“You know you want to, daddy.”

He did. He thought to himself, I know it’s wrong, she’s my daughter, but she’s just my STEPdaughter.

“I know that you stare at me whenever I wear my cheerleading uniform; my tight top, my short, little skirt. I know you like it, daddy.”

Why does she always do that? Calling me daddy? He knew the answer though: Because she knows it will work, just like all the other times I’ve given in to her.

“No, like I said last time, it was the last time. I can’t do this to your mother anymore.”

“Don’t worry, mom won’t find out. You can have both of us. Oh, come on, daddy, play with your little girl.”

Little girl wasn’t exactly accurate; Harper was seventeen, almost eighteen. It wasn’t a matter of legality, but morality. He loved his wife, Lisa, but he also lusted after his stepdaughter. Harper was a fiend when it came to sex and she delighted in the fact that she could twist anyone to her whim, including him. Her long red hair, perky tits, tight ass, she was what middle-aged fathers dreamed about when they would jerk off if their wives weren’t in the mood. She was also what a stepfather wished he didn’t have: a sexy stepdaughter.

“Would this help, daddy?”

Harper turned away from him and pulled her cheerleading top up and over her head before turning back around to face him. Next, she undid her baby blue bra and slowly revealed her breasts to him before dropping the bra to the floor.


He looked at his stepdaughter’s breasts. Her tits were almost as big as her mother’s, but far perkier, and unlike her mother, she loved to show them off with her low-cut crop tops, tube tops, and other revealing clothing. It was hard for him to imagine all but the most chaste and virtuous men to turn down a girl like Harper. She could tell that she was getting to him, but he wasn’t convinced yet. There was still one thing she knew he couldn’t resist, something her mother wouldn’t let him have.

“I know, this is what you really want.”

Harper turned her back to her father once again and proceeded to pull down her baby-blue panties and step out of them. She hiked up her skirt and revealed her tight, teenage ass to him before turning her neck to face him.

“Now I know you want this, cuz’ mommy never lets you fuck her in the ass.”

He looked at his stepdaughter wearing only her red cheerleading skirt, knee-high white socks, and white sneakers. Slowly, he walked the two remaining feet between them and pressed his lips to hers. He reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing the meaty flesh of his daughter’s ass. Harper didn’t go directly for something like his cock or his ass, but rather gently stroked areas like his arms or his sides. She was enjoying her control over him. For her, it wasn’t just that her stepfather was a good lover, but it was that she was making this happen, whether he wanted to or not.

For Harper, her conquests weren’t simply the pursuit of a good fuck, but the ability to bend people’s will to her own and get them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. It was her ability to seduce others that truly satisfied her, although having great sex was always a bonus. After being either ignored or treated like dirt by people for so long, she found her sexuality to be a useful tool in attaining control over others.

Tired of being teased, her stepdad broke their kiss and pushed Harper up against the wall, to which she instinctively raised her hands to brace herself. Once again, he grabbed her supple ass cheeks and gave them a good squeeze. He really loved her ass, it was far tighter than her pussy, and it also had the added benefit of allowing him to cum inside of her and not wear a condom. He didn’t know that his daughter was on birth control, and Harper knew he would only cum inside of her if it was in her ass. She wanted him to favor her ass, as the thought of daddy cumming inside of his little girl was so wrong that it felt so right, so she never bothered to tell him about the birth control.

Harper heard her stepfather unbuckle and unzip his pants without looking back at him. He spread her ass cheeks and started to push his cock into her asshole. Harper could feel her father’s hard shaft penetrate her tight hole and go balls-deep into her before he quickly started thrusting. There was no playful teasing or sweet romance to what they were doing; to him, it was pure and simple sex, fucking until they both came and satisfied their respective sexual urges.

“Oh, daddy, you fuck your little girl so good.”

“Yeah? Are you daddy’s dirty little slut?”

“Ooh, yes, daddy.”

“I can’t hear you.” He grabbed her hair and slapped her harshly on her ass before asking again. “I said: are you daddy’s little slut?”

“Yes!” Harper shouted as he picked up his thrusting, forcing her to speak between labored breaths. “I’m… daddy’s… little… slut!”

He slapped her ass several more times, leaving both of her ass cheeks swollen and red.

After a few more thrusts, he grunted vigorously and within a second, Harper could feel his warm cum fill up her ass. Just as the last spurt of cum entered Harper, the front door opened and her mom gasped loudly.

“Kenneth! Again? How can you keep doing this to me?”

“Lisa, wait!” Kenneth called out as he stumbled out of his pants and chased after his wife.

Harper smiled to herself as her stepfather’s cum slowly dripped out of her ass. It’s always as good as the first time she caught us.

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