Taffy was a junior in high school.  She was seventeen, bratty, and until recently with Scott, an anal virgin.  She was a beauty at five feet six, blonde curly hair flowing to her back.  Her stomach was flat, her feet were pretty, and she had a full ass that wiggled when she walked.

Taffy met Scott on her second day of school in history, a class that they shared.  Sitting next to each other, they got to know each other before class started.  Scott was well over six feet tall and had blonde hair that he kept in a crew cut.  Taffy learned on day one that he was the quarterback of the football team, the Lions. Taffy was smitten with him, he was so very handsome.

At the beginning of homecoming week, Scott still needed a date.  With practice and all, he hadn’t had time to ask anyone.  He found Taffy very attractive and sexy so he wanted to ask her.  Taffy was watching him walk toward her between classes.  She was staring at him, he walked up to her and asked her to go to homecoming with him.  She was so excited, she said yes.  She couldn’t believe she was going to go with him; he was the hottest guy in school!  She took a couple of her girlfriends and went shopping at the most expensive department store in town.

She was so excited; she found the perfect dress for her.  It was a royal blue mini dress and it swirled when she moved.  If she spun, it would show her panties.  She also bought royal blue shoes that sparkled.  The night of the dance, she bounded down the stairs of her parents’ house when the doorbell rang.  Scott was stunned and smiled happily when he saw her in her sexy dress and shoes.


In typical fashion, Scott had won the homecoming game at the last minute with an amazing Hail Mary pass to his best friend, Derek.  They had been friends since they were kids, and Derek was his right-hand man.

Taffy was so happy for them both as they were telling the story of the touchdown at the dance.  After the story was told, it was announced that the crowing of the king and queen was going to take place, so they all gathered around the announcer.

Taffy and Scott won the titles. Everyone was clapping and whistling. Taffy saw Derek give Scott a funny grin when he gave him a high five. Taffy knew it meant trouble, some kind of trouble.  Taffy wasn’t sure what was up, but she knew something was.  Scott kissed her in front of everyone.  The girls all swooned; the guys whistled.

The dance came after the thrills of the game.  Taffy was on cloud nine.  She and Scott were dancing the couples’ dance; Derek and the other teammates were making sure nobody but Scott danced with her.

“Oh my god, your game was so amazing,” Taffy said, delighted.

“Yeah, it was cool,” Scott said with a shrug.

“Taffy, I need to tell you something,” Scott said. “The guys on the team have a homecoming tradition. When we win the game, we give a, sort of watch party to the guy that wins the game.”

Taffy looked a bit nervous. After all, what the heck was a ‘watch party’?

Scott saw the confusion on her face.

“The watch party is, a party where all the guys watch the lucky guy of the game fuck his date. I know it’s a silly tradition, but the guys are looking forward to it, Taffy,” he said, hoping he made a good case.

Taffy thought for a bit. “Okay,” she said. “But on one condition, you fuck my virgin ass. I’m tired of being an anal virgin.”

After Scott stopped laughing at her request, he agreed.


Scott held Taffy’s hand and began walking to the hotel concierge.  He knew the hotel where the dance was held had nice suites and he wanted to reserve one for the night, and for the watch party.  He spoke to the staff and told them he and Taffy were in no condition to drive home, and he wanted to reserve a suite for the night, presenting his father’s credit card.  The concierge bought it; they were in.  Scott and Taffy went to the room, and the team followed them in; they were all smiles, excited to get the show on the road.

Scott told the team, “Look, but don’t touch, got it?”  Once they agreed, Taffy stepped to the middle of the living room, giggling as she began to do a striptease; she wanted them to see what they were going to miss out on.  Scott smiled; he was impressed at how well she was taking the long-standing tradition.

When Taffy had removed all of her clothes, and shown the team all of her, she got on all fours in front of them and waited for Scott to have his way with her.  She wanted to be fucked, and he was going to do it. He knelt behind her, leaning in, licking her ass and pussy until she was dripping wet, juices running down her thighs.

He then pulled off his shirt and undid his pants.  He stood up and pushed his pants down, and off.  Then knelt again, pushing his cock deep in her pussy to coat it. He sawed back and forth in her pussy until she came on his cock. The guys applauded as she came, and she moaned louder as they whistled.

Then Scott slapped her ass about ten times each; the guys roared with laughter.  Taffy wiggled her red ass and Scott knew she was ready.  He plunged his cock deep and fast into her pink asshole.  She screamed then panted.  He kissed her back until she moaned, then he rammed in and out of her ass.  Before long, Taffy was moaning like a slut, bucking back against him as he fucked her.

The guys gasped as Scott fucked her ass hard.  He eased up after a bit.  Taffy was panting, and then she came hard as he began again, fucking her ass so hard.  By the end of the fucking, Taffy had swat marks on her tits, ass, and pussy.

The guys were very impressed as the show came to a close. Scott said goodbye to his friends, then bedded Taffy until dawn.


Soon, Taffy was known as the anal queen throughout the school.  Word of her being fucked in front of the football team had quickly run through the student body.  Taffy was proud, liking the attention and teasing.  Scott, on the other hand, did not.  He was pissed at Derek for teasing that he wanted some of that Taffy ass.  Scott gave him the death stare and he backed off.  Taffy giggled, seeing Scott get so upset.

Taffy didn’t like that Scott and Derek were upset with each other.  She decided to bring them back together to mend their longtime friendship.  She got them both into the cafeteria and had one sitting on each side of her.  She leaned over and kissed Scott seductively.  To his surprise, she turned and kissed Derek, just as seductively.

“My parents are going to be out of town for the weekend,” she said to them.  “Both of you be at my house at 10:00 pm on Friday night, got it?” she asked.  

“Got it,” they both answered in unison.

“That is when the fun will begin for both of you,” she purred.


Derek and Scott showed up together at 10:00 pm on Friday as Taffy had told them to do.  “Man, this ought to be hot,” Derek said as he rang the doorbell.  Scott didn’t say anything; he was less than happy Derek was going to fuck his girl.  

Taffy opened the door and they both just stared…she was wearing only a black lace thong…

She invited them in, and then took Scott aside in the living room.  “Look, I love you, but I invited you two over here because I want to get DP’d,” she said.  “Okay, will you wipe that frown off your face, please?” she asked.

Scott realized that him fucking her in the ass in front of his team had turned her into a sex-crazed slut.  “Okay, I get it,” he whispered.  “Let’s do this.”

Derek was undressed and waiting when Scott and Taffy came back into the room.  Taffy smiled at his naked body. 

“Boys, I want you both to fuck me,” she announced.  

Scott stripped; his cock was so hard that it sprung out when he lost his pants and watched as Taffy lowered her panties, exposing her lovely bald pussy.  Derek was the first to fuck her pussy; he was so excited he came pretty quickly, filling her with his cum.  Scott followed by fucking her ass next.  

The two switched holes, then switched again, giving her the fucking of her young life.  Having had their cocks in the same woman at the same time, Scott and Derek were buddies again by the end of the night.  

Taffy smiled proudly as she stood at the door, naked, watching them drive away.



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