Series: Impure Thoughts.

The Old Chapel…

“Giulia, darling. Please help our guest get undressed. I need to see all of her body before we start.”

The voice, which echoed around the stone walls of the old chapel, belonged to Flora.

“Yes, of course, Mummy,” Giulia replied as she motioned for me to turn away so she could unfasten my dress.

My heart was pounding. I felt as if I was in some strange erotic dream. I lifted my arms to let Giulia pull my cotton dress up over my head, and in a matter of moments, I was standing in front of everyone in just my panties. There was no need for me to cover my breasts. I felt totally confident and relaxed. And I was shockingly aroused.

As Giulia knelt to pull down my panties, I looked around. The last time I was in this old chapel, it was empty and bare. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust and pigeon feathers, and there were ancient bird’s nests in the rafters.

But now, the stone walls glowed with the light of a dozen candles. The altar covered with a vast blood red cloth, and there were lots of cushions and pillows on the altar and around the walls.

Giulia held my hand as I stepped out of my panties. I was completely naked now, and I couldn’t help trembling. This was all so strange to be the only one naked. Then Flora came forward and placed a comforting hand on my bare shoulder.

“You are a lovely young woman, Suzy. I am really going to enjoy all the naughty things that will happen to you here.”

I had met Marco and Giulia’s mother before, but she looked so different now. Her blonde hair was in loose curls, and she was dressed in a simple black linen smock. She touched me delicately, gently, and it made me feel ever so comfortable with her. As she stroked my lower back and bottom, I knew that she was going to do all sorts of sex things to me, and my whole being simply ached for that to happen.

Giulia sat me down beside her on a pile of cushions as Flora smiled at Marco and nodded, and he knew what he must do as he stood up and walked towards her. While Flora arranged the pillows, Marco climbed up and lay on his back on the altar, looking up at the rafters. 

What was to happen next left me speechless, breathless and utterly awestruck.

Giulia held my hand tightly as Flora unbuttoned her son’s shirt and removed it. Then she did the same with his shorts, and soon my beloved Marco was lying naked in front of his own mother.

I watched intently; how could I not? My eyes were like saucers. 

A sudden breeze disturbed the candle flames and made the shadows leap and dance on the stone walls. I noticed that Giulia had put her hand down between my legs, not so much to fondle me but to prevent me from touching myself, for the whole scene was wildly erotic, and I was so excited.

I watched as Flora poured a thin ribbon of oil from her son’s throat to the bottom of his belly. She smoothed the oil over his hairless chest, all the way down to the dark tuft of his pubic hair and then his thighs. 

His beautiful body gleamed in the candlelight. His penis was erect now. I had never seen it before, and it was as beautiful as the rest of his body.

Giulia quietly told me not to push and rub against her hand, and I realised that I must not try and cum, no matter how much I longed to. Especially now when Flora, using both hands, caressed and stroked her son’s penis.

Marco lay passive, unmoving, but the way his chest was rising and falling told me he was on his close to orgasm. Now Flora’s fingers circled the tip, and her fingers slid all the way to the base. 

Marco groaned, and his hips lifted as he entered the final stages of his climax. His gasp echoed around the chapel wall as his mother’s mouth closed over his penis. Her hands moved up and down the shaft, and then Marco’s body shook, and he cried out. He writhed and twisted, but Flora’s lips remained tight around the tip.

Giulia was holding tight to my wrists now, so desperate was I to join Marco in his ecstasy.

Now Flora moved away from Marco’s still trembling body, and Giulia led me to where her mother stood. 

Flora held my face in her hands, leaned in to kiss me. As our mouths met, our lips parted, and she let Marco’s seed flooded into my mouth. I hesitated, then swallowed. I kissed Flora, again and again, tasting my beloved Marco’s warm salty semen.



After Marco had climbed down from the altar, it was Giulia’s turn. She undressed quickly and lay down in the same way her brother had done. Marco’s body was so warm as we cuddled together on the bench, and together we watched as Flora poured the oil down her daughter’s chest and tummy.

There were tears in my eyes as I watched how lovingly she smoothed the oil into Giulia’s skin, how skillfully Flora fondled her daughter’s breasts, her nipples and the soft skin surrounding them. I supposed it affected me more, being a woman myself.

Now Marco had taken on the job of keeping my hands away from my own sex. So I took the softness of his penis into my hand, and I cupped and stroked his balls. And as I held him, I felt his stiffness slowly returning as he watched his sister being caressed and masturbated. 

I suddenly thought this was the first time I had touched him there, and it felt so comforting. I liked the way his body hair was a lot less than other boys I had been with. His pubic hair was nicely trimmed too. 

Flora’s hands were massaging Giulia’s tummy, all the way down to her mound. Giulias eyes were closed, and her face and neck flushed. I go like that too, and I could feel it now as I saw Giulia beginning to respond to her mother’s ever more intimate touches.

Flora gently lifted her daughter’s legs apart, and as Giulia lifted her hips, her mother slipped another pillow under her bottom. Then she helped her daughter move further down the altar top so that her sex was all exposed and within easy reach of anyone standing at the foot of the altar. Oh GOD, I so wanted that anyone to be me.

Flora looked up at me and smiled. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, and they seemed able to read my mind, for I stood up and approached the altar.

Sweetness. Almost like syrup but with an undertaste of muskiness. Heat. The heat of Giulia’s cunt. There’s no better word for what my mouth now enclosed. No better word for what my tongue now licked.  No better word for what my teeth now nibbled.

Tabbi had a ‘thing’ that she did which always drove me wild. She would hold those two big sinews right at the top of our thighs and part my lips with her thumbs, opening me to her own lips and tongue. Now I passed on Tabbi’s thing to Giulia. I felt her respond and writhe and squirm as I suckled her clitoris. 

I was in a dream. My face buried between Giulia’s thighs, the heady aroma of a very aroused young woman, the tastes, the heat, the changing pressures as I led Giulia, little by little, towards her climax.

Flora was behind me now. She was caressing my bottom. I felt the tips of her fingers stroke all the way down my valley, with all its hidden secrets.

Giulia’s orgasm came so suddenly. Like lightning striking. She screamed so loudly, a primitive kind of sound as her whole body twisted to one side, and I had a struggle holding her against my mouth. God, there were so many spasms, each more powerful than the one before.

Flora held me in her arms as we both watched her daughter experience the aftermath of such an incredible climax. I wondered if it was now my turn on the altar, but it was not to be. 

One by one, the candles were extinguished, and we began our journey back to the villa. We didn’t bother dressing, and we ran naked over the soft grass all the way home.




I had my shower, and when I returned to the terrace, Giulia and Marco had already gone to bed. Flora and I sat together under the stars. It was a wonderfully warm night, and I felt comfortable outdoors even though I had no clothes on. 

After a little while, Flora went inside, leaving me alone to listen to the creatures of the night busy with their secret lives. I

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