The early glow of dawn serenaded her room. The curtains were parted. She was still asleep on her bed. Dressed only in the boxers I had slept in, I crept up on her bed and proceeded to do what she had so earnestly requested of me the previous night.

Ellen looked very cute, sleeping peacefully on her back. I knew mom was behind me watching when I started undoing her pyjama top buttons, one by one. The fabric parted and I basked in the lovely view of my older sister’s bare body as it was revealed inch by inch: the smooth skin of her chest, her flat abdomen, her perky breasts with puffy pink nipples I had so longingly sucked on the day before.

She only stirred when I cupped the underside of one of her boobs and caressed her there.

“Hmm,” she sighed, “Is that you groping my body, dear brother?”

“Oh! I’m sorry Ellen, I thought you…”

“Oh go ahead you silly thing,” she was more awake now, “take it off.”

And saying that she made a gesture of leaning up towards my face. So incredibly cute she looked, when she did that.

I met her midway and we kissed beautifully, passionately, as mom watched on. It was a kiss full of optimism and happiness about the morning sensuality we were about to share. Ellen sat up and I took her shirt off. So pretty and sexy. So very delicate. Next her pyjama pants.

“Hmm,” said Ellen again, “that feels nice.”


“Being naked. With you.”

This was when mom joined us on the bed. I never did notice what she had had in her hand all this while. Now she held Ellen’s face and put it around her neck. It was a metal collar that clamped around her throat now, the chain leading off it in mom’s hand.

“Oh, my god mommy!”

“You like this, don’t you Ellen?”

“Thanks, mom! I love it!”

“Good. So shamelessly brazen you are.”

“Sorry, mom.”

“It’s okay darling. Are you ready to cum for your mom and little brother?”

“I wanna pee first mom. Will you take me?”

“Hmph,” said mom, rising of the bed with the collar chain in her hand, “come on, then.”

Ellen sat on the pot with the heavy collar still around her neck.

“You like watching me pee, Josh?” she asked across the sound of her pee hitting the water.

“No Ellen,” I said, “That’s disgusting. You’re so disgusting.”

“And yet here you are,” she said, pulling me by the hand. I walked closer and held her back gently as she closed her eyes and finished peeing.

“Josh,” said mom to me, “Won’t you leave me and your sister alone for a bit. We’ll join you in the bedroom in a jiffy.”

And so I left them there, wondering what mom might be up to. It felt like a fair few minutes that I was left to wait in Ellen’s bedroom before the two of them entered. When they did, Mom was entirely topless. The Elastic of her tight yoga pants dug into the tender flesh below her navel and gave her an altogether fit and stunning appearance.

I had grown fully intoxicated with mom’s slender body and her beautiful full breasts over the holidays. And seeing her like that with my sister, naked and with a collar around her neck, gave me that odd sensation again that I had been having every once in a while since yesterday, the one you read about in books so often but you only know it when you feel it – the sensation of wondering if this were all a dream.

But it was not. Nothing could be more real than the raw feeling of hunger for sexual contact that surged through me when mom came close, caressed my body, and kissed me lovingly on the lips. It was only after we disentangled that I spotted the dazzling stone-like thing at the base of my sister’s body. I gasped when I realized what it was – a very expensive looking butt plug shoved up Ellen’s ass.

“Oh gosh, Ellen,” I turned to her, “Did… Did mom shove that up your asshole?”

“Mhmm,” cooed Ellen, “Does it turn you on to see me like this?”

“Not in the least, Ellen,” I swallowed, “Just goes onto prove you’re a dirty girl, like I always knew you were… Taking metal up your butt like that…”

Ellen must have sensed the lust in my voice for she turned to mom with an impressed look on her face. They looked at each other knowingly; mom gave a tug at the chain in her hand and Ellen jerked forward close to her face. Ellen leaned in close to mom with a brazen needy look. Their noses touched, mom’s lips caressing hers when she cupped one of Ellen’s boobs and then gave it a right hard smack sending visible tremors through Ellen’s body.

Ellen growled out loud in pain and pleasure as I watched her boob twitching from the blow. That’s when mom kissed her with all the passion of a teenager kissing her first crush, rubbing and massaging her boob at the same time.

“Did that hurt honey?”

“It did mom, you smack my boobies so hard, but I love it!”

“Oh my poor baby…” and saying so mom leaned down and took her perky reddened breast in her mouth. She suckled at it lovingly, affectionately, smearing her generously with her saliva. Ellen turned to me with a smile as though checking if I was enjoying what I watched.

“Do you want to, you know, put it in my ass, Josh?”

What was I going to say to this? I very badly needed to touch my sister’s naked body, to fuck her until my cock exploded. To be invited into her asshole was yet another dream come true.

I nodded.

When mom drew the metal butt plug out of her, the rims of her asshole spasmed deliciously.

“Come here Ellen,” mom guided Ellen into a position I could only imagine she had picked up from porn movies. Ellen’s tight cute ass now jutted out angled upwards at me as she knelt on her knees with her head against the mattress of the bed. She looked needy and desperate for a cock in her ass.

“My god Ellen, you really do have a cute butt,” I said timidly.

“Listen to me Josh,” said Ellen, “that ass is yours today, okay? Go ahead, spank it, defile the way you please.”

Somehow it still hurt the slightest bit to hear her talk like that, but I was becoming better at adapting to both my instincts and her needs. Brushing my hands softly across the smooth roundness of her posterior, I leaned in close and kissed her once on each buttock.

“Oh you silly!” Ellen giggled out again.

 Mom had a bottle of lube close at hand. She took my cock in her lovely hands and bathed it generously in the lube. A gentle kiss from mom on my lips and I was as hard as I could possibly be. Once she had me well drenched and slippery, she guided me to poke the tip of my cock up against Ellen’s cute anus. I pressed forward and it slipped right in. Just like that. The glorious sensation was only heightened by the knowledge of what I was doing to my own sister. A soft hum of satisfaction issued from Ellen and I pushed in deeper until I was fully inside of her warmth. She felt so tight and slippery around me that all I could do was to hold her firmly by her delicate waists and start thrusting slowly, hungry for each delicious caress.

“My god, that’s so incredibly hot, Ellen,” said mom. She had left the chain now; one of her hands slid inside of her pyjama elastic, while with the other she fondled her breasts alternately.

“Your brother fucking your cute little asshole, honey. Makes me so wet watching you two like this!”

“Oh mom,” I moaned, beginning to fuck Ellen harder now “I’m going to cum in her ass if you talk like that.”

“Not yet Josh,” warned mom sternly, but I could barely help thrusting needily each time, burying my stiff hard cock deep inside her asshole. Her position beneath me, my hands gripping her waist into place made my thrusts even more deeply penetrating.

“Mmmhhh! Oh god Josh, fuck me like that yeah!” all Ellen could do now was moan from pleasure, looking pathetic forced against the bed like that, “You’re cock is so deep Josh! Fuck me up to my belly ahhh!”

There was something so deeply erotic in the moment, that had I not been concentrating hard on not cumming just yet, Ellen’s ass would be flowing with abundant, fresh warm sperm.

“Please Ellen,” I whimpered, “I’m going to cum, if I don’t stop.”

“Oh you poor baby,” cooed Ellen, as she removed herself from my cock, got up, and faced me.

“You did well,” she said genuinely, looking into my eyes, “Now, may I please taste your cock?”

Her sweet lips felt like heaven as they parted around my throbbing pink shaft. Did it turn her on to taste the depths of her ass on my cock? I could not tell. I did not yet know the limits to Ellen’s depravity which she had so successfully kept hidden from us all these years. But she sucked with a kind of sensual passion I had never seen or felt before.

“Do you wanna cum in my mouth?”

Please. I will always be grateful if you let me do that Ellen!”

“Mhmm… I love that. Cum for me dear brother. Cum in my mouth.”

Burdened with so much anticipation and a ruthless, beautiful assault of her tongue, my poor cock gave in and burst out incessantly inside her mouth until the cum started trickling generously out of her lips and down her chin. When I withdrew I could still feel my cock twitching from the enormity of the orgasm I had just had. Ellen was in no condition to talk, her mouth full of my cum.

I had never before seen the look of eagerness that crept into mom’s beautiful face now. She moved close to Ellen and almost carelessly pressed her boobs with her hands. A look exchanged between mother and daughter, and then with mom’s mouth opened beneath her, Ellen slowly spit the entirety of my cum through her lips.

Despite my limp cock, I groaned watching my mom taste my cum like that. Ellen lay down on the bed, and mom poured over her body with her mouth smearing sperm all over her boobs and tummy. I could hardly believe how much I had cum. Ellen’s entire body was filthy now with cum and spit and this seemed to bring forth a radiant smile from her.

“Thanks, mom,” she said, “that’s sooo gross. I’m so filthy eww! Haha!”

She was clearly enjoying herself. Mom’s hands caressed across her skin, fondling the slippery cum against her boobs and nipples, applying pressure on her soft stomach. I could see her pussy moist with her juices, and remembering how mom had massaged her the previous morning, I set about the task. I could feel the desire grow seeing Ellen twitching on the bed, my fingers fucking her pussy, massaging her clit, mom’s hands groping her filthy body, fondling her breasts with my cum.

She came hard, growling shamelessly like a beast. The sight of Ellen’s cute flat tummy contracting just prior to orgasm became an intensely erotic image lodged in my memory.

We each took a quick shower after which Mom encouraged us to stay undressed. Even though we were a little spent, we could feel a glorious bubble of sensuality around us. She made breakfast and Ellen and I pretended to help, more busy in touching and groping each other in naughty places when the other was not looking. I really had never had this kind of fun in my life before.

Mom laid out the family picnic mat in the backyard garden by the small fountain, and we all had a lovely breakfast in the sun. There were only vacant open fields and beyond them, the woods on the other side of the garden. Only a house to one side had any accessible view of it. This did not seem to bother mom. Mr. Anderson had never really shown his face much in the community in the past several years. He never did come to his veranda that opened in the direction of our garden.

We felt comfortable with the warm sun on our skin, enjoying a light breakfast of eggs, toast and juice. By the time we were done, we had begun to feel quite warm and the jar of cool lemonade was drained in no time. It was an entirely satisfactory morning, sitting naked between mom and Ellen, listening to the chirping birds, and the soft sound of flowing water from the small garden fountain.

“Nice,” said Ellen sounding satisfied, patting her stomach, having finished her breakfast and gulped down the last of the fresh lemonade, “Say mom, what if Mr. Anderson did come to the balcony and see us naked like this?”

“I don’t know Ellen,” said mom, “It’s hardly likely, and… Oh wait, I know what your dirty mind is thinking. You’d enjoy being watched by him wouldn’t you?”

“Now I didn’t say thaaat,” cooed Ellen, running her fingers across the underside of mom’s breast.

“Oh gosh, really honey, you’re a little sweaty. Must you touch me now.”

“So what mom? You’re beginning to sweat too, I can smell it fresh on your skin.”  

Somehow Ellen saying that turned me on in a major way. The bubble of soft sensuality felt the slightest bit charged with brazen horniness again. I could sense my cock beginning to twitch, leaking some precum out.

“Hmm,” said mom, “The way you guys behaved in the kitchen just now, I was hoping the two of you would play some more and let me watch.”

“What do you say, Josh,” said Ellen turning to me in a matter-of-fact manner, lifting her arms as if in a gesture of showing off her naked body, “You wanna fuck this some more?”

“Oh, you slut!”

I was ready for her this time. I took her by her underarms, lodged her flat against the mat and plunged my stiff cock in through her pussy. I could tell she had not expected this. She looked taken aback, but when I drove my cock balls deep inside of her, her eyes rolled from the sensation, brows furrowed and she gave me the most vulnerable look of desire, like a cat pleading for more affection.

“You really like being treated like this, don’t you?” I asked, fucking her hard and deep, trying to say something nasty to her, in the hope of hiding my pathetic infatuation.

“Don’t you know by now Josh, I’m such a slutty bitch,” she moaned.

I leaned in close upon her neck and kissed her there. She tasted salty, and the odour of fresh trickling sweat serenaded the experience of holding my sister in my arms and fucking her. It became at one with the horny need to smother her with my hands and lips.

“I think you’re a very pretty bitch, Ellen,” I breathed into her ear, biting and nibbling at it.

“Oh Josh, you really find me that attractive baby?”

I kissed her damp chest, licked up the trickling sweat of her body, slurped on, and cleaned her nipples, all the while poking my thumb into her belly button, gently stabbing at it. None of this decreased the vigour with which I continued plunging into her, thumping her base with my crotch.

Moaning from pleasure, Ellen hugged me tight and our sweaty bodies grinded against each other, until…

“FUCK ME FUCK! Oh goood Josh!” Ellen writhed in my arms, captured beyond retrieval in the throes of a visibly soul shattering orgasm.

“Oh my god, I came so hard…” Ellen stopped mid speech, looking behind me.

We sat there stunned. We had no clue when Mr. Anderson, our middle-aged grey-haired neighbour had come across our garden and joined mom. He must have watched us at it! Standing there with his hands in the pockets of his dressing gown!

I searched my mind to figure out what had really happened and what must happen now. We were already naked in front of him. But then so too was mom, and she had her arm round him. He merely stood exchanging a look with her, and then casting a shy smile at us.

Had she planned this all along? Is that why she had asked us to remain in the nude in the garden? Were Mr. Anderson and my mom, unbeknownst to me, in the habit of being secretly in contact with each other?


None of these questions would be cleared up now, but the answers to at least some of them seemed obvious. It was the reassuring look from mom, that somehow set us at ease.

“Mr. Anderson and I…” began mom, “Well, we’ve been friends in the bed for a while actually. Given that he had known you two growing up, we did not feel comfortable letting anyone know about it. Especially, since we do not intend to get together aside from just… sex.”

She finished in one breath, quite obviously eager to get all the information out at once.

“Is it okay that he saw you two?” asked mom, “I know it must have turned him on so, and I do trust him.”

“Oh,” said Ellen with a nervous smile, “I don’t know mom… Uh… Hello, Mr. Anderson… I suppose it’s ok…”

Mr. Anderson was clean shaven and had a kind face.

“I really am sorry Ellen, I never did think I’d see you… Um… Like this, but when your mother invited me, I couldn’t resist.”

Not much of an apology in my direction, but I was alright with that. We had known him as the quiet, dignified neighbour, growing up, who mostly kept to himself.

“Hmm…” said Ellen, standing up, “but then tell me, Mr. Anderson, did you like what you saw?”

“Oh… Ellen,” he turned to mom, looking uncertain. Still seated on the mat, I could see her give him a small squeeze on his arm. His uncertain bearing changed into something of his regular self at this.

“I’m going to be forthright with you Ellen,” said he, “after all there is no beating around the bush now, especially since you almost haven’t any… Er… I mean, I’ve seen you in cute outfits before you left for the city, but I’d never imagined you like this. You’re… Very pretty.”

“Why thank you, Mr. Anderson,” said Ellen, walking up to him and beginning to undo knot of his dressing gown, “I think it is only fair we have a look at you now, don’t you think?”

“Oh god,” he said, only now beginning to realize where he had landed this morning. When Ellen took the gown off him, his long hard cock stood up to attention under the warm sunlight. He had nothing on inside. He was a strong man, with a robust figure and some hair on his body.

Ellen was on her knees in no time.

“What an enormous cock you have, Mr. Anderson,” she said looking up at him, “All these years… I never knew…” her voice trailed off.

“Do… Do you like it, Ellen?” asked Mr. Anderson timidly.

“Oh Mr. Anderson I love it, I want it deep in my throat,” and saying so she sucked on his cock, eagerly, desperate to please him and see his reaction. When Mr. Anderson held her head and fucked her face down to her throat each time, Ellen coughed and tears trickled down her eyes.

He pulled out just as he must have been about to cum. Ellen beamed up at him.

“You want to fuck my mommy, don’t you Mr. Anderson,” said Ellen, “that’s why you didn’t cum down my throat.”

 “Why Ellen, I never knew a young woman like yourself could talk like that…”

When mom and Mr. Anderson kissed, it seemed like part of a pleasurable routine. Watching his strong hands holding her body, his fat palm spreading across mom’s soft boobs, her stomach, her pussy, sent strange sensations through me. Ellen sat down beside me, put one arm around my neck and with the other massaged my cock gently. I could not remember ever enjoying myself as I did this morning.

It was insanely hot watching our neighbour take mom in his arms and love her like that. I placed

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