Mac realizes that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Grace. But is it too soon for that kind of talk?

Chapter Forty-Nine

The first day of the Barcelona leg of the trip was stressful for McKinley Stewart. Another firm was courting the company he was in the process of acquiring. He had realized that this acquisition wasn’t a done deal, but he hadn’t counted on there being competition.

Part of the problem was that he was behind schedule, thanks to Alice’s unsuccessful attempt to get Mac to turn away from Grace by setting up a ruse in Florence. It proved to be a wrong move on Alice’s part as it got her fired and only pushed Mac closer to Grace.

Grace had come clean about her past, and Mac shared things about himself he wasn’t proud of, but that just enhanced the trust that had been building between them.

Lars Van den Berg, who was in charge of the Amsterdam office, flew to New York to watch over McKinley’s U.S. locations until Mac’s business in Europe was finished. Andre Boivin, from the Paris branch, would keep an eye on Amsterdam.

Still, all of this just added to Mac’s anxiety, and he felt the beginnings of a nasty headache threatening to derail his day further.

“Hey, are you okay?” Grace asked.

“I’m fine! Why wouldn’t I be?” Mac snapped.

Grace was taken aback at his gruff demeanor. She shook it off and stepped out of the conference room. Moments later, she returned with Ibuprofen, a glass of water, and a protein bar.

Mac was about to snarl at her that he didn’t need her fussing over him. But the pain in his head had become so excruciating that he was grateful that she knew what he needed. He took the pills from her hand and grabbed the water to wash them down.

“I’m not eating that power bar,” he said. “I don’t have time.”

“Keep it handy at least,” she said. “That way, if the pain meds start making your stomach queasy, you can counteract that with food.”

He nodded. “I don’t have time to feel like this.”

“Is there anything I can do?” Grace asked.

“You’ve already done it just by being here. Thanks, Grace. I don’t think I could do this without you today.”

“Make sure you keep drinking water today, too. Being dehydrated won’t help your head.”

After the presentation, Mac felt better and managed to get through the rest of his day. Grace kept a close eye on him. It worried her that his headaches were back. Then again, his stress level was really high right now.

As they headed back up to their suite, Mac asked, “What time is our dinner with Iker Sala?”

Grace sat down in the living room and took off her shoes. “He had to cancel.”

“Damn it! That doesn’t bode well for this merger if the CEO of the Barcelona firm cancels dinner,” Mac snarled.

“On the contrary,” Grace said, removing her earrings and setting them in a little dish on the counter. “Iker canceled because he wants us to meet his wife, Jacinta, and she’s not available this evening. So, we have reservations tomorrow at Casa Agusti.”

Mac looked surprised. “Oh, well, I guess that means we have a free night. Can we go someplace casual? My head is better, but I’ve still got a dull thud.”

“Nope, we aren’t going anywhere,” she said. “I’ve got pizza ordered for dinner.”

Mac sighed, “Thanks. I guess it’s better than going out. But in my experience, room service pizza usually leaves a lot to be desired.”

Grace raised an eyebrow. “As if I would order you room service pizza,” she scoffed. “I ordered from Pizzeria Da Nanni Barcelona.”

He grinned, “Well, of course, you did. Shame on me for doubting your almost magical way of knowing exactly what I need.”

Grace stood up and put her arms around Mac’s neck. “And after pizza, we’ll have dessert,” she said, purring in his ear.

“Does dessert mean sex?” he asked, his face hopeful.

“Yes, Mac,” she laughed. “Dessert most definitely means sex. You need it, and so do I.”

At Grace’s suggestion, they enjoyed pizza in their bathrobes. When they had finished eating, she told Mac to sit back and enjoy the show. She started with a sexy striptease before grabbing her cordless vibrating wand. Sitting directly across from Mac, she spread her legs and draped them over the arm of her chair.

Her pussy was already glistening when she turned on the wand and moved it around her labia and clit. “Mmm, it feels so good!” she said, teasing him. “Take off your robe so I can see what my performance is doing to you.”

Mac untied the belt of his robe and shrugged it off of his shoulders.

“You look good enough to eat,” she said seductively. “But that will have to wait.”

Grace continued to stimulate her pussy until it was dripping, and she was writhing in her seat.

Mac was so aroused he started stroking his cock. Grace found it incredibly erotic when he touched himself like this.

“That’s right, Mac, stroke your hard shaft while I tease my pussy!” Grace cried out. She tried to hold off, but her need to cum was so great that she gave in to the sensations and started bucking her hips.

Mac watched in awe as she came like a fountain, squirting her juices into the air. He stood up, picked her up, eased her down onto his cock. “Hold onto my neck, Grace!” he demanded.

He’d never wanted a woman the way he wanted Grace. Her pussy felt so fucking good. She held on tightly while he rammed into her, the friction of their bodies sparking another orgasm for her. Feeling her cum on his cock while he took her like this was incredible. He felt his own climax drawing near and wanted to send her over one more time.

“Your pussy belongs to me now, Grace,” he panted as he thrust deeply. “And I intend to play with it, use it, and fuck it whenever I want.”

His pace became frantic as he felt her close to the edge again. As his balls tightened and then let go, he felt the gush of her orgasm as he pumped her and filled her with his seed.

He stumbled backward and landed on the couch with his dick still buried in Grace’s pussy.

“Holy fuck, Grace!”

Grace found his lips with hers and kissed him passionately. “Holy fuck, indeed, Mac!”

Later, when they were getting ready for bed, Grace caught Mac staring at her. “Like what you see?”

Love what I see,” he corrected her. “You’re incredible.”

She could tell he had something on his mind. She suspected she knew what it was. She walked over to Mac and kissed him. “I’ve never done any of that, by the way,” she said in a seductive voice.

“Any of what?”

“I’ve never played with myself to entertain a man, I’ve never cum like a fountain, and I’ve never been fucked standing up. So, you’re pretty fucking incredible, too!”

“I’ve never stroked my cock in front of a woman before unless you count the few strokes it took to get hard enough to enter Louise.”

Grace smiled. “That should have been the first clue that you weren’t meant to be with her. You’ve never had a problem with getting hard enough to enter me.”

He laughed.

As they climbed under the covers, Mac said, “Thanks for making my headache go away.”

“It was my pleasure,” she said as she cuddled up against him.

She was just drifting off when he said, “Didn’t you say I looked good enough to eat earlier?”

Grace laughed, “Go to sleep, Mac. I’ll devour you tomorrow.”


Chapter Fifty

The following day, Grace took part in all but the last of Mac’s meetings. She came up early to get ready for their dinner with Iker and Jacinta Sala. Grace chose a tea-length dress of golden brown with a black lace overlay. She paired that with black and gold heels, and she pinned her hair back away from her face with a gold and black brooch.

When Mac came up to get ready, he seemed preoccupied. “How’d the last meeting go?” she asked tentatively.

“Hard to say. I get the feeling Iker is leaning toward the other firm, but I guess we have to keep moving forward as if we still have a shot.”

Grace put her hand on his shoulder. “If it’s meant to be, it will happen.”

He was about to respond when he stopped to think about what she said. He’d been so focused on these acquisitions needing to be successful that he hadn’t stopped to consider that the earth would keep spinning if one, or even two, fell through.

“You’re absolutely right, Grace. Let’s go enjoy dinner with the Salas.”

Dinner proved to be quite enjoyable. Grace was a marvelous conversationalist, which seemed to put Iker at ease. So much so that Iker said, “Your Grace here has me convinced that this move is the right one to take. Tomorrow let’s talk organization and see if we can come up with a mutually acceptable agreement.”

Mac was pleasantly surprised and agreed to come prepared with an offer in the morning.

Back in the suite, Mac said, “I’m sorry I have to get some work done. Trust me; I’d rather be working my way up your inner thighs.”

“No worries, Mac. I’m actually a little tired. Do you mind if I get ready for bed?” Grace asked.

“Not at all. I know this is cutting into time with you. I promise to make it up to you tomorrow.”

As Mac sat down, Grace hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek. “Sounds like a plan.”

She was sleeping when he finally headed for bed. He was half-tempted to wake her, but he was pretty exhausted, too. Not to mention that he wanted to be well-rested for his meeting with Iker in the morning.

But when he crawled under the covers, Grace turned to him in her sleep and nuzzled his chest. Sometimes the most intimate acts could be completely non-sexual. He put his arm around her and drifted off to sleep with a happy heart.

The rest of the week went like clockwork, culminating in a reception that Grace arranged in the hotel’s Rooftop Garden. She wore an aqua, off-the-shoulder cocktail dress with silver open-toed heels. She pinned up her hair, leaving little tendrils hanging down at her temples.

While she was standing at the bar, Jacinta came up to her and said, “That color is stunning on you; you’re simply glowing.”

Grace smiled graciously. “Thank you! And you look lovely in yellow. That cut is very flattering.”

Iker nudged Mac with his elbow. “Look. The two most beautiful women in the room belong to us. Aren’t we lucky that they are also canny businesswomen? Otherwise, we might not be celebrating tonight.”

Mac nodded. “Grace completely undersold her skill set when she came to me. She’s been an invaluable asset throughout negotiations and transition meetings. I’d muddle through without her if I had to, but she makes everything easier.”

“And one only has to look at you to see you are completely smitten with her. So, why is there no ring on her finger?” Iker asked pointedly.

Mac laughed. “All in good time, my friend. We’ve known each other less than six months.”

“When you find the one, that hardly matters,” Iker said. “Don’t let her slip away. She’s one of a kind.”

Mac looked at Grace and watched her face light up as she laughed at something Jacinta said. “I don’t want to scare her off, either. But you make an excellent point,” Mac said as he finished his drink.

He thought about Iker’s comment. Grace was definitely one of a kind. And, while it felt too soon to ask her to marry him, he marveled at the fact that he already couldn’t imagine life without her. He grabbed his cell and sent her a text.

You look gorgeous in that dress. I can’t wait to get it off you.

He watched her expression as she read his message and quickly typed a reply.

Who is this?

Mac laughed and wrote back.

You’re gonna get a spanking for that.

Her reply was perfect.


Later, when they were getting ready for bed, Grace caught Mac looking at her in the mirror. She flashed him a sexy smile. “Like what you see?”

“Yes, I do. Very much so,” he answered. “I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you. You are both breathtakingly beautiful and wickedly intelligent.”

Grace blushed. “Why, thank you, kind sir,” she said seductively. “You’re pretty amazing too, my handsome, sexy, brilliant businessman.”

Mac took her into his arms, “We make a good team, Gracie. I never imagined that I’d find someone who I trust with my business and my heart.”

He gently removed the hairpins from her hair and watched as it spilled down onto her shoulders. He held her close and pressed his manhood, rigid with desire, against her body.

“You make me feel beautiful and cherished,” she said. “I’m ready for that spanking now.”

He sat down on the bed and pulled her over his lap. “Oh? You’re ready to be spanked?” He lifted her nightgown, exposing her well-toned ass.

He gave each butt cheek a sharp slap.

Spank! Spank!

Then another.

Spank! Spank!

And another.

Spank! Spank!

Then he continued spanking until she was moaning and writhing on his lap. He ran his hand over her bright red bottom and said, “Is that what you needed?”

Grace nodded as Mac turned her to face him. There were tears on her cheeks.

Mac was alarmed. “Did I hurt you, baby? God, you should have said something! I would have stopped if I knew I was hurting you!”

“No,” she answered. “You didn’t hurt me. It was exactly what I needed. Don’t ask me to explain because I am at a loss as to why.”

“If I didn’t hurt you, why are you crying?” Mac asked, confused.

“Emotional release, I suppose. Before you, I’ve never been able to give over complete control of my body since the attack. You’ve allowed me to put myself in your hands and trust you. You can push the envelope with me, and yet, I know in my heart I am safe. I never dreamed that I’d ever feel this way about anyone.”

Mac pulled her in for a kiss and held her for a moment. “Louise broke my heart, and Johanna tried to steal my soul. You’ve put all my pieces back together without even trying. I never dreamed I’d ever feel this way about anyone either.”

He rolled her over on her back and said, “Let me show you how much that means to me.”

He planted soft kisses on her face, starting with her forehead and moving down her jawline. She sighed gently as she felt her pulse quicken while his hot breath and teasing tongue danced along her supple breasts and traveled down her tummy. Her hips started to rock as he worked his way down to her bare mound and then the tiny gold ball that adorned her sweet pussy. She gasped when his tongue discovered her swollen little nub, just aching for attention. She opened her legs and put her hands on Mac’s head. “God, yes!”

Mac would have grinned if his mouth weren’t so busy. Although he’d held his share of women’s heads down on his cock before, he’d never had a woman hold his down on her pussy. It was oddly erotic.

He gave her what she wanted and devoured her, making her buck and moan until she cried out and drenched his face.

He looked up at her with a goofy grin and his mouth dripping from her juices. “You’re so fuckin’ sexy!” he said.

“Mmm, then you should start fuckin’ me, sexy!” she said playfully.

He slid into her in one deep thrust and fucked her slowly and deliberately until she thought she would die of need. “God, baby! Please fuck me hard and fast!”

He teased her a bit longer before pushing her over the edge with a climax that made her see God. Then he followed close behind with his own mind-blowing orgasm.

“I love you, Gracie,” Mac said as he held her tight afterward.

“I love you too, Mac.”


Chapter Fifty-One

On Saturday morning, Grace and Mac slept in a little before ordering breakfast from room service. Then they headed out to enjoy an excursion to Montserrat. Grace had arranged for the two of them to go horseback riding in Monserrat Mountain Natural Park.

Neither one had ever been on a horse, so they were a little nervous at first. But eventually, it proved to be a very thrilling way to take in the breathtaking views of Monserrat and an entertaining way to discover the Catalan landscape. By the time they were finished, they had agreed that horseback riding was something that they would love to do again.

Afterward, they ate lunch on the farm, trying Paella for the first time. It was delicious. Mac thought about how many times he’d been on business trips when he never bothered to try any local cuisine and realized that he’d missed out on quite a bit over the years. Just another way Grace enriched his life.

On the way back to the hotel, Grace fell asleep leaning on Mac’s shoulder. It pleased him immensely that she was the kind of woman who didn’t feel like she couldn’t ever let her guard down. He felt his phone buzz, but to see who was texting him, he would have had to disturb Grace. Whoever it was could wait. He was enjoying this closeness with her far too much to wake her.

When they arrived back at their suite, Mac checked his phone while Grace was in the shower. The text was from his lawyer, Michael Stone.

McKinley, please call me when you get my message.

Mac sighed and decided now was as good a time as any to return his call. Since Grace was in the bathroom, he went ahead and put his cell on speakerphone so he could multitask and sort through some documents.


“Hello, Michael, this is McKinley. What’s up?”

“I think I have accomplished all that you’ve asked so far,” Michael said. “I have Alice’s keys, cellphone, and laptop. She was very offended having to turn over everything to me, said you should have come back to New York to handle things personally.”

“I’m sure she did,” Mac answered. “And everything else?”

“I have documents for you to sign. I can send them electronically. I think you’ll find I’ve taken care of all that you’ve asked of me,” Michael said.

“Thank you. I appreciate everything,” Mac answered.

“Of course, McKinley, it’s my pleasure.”

“I notice some hesitation in your voice. Is there something you’d like to say?” Mac asked.

“Well, it’s just hard to fathom that you’d let Alice go simply because she doesn’t care for your paramour,” Michael replied. “If I can be blunt, it’s unlike you to think with your dick.”

“Michael, Alice was fired because she sent me on a wild goose chase to Florence. She told me that Sal had changed his mind about letting me buy him out. But it was a straight-up lie. She had hoped to rub the fact that Sal had spent some time with Grace nearly a decade ago in my face to sway my opinion. It was a waste of my time and resources, and it was based on Alice’s unfound concerns that Grace is merely after my money.”

“McKinley, has it occurred to you that Alice may be right and that she was trying to look out for you?”

“Look out for me how? By lying and making me look foolish to Sal Gianni?”

“By using whatever means necessary to get your attention,” Michael responded.

Mac was frustrated and pissed. “Michael, what did you tell me to do after Louise and I broke off our engagement?”

Mac could hear Michael’s annoyance in his sigh. Then he answered, “I told you to find a woman who brought you joy.”

“And after Johanna?”

“I said for you to find a woman who actually gives a shit about you.”

“Well, Grace is that woman, Michael,” Mac said firmly. “She brings me joy and cares more about me than any other woman I’ve known.”

“Alice said Grace is a prostitute,” Michael blurted out. “I hardly think a woman that you have to pay to take care of your sexual needs genuinely cares about you, as much joy as you might get out of using her.”

“Michael, you’re walking awfully close to the line that Alice crossed. Grace interviewed to be my escort, but we eventually agreed she was more suited for the position of assistant. Over time, we developed an attraction to each other, and we fell in love. I do not pay her for sex, nor do I use her,” Mac said crossly.

“So, what is she? Your girlfriend?” Michael asked pointedly.

“Yes, she is my girlfriend,” Mac answered. “And if I don’t screw things up with her, she may become more than that.”

Michael inhaled sharply, “I apologize, then. I didn’t realize this was more than fun and games with Grace.”

“Apology accepted. You should know that Alice had feelings for me that I was ignorantly unaware of, and she threatened to quit before pulling her little stunt.”

“That would certainly explain her hostile feelings toward Grace. I should have known better, McKinley. I’ve been your attorney for many years; forgive me for my lapse in judgment. I meant no disrespect in suggesting that Ms. Remy was a whore,” Michael said.


Chapter Fifty-Two

When Mac ended the call with Michael, he noticed that Grace was standing in the room.

“How much of that conversation did you hear?” Mac asked.

“Enough to know that Alice has convinced whomever you were speaking with that I’m a whore. I suppose I should be grateful that the term gold digger hasn’t come up yet. Or maybe it already has, and it’s just called something else among wealthy people,” Grace said, trying not to let on how incredibly hurt she was.

“Grace, I could give a flying fuck about anyone else’s opinion. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met.” Mac said. “I hope that you heard me defend you.”

“That’s very sweet. But you shouldn’t have to defend me. You should be with someone who fits in your socio-economic circle.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Mac said firmly. “All the women I’ve dated have been wealthy, and they were only with me because of what being with me could do for their social status. They didn’t love me. They merely used me to get what they wanted.”

“How am I any different?” Grace asked.

Mac took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “What would you do if I lost all my money, and we couldn’t stay in luxurious five-star hotels?”

“That’s easy. I’d book us a room at the Holiday Inn Express and pay for it myself. There are nearly three hundred locations across Europe, so there is bound to be one nearby. Plus, they serve free breakfast.”

“Free breakfast?”

“Well, it’s not Spinach Frittatas or Crepes Suzette, but there is usually an egg option, a meat option, and often cinnamon buns. We’d adjust over time. Maybe I could work out less by not eating so well. I’m sure I’ve gained at least ten pounds since we’ve left New York!” Grace said, puffing out her cheeks in jest.

“It doesn’t show if you have,” Mac said.

“That’s the perfect answer,” she said, smiling. “My point is, I’d adjust much more easily to you being poor than you would. I’ve been poor. It’s uncomfortable. But I’ve done it before, and I could do it again.”

“And that, my darling, is how I know you are different. If I lost all my money, the women I’ve dated before you wouldn’t stick around. They’d be long gone.”

“Oh, well, I’m not carrying your ass forever, Mac. My bank account won’t hold us for long. We’d eventually have to get jobs. We’re a pretty good team, though. I think we’d land on our feet.”

“You can make anything sound or feel like an adventure,” Mac said. “I’m always going to be grateful for the day that you walked into my office as the last escort to interview.”

“And I’m always going to be glad you didn’t choose that tall, pretty blonde that interviewed right before me. I was sure once you saw her, Alice was going to tell me thanks for coming, but the position has been filled,” Grace replied.

“I scared her away by announcing that I like to fuck bareback. Alice was pissed at me for being so crass. Then you walked in and asked how often I planned to fuck you. I think I fell a little bit in love with you at that moment and just didn’t realize it,” Mac said, grinning.

“Well, that explains why her interview was so short,” Grace laughed.

Mac took Grace’s hands in his. “I felt something stir in me from that very first meeting. Something I hadn’t known was missing. It was desire. Not just for your body, although you manage to keep me in a semi-hard state most of the time that we aren’t in bed. It was your sassiness and your intellect that I found pulling me in, just as much as your beauty. You made me want to pursue you, even before I realized it.”

He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. It was amazing how such a simple act could ignite a flame of passion.

Mac led Grace to the bed and said, “Take off your robe, Grace. I want to show you how much I desire you.”

Grace untied the sash and let the robe fall to the floor. Then she said, “You haven’t had the chance to shower yet. How about we head into the bathroom. I can wash your back and your front.”

“Are you suggesting I need to shower because I smell like the horse?” he asked, feigning offense.

“No, I’m suggesting that I want to take advantage of you in the shower,” she answered playfully. “Now, are you going to make me wait? Or do you want to go from semi-hard to hard?”

“Too late,” Mac grinned. “You’ve already got my dick standing at attention for you.”

“Then, let’s put that raging erection to good use, shall we?”

Mac wasted no time stripping off his clothes and joining Grace in the shower. They took their time at first, lathering up each other’s bodies while his hands massaged her luscious breasts, and hers did something erotic with his balls.

“Fuck, Gracie! You’ve got wicked hands!”

They played and teased until Mac told Grace to put her arms around his neck. Then he lifted her, pushed her against the shower wall, and entered her in one passionate thrust.

“God, yes, Mac!” Grace cried out, with her legs around his body as he pumped his cock deep into her pussy. “You feel so damned good inside me!”

He felt like a wild animal ravaging her this way, but there was no stopping now. Her body moved in perfect rhythm with his as she moaned and begged for more.

Mac knew at this moment that she was all he would ever need. His kiss muffled her scream as she came hard. He didn’t ease up but continued until she came again, and then again before he finally allowed himself the pleasure of release and filled her with his seed.

He slid out of her, his cock covered in her juices, and grinned when she lowered her legs, got down on her knees, and cleaned him up with her mouth.

“If you keep that up too long, my dick is going to want another round,” he moaned.

“Good, let’s dry off and have round two in that nice comfy bed of ours,” she said slyly.

Once on the bed, he opened her legs and marveled at her beautiful, freshly shaven pussy. He kissed her tummy and the inside of her thighs before finding his lips on her bare mound. He intended to dine on her deliciousness but hesitated.

He wondered why it was considered taboo for a man to taste his own cum on a woman but hotter than fuck for a woman to suck her juices off a man’s cock.

As if reading his mind, Grace reassured him, “Most of your semen ran down my leg in the shower, so if that’s what has you stopping, relax.”

He shot her a goofy grin and buried his face in her pussy. After giving her several more orgasms, he flipped on his back, with his rigid pole standing straight up. “Ride me, Gracie. Ride my thick cock like you need it to survive.”

“I do need it to survive, darling,” she purred. And when she lowered herself onto his shaft, he felt his world shift again.

“Marry me, Gracie!” he shouted as he pumped his cock into her. “I can’t imagine life without you!”

She rode him hard until she climaxed again. “That’s the testosterone talking, Mac. I’m not going to marry you just because you make me see God when we fuck,” she laughed playfully.

Mac felt his balls tighten and then release as he flooded Grace’s pussy, setting off one final orgasm for her as well.

As they held onto each other in bed, Mac said, “I’m sorry, that was a shitty way to propose. I promise, when the time is right, I’ll be far more romantic in my delivery.”

Grace laughed. “I don’t want you to feel like you have to marry me, Mac. I’m happy being with you like this. I don’t need a ring on my finger to know that I belong to you.”

Mac smiled, “It’s not for you, my love. It’s for everyone else. It’s a symbol that lets the Juliens and the Sals of the world know that you’re mine and that I love you more than anything.”

Grace nuzzled her face against Mac’s chest. She didn’t need a ring, but when he felt compelled to give her one, she wouldn’t say no.

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