridge.”

Mrs. Williams got up and got the beer and handed it to David.  He opened it up and took a big chug.  He was looking at Mrs. Williams and wanted to get her into the pool.

“Let’s go into the pool. I’m sweltering.  Will you join me?”

“Sure.  A swim sounds nice.”

“I don’t have a suit.  Do you mind if I skinny dip?”

“Skinny dip?  You are so bold.  Sure, why not.”

David slowly took off his clothes.  He did it sensually while looking in Mrs. Williams’ direction.  His body was tan and muscular, and his cock had a semi-erection.  He smiled at Mrs. Williams and dove off the diving board into the pool.

“Wow!  The water is nice.  You must come in.  Why don’t you skinny-dip too.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m a married woman.”

“Your husband isn’t home, and I promise not to tell anybody.”

“I haven’t skinny-dipped in years.  Sure.  Why not?”

David couldn’t believe it.  She was eager to show off her body and was probably anxious to fuck David.  Having sex with Mrs. Williams was becoming an easy task.  Mrs. Williams took off her beach cover-up and then slid her bathing suit off.  David looked at her body which was very plump and chunky.  Her tits were big and droopy.  Surprisingly her pussy was shaved, and her buttocks were round and full.

David swam over to where Mrs. Williams eased into the water.  Once she was in, she and David frolicked in the water.  She even jumped up and down, and her tits were flopping all over.  Her body was nothing like his mother’s, but for some reason, it made him feel so horny.  He wanted Mrs. Williams more than anything.

“Man, you are so attractive, Mrs. Williams.”

“Stop calling me Mrs. Williams.  My name is Claire.”

“Okay.  Claire, you are gorgeous.  Wow, you have an amazing body.  Your breasts are beautiful.”

“Do you think so?  I think I am too fat.”

“You are beautiful.  Mr. Williams is a lucky man.”

“Sometimes, I think he is off having an affair.  We have sex but nothing like we did when we were younger.”

“He is a fool.  You are magnificent.  If you were my wife, we would have sex all the time.”

“Really?  You would have sex with me?”

“Yea.  You are so hot and sexy.  Your breasts are amazing.  I would love to make love to you all night.  Your pleasure would be my happiness.”

“Really?  You are turning me on.  It would be best if you did not tell Mark you slept with me.  My husband can never find out about this.”

“I won’t tell anybody.  May I kiss you?”

“Oh yes.  Please kiss me.”

David was pleased with how easy Claire was.  He grabbed her and kissed her passionately on her mouth.  She was a good kisser, and their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

“May I touch your gorgeous body?”

“Of course.  I have chills and excitement from all your gracious words.”

David got to work on Claire.  He rubbed at her bottom and squeezed her plump buttocks.  He clutched them in his hands while assaulting her lips with his tongue. 

“We should go to your room.  I want you, Claire.”

“I want you, David.”

Claire took David’s hand, and they went back into the house.

“I want to fuck your everywhere.  Shall we start in the kitchen?”

“That’s so exciting.  Yes!”

“Sit on the counter.  I want to lick your pussy until you scream in pleasure.”

“You are so amazing, David.  My husband and I used to have sex everywhere.  Lately, just in our bed.”

“I am your lover.  Get on the counter!”

Claire hoisted herself onto the counter, and David began with her feet.  He held each one and massaged them, and sucked on each of her toes.  Claire watched the horny stud care for her aching feet.  She was amazed by his hunger to be with her.

“David, you are so sexy.”

“She was watching David delight her.  She kissed her fat thighs and moved to her pussy region.  Her fat belly folds hung down, but that excited David more.  He moved his nose around her pussy to inhale her pussy scent.  He took his time tasting her pussy.  He licked and sucked her pussy lips and slowly attacked her pussy with his tongue.  He pushed his tongue further into her pussy.  She was grinding up against his face.

“David.  Oh Yes.  Right there.  Shit.  Fuck!  I need to cum.”

Her pussy juices dripped out of her pussy.  David was enjoying her juices.  He wanted her to have more orgasms, and he continued to lick her pussy and clit.  She was moaning and groaning.  Her body was quivering with lust and desire.

“Please fuck me, David.  Take my pussy now!”

“Stand up!  Bend over, and I’ll fuck your cunt.”

Claire stood up and presented her bottom and pussy to David.  He had already been stroking his cock.  He stood behind Claire and pushed his cock into her pussy.  Her pussy wasn’t tight, and his cock went right inside of her.  He began to fuck her pussy hard and fast.  Her tits hung down on the counter while he rode her like a horse.  His cock kept slipping out of her pussy.  Her pussy seemed very stretched out.

“You are such a dirty girl.  I love your wet cunt.  May I fuck your bottom?”

“My ass?  David, how naughty!  Be gentle!”

David pulled out of her pussy and pulled apart her buttocks.  He tongued around her butthole and spat on her hole. 

“Do you have any lube?”

“Not right here.  Just spit on it.  I want your cock.”

Claire moaned and groaned while David pushed himself into her butt.  She screamed and moaned and enjoyed the pleasure of his cock.

“Fuck me, David!  Fuck my ass!”

“You are a dirty girl.  What would your husband

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