8 Months Past…

Dawdling in the hotel’s hallway I felt as nervous as I had the first time I’d been sent to meet a client. Looking at my watch I saw more seconds I was being billed for tick past. Mustering my nerve I tapped on the door. The woman who answered looked to be in her mid-twenties and was very pretty. I would have expected nothing less from one of Marla’s girls. I was wearing flats and she three-inch pumps. I was still taller by at least five inches. We were different in more ways than height. Sandra would never need to wear an extra strength sports bra when jogging like I did. Her small breasts were barely bumps on her chest. I was blonde, she had dark brown hair bordering on black. Her natural, olive tan and dark, thick hair said Mediterranean heritage just as emphatically as my pale skin and blonde hair proclaimed my Scandinavian bloodline.

“Vivian? I’m Sandra.” A soft hand on my arm led me into the room. Call Girl 101: Make physical contact with the client. I wondered how long she’d been a working girl. Much longer than me I assumed. Sandra had two drinks already poured. Handing me one, Sandra took her time looking from my sensible shoes to my eyes. Looking up the five inches in height that separated our eyes, she smiled a wolfish grin and took a long sip from her drink. “I was told you were pretty but I never hoped you’d be this beautiful.” Call Girl 101: Make small talk and compliment your client to put her at ease. I felt like I should be taking notes.

I eyed the drink Sandra had put in my hand. These mini-bar drinks weren’t cheap. Add in the cost of a suite instead of a room… Then how much Marla was charging me for Sandra. I never worried about cost when I was working Sandra’s side of appointments. My clients might be so well off financially that they could afford me with what they considered pocket change but this was costing me a fortune! While I was thinking these thoughts, the same light touch on my arm guided me to sit on the suite’s couch. Turning to face me, Sandra sat close enough to rest her arm on the back of the couch with her hand touching my shoulder. Damn, her moves were smooth…

After we sipped our drinks a couple of times, Sandra’s fingers were massaging my neck causing my tense shoulders to relax. “I was also told that you’re curious what it’s like to be with a woman,” she said in a silky, smooth alto. “When did you first become curious?”

I found my voice and finally contributed to what had been a mostly one-sided conversation. “Ahh, in high school. A sleepover. A bunch of us were at my best friend’s house and we were talking about boys and kissing. Then we were daring each other to kiss the girl next to her for five seconds…”

“And you kissed a girl and you liked it?” Fingers were pressing against the back of my neck as she interrupted to finish my story. Without thinking I responded to the light pull of Sandra’s hand and leaned towards her. She leaned towards me and somewhere in the middle our lips touched. Her lips were soft and light on mine. She kept her lips open and I responded with open lips as Sandra deepened our kiss. A tongue tip glided over my lips. Sandra took her time moving lips and tongue over mine. Her hand on my neck gently guiding my head, angling my mouth to the position she wanted.

More moments passed and my breath caught as her tongue pushed past my lips. Sandra didn’t rush like a man. A guy always seems to want to get the kissing over too quickly, to move past the kissing and get down to the ‘good stuff’. Sandra knew that the good stuff was better after kissing primed the pump, so to speak. Pulling back until our lips were barely touching again, I felt her lips move as her breath whispered into my mouth, “Do you still like kissing a girl?”

“Oh, yes,” I whispered back. I wasn’t lying. I get plenty of sex as a call girl. But kisses were few and far between. I guess men thought that maybe I’d just sucked another man’s cock before seeing them. Maybe they thought I still had cum stuck in my teeth or something. Whatever… What I knew was this was the best kiss I’d had in months! I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed this type of intimacy until something deep in my gut loosened and a liquid warmth began expanding somewhere South of my belly button.

Sandra moved to claim my lips again. Our kiss grew more fervent. Moist lips pressed hard while tongues took turns moving in one mouth or the other. Sandra put a hand on my hip to slide me closer. Fingers un-buttoned my blouse… Pulled enough of the hem out from the waist of my skirt to give her roving hand room to explore around my back. There was no fumbling as my bra was un-hooked. A hand sliding across my skin gave me goosebumps as it moved with purpose across my back and around my ribs to my chest.

Ohh, fuuuck, I whispered to myself as my bra cups were pushed up and over my breasts and a gentle hand began fondling me. At least, I thought I’d whispered only in my mind. The slight smile I felt against my lips made me think I’d breathed my thoughts out loud. I felt completely in Sandra’s power as I relaxed against the back of the couch. A finger circled my erect nipple as lips left a trail of soft kisses from my mouth to my neck. Lips and hot breath on my neck caused me to shiver and gasp as the hand on my breast caressed me with more force. Squeezing and tweaking my nipples… I moaned at the loss when her hand left my breast to move behind me to un-do the button and zipper of my skirt.

When her hand took mine and placed it on her breast I began rubbing the small breast through her dress. This was the first breast, other than mine, I’d ever touched. Small, so very different than mine, but her nipple was as hard as mine were. Sandra pulled away and slowly stood up. Taking my hand she pulled until I was standing next to her. My legs felt weak, my knees like rubber when she whispered, “Let’s go to bed. We’ll be more comfortable.” I followed as her hand in mine guided me to the bedroom.

Standing next to the bed, arms around my neck pulled me down for another kiss. I had to lean over for our lips to meet as hands began to shed my already loosened clothing. Blouse, skirt and bra fell to the floor at my feet until only the small triangle of my thong was left to cover me. Breaking our kiss, Sandra turned her back to me. Gathering her hair out of the way she asked me to un-zip her dress. My hands shook as I pulled her zipper down to expose nothing but smooth skin. She hadn’t worn a bra. Probably didn’t need to, I thought as my hands skimmed the dress off her shoulders to let it join my clothes on the floor.

She turned and toed her pumps off. Both of us barefoot, I felt like a giantess as she stretched up on her toes to kiss me. I was eight inches taller than Sandra but if she was intimidated by my height she didn’t show it. She was in total control as both her hands found my breasts. Cupping, caressing… Pushing my tits up, she didn’t need to bend much to find my nipples with her mouth. My legs were shaking as a tongue tip circled my nipple. Reaching, I touched the hard nipple of her small breast as she tongued mine before sucking them to excruciating hardness. My breathing was ragged as stomach muscles clenched and released with every slow touch of fingers, tongue and mouth. I panted out a long ululation of wordless sound as teeth closed on my hard nipple.

I hadn’t felt so much need for the release of an orgasm in years!

Everything from my belly button down had turned to thick liquid. My pussy lips felt hot and my clit was throbbing when Sandra pushed my panties down and cupped me between my thighs. ‘Oh, fuuckkkk,’ I sighed as a slow, gentle fingertip slid through my wet slit from my hole to my hard clit. Sandra took her time circling my clit with her finger. Bringing more wetness from my slit at times to moisten me.

Keeping her fingers together she began to rub me from below my hole to my mound. I was sloppy wet. Both of us could hear the wet noise of pussy lips being pulled apart and coming together as her fingers spread my cream over my pussy lips until they glided frictionless between my thighs. I kept expecting a finger to penetrate me but one never did. Over and over her fingers stroked me as my nipple was sucked on harder. Over and over Sandra pressed harder, sliding her fingers and my lips against my clit faster until… “Oh, shit! I’m cooooomiiiiiiing!” I yelled out as my orgasm took me by almost complete surprise.

Sandra struggled to support me with her body and one arm while her other hand rubbed my pussy lips over my clit hard. Up and down my slit then side to side she’d glide her fingers over my lips, pushing them over and against my clit to drive me on and on to more orgasmic bliss. I couldn’t believe how wet I sounded under Sandra’s fast fingers. I tried to hold on to enough control to remain upright as I shook through one orgasmic spasm after another. I’d never had a standing orgasm! That was something I could cross off my bucket list! My eyes scrunched shut as I ground out ‘fuckfuckfuck’ through clenched teeth as my legs lost all strength and I fell sideways onto the bed, pulling Sandra with me. 

‘Oh, fuck,’ I grunted out from tight abdominal muscles that prevented me from drawing a full breath. Deep, deep muscles clenched and released, trying to force my pussy walls to grip something that wasn’t there. Thicker cream from far up my pussy was forced down to flow out of my hole.

Oh, God!’, I yelled as Sandra’s hand stopped moving up and down my slit and instead two fingers were shoved into me. I felt them curl up to grasp my pubis between the fingers inside me and the palm of her hand. Her entire arm was used to shake all of me as her palm pressed hard, crushing my clit. The fingers inside me, her grip on my pussy, the crushing force on my clit and her hand vibrating all of it… It all combined to drive me to another and then another wonderful peak and wordless cry.

My breathing failed. Stomach muscles refused to work. I felt lightheaded from coming so hard. I couldn’t take anymore! I reached to grip Sandra’s wrist with my hand. I tried to pull her fingers out from my pussy. Sandra refused to let go. She gripped me tighter. Pressing the heel of her hand down and rubbing on my clit until what I felt couldn’t build any higher and I came again!

She didn’t stop the rough shaking of her hand between my legs as I started to jerk uncontrollably. My throbbing clit couldn’t take any more stimulation. My back came off the mattress. My constricting muscles were forcing me into a fetal position. My mouth was open but only tiny squeaks emerged as only a feeble trickle of air found its way into my lungs as muscles refused to relax. Dizzy, I was unable to consciously move, barely able to think as my body shook and my thighs tried to close protectively over my pussy. I had no control over what my thighs did as I reached again and this time Sandra allowed her fingers to be pulled out and away from my pussy. It felt like I floated for an eternity as my body refused to stop jerking as muscles continued to spasm. Finally, I was panting and moaning as muscles relaxed and I was slowly able to stretch out my legs and my back was on the mattress again. Breath returned and my head cleared as I began to recover from an orgasm that was, by far, the best I’d ever experienced!

* *

An hour and a half later both of us were exhausted. Our clits too tender for even the lightest touch of a tongue tip. Our thighs and pussies smeared with our cum. Sandra had just eaten my pussy and driven me to my third orgasm. Neither my second nor my third orgasm had been as intense as my first. For which I thanked God! I wasn’t sure I could have survived two more earth stopping orgasms. 

In between my own orgasms I’d touched, fingered, tasted and eaten my first pussy while giving Sandra two orgasms. I know women can fake orgasms but she would have to be an Academy Award caliber actress to have faked those orgasms.

I’d never given thought about pussies being different from one to another. I grew intimately aware of how Sandra’s was different from mine. Though Sandra was smaller than me, her inner lips were larger and fleshier, darker than my small, pink inner lips. I’d loved sucking her into my mouth to lightly chew on them while finger fucking her hole. Sandy had had to pull my fingers from her the first time I finger fucked her. I’d been eager and because of my inexperience I hadn’t known to be careful not to scratch her cervix with my fingernails. Sandra taught me what it was and to curl my fingers away from that hard, slippery surface inside her. 

We were on our sides facing each other when Sandra smiled and lazily told me, “I’ve learned one thing today.”

“I’ve learned many things,” I responded smugly. “What did you learn?”

Sandra snuggled closer and rested the side of her face on my breast. “Tall girls are worth the climb,” she told me and we laughed.

She sat up with a sigh and ran the back of her fingers over my cheek. “Unfortunately our time is up,” she told me as she stood.

I sighed, too, as she slid off the bed and picked her dress up. “Sandra, I know our time is up but do you need to be anywhere?”

Sandra probably thought I was asking for more time and replied she could stay longer. I shook my head, “I’m not asking for more sex. I don’t know about you but I’m starving! Would you like to join me in the restaurant for something to eat?”

She laughed and admitted she was hungry, too. We were laughing together in the bathroom while washing sex from our hands and faces. Fixing our make-up. Instead of client/call girl it was like we were two girlfriends sharing one mirror. I hadn’t realized how much I missed just chatting with another girl. All my high school friends had either moved away or were busy with jobs or boyfriends. A few busy with husbands already. High school BFF’s don’t last forever once graduation frees you to take different paths.

I knew Sandra had to be wondering if I was going to stiff her on her tip. I was tearing my second croissant into bite-sized pieces when I mustered enough courage to come clean. “Sandra, the truth is I don’t have the money to give you a tip. I’ve got enough to pay for this,” I waved at our food. “But, I’m broke. You need to know, I work for Marla, too.”

“Why are you a client then?” Sandra didn’t sound disappointed at the loss of a tip. Just curious why I was a client paying for sex if I was a call girl.

“Marla has a party scheduled for tomorrow and…”

“A bachelor party,” she asked and I nodded. Sandra laughed, “I’m one of the girls Marla is sending! Are you…?”

I nodded and laughed, too. “The thing is, I wasn’t lying about never having been with a woman so Marla sent me you to, ahh, break me in.”

“Well, girlfriend. Consider yourself broken in! Damn! I haven’t had so much fun with a client in a year.”

We continued to chat for the rest of our meal. I told her about needing money for an apartment. I apologized again for not having tip money for her when she smiled, “You know, Vivian. We have a perfectly good hotel suite sitting empty upstairs. It’s paid for until check-out time tomorrow. You doing anything tonight?”

“No, but I live at home and my Mom…”

“You’re a call girl and you live at home?” I nodded. “With your Mom and Dad?” I nodded again. “Christ, Vivian! How old are you? Please, God! Tell me you’re legal!”

“I’m eighteen,” I replied a little defensively and Sandra blew out a relieved breath.

“Call your Mom. Tell her I’ve invited you for a sleep over. We’re going to pop popcorn, watch old movies and talk about boys” Sandra reached across the table to put her hand on top of mine. She smiled, saying, “I’m sure we can find something to do in a hotel suite to while away the night.”

I was on my phone in seconds letting Mom know my friend Sandra had invited me to stay the night. Today was Friday. I’d have time to go home and pack a bag for two nights instead of just Saturday night. Sandra was on her phone while I was telling Mom about the change in my plans. She yelled , ‘Hi, Mom!’ at my phone while covering her phone with a hand.

I ended my call while Sandra was still on hers. I was trying to capture our server’s attention while she talked. It was still early in the afternoon. If I left now I could easily be back by 4 pm with a bag packed. I told Sandra that when she hung up.

“That’s perfect, That was Marla I was talking to. She’s going to call around, see if any clients would like a threesome tonight with two crazy, horny girls,” Sandra told me while a finger lightly traced a crooked path over the back of my hand. Just that touch had my stomach clenched at the thought of more time with her in bed. She continued in a low, sexy voice full of promises, “I’ll show you how to enjoy threesome sex tonight and a gang bang tomorrow night. You’ll have enough money by Sunday to afford any apartment you want!” Sandra gave me a sly look, “And give me a huge tip!”

The Present… 

I sat on my couch staring at the bag on my table. It was three days since Timmy had taken his plunge onto asphalt. I’d pushed the bag under my bed, trying to forget about it. Tonight I’d decided to look.

Marla had heard about Tim. She seemed to believe me that I’d been in a taxi headed for my debut in the lead roll of CATS! when Tim must have jumped. I’d told her that Tim seemed depressed and wanted a blow job but had sent me away immediately after coming in my mouth. It had already been reported on the news that the police had officially ruled Tim’s death as a suicide. Marla was satisfied that there wouldn’t be an investigation and let the matter drop.

I wanted to drop the matter also. As in, drop the stupid bag into a deep river! But, like that fucking cat, my curiosity got the better of me and I reached to un-zip the bag. The stale odor of cum and sweat hit my nose. It had been hot in that much fur. I pulled parts of my cat costume out. There wasn’t a single washing instruction or tag on any of the items. For a brief second I thought of having the cum dry cleaned out… Fuck no! My dry cleaner would never look at me the same if I brought cum covered fur into his establishment. With no better idea of what to do, I filled my tub with warm water and squirted a generous amount of dish washing liquid in before adding the costume. Pushing the parts around in the sudsy water to get them completely wet, I just hoped the fur wouldn’t begin to molt.

Leaving the costume to soak I returned to my staring match with the bag. The bag won and I began pulling out the bundles of cash Tim had stuffed in. All the bundles were of hundred dollar bills. I started counting bills. When I reached fifty it seemed like half of one bundle so I figured there were 100, hundred dollar bills in the bundle. I got my calculator and… Fucking shit! Ten thousand dollars a bundle!!! I quickly pulled all the bundles out of the bag and stacked them on my coffee table. Twenty bundles. That meant… I got my calculator and whooped for joy! Two hundred thousand dollars! I got off the couch to dance around the room. I slid on the un-carpeted sections of my waxed hardwood floor in my socks like Tom Cruise in that movie I couldn’t remember the name of. I danced with my knees pumping high and fast like what’s-her-name in Flash Dance. I shook my money maker all around my kitchen!

I finally ran out of breath and flopped down on my couch, breathing hard and just looking at the pile of cash on my table. I was thinking of the shops I could go to… Fuck that! I started thinking of the cities I could travel to, to shop in! Paris, London, Rome… I was planning my itinerary when Imaginary Mom’s voice dropped the C-word on me. College.

“C’mon, Mom,” I told Imaginary Mom. “I don’t wanna be a responsible adult. I wanna shop! There’ll be plenty of money left over for college. I just won’t go to Rome.” Frowny face. “Okay. Okay! Just a few shops here in the city…” Big frowny face. I sighed. Nineteen years of being my Mother’s daughter trumped a few days of living independently in the city. I flopped against the back of the couch with my hands over my eyes, “Well, what do I do with it then,” I asked Imaginary Mom. “I can’t just take the money to my bank! How do I explain where I got it from. That I robbed a bank? The teller would love that!”

I might not know much but I’ve watched enough TV crime shows to know that the IRS tracked large sums of money being deposited and withdrawn from banks. When no better inspiration struck I carried the cash into the kitchen. Opening the large decorative tin labeled FLOUR, I crammed the bundles on top of my tip money. The top wouldn’t close and I had to re-stack the bundles in laid out precision to get them to fit so the top closed.

“Okay,” I said in resignation to the smiling Imaginary Mom at my shoulder. “College is paid for.” Leaving the kitchen I whined, “Being a responsible adult sucks!”

To take my mind off the woes of responsibility I reached into the bag and brought out the last item. The binder. I held the letter Tim wanted me to mail. Thick with papers and as I felt it, there seemed to be two hard items in the center of the papers. From the shape my first thought was computer thumb drives. That made sense if Tim was going to pass on information about his partners to… I turned the envelope over and read; Federal Office Building, Attn: J. Chamberlain, Assistant US Federal Attorney…

Fuck! That was as far as I got before tossing the envelope back onto my coffee table as if it had burned my fingers.

“Son of a bitch, Tim! What the fuck is going on,” I asked the air around me. Sure as shit you don’t mail, Hi, How are you… letters to Federal Attorneys at their office. I sat staring at the envelope and I had another thought. Sure as shit a Federal Attorney would be curious why a dead guy is sending him mail. Curious enough to try and find out who mailed the fucking letter and my fingerprints are all over that damned envelope!

My TV crime drama education failed me. Would rubbing the envelope hard on the sofa cushion wipe my fingerprints out of paper? I didn’t know. What I did know was I didn’t want to apply for a job in ten years where my employer might require a criminal background check. It would be pretty fucking funny to have FBI guys showing up with questions about how my fingerprints were on a dead guy’s mail. I gingerly picked up the envelope and carried it to my bookshelf. Opening an old looking book I had no intention of ever reading but looked good on the shelf, I closed the book on the envelope and stuck it back on the shelf. I’d worry about how to mail it another day.

I began looking at the papers in the binder and they made absolutely no sense at all. Ten papers were in German. These had my signature as Tisla and a notary stamp. I put those in one stack. One paper had two columns of nonsense. Ten nonsensical sequences of letters, symbols and numbers in each column. I set that next to the German papers by itself. Twenty-two papers in English which seemed to have been just randomly selected from other files. They didn’t seem to talk about the same things and didn’t line up in any order. They formed a third pile.

Tim had repeated over and over that if I could figure these out… What? He hadn’t told me. I started reading what I could of the pages written in German and… What the fuck! It was all wrong. Sure, it looked like German. These were German words and all, but it was like someone had used a German/English dictionary to pick out words at random. Sentences were constructed wrong. Sentences didn’t even make sense! Different verb tenses in the same sentence. Some words I had no idea of. Three years of high school German didn’t mean I knew all the words and especially not legalize German which I assumed these were. I needed a better dictionary than my pocket English/German dictionary on a shelve in my parent’s home.

I needed more than that, I realized as I held my head in my hands. I needed a nerd. I sat in sad contemplation, staring at my floor and then I began to smile. Just ten feet or so below me lived a college nerd who liked to stare at my butt…

Next Chapter Coming…



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