Late Night

A fair few seconds of clumsy scratching sounds, presumably from a series of unsuccessful assaults on the keyhole from the outside, finally led to the front door bursting open and the duo pouring in all at once – a four-legged performance of uncontrollable giggling, swaying with interlocked arms and stumbling steps. Stephen, seated on the couch, did not need to turn away from the TV set and look at them to know that Lorna and his sister Chelsea were adequately drunk.

It was past 4 AM by now. Time to hit the bed, he thought.

“You’re still up then?”

“Yup, was just about to get to sleep. Goodnight,” said Stephen stiffly.

But what was this? The woman who had managed to free herself of her companion, taken a step towards him and spoken was this majestic masked creature in a gorgeous green dress, hair tied at the back in an elegant knot, platinum necklace around the neck, lips on the brink of breaking into the kind of smile that lingers even after it is gone. It seemed as though she was drenched from the rain outside. How is it no one out in the world would offer her an umbrella? And why would someone like ­that actually speak to him?

Stephen stole a glance at Chelsea on the far side, equally drenched, helping herself to some water. She too was sporting an ochre-colored dress, her eyes covered in a Venetian mask, same as her lover. It was indeed Lorna then, decorated in a manner in which he had never seen her before, who had addressed him.

“Goodnight then… Stephen,” said Lorna, placing a drunken and almost purposeless finger to his nose as she said his name, before following Chelsea, who had entirely ignored her brother’s presence, to her bedroom.

Still no word from Chelsea. Not even a glance at his direction the entire morning or even now. None of this did anything to calm the anxiety Stephen had been harbouring all day, yet he felt protected in her current strategy of ignoring his existence. Nothing to answer for or be awkward about unless he actually exists in the same universe as her. Cursing the ferocious cocktail of emotions and thoughts raging inside of him, Stephen got up and headed to bed.

When Lorna entered his bedroom sometime later, before dawn, she was still in her outrageous costume of an exotic aristocrat from a masked ball. Except that it was not exactly a costume. Lorna and Chelsea had presumably gone to a posh party or gathering of sorts, the likes of which Stephen had only watched in the movies. He had never before seen the two of them as he saw them tonight. He wondered who had invited them to such a party.

His room, as the rest of the house, was in complete darkness now. Stephen got up, opened the balcony doors and parted all curtains. A waft of fresh, rain-soaked air entered the room. Was there actually a full moon outside, or was he imaging that as well, just as he must have been imagining the figure with the silver Venetian mask sitting on the edge of his bed and running one hand through her now open, damp, dark brown hair?

The rain fell at a drizzle outside, and although it was getting close to 5 o’clock by now, the night skyline was only half asleep, as though secretly vigilant, ready to spring to full brightness and direct the light through the balcony for the entire city to bear witness should something brazenly impossible actually take place in that bedroom in the next minutes.


Earlier That Morning

They had gone to sleep lying at opposite ends of the bed, facing away from each other, but when Lorna woke in the morning, Chelsea’s face was nestled snug in her bosom, and one of Lorna’s own arms was wrapped around her younger girlfriend. Lorna shifted in her position, gently brushed the mouse brown hair away from Chelsea’s face, and kissed her on the cheek. In response, Chelsea moved sleepily and dug her face tighter into Lorna.

Instead of getting up Lorna held her like that and lay there. My God, I really do love this crazy twenty-five-year-old, she thought. How much time till Chelsea woke fully and remembered that she was angry at her? More worryingly, that she was angry at her own self?

The previous night had turned out to be the first time in well over a year that Lorna had had any kind of sexual contact with a guy. The eighteen-year-old Stephen was not only far younger than her thirty-one-year-old self, but he was also Chelsea’s younger brother. And yet, somehow, she did not feel as guilty as she might have thought she would, even as she held Chelsea in her arms now.

Lying there stroking Chelsea’s arm, she thought, but was this not one of the things that had brought them together, their views on sexuality in human culture and their ideological stance favouring a completely open sexual identity even for a couple? Neither of them in their adult life had ever believed that one should be made to physically commit to just one person if natural desire arose and physical temptation led elsewhere as well. Of course, fulfilment of such a lifestyle while being in a relationship generally requested the need for a partner who fostered a similar worldview. And in this regard, like in many others, Chelsea and Lorna understood each other wonderfully well.

They accepted the nature of their sexual urges, were delighted to have found in each other a mutual support for one another’s sexual fantasies outside of their own relationship. Lorna was bisexual and had had occasional experiences of sexual intimacy with men in the past, while Chelsea considered herself bi-curious. They had often discussed their fantasies of or ruminations on possible kinds of heterosexual experiences, yet had never had any occasion of physical intimacy with anyone apart from with each other in the eleven months that they had been together.

There had been occasions when Chelsea and Lorna had hung out at bars, where some guy or the other had expressed interest from a distance towards Lorna, and Chelsea had egged her on. But each time Lorna had refused, citing the fact that she was ‘not really into guys like that.’ As for herself, Chelsea still felt she wanted to wait before she got together with a man. Lorna satisfied all the sexual needs she had from female companionship, and unless she met another woman who she naturally felt attracted to or seduced by, there was no need for her to go rushing into potentially awkward sexual encounters.

Presently, there was a loud sound from the kitchen of some containers being dropped to the floor. Stephen must be up, thought Lorna. Chelsea woke up, still hugging Lorna. Her eyes opened and lay gingerly upon those of the woman who held her. She blinked sleepily. It was a few seconds before understanding dawned. Lorna could feel her younger girlfriend’s soft, limp body suddenly become stiff in her arms before moving away. Chelsea averted Lorna’s gaze, mumbled a “sorry”, got out of bed, and headed to the bathroom.


Lorna felt a painful lurch in her chest, but she made herself think she knew better than to take it to heart. Chelsea probably only needed some time.

Late Night

“Don’t you know Chelsea knows about what happened last night? What did she tell you when you met her after? We should never do anything like this again, Lorna, I mean it.”

These were the words Stephen had tentatively planned for Lorna, should anything akin to what had happened on the previous night show signs of coming into being again. These were also the words that were impossible to speak now that she was sitting next to him on the bed with one hand on his shoulder, her masked face helplessly close to his.

“Change me into something more comfortable, Stephen,” were the only words spoken, whispered with Lorna’s wine-scented breath warm on his face. It was only now that Stephen noticed the folded set of pyjamas Lorna held in her lap. Stephen took her by the waist and helped her to her feet. He turned her around so that she faced away from him looking at the balcony, as he faced her backside. In his quest to find the zip, he had to part her wet hair sticking to her back just as it stuck to the sides of her beautiful, shapely face. Her dress was no longer dripping, but still quite damp. When he unzipped it and pressed his lips to her back, so was her skin. She still bore the scent of the rain that pattered against the marble floor of the large balcony outside.

Her skin felt cool under the grasp of his warm lips. It took only a few seconds more to unhook and get rid of the bra. An act swiftly carried out from valuable experience, which Stephen had gathered from a handful of memorable ventures of intimacy he had had in his limited teenage career in sexual interaction. Memorable ventures! But that was then, and this was now. No need to hold on to the past.

Gently, almost lovingly, he helped her out of the damp panties as well. He had never known Lorna to be as passive as she was now. It was as though she had handed the guardianship of her being over to him for the moment, and would comply only in accordance with his direction. 

The only thing that remained now on the person of the most beautiful woman Stephen could imagine, was the silver Venetian eye mask and the platinum necklace. Enough time had passed in the darkness for his eyes to have adjusted. The light from the balcony was all he needed to see how brilliant she was – the proximity of her body close enough for him to breathe in the reality of her presence.

“Thank you, Stephen.”

Stephen guided her to sit on the edge of the bed once again, now facing the balcony. He took the dry, soft pyjama bottom and helped each of her legs into it, one by one. Soon the elastic was up to her waist, a little below her beautiful navel pierced by a glittering jewel. When Stephen set about to proceed with the pyjama top however, Lorna put it away and kissed him on the mouth, pressing her body against his. How beautifully her damp hair still clings to her skin, all around the mask, thought Stephen. Moreover, there was a new, somewhat unfathomably wild look in her eyes tonight, which sent waves of nervous excitement through Stephen. What’s different? Stephen wondered.

Against the dampness of her naked chest and stomach, the fabric of Stephen’s shirt, and his body felt warm and comfortable to Lorna. After they had drawn apart, Stephen seated himself beside her and ran his hand over the smooth skin of her shoulder. He could not help but stare briefly at the delicate rounded breasts, her beautiful midriff softly heaving touched by the intermittent rain-soaked wind from the balcony. The only time he had seen her this beautiful and naked was on the previous Friday night, when he had looked through the door of the other bedroom and had watched her have sex with his sister.

Stephen was never sure of the exact future steps which led to, or the duration it took for him, to find himself with his pants thrown away to the rain-splattered wet floor of the balcony, his erect cock out and then snuggled into the warm mouth of his masked seductress. There Lorna was again, between his legs as he sat on the edge of the bed, and she on her knees on the floor mattress. Despite the enormous ejaculation of the night before, Stephen was as hard and as big as he ever got, the tip of his penis touching the back of Lorna’s throat.

After the stunning sensation of the first few seconds, Stephen tried to gather his senses about him and attempted to help Lorna to her feet.

“You don’t have to do this Lorna,” he said, “Let me satisfy you this time.”

“It’s okay, I want to,” insisted Lorna, with almost pleading eyes looking through the mask.


Lorna remembered the first time she had told Chelsea that she thought his younger brother to be rather cute, that she actually found the blend of his general shyness in her presence on the one hand, and his surefooted and almost arrogant attitude whenever lured into discussions relating to politics, sports, history, literature or cinema on the other, quite charming. Chelsea had been surprised and had found it amusing.

“Before you get more drunk tonight and actually start considering seriously anything untoward in regards to my brother, I want to tell you that it’s a very bad idea,” she had said giggling at the bar that night.

Untoward… Haha! And why do you say that? Cause he’s your brother?”

“Cause I’m sure he’s a nincompoop when it comes to this stuff. He might have really cool and well-informed views on politics and history, but that boy knows nothing about sex. It’d be a disappointment, trust me,” Chelsea had said before adding pointedly, “Also, it’s not one of those porn videos you yahoo, that you’d simply think it into being and it’d be cool.

“Well, you wouldn’t be the first older sibling to have underestimated their brother’s knowledge on sex, Chels,” Lorna had quipped, “Admit it, it makes you jealous.”

“Hah! You wish. I bet he’d run away in fear if some attractive woman came trying to seduce him anyway!”

Chelsea had asked her the following morning if she had meant anything she had said about Stephen the night before. Lorna had told her that, as Chelsea might have guessed,  she had generally been trying to wind her up, but that she also did find Stephen weirdly more interesting and cuter than most of the macho men they saw or met at bars. And say, theoretically she did want to seduce him and he too was willing to participate, what would Chelsea think about that? The two of them had always liked speaking openly about everything and Lorna had not been able to stop herself from asking. Chelsea had felt bothered by the idea.

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to Chels. And of course, I know how weird this sounds,” Lorna had said.

“No Lorna, let’s talk.”

“So does it feel wrong to you?”

“Doesn’t it to you, Lorna?”

“It feels slightly weird if I were to imagine something like that right now, I know he’s only eighteen, but not really wrong. But then, isn’t he…”

“No, he isn’t.”

“…I was going to say, a grown-up person who might have his own views and reject me thoroughly out of his personal… say, disinclination if you will, or moral position.”

“Oh, that. Hmm… he might. I don’t know,” Chelsea had paused in introspection, and then gone on more tentatively, “Okay… even if he didn’t… I guess I’d be okay with it… I mean how could I not? It’s part of what we believe in. If it’s not weird for you, then clearly it’s not wrong. I mean I’d like to be able to sleep with a guy, any guy who I fancied and who fancied me. Shouldn’t be any different for you.”

But clearly, it had disturbed her somewhat, Lorna had thought. And quite evidently, although she did not say anything to that effect, she was annoyed by her own feelings which went against her views on sexual freedom. Both of them knew one thing for certain about one another. It was that each of them found women emotionally more compatible and could only have a serious relationship with a member of the female tribe. When it came to casual sex though, it was more complicated.

The previous night after Lorna had drifted into the bedroom with Stephen’s cum spread over her face and discovered Chelsea lying on the bed in full knowledge of what had transpired in the living room, they had decided to have another open conversation about it.

“Go clean up your face of my brother’s cum and let’s talk about it,” Chelsea had said.

Lorna had been taken aback by Chelsea’s presence. And talk about what? When Lorna had come back, it had seemed to her that Chelsea (even if she was secretly angry) behaved in a curiously dispassionate manner. She had told her that she had wished Lorna would have given her a proper heads-up.

They had not actually had much of a conversation after all, since Chelsea did not seem to have too much to say suddenly. Lorna had wished that if anything, Chelsea would direct her anger at her, instead of being torn up inside about her own conflicting emotions. But Chelsea had only given her an almost formal peck on the cheek and gone to sleep away from her in the far corner of the bed.


“I’m alright with it.”


Lorna had not noticed when Chelsea had finished brushing and had come back into the room.

“I said I’m alright with it, and if it’s okay with you, I want to watch next time,” said Chelsey looking straight at Lorna.

Wait WHAT? Lorna sat up on the bed.

“There I said it,” said Chelsea and still stood there.

“But what do you mean? No, SIT DOWN,” Lorna ordered, pointing at the bed.

Chelsea came and sat down on calmly the bed crossing her legs, and faced Lorna.

“Lorna,” she started, “there is no gentle way of breaking this to you unless you know already. I sure didn’t, not before last night. So I’ll say it straight. You can be, for lack of a better term, very slutty if you feel like it, and I find that incredibly arousing.”


 “Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I finally got my head around it. I didn’t really know that side of you till yesterday. We’ve done some crazy things together, but nothing that had registered like that. Like last night. You know what? Maybe it’s just that he’s a… man. And I’ve never seen you…”


“You guys never heard me when I passed through the front door into the passage towards this room. I actually stood there and watched you, teasing him, sitting between his legs on the floor like some porn textbook definition of a ‘proper slut’ with your mouth open, tongue hanging out. I’ve never seen you like that Lorna. It made me fly into a rage, I could have shouted the roof off. But I didn’t,” she said, and then continued more softly, “And I didn’t move away either, not for a little while anyway. You didn’t have intercourse with him. You gave him a blowjob, and that might be a common thing in the world out there – a woman taking a guy’s thing inside her mouth – but to watch you do it Lorna, right there in front of me, somehow made me feel things I’ve never felt before. I mean, this was… you.

“And Stephen.”

Goddamit! You had to choose HIM out of all people you silly woman! And now I can’t take back what I felt while watching you. And then you had the nerve to drift stupidly into this room dressed in your bra and denims, wearing his cum over your face like it was some jewellery!”

Lorna couldn’t help but laugh out at this.

“Clearly, I’m even crazier than you are,” said Chelsea.

“I think I can safely claim Chelsea,” said Lorna, “that I don’t know two people on heaven and Earth who are actually more mad than we are.”

“Don’t lie you idiot, I know you don’t believe in stuff like heaven and hell,” Chelsea hopped on the bed like a bunny in her seated position coming closer to Lorna.

“Alright, you got me,” said Lorna, “there is one other thing. Judging from all his serious interests and his unending commentary on the world, you’d never guess the crazy videogames Stephen plays when we’re both out. That one is unfathomable.”

“Can we not speak about him right now, please?”

“Let me tell you about the game where Alfred is seduced into having sex with Poison Ivy and Batman must battle all kinds of villains to get to him and stop him from ejaculating into her, lest that should spell dooms day for Gotham city.”

Chelsea giggled and moved further close, “Sounds gross. And altogether bizarrotown!”

“No more than you standing there and watching…”

No! Shush Lorna…” Chelsea pleaded tapping on Lorna’s lap with both hands.

“What do you mean you want to watch next time, anyway? What next time?”

“I mean in case there is a next time, you goof.”

“With Stephen?”

“With anyone. Any guy.”

“Doesn’t Stephen have a say in this?”

“Did we have a say in it when he spied on you having sex with me, last Friday night?”

Late Night

Foreskin peeled back, throbbing pink shaft of his cock uncontrollably hard inside her mouth, Lorna now took Stephen’s balls gently in the cool palm of her hand and gave a gentle squeeze. The insides of her warm mouth, thus far etched with the still lingering flavour of the red wine she had very generously helped herself to earlier in the night, now welcomed the fresh salty taste of Stephen’s leaking pre-cum. Stephen felt too breathless to even thank Lorna for what she was doing to him, when he sensed the impossible presence of another human figure in the same room. Driven by instinct against whatever good sense he felt he had left in him, he turned to see his sister approaching them.

When Chelsea saw the look of horror in his eyes, it was all she could do to rush to his side and kneel by him, holding his hand.

“It’s alright Stephen,” she whispered deliberately and uselessly, “It really is. Please don’t send me away. It’s not just about you and me anymore. And, we’ll tell her too, okay?”

Chelsea was already in her white home t-shirt and shorts, but she still wore the minimal golden mask over her eyes. In a matter of seconds, Stephen felt his entire being travel in his seated position from a universe of intense pleasure, to a state of panic-stricken madness, to utter disbelief at the physical reality of the present situation and the words Chelsea had so treacherously spoken to him.

“Stephen,” said Chelsea, “I told her this was okay by me, but I wanted to watch. And I want to watch her from here now if that is okay.”

Stephen felt it was impossible for him to know what Lorna thought about all this, as she now took one of his balls into her mouth, gripped it between her lips and licked it generously with her tongue.  Miraculously it seemed to Lorna, Stephen did not lose his erection, as she proceeded to stroke him with her left hand. He merely closed his eyes and tilted his head back as though he were trying to escape a conflict he was struggling to deal with.

“It’s okay,” said Chelsea again softly and earnestly giving his hand a little squeeze, “I’ll make sure it is. But only if you still want to.”

Almost imperceptibly, Stephen nodded. Lorna had both his balls in her mouth now while continuing to caress the saliva-soaked penis. Seeing her lover topless on her knees, taking Stephen’s balls wrapped between the lips she had kissed so often and so lovingly, while stroking the bulging, erect pink shaft of his cock with her hand, was more than Chelsea could bear to enjoy without intervention.

“Oh Lorna, did you ever know you could be so filthy?” Chelsea almost hummed the words out.

Lorna felt the warmth of Chelsea’s sweaty palm lend support at the base of one of her breasts as her mouth enveloped the hard, reddish nipple and sucked at it in the delightfully cute manner which was so characteristic of her young lover. A deep sigh escaped through Lorna’s nose, her mouth still wrapped around Stephen’s balls. Chelsea withdrew and then poured a swift kiss onto the wet nipple.

“There you go little nipple, you deserve it, you do,” said Chelsea before giving her breast a gentle squeeze. Lorna let out a soft moan, allowed Stephen’s balls to fall out of her mouth and kissed her girlfriend.

Stephen nearly gasped at the sensation of watching his masked sister kissing the masked woman who had been sucking his cock, their arms lovingly wrapping around each other.  How much did Lorna know? Was it possible that she would guess and still not care?

“Take him in your mouth Lorna,” said Chelsea with one arm still around her shoulder while shoving her other hand in beneath her pyjama. Lorna sighed as Chelsea’s adept fingers found their way to her moist pussy underneath the fabric.

“Suck it Lorna, please suck my brother’s cock. I know he’ll like it,” Chelsea did not know what had gotten into her, but she had no intention of stopping it. It had been too long since she had given in to a craving such as this.

Lorna responded by taking the entirety of Stephen’s cock into her mouth and almost ramming it against her throat repeatedly.

“Oh God,” moaned Stephen, “Please stop, I don’t know how long…”

Suck him till he cums Lorna,” Chelsea now stole up behind her lover, rested her face on her shoulder, and looked up at Stephen, while she masturbated her wet pussy with one hand, and massaged one of her breasts with the other.

“Please suck his cock till he cums on your face,” Chelsea said again, this time staring into Stephen’s eyes. Watching his sister face him while pleasuring her girlfriend who sucked him so passionately, Stephen felt his poor cock could only bear so much relentless pressure. The moment he felt the energy from his entire body rush to the organ inside Lorna’s throat, he drew himself out. With more than a little difficulty he had managed to stop himself from having a full orgasm, but little spurts of warm cum came oozing out anyway and landed around Lorna’s lips.

Chelsea felt as though the sight made her more aroused than she had ever been in her life. Lorna now turned to her, peeled off her t-shirt, and squeezed both of her breasts as Chelsea stared at the cum dripping from her face. They stayed like that for a moment longer and then Chelsea grabbed Lorna by the throat and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

“Chelsea… Stop…” Stephen could not even tell if either of the two women heard him, as they tongued each other sitting on the floor, Chelsea’s mouth dangerously close to his cum on Lorna’s face.

“Give it to me.”

Lorna offered her face to Chelsea who brought out her tongue and slowly licked off every bit of Stephen’s cum, leaving Lorna glazed with her saliva. She played with the cum inside her mouth tasting every bit of it before swallowing it down her throat. There was a bottle of water nearby which she drew to her mouth and took a gulp.

“Ah!” she remarked with satisfaction, tapping her flat belly, “It’s all in there now.”

Stephen could not take it anymore. He felt gripped by a wild and altogether wicked urge as he lifted Chelsea by her underarms onto the bed and on her knees. Swiftly, Chelsea had freed him of his t-shirt so that he was now completely naked. He rose on his knees himself and turned her around so that he faced her back. He dug his face onto the side of her neck and inhaled deeply. The familiar smell of his sister’s body and hair set his senses ablaze with desire. He licked her repeatedly at the end of her jaws and below the ear. His narrow athletic chest, sweaty from the excitement Lorna had provided him, brushed against the smoothness of Chelsea’s back as they rubbed against one another.

Stephen had quite forgotten what a cute body his older sister had till he had seen her sitting naked on Lorna’s lap sucking her breasts a few nights ago on a Friday. He had tried and somewhat succeeded in overcoming the lust and lure of memories that sight had brought him. The presence of Lorna – on whom he had had a desperate boyish crush – in the entire scenario, had complicated matters further. But now he felt like he could hold back no longer.

Lorna looked on as though somewhat stunned by the way the event had progressed. Stephen held Chelsea gently from behind, face buried in her neck, letting her body rub against his, before finally taking the pink tip of one of her pointed breasts in the tight grip of his fingers. Chelsea hummed from the sensation of sharp pain mixed with pleasure. Still, Lorna watched them without comment. When Stephen lay the palm of his other hand flat against the soft surface of her belly and pressed down, Chelsea’s body lurched forward from the sensation.

Of course! Stephen remembered, she thought as nervous excitement swept through her. He was the only one who knew about what she deemed to be her otherwise secret fetish! He was the only one smart enough to have found out by himself when he was just over sixteen years old. She only needed it occasionally during instances of physical intimacy, but Stephen had known how to administer it perfectly. For some reason she could not fathom, with all of her other lovers, Lorna included, Chelsea had been too embarrassed to speak about it.

Having made love only to Lorna in the past year, the large palms of her brother’s hand felt very different on her skin. His hands have changed since last time, she thought, they have become rougher than before. This lent an altogether new sensation as the coarse surface of his palm rubbed rhythmically against her soft tummy. For a moment, Chelsea was overcome by an overwhelming sense of relaxation as Stephen continued massaging her stomach with one hand, while fondling her breast with the other.

Because Chelsea had her eyes closed and senses captivated by Stephen’s touch, she only recognized Lorna opposite her on the bed when she felt the wet mouth of the older woman on her other breast. Chelsea put one arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the head as she continued sucking and licking her stiff nipple.

“Oh Stephen,” Chelsea moaned despite herself when Stephen’s other hand went down past the elastic lining of her shorts and slid down across her lower belly onto her wet pussy and clitoris. Lorna seemed not to mind, as she rose and kissed Chelsea on the mouth and then drew back to watch brother and sister together with each other.

Morning Again

She could see them better now. Lorna turned, looked out through the balcony, and stared briefly at the horizon of the overcast landscape lit up mildly by the imminent arrival of the sun amongst clearing skies. The rain had stopped. It was dawn. The continuous drizzle of the past several hours had created a humid atmosphere indoors. Stephen nibbled and licked at Chelsea’s by now sweaty neck and shoulder wherever her untidy hair would not cling to her skin, while continuing to rub her belly and clitoris at the same time.

“You’re sweaty Chelsea, do you know how disgusting that is?” Stephen whispered into his sister’s ear.

HOLY FUCK! Did he just say that while masturbating her and giving her a belly rub at the same time? When had he learnt to talk like that?

 “Really Stephen?”

“I’m sure you’re going to start to smell in no time,” he continued now rubbing his moist cock against the skin of her back near the waist.

“Okay fucker, have it your way,” said Chelsea and broke away. She turned around to face him, then lay down on her stomach on the bed, and held his cock in her hand while staring up at him.

Stephen only understood now as to how delicate his situation was. But surely she wouldn’t. Not in front of Lorna, not now after so many months that they had managed to abstain!

Chelsea took off her mask and stared at him a moment. And then pulling back the foreskin of his cock, Chelsea licked him around the shaft playfully while looking up at him. Stephen felt like he could shed tears from the pleasure. Chelsea again! Chelsea with her face sniffing around his stiff cock, smiling up at him, licking him, teasing him. She had never been coy with him like this earlier. It was different a year and a half back. Now she was more shameless than ever.

“I’m not so stinky, disgusting anymore, am I Stephen?”

“You are disgusting Chelsea, look at you!” blurted out Stephen.

“So I’ll just leave you be then, is it?”

Please Chelsea.”

Stephen watched his sister take his full-size cock through her lips and all the way inside her small mouth. Through the delirium of his emotions, Stephen could see Lorna looking at them transfixed while rubbing her clitoris under the pyjamas. This only served to heighten his pleasure as his sister began sucking him slowly.

Chelsea felt the insides of her thigh dampen all over again as she fondled Stephen’s balls in one hand and sucked his cock with her mouth. The only cock that had ever been inside her mouth. It had been so long since she had felt, tasted something like this. Chelsea was thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. She felt beyond shame, beyond any kind of possible embarrassment. She only knew that she wanted to suck her teenage brother’s cock until he could take it no longer and succumbed to her.

“Fuck him, Chels,” Chelsea had momentarily forgotten her audience, until Lorna leaned close and spoke into her ear, “Fuck your brother. I know you want to.”

For a moment, an almost confused look came over Chelsea’s face, as though she had never realized that it was possible to do something that would make her even happier than she was right now.

Chelsea spoke looking up innocently at Stephen while still massaging his cock in one hand, “Will you fuck me, Stephen? Even though I am sweaty and smelly, and stinky and disgusting?”

“Smelly and stinky are the same thing, Chelsea.”

Stephen was made to lay down on his back. When Chelsea hovered naked over his body and finally sat down gently on his crotch, the sight of her above him made his cock pulsate with excitement and nudge against her skin longingly. Chelsea felt as nervous as her brother as she took his dripping cock in her palm and patted it against her stomach. Seeing it hard and moist and measuring up to her navel brought forth a rush of warm anticipation that serenaded all her senses.


“Yes, please,” replied Stephen.

Just the tip at first. They looked into each other so that Stephen could see her eyes roll back from the sensation at the moment of insertion. He was thick and warm halfway inside of her shaven pussy, and she welcomed him in with wet desire. Slowly, with her hands on his chest for support, she sat herself all the way down on him. Chelsea saw it all in Stephen’s face, who was thoroughly basking in the feeling of having the weight of her palms on his chest while his hard, needy cock slipped so very deep inside of her pussy. Snug and lodged firmly into the depths of her body, Stephen hugged his sister round her back, reached up, and lodged a soft kiss on her chest.

She rode him like that. Slowly, delicately. Never turning away from each other, their faces lay naked the rollercoaster of sensations and emotions they were now uncontrollably hurtling through. Chelsea could feel him holding her around her waist now, thrusting gently yet firmly upwards with his groin, making love to her pussy like she had not really experienced before in her life. No doubt, he was somewhat changed since the last time they did this. More mature, so much more sensitive and almost… she shuddered at the thought… more loving. Only a few moments back she would not have thought it possible that she could be further aroused until she realized she was now gushing warm pussy juice all over his cock at this realization.

She leaned in closer upon his chest allowing him to hug her tighter. Now she merely stayed in his arms as he continued thrusting lovingly in long strokes, caressing her insides with his cock and rendering her body with a delightful erotic charge by the way held her in place against his own body. Despite herself, Chelsea let out a low moan of pleasure, her face close upon Stephen’s, their noses almost touching.

“Is this nice Chelsea?” he asked.

Her breath warm upon his face, Chelsea moved as though by instinct rather than deliberation and pressed her lips lovingly around her brother’s, almost eating up his words. Their lips moist and fuelled by such tender desire for each other’s flesh, they kissed deeply, passionately, not knowing how long they stayed in that moment making love to one another. It was only when Stephen rolled them over, to have Chelsea on her back with his cock still inside of her, that Chelsea turned her face to notice Lorna now rid of her pyjama pants, and rubbing herself needily, while looking on at them. She had an indecipherable expression on her face – almost stunned yet not so much as aroused.

“Lorna…” Chelsea started.

“I love what you two are

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