This is the follow-up portion of Mic Drop: The First Track, written by our own Mrs. Midnight! In the first part, we got introduced to Cypher and her friends, while discovering the secret that she was keeping from the world. Now, in this part, a seductive stranger comes to threaten that very secret.

Will everything fall apart for Cypher?

Two hours later, the house was booming with excitement. The house was packed with people from college friends to acquaintances and music industry snoops just looking for a party. The guests ranged from dancing in the living room with drinks in hand to sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows to tipsy skinny-dipping poolside.

The music was blasting through giant speakers. A mixologist stayed by the bar shaking and prepping drinks within minutes, even seconds. Hand food was stacked on tables. From fruit, cheese, burger sliders to cupcakes, donuts, and even chocolate and cheese fondue.

Tylia and Ryker were on the dance floor, grinding with each other, as Tylia’s ass, clad in a tight denim skirt, pressed against the cock imprint of Ryker’s dark blue jeans. His hands held her waist for dear life as Ben Ova by RDX blared through the speakers.

Axel lay by the pool with a beer in hand, talking to a few guys. They were laughing up a storm as each of them took swigs from their bottles. And Cypher… She was leaning against the balcony, peering over the beach. The wind got caught in her now curly black ringlets that were pulled into a ponytail. She wore a red DKNY halter top and no bra. A pair of black and skinny ripped jeans that clung to her figure oh so closely and white FILA sneakers. A Pandora bracelet wrapped her wrist alongside a silver watch encrusted with diamonds. Her silver hoops helped frame her face, along with the dark red lipstick called Exorcism by Kat Von D.

From the angle, she stood, with her arms resting on the rail and her ass perched out. Her eyes looked to the dark night sky full of stars and, at that moment, she looked beautiful.

She was comfortable and in her element.

“Beautiful night.”

A deep raspy voice caught Cypher’s attention abruptly, seeing that it was one she hadn’t heard before. Cypher’s head drifted over and slowly brought her eyes up to meet the man next to her. And, all she could think was Damn.

Her eyes crawled up this six-foot-five man next to her. She processed him as a young light-skinned Idris Elba. His skin was the colour of brown sugar with eyes a greyish-brown that were filled with mystery. His jawline was strong and sharp, paired with such kissable lips.  And his facial hair wasn’t just stubble but was full, well-groomed and paired perfectly with a white smile that could entrance anyone at first glance.

His broad shoulders looked strong and fit his frame like nothing she had ever seen before. Muscular, toned arms that looked amazing in the Navy Blue v-neck t-shirt he wore. He also looked like a man who did not skip leg day and it showed. His body looked fully built and when Cypher’s eyes drifted to his jeans, she could already see the half-mast cock print straining against the seam of the denim jeans. Her panties were already beginning to dampen before but now, she was soaked and temptation was definitely pulling her in once again for the day.

“Y-y-yeah… beautiful.”

“The name’s Ezrael… Ezra for short.”

His voice was raspy and deep but smooth to the touch. It was sexy and she already knew that she wanted to see more of this mysterious man.

“I’m … Josie.”

“Josie, that’s a cute name.”

Without a second to respond, two drunk girls pass them and look over. They had gone to school with Cypher years ago.

“Hey, CeeCee! Great partaaay.” The blonde one, who Cypher recognized as Cameron, was clearly a lightweight who was out of her depth. She went to her High School and she remembered her family owning their own restaurant. After a moment of waving over and trying to get Cypher’s attention, a dark-skinned black woman that Cypher remembered as Jhené pulled her drunk friend’s arm as she tried to drag her back to the party.

“Sorry, Cee Cee…thanks for inviting us!”

“Thanks, glad you could come.” Cypher waved back before watching the two of them stumble past.

Ezra shifted his position as he leaned against the rail with his arms in it, looking towards the house.

“Oh, so this is your party?”

“Oh yeah… it is,” she smiled.

“Hmm, interesting.  Your friends called you CeeCee but you gave me the name Josie,” Ezra teased, shooting a smirk in her direction.

“Uh…  yeah… It’s my um…” She was stunned, blown away even. Looking at this man who somehow managed to fill her atmosphere with a dominant pull towards him. In a way, she felt truly intimidated. “Josie is my first name… but my friends call me by my middle name cuz I prefer it.”

“And what’s that?”

“Cerina,” she blurted out. People never ask her this many questions about her name, so she panicked slightly.

“Cerina… Interesting.” A smile crossed his lips once again and even though he made her nervous, she could not stop staring at his lips with excitement. “So what should I call you?”

“Um… CeeCee is good with me.”

“Alright. CeeCee it is. So CeeCee, do you want to get a drink with me?”


The two of them walked through the house, passing through the living room where everyone was dancing. Her eyes crossed the floor and spotted Ryker and Tylia, dead center of the party, having a wild time.

“Oh, God,” she said covering her mouth

“What’s up?” Ezra asked.

“Um… nothing.”

“CeeCee!” Tylia yelled as she waved her over. Cypher shook her head before pointing outside towards the bar. Tylia then nodded her head before pulling Ryker by the face and planting a giant kiss onto his lips.

“Friends of yours?” Ezra asked as he had his eyes fixed onto Tylia and Ryker.

“Yeah… “

“Wait, isn’t that Cypher’s manager?”

“Yup,” Cypher said before pivoting around him and headed to the back door. This was the part of the conversation when people usually ran over to Tylia to see if she could get them in with Cypher the Rapper and have a photo-op. Leaving the Cypher the Woman alone to herself. Cuz in the end, though she was hot, Tylia was the one with the real pull on the horny demographic.

“And how did you manage that friendship?” Ezra asked curiously, following behind Cyphers beautiful behind, towards the pool and the bar.

“High school…” Cypher sighed with a small smile “Sometimes you just get lucky, ya know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

The two of them exited the house and went over to the bar, that sat across from the pool, where Axel and his buddies sat drinking beer and laughing it up. As Ezra followed behind Cypher through the crowd, his hand grazed the mid of her back. This ensured that he wouldn’t lose her and, clearly, she didn’t mind. As the two walked, his eyes drifted around, and there he locked eyes with Axel.

Axel’s smile fell as he saw this tall, light-skinned guy holding the back of Cypher. And with ease, a devilish smile crossed Ezra’s face. Though the two didn’t know each other, they clearly had built a moment of tension within seconds.

Turning his head back, they reached the bar and stood waiting.

“So what do you like to drink?” Cypher asked. 

“Since this is a house party, I usually drink Vodka. Straight.”

“Ooooh… so daring. I guess you like to live dangerously.”


Their eyes met again and Cypher truly tried her hardest not to jump in that instant. He was just so hot and she was ready for everything he had to offer. Cypher turned to the bartender with a smile.

“Can I get four vodka shots for him and four pornstar shots for me?”

The bartender nodded his head before beginning to mix and pour their drinks.

“Pornstar Shots… what in the world are those?”

“Well… if you must know. It’s Raspberry Sourpuss mixed with Blue Curacao and a splash of Sprite. It tastes like juice but after five or six shots, it’ll have you missing steps.”

Ezra let his eyes roam Cypher’s body. He drank her in, one second at a time. Thick legs, and a sculpted ass trying to hide in those jeans. A slimish waist, large bouncy tits that clearly were not restricted by a bra, and accompanied with great shape. Her entire figure looked like an hourglass with just a little extra sand and a little more to grab onto when imaging fucking her brains out. And her face… utterly adorable. With these familiar brown eyes that felt warm and reassuring but still, at moments throughout the night, downright sensual.

He bit his bottom lip with a half-smile, looking at this beautiful, nearly glowing woman next to him.

“And it’s called a Pornstar Shot, huh?”

“That’s right,” she said with a smile. As her eyes fixed onto him, she quickly looked away blushing slightly before shoving his arm. “Don’t look at me like that! It’s not like I named it!”

“Fair enough… but what if you did?”

“Did what?”

“Name it?”

 Cypher stood there for a minute.

What if she did name it…

What if she had her own brand of alcohol? She knew she had to note that idea down for later and tell Tylia about it. But besides that, she still couldn’t rename the drink.

“You know what. Fuck it, I’d keep it the same. Nothing is wrong with pornstars. Quite frankly I hear that a lot of them are really good people.”

“Really now?” Ezra’s interest had peaked. Looking down at a flustered and struggling Cypher before him. “And what would you know?”

“More than you think,” she replied with a wink.

Truth is, if you searched through Pornhub or XNXX long enough underneath the tags ebony, Latina, busty, slut, and anal, then scrolled to videos from 2015, you would find a twenty-one-year-old Tylia taking piles of cock (of all colours, shapes, and sizes) like a champ. But that’s a story for another day.

“Well, excuse me,” Ezra laughed, “My apologies.”

“Apologies accepted.”

The two of them grabbed their shots off the bar and brought it to one of the patio tables that were empty, sitting between two lounge chairs.

“Alright. Swap one with me,” Ezra said looking over at her, trying his hardest to tear from her cleavage.

“You want a pornstar shot?”

“Might as well try one from the expert herself.”

Cypher giggled for a moment before biting back her tongue and swapping two of his straight vodka shots for two of her pornstar shots.

“We take them on three, okay?”

“Alright,” Ezra laughed, “No backing down.”

“Of course not. You ready?”

“Born ready.” His determined eyes met hers with a curious and intrigued glimmer. The two of them were excited and even though they have only known each other for just under two hours, they were about to take shots like they’ve been friends for years.

“Three, two, ONE!”

Simultaneously, the two of them go shot for shot, starting with the vodka that burned all the way down. Cypher coughed for a second after the two vodka shots and Ezra chuckled at her.


“Nope,” she lied. She wasn’t a hard liquor person but it was a party, right?


“Of course not. I drink vodka for breakfast.”

She was unsure if that was a true statement or not. Ezra seemed too cool about that, so she had no idea if he was lying to her. Or if he really took shots every morning with his breakfast.

“Ready for the next two?”

“Let’s do this.”

Ezra and Cypher went again, taking down the shots a second time. Ezra’s taste palette exploded as each Pornstar shot went down. It was sweet and flavorful but still had a sharp buzz in the aftertaste.

“So what do you think?” Cypher asked, raising her eyebrows with a smile at him.

“Hmm… sweet. Not something I’d have on a regular basis but not bad.”

Ezra was a man who knew how to hold his liquor on a regular, so the shots were doing nothing to him. However, Cypher on the other hand was a grade slightly above light-weight. By this point, you could already see her bouncing her head to the music that was blasting through each open window.

“Come on. Let’s go dance!”

Without hesitation, she snatched Ezra’s hand and moved her way through the people heading to the bar, and into the house. Axel noticed this mysterious man attached to Cypher through the night and drew a puff off of his blunt as his eyes followed them inside. The first thing Cypher noticed was that Tylia and Ryker were no longer on the dance floor.  Instead, Tylia was sitting on Ryker’s lap on the couch as they devoured each other’s faces.

Conquest by The White Stripes began playing on the stereo as they stepped into the middle of the floor. The thump of the intro built tension as Cypher turned around pushed Ezra in his chest, having him move back and creating space between the two.

Cypher slowly strutted forward, closing the gap she created. Her waist swaying to the beat of the music. As she went to push Ezra again, provoking him with her movements and her body. Ezra grabbed her hand and spun Cypher around. Pulling her by her waist and slamming her ass against his now fully-erect cock hidden under his jeans.

Cypher placed her hands on his as she swayed her hips with the music. Her anxiety slowed as the liquor continued to work her way through her system. She began to sink lower as she swayed, before popping back up to her feet and bending over. Her hands running up from her feet to her thighs and danced back up to her waist.

“Whoo! You go girl!” Tylia screamed, seeing her friend on the floor.

Ezra smiled as he turned her around, pulling her in from her mid-back. Her chest was now crammed against him while his hand slowly grazed its way to her ass.

“Someone’s handsey,” Cypher said with a smirk.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He moved his hand from her ass back to her mid-back as he dipped her back and up sharply.

“That was smooth.”  Their eyes met again and she knew what she wanted. She was looking at her next conquest. “Come with me.”

Cypher got out of his hold and took Ezra’s hand. She led him to her bedroom and unlocked the door. As they entered, they locked it again so no randoms could come in.

Almost instantly, the two were lip-locked and pressed against each other.

Ezra reached low with both arms and hoisted Cypher up. Her legs now wrapped around his torso while her arms were wrapped around his neck. The two made out ferociously as if they were starved and the kiss of each other was the only thing keeping them alive. His hands gripped Cypher’s ass and all Ezra could think about was fucking her. But before that, there was something he had to do.

Turning around, he laid Cypher onto the bed.

 “Why’d you stop?” Cypher asked, almost purring. He could tell by the sound of her voice that she was ready to be fucked.

“I couldn’t do this out of good conscience without letting you know why I’m here.”

“Aren’t you here to give me cock? Or is there more?” Cypher teased.

“Well, yes,” he laughed, his laughter deep and dominant. His aura was slowly changing though, from sexy and playful to dangerous and serious. “But not exactly.”

Cypher sobered up slightly as she watched his demeanour change. He was tall and his presence surrounded her room. He managed to hijack the situation and change the atmosphere in just two minutes.

“The name is Ezrael Xerxes but you might know me as ‘Z’.”

The name rang a bell but for some reason, she couldn’t pinpoint it. It was most likely because she was tipsy and wasn’t thinking straight but nevertheless she knew for a fact she’s heard that name before.

“Okay… continue.”

“Ah…” Ezra leaned against the door of her room, looking directly at Cypher spread across the bed. “I’m a white hat, known to a handful of celebrities. By name, email and e-transfer anyway. I’m the man that you hire to find your dirty little secrets and holes in your story-“

“Then why don’t you come here and plug my holes?” Cypher teased, kicking off her sneakers at the end of the bed. “I do have a few of them. Currently not in use.”

“I’d love to,” he chuckled, “But first you need to know, that I know who you are… Cypher.”

Cypher’s mouth slightly dropped open but before she could argue back, Ezra raised his hand to silence her and continued to speak

“I still don’t know how you change your voice. But I’ve got theories for that.” His eyes began probing Cyphers body for answers and reactions as he broke down his information for her. “Two years ago, I was getting bored of the regular slimy bullshit I was finding but I was still making money. And when I was scrolling through the internet on one fateful night, an overnight lyrical sensation sparked my interest.”

“Okay,” Cypher said flatly, “And what does the rapper Cypher have to do with me? Cypher is a guy and I’m clearly a woman. I’ve got very real titties and a tight pussy to prove it.” Looking him dead in the eye she bounced around her big floppy titties with a shimmy.

“That is something I have been very aware of. You see, research started by searching Cypher’s manager. Tylia Costella. I also looked at that boyfriend of hers, Ryker Diaz. Who I also happen to know is Cypher’s head of security. And, lastly, a black man sitting by the pool who gave me an interesting look, who happens to be Cypher’s driver. It was interesting to see all three of these people at your party, in this amazing house which I am assuming belongs to you?”

“… yes,” Cypher stated, “It was a gift from my mother after graduating university.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Graduation. You’re twenty-three years old. Same age as Cypher… and it just so happens that Cypher doesn’t show skin at all.”

“Isn’t it because he was nearly burned to death and hates showing off his skin?” Cypher interjected. She was getting scared. He seemed to have found common entities but still nothing totally concrete.

“That’s the story… but seeing that badass sleeve on your arm makes me think Cypher isn’t hiding burn marks.”

“There’s still no legit connection,” she stated, getting off the bed. “I’m not Cypher.”

“See you would think that. And that’s when I took a look into Tylia again because social media is a great thing. I found her old high school and took a visit. On the walls, by the graduation pictures, I found all Ryker, Axel, Tylia and your pictures. Same graduating class and your name was under Cerina Jonston. Hilariously, Cypher’s name is Cypher Cerina Jonston. Lastly, I got a hold of a yearbook and imagine me finding the four of you all buddy-buddy in the musical theatre pages.”

Ezra and Cypher were standing face to face, the tension between them could be cut with a butter knife. The face-off to end all face-offs. She stood her ground in front of this tall gorgeous man that she wanted to tear apart and fuck raw on the bed.

“So Mr. Detective. You went searching, invading my private space, and found out that my friends and I were musical theatre nerds in High School. That Cypher and I were the same age and names. Fun fact, Jonston is a common last name for black people. It’s a slave name. Just like Freeman, just like Jackson, just like Johnson! And, as for any other coincidences, time for me to put them to rest. Cypher hired my friends as workers. Well, it’s a small fucking world. I happen to be Cypher’s Stylist!”

“And, amazingly, the only person who had ever seen him undressed,” Ezra spat back.

“It’s still not enough to pin Cypher’s identity on me.”

“Nah.” Ezra grazed his thumb against Cypher’s cheek, before tipping her chin up and having their eyes fully connected once again “But you should keep your head up, you’re more beautiful that way.”

“What the fuck…?”

Cyphers mouth fell open as she was lost in the moment. Seduced and undermined by her own words. And just like that. One reaction told Ezra everything he wanted to know.


“Wait… what… nonono that means nothing.” Cypher tried to argue while being rattled by everything that had just happened. What was she supposed to do next?

“You sure? Because Christine Moore thought it meant everything.”

“How did you-“

“I was there. I was heading over for an interview of my own but just watched everything you did. And I have to say, I’m impressed. Pulling off being a man in the rap industry for two years is quite an achievement seeing how far you’ve come and how much you make in comparison to the female rappers out today. Like Poundcake. Triple the amount.”

With a deep breath. She sighed in defeat.

“So what are your plans now? Expose me and get famous?”

“Of course not,” Ezra replied softly. His eyes twinkled with ambition and a fiery passion. “Like I said earlier, you could pay me a price. And I could make my discovery disappear while filling your holes.”

“Oh…” Her eyes lit up, as she remembered what he had said at the beginning of this conversation. Her fear and anger began to simmer down as she remembered how horny she had been all night and even up to this point. “Well then… is there a way I could… have you to myself? Full time, of course.”

Ezra pulled his shirt off in one swift movement, exposing his bare chest. His pecs were puffing out of his chest, his abs were defined, down to the v-line leading into his jeans and his arms were even more amazing than she could have ever imagined. Cypher was nearly drooling at this point in time, staring at him in full view. Though just jeans were on, she had already felt his cock over his jeans and she knew she wanted to know more.

“That could be arranged.”

Cypher, unable to contain her excitement any longer, pulled off her clothes in a frantic rush. This moment was no longer about teasing and tactical movements. This was now about seizing the day and seizing that dick. In no time at all, she laid on the bed naked, watching as Ezra undressed himself.

In the middle of unbuckling his pants, his eyes fell on her. Cypher’s voluptuous breasts were large and perky for their size. Her fairly slim waist quickly was subdued by her large ass that curved into a perfect C shape. It looked so good that he was ready to just take a bite outta her. Quickly followed were a set of thick thighs and long legs that Ezra automatically wanted to be strapped up in a pair of Louis Vuitton red bottoms. The idea of her walking around his house naked with her hair out and a pair of Louies’ on, made his cock stiff like a fucking rock.

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered under his breath, drinking her in with each glance.

“Your turn… I want to see it all.”

Ezra stood completely facing her and dropped his pants.

Cypher’s eyes widened as her mouth completely gaped open, leaving a tiny stream of drool on the corner of her mouth 

Ezra’s fully-sculpted body was in the perfect view. But his bottom half was just as impressive as the top. Hell, maybe even more.

His legs were muscular and looked powerful. His V-lines were sharp and defined on him, which had her wanting to trace her fingers over them. But what had her drooling, the main attraction. His cock…

His cock was 12 inches long, fully erect, and standing straight at her. Cypher gasped as she analyzed the cock. It was as thick as a closed fist… maybe even larger. Thick veins gripped and wrapped around his cock, throbbing ferociously as if he was pumping venom into it like Batman’s Bane. And after all that weight, it managed to be slightly curved.

“Like what you see?” he teased, his hands on his hips and his eyes shifting from his cock to her eyes.

Cypher placed her hand over her mouth, astonished.

“Oh, Jesus Christ…” She was afraid and intrigued. Curious and turned on. Wanting to be fucked as hard as humanly possible while being frightened that her pussy would never be the same again.  Cypher was absolutely conflicted, but she still needed to know. What was it like to have him inside, even if it was just for one night?

Cypher found herself unable to control her movements, feeling like she was literally floating off the bed and onto her knees in front of Ezra. The end of his cock hanging right above her.

Reaching up, her hands found his cock and began to stroke it lightly. For something so hard, it actually very soft to the touch. Pre-cum was already bubbling from the head and, in that single moment in time, she had never wanted to suck a cock so badly. So, she went for it.

She took his cock into her mouth and ran her tongue across the slit of the cockhead, before her tongue made its full round around the head. She gazed up at the body of the man who towered above her and smirked with his cock on her lips. Ezra’s body tensed as Cypher teased him with her tongue, tasting him in the ways she could. Pulling his cock from her mouth, she nodded over to the bed.

“Sit at the end of the bed.”

Ezra didn’t question her and did as he was told. He was dominant by nature but, after watching Cypher, he was curious and followed her instructions.

For now.

Cypher crawled in front of him and split his legs open. Taking the base of his cock with one hand, she spat into the other and ran her hand down his shaft. Jerking him off as her heavy tits sat there bouncing up and down with her. Ezra bit his bottom lip as he watched her jack him off.

“Mmm…” he moaned as his hands placed behind him and held his body up.

Without missing a beat, her mouth wrapped around his cock once again. She massaged the head of his cock with her tongue, taking occasional glimpses of Ezra enjoying himself. She ran her tongue from the tip to the base of his cock, lapping it around in circles, ensuring she hadn’t missed a spot. She indulged in every minute as she brought Ezra closer to an orgasm. She loved the way he tasted and felt almost addicted. Every moan he made, encouraged her to continue. Every throb of his cock excited her and every time he mumbled the word fuck, it empowered her.

She deep-throated his cock, taking it in one inch at a time but was only able to make it to eight inches down before Ezra had enough.

“Fuck this.”

In one moment, he got Cypher off of his cock and had her pinned against the wall.


Cypher was so blown back from what just happened, she felt as if she was in a daze of a sort. Her nipples fully erect, her pussy soaked and sobbing and her body completely drenched in lust. One of Ezra’s arms were stretched, slammed against the wall over her head while his other hand was gently around her neck. Bending low, he looked at her with a devious smirk on his face.

“I want you,” he said under his breath. His voice was low and serious. His posture was strong and deceptive and she wanted everything he was giving. “So I’m going to be straight with you. I’m going to use you, and you’re going to let me.”

yes‘ was all she could think to herself. Unable to put words together in her mind and spit them out of her mouth. She nodded vigorously instead.

With that, Ezra picked her up, latched a leg onto either side of his torso, and kissed her hard. He kissed her like he’d never see her again after this, with all the power and hunger of a man that had been with a woman for years, even though it had been a couple of hours at best.  His hands dug into her thick ass as he turned around, ensuring that her back was pressed against the wall. Ezra bounced Cypher up and hooked his arms under her thighs then slowly lowered her onto his cock.

“Oh FUCK.”

Cypher groaned as Ezra’s giant black cock began to penetrate Cyphers tight, weeping pussy. Her nails dug into his shoulders with every inch that entered. She twitched and moaned, wanting to go further and feeling more full with each moment she slid. With a smile on his face, Ezra began to bounce Cypher up and down on his cock vigorously. Her bombshells moved furiously, jiggling about, while Ezra’s hands took a firm hold of her ass. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Cypher screamed with each thrust and grip. Her head flew back as she bit down on her bottom lip and dug her nails deeper into his shoulders. It felt amazing to her. She had never had a guy so big inside her pussy and she knew that she needed something like this to fill her sexual urges. Truth was, she didn’t have sex often because not many people knew who she was. On top of this fact, between interviews, concerts, tours and parties where she had to go dressed up, it was almost like she just could never have sex. So whenever an opportunity arose in her everyday life, she would fucking take it. An orgasm was quickly climbing through her body, tearing her apart. Ezra sped up the pace and it drove her insane, each thrust brought her closer to her orgasm. Her pussy needed to be filled and she needed to cum.

“Cum for me,” he growled. “Cum.”

“Ezra! EZRA! EZRA! EZ-”

Her body spasmed as she came on his cock, with her legs in the air and her back barely against the wall. She ripped at his back as her wet cunt exploded onto his cock. Her body was now falling apart, losing energy as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Ezra smiled as he laid her down onto the bed, on her back.

“You okay?” he asked, sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Fuck yes.”


With not a second to spare, Ezra got on top of her.  Leading a trail of kisses down from her lips, to her neck and breasts. His mouth found her right erect nipple and sucked on it hard before biting it gently.  He licked around it before sucking again, massaging the entire tit before switching to the left one. He did this for several minutes while she regained a bit of energy. His right hand traced down her body and found her eager little clit, still moist and wanting. He stroked the slit of her cunt with his fingers before his index and middle fingers took a dive in for the better. He began fingering her aggressively, watching Cypher twitch and turn on the bed trying to hold back her response to the sensations she was feeling.

“Oh my…. Uhhh…”

Ezra enjoyed torturing her, watching Cypher bouncing back and forth. Enjoyed watching her moan like crazy, wanting more. Ezra could feel her orgasm building and he knew she was close, but instead of giving her release, he pulled his fingers from her and smiled.

“EZRA! That was not nice.” 

“Hey, I never said I was nice,”  Ezra smirked. Looking dead into her eyes he licked his index and middle fingers. “Did you know, you taste really good?”

Cypher blushed, looking away from him.

“Um… no.”

“You do.”

Ezra crawled over, teasing her with his eyes and tempting her with his body. He was like The Devil to her. Tempting her to sin. Needing her to sacrifice something for pleasure. The promise of every dirty desire to be fulfilled, as long as she signed her name on the dotted line. Ezra was something out of a movie. Sexy, strong, smart, and seductive. He was everything that enticed her about the life she lived all in one. But his drug-induced scent, chiselled body, deep voice, and those eyes… made her want more, no matter how bad he could possibly be for her.

She jumped at him, kissing him once again, but this time Ezra pulled her off of him. Unsure what he was doing, she stopped as he went behind her.

As he grabbed her by the hips and placed his hand onto her back, she got the message.

She lowered her head into the bed and perked her ass up, creating the perfect slope. Her ass cheeks pressed against his rock solid cock and she was living for every moment of it.

Ezra released one side of her hip and grabbed his cock. Spitting into his hand, he stroked his thick long shaft a little longer and then slowly entered it into her pussy. She had been soaked and ready for him again, but now he was ready to take her.

He slid his cock in with no issues and began to fuck her roughly with nothing stopping him. Her wet pussy molded to his shape, his cock fitting better than she could ever imagine, and thighs already feeling the brink of exhaustion. His cock found her G-spot and began pounding away at it.

“Oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck! Ah!” she moaned. Cypher’s hair was a mess, sweat glistened off her body and she was moaning like a slut. If she was a hentai character, she’d also have heart-shaped pupils, drool escaping from her mouth, a thought bubble over her head with cock, and a detailed outline of Ezra’s cock being so big that it was inside of her stomach. 

Ezra was fucking her so hard, sensations took over her entire body. Now she could feel it in her thighs, hips, and dangling tits. She could barely make out words that were more than one syllable and that’s if the words would come out at all.

One of Ezra’s hands released from her hip again, this time finding a way into her hair and fisting some of it into his hand. Yanking it back, her arch came upwards with the rest of her body.

“I’m going to fuck you until I cum,” he growled into her ear, “And I’m going to cum inside of you. That okay with you?”

“Yes sir,” she said through panting.

“Impressive… you can actually say something and not drool like a slut for once.” A deliciously devious smile crossed his face before releasing her hair, allowing her to fall back onto the bed while his cock continued to pound her pussy.

His strokes were fast and rhythmic. It felt as if he had known her body for a long time, finding every weak point and place that made her moan. Her body was wracked with passion and his balls were filling to the brim. He knew he could no longer hold back, he needed to cum but he refused to until she did as well.


“I-I-I-” She could not make any words out after that. Stuck on repeat as he destroyed her walls and enhanced satisfaction for both of them. Her body ached, her pussy was wanting and ready. She had to cum, it would happen at any moment. All she needed was for Ezra to not stop.

“Fuck!” she screamed.

Her orgasm tore straight through her. Shattering her from the inside. Her body was running through all sorts of sensations that made her hot and heavy, relieving the pressures of her need to cum. Her body began to go into power-down mode, and just as it did a hot stream of liquid began to fill her up. Ezra came inside of her, pumping load after load into her pussy. He pulled out halfway and sprayed the rest over her ass.

Cyphers body was covered inside and out with Ezra’s cum. She laid on the right side, out of breath and laying there satisfied. She had just gotten a ‘dick me down’ for the ages and was quite happy with the results. Ezra was also happy, as he laid on the other side of the bed, lighting a previously rolled blunt that was in the back pocket of his jeans.

Taking a hit off the blunt, he drew in a deep breath and blew smoke rings into the air.

“So you smoke, huh?” Cypher asked, turning around to face Ezra.

“Yeah. A little bit for recreational use but it’s really prescribed. You?”

“That sounds about right,” Cypher replied, stealing the blunt from his hands and taking the next hit. “So… Since you’ve plugged my holes, thoughts on plugging the rest of them?”

“Consider it done.”

Cypher sighed as she handed the blunt back to Ezra.

“Have you thought about the full-time proposal?” Cypher asked shyly. He was intrigued by her but, deep inside, there was a part of him that made her feel different. It was nice being able to be herself around someone she hadn’t known forever.

Ezra took a long draw off the blunt. His head fell back against the headboard as he blew smoke into the air.

“How about we discuss the terms of this proposal over another round?”  His head turned as he looked her in the eyes. A wicked smile crossed his lips and Cypher was automatically spaced out by his smile.





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