Gina was starting to wonder why she wasn’t getting pregnant.  She had sex with her father-in-law, her father, and Andy, and Steven.  All the men dropped their semen into Gina, but she was never getting pregnant.

Gina knew that she was fertile but was starting to wonder if they lied and had vasectomies.  She hated going to bed with Andy and Steven.  They were so unattractive, and having sex with them was uncomfortable and made Gina sick.  

Andy and Stephen called Gina a few times wanting to get together again.  Gina told them she wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t interested in trying again with them.

Brian would call her on video chats and would want her to masturbate for him.  Gina was getting exhausted from all the sex she was having.  Her mother-in-law called her and wanted her to come over for some tea.  She mentioned that Carl went out with his friends, so it would just be her and her lady friends.

Gina accepted her invitation and went to take a shower.  She liked spending time with her mother-in-law and was anxious to meet her friends.  She hoped that they were all nice.

Gina grabbed a bottle of wine and went to her car.  She blasted the music and sang and had fun while she drove to Sandy’s house.


Gina took the wine and walked to the door.  She rang the bell, and Sandy answered the door.

“Gina dear.  Come in.  How are you?”

“I’m well. Here’s the wine that you and dad like.”

“Thank you, sweetie.  Would you like a drink?   I made some lemonade.”

“That sounds perfect.  Are your friends coming?”

“They are, but I wanted to talk with you first.  Let me get the lemonade.”

Sandy went into the kitchen and poured the lemonade over ice.  She also put some cookies on a plate and walked back to where Gina was sitting.

“Here you go, dear.”

“Thanks, mom.  You make the best chocolate chip cookies.  I love yours the best.”

“You are so sweet.  Any luck on getting pregnant?   I spoke to my sons, and they said they met with you.”

“No, not yet. I’m starting to think it’s not in the cards.  I don’t know if I can keep trying. It’s very stressful to keep cheating behind Brian’s back.”

“You are not cheating.  You are trying to get pregnant.”

“I guess, but it feels like cheating to me.”

“Brian has more brothers who want to help.  Would you like me to call them?”

“Not yet.  I feel like a whore.  This way is not what I imagined when Brian said he wanted a family.  I just figured he would make me pregnant.”

“Unfortunately, he is sterile.  Lucky for you, we have eight children, and seven of them can help.  Family is always here to help.”

“No.  I want to take a break.”

“Brian is only away for two weeks.  You should have a brother visit every day if you want to get pregnant.”

“Christopher is in town and would love to help.  I will tell him to meet you at your house tonight.  Does that sound good, dear?”

“I just wanted to make a family with Brian.  I didn’t want to have sex with his entire family.  After being with Andy and Steven, I feel they used me for their pleasure and not for making a baby.”

“Why?  They made love and deposited semen inside of you.  Why would you be upset.”

“No reason.  Tonight would be fine with Christopher.  You can call him.”

“Let me call him.  I will be right back.”

Gina liked Christopher. He was at least good-looking.  She wondered if he would tell his wife about sleeping with her.  Sandy was on the phone a while with her son.  She came out with more lemonade and sat down.

“My friends are coming, and they belong to the swinger group.  We would love to help you relax, dear.  I know you said you aren’t a lesbian, but I am pretty sure you would enjoy a few ladies pampering you.  What do you say?  Should I tell a few of my friends to come over?”

Gina was feeling upset, knowing Sandy wanted sex from her.  This event would be cheating because nobody would be trying to make her pregnant.  Sandy and her friends would be licking Gina into orgasms and making her get her friends off too.

“I guess so.  Wouldn’t that be considered cheating?  We aren’t making a baby.  Brian wouldn’t understand this.”

“Brian is out of the country.  You have had multiple orgasms while I have eaten your pussy.  My friends love to eat pussy too.  You will be my guest, and we will all ravish your body. Wouldn’t you enjoy several tongues licking your bald little pussy?  Gina, you know you love sex; Brian told us you are a nymphomaniac. Don’t you need to cum?”

Gina was shocked that Sandy spoke to her like that.  She was starting to feel like the “family whore.”

Now she wanted her friends to get in on the sick fun.  Gina was a nymphomaniac, and she did enjoy sex.  She hadn’t had an orgasm since the night before while she masturbated on a video call with her husband.  It might be nice to have Sandy and her friends get her off.  Sandy smiled and agreed to the orgy with Sandy’s friends.

“I will call my friends.  They are looking forward to meeting you.”

“Okay.  Maybe we could open the wine?”

“Of course.  We will have lots of wine.  Later, my son Christopher will come over for more babymaking.  Sound good, dear?”

“Yes.  Thank you, mom.”

Sandy called her friends, and they all arrived within the hour.  Some of the ladies had bags, and Gina wondered what was inside.  Sandy had invited two of her friends.

“Gina, this is Bertha and Agnus.”

“So nice to meet you both.”

“Sandy, you were right; she is gorgeous.”

“I told you.  Why don’t we have some wine?  We could go outside to the hot tub.  It’s such a wonderful day.  Gina, does that sound nice?”

“Sure.  I didn’t bring my bathing suit.”

“You don’t need one.  We are all good friends here.”

Gina smiled at her mother-in-law and her friends.  Sandy and Bertha got the wine, and Agnus took Gina by the hand and took her outside to the pool and hot tub.

“You are quite a looker.  Sandy and Carl told our group what an attractive girl you are.  They said you are very sexual.  Would you be interested in becoming a swinger?”

“I don’t think so.  My husband and I are quite happy.  He cannot have children but wants children.  I am trying to get pregnant by his brothers.”

“Well, maybe you need to explore outside of the family.  I have a son that would love to meet you.  He has a family and would be glad to help.”

“I don’t think so.  That would be cheating.  I don’t want to cheat; I want a baby.”

“Honey.  Just think of it as a contribution to making your baby.  His name is Anthony.  Do you want me to call him?  He would love to help you.”

“I don’t know.  Could I think about it?”

“Of course.  You know Anthony is friends with Christopher.  Let me call him, and I am sure he would love to help.  You are exactly his type.”

“I am not looking for a date.  I want a baby.”

“He has six children.  He would be glad to help you.  It will only take a minute.  I will be right back.”

Gina was annoyed.  She didn’t want to have a threesome with Christopher and her son.  Gina was feeling sicker by the minute.  She took off her clothes and went into the hot tub.  Sandy and Bertha came out with several bottles of wine and some snacks.

“Gina, Agnus confirmed your session with Anthony.  He will meet Christopher at your house at nine o’clock.  You will get double the pleasure and hopefully lots of cum to make you pregnant.”

Gina smiled, and Sandy and Bertha removed their clothes and sat on either side of Gina.

“Doesn’t the water feel amazing,” Bertha said while putting her hand on Gina’s pussy.

“It feels lovely,” Gina said.

Agnus came out of the house and took off her clothes, and sat in the hot tub.

“Anthony is looking forward to tonight.  He will help Christopher make you pregnant.  Oh, honey, you will adore him.  He is so good-looking.”

“I worry because I wanted to keep it in the family.  Going out of the family will not make the baby look like my husband.  I don’t want him to know I have been cheating.”

“Gina, you are not cheating.  These men are depositing cum for a child.  If you went to a sperm bank and got inseminated, it would be the same thing. Don’t worry so much.” Sandy said excitedly.

Sandy and Bertha put their hands on Gina’s pussy.  They rubbed her and pushed several fingers into her.  Gina moaned while Agnus sat in front of Gina and held her glorious breasts in her hands.  She cupped and massaged them and pinched them, which made her feel even more aroused.  Sandy and Bertha took turns jamming their fingers up inside of Gina’s pussy.

“Gina, you are so sexy.  Your husband is a lucky man.”

“Thank you.  I think so too.”

“We brought some toys to play with you. Let’s bring Gina inside.”

The ladies all got up and took their clothes, and moved to the house.  They brought Gina to the bedroom. 

“Just lay back and let us delight you.”

Gina lay on the bed.  Sandy and Agnus sandwiched her on the bed.  Bertha crouched down and put her pussy on top of Gina’s mouth.  Gina began licking her old pussy.  Her pussy tasted sweet while she sucked on her pussy lips.

Sandy and Agnus worked together, pleasing Gina with their hands.  Sandy played with Gina’s magnificent breasts while Agnus pulled apart Gina’s buttocks and licked her secret spot. 

Bertha was riding Gina’s face.  Gina licked her pussy and made her cum.  She climbed off her face and went into her bag and took out a gadget.  She stepped into it and held the fake cock.  Sandy went into her closet to get her device.

“What are those?” Gina asked excitedly.

“They are strap-on cocks.  We can make love to you better this way.  Why don’t you get on your hands and knees, and we will pleasure you.  You can lick Agnus’ pussy now.  You are so good at pussy licking.”

“Okay.  Are you going to put one cock into my butt?”

“Of course.  Brian told us you adore anal sex.”

“He told you I love anal?   Does Brian tell you everything about our sex life.”

“He does.  He is very proud of you.  You are remarkable in the sex department.”

Gina was embarrassed.  She was starting to hate her husband.  She didn’t like him telling everything about what they did in the bedroom.

“Gina.  Are you ready to make love with us?” Sandy said proudly.


“Make sure to put some lube on. Here’s the tube.” Sandy said to Gina. 

Gina wiped the jelly on her pussy and butt.  Sandy was on the bed already, and Gina climbed on top of her.  She pushed the fake cock into her and began riding Sandy.  Sandy sat up and kissed Gina on the mouth.  She held her breasts in her hands while Bertha pulled Gina’s buttocks apart and licked her in her secret spot.  Agnus watched her friends make love with Gina and sat on the chair masturbating.  She pushed her fingers into her pussy and made herself nice and juicy.

Bertha slid her fake cock into Gina’s butt.  Sandy and Bertha fucked Gina

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