Gina was getting more depressed each day.  Her husband was shooting blanks, and their dreams of becoming parents were bleak.  Brian knew that he was sterile but would not come to terms with it. 

Gina collected a sample and had his sperm checked, and found out he was sterile.  Brian didn’t want to adopt.  He wanted a child and prayed to God to grant him and his wife a miracle.  He actively went to church and hoped that God would hear his prayers.

Gina spoke to his parents and sadly told them their upsetting news.  She had a brainstorm and asked his parents to take her to bed.  Sandy, Brian’s mother, would only allow Gina to bed her husband if she could get in on the action.  Gina agreed and had a naughty romp with the two of them. 

Unfortunately, Gina did not get pregnant.  Gina was desperate and told her father about her predicament.  He, too, offered his services to Gina, and he and his daughter got busy trying to get her pregnant.

Gina was not thrilled with having sex with her father, which she knew was incest.  Her father said that, since she was legal, that it wasn’t as bad as she made it.  She consented to have sex with her father.

Again, Gina was not pregnant.  As the days passed, her husband wanted sex from her constantly in hopes that she would become pregnant.  Luckily, she loved sex, and even though their efforts were not getting closer to making a baby, they met all her needs.

Brian was an excellent lover, and they had a fantastic sex life together.  His sperm was useless in the babymaking department.  Gina wished they would adopt so she didn’t have to keep cheating on her husband.  If her husband had found out that she’d been having sex with his parents and her father, he would be devastated and leave her.

Gina needed to keep her relations with her in-laws and her father a secret.  Brian would not understand her cheating ways.  Except she was trying to get herself pregnant and keep the gene pool in their family, either on Brian’s side or her own.


Gina’s in-laws called her and told her to come to their house immediately.  She wondered what the urgency to their tone was.  Brian was away on a business trip and would be out of the country for a few weeks.

Gina got dressed and hurried out of the house to her in-laws’ house.  She couldn’t imagine what was so important.

She parked her car, and Sandy and Carl were waiting at the door.

“Gina.  Come in, dear, we have some news.”

“Hi, mom and dad.  What is your news?”

“Since you haven’t become pregnant, we spoke to our other children, and they have agreed to help you.  Brian has seven brothers, and they want to help.”

“Wow.  I can’t believe everybody wants to help. What about the wives?  They are okay with them screwing me?”

“Some of the wives are swingers too and would like to get in on the action.  You could always have sex with a brother or two together if you don’t want to bed another woman.  You said previously; you don’t think you like women.  Except for me, of course.”

“So more threesomes?  I am starting to feel like a whore.  Are you okay with me having all of these relationships with your sons?  How will we all act on the next holiday after you all have taken me to bed?  If Brian finds out, he would be devastated.”

“We will cross that bridge when we get there.  Right now, we want to get you pregnant.  Do you still want a baby?  My family wants to help you.  They want to be aunts and uncles, and we want another grandchild.  We want you happy, is all.”

“Okay.  I would be willing to have sex with Brian’s brothers.  I am ovulating, so it would be a good time.”

“Great.  I will share the news with my sons.  Andy and Gretchen would be available tonight.  Are you available, dear?”

“Brian is out of town.  Tonight would be great.”

Gina went to hug her in-laws.  Carl looked at Sandy, and they both wanted to get Gina back in their bed.  Carl would ask Gina to play with them.

“Gina.  Why don’t we all go upstairs?  You said you are ovulating.  Carl has plenty of cum to give you, dear.  Are you in the mood?”

Gina was happy and wanted to show her appreciation to Carl and Sandy.  She was more than glad to have a roll in the hay with them.  It was always possible Carl could make her pregnant.

“Sure.  Why not.”

“Let’s go upstairs.  Come on, Gina.  We are horny and want to play with you.”

Gina held Carl’s hand and followed him up the stairs.  She enjoyed Carl’s cock, and Sandy was an amazing pussy eater.  Once they got into the bedroom, Sandy and Carl undressed Gina.

Carl and his wife worked fast to take Gina’s clothes off.  She had a fantastic body with enormous breasts.  Her nipples were hard like erasers.  Sandy liked her smooth pussy and couldn’t wait to jam her tongue up into the eager girl.

Sandy took Gina’s hand and led Gina to the bed.  Sandy and Carl lay next to Gina and took turns passionately kissing her.  Carl held her breasts and squeezed and sucked on her nipples while Sandy pulled apart her buttocks and licked her secret spots.  Sandy found Gina to be quite sexy.  She liked how easily she came.  Her pussy was so sweet, and Sandy was excited to taste it again.

“You guys are amazing.  Helping Brian and me.  I am so grateful for you two.”

“We are glad to help you two.  Now relax while we please you.”

Gina lay still while Sandy and Carl pulled her legs apart and got to work on her bare pussy.  They worked together feverishly to make Gina cum.  Her pussy juices dripped out of her glorious pussy flower.  Carl spent time sucking on her hard button while he drove her crazy with lust and desire.  Sandy pushed her tongue up into her pussy and drank her juices as her juices flowed from her vagina.

“Oh, you guys are so good at this. I’m cumming!”

“We know, dear.  Your juices taste like heaven on earth.  Sandy made slurping noises while she drank her honey.  Carl was moving his tongue around her clit, which was throbbing and pulsating.

“Make love to me, Carl.  I want your cock.”

“I’m ready for you, honey.”

Carl pushed his hard cock into Gina while Sandy crouched down above Gina.  Gina knew she was to lick her mother-in-law’s pussy while Carl jammed his cock into her tight hole.  He squeezed her breasts while he pumped his baton into her.  Gina moved her hips, and they worked together to cum in unison together.

Sandy rocked her hips back and forth while Gina’s tongue explored her pussy.  She was getting used to the taste of pussy and wanted Sandy to cum on her tongue.  She pushed her tongue into Sandy’s hole and began tongue fucking her until Sandy screamed in ecstasy.

Carl was so excited while watching Gina eat Sandy’s pussy.  He moaned while he released his hot cum.  He pulled out of Gina and helped her put her legs in the air.

“Let my swimmers meet your eggs, baby.  Hopefully, that did the trick.”

“I hope so.  Thanks for making love to me again.”

Sandy lay next to Gina and passionately kissed her mouth.  Carl lay on the other side while he played with her breasts.

“You are a beautiful girl.  You better go and get ready for Andy and Gretchen.  If you don’t want to be with Gretchen, I bet another brother could take her place.  Two brothers with a supply of cum might do the trick!”

“I think I would rather be with two men than to be with another girl.  I like being with Sandy but don’t think I am a lesbian.”

“No problem.  We will call Andy and tell him to bring Steven with him.  They will be glad to help you, dear.”

“I hope so.  I am feeling like the family whore.”

“We want you to get pregnant.  You wanted this for yourself, and we are all glad to help you.”

“I know.  I don’t think Brian would be happy that I am fucking his brothers and his father and mother.”

“He won’t ever find out.  We want you pregnant, dear.”

“I know.  I do feel rather slutty.”

“You are not a slut.  You are a remarkable girl.”

Carl and Sandy helped Gina get dressed.  She didn’t stay for a bite to eat.  Gina wanted to treat herself to some pampering before her night with Andy and Steven.


Gina went to get a pedicure and a manicure to relax.  She also booked a massage.  Gina had a lot of tension from all of her cheating.  She knew Brian would be devastated to learn his wife was becoming his family’s whore. 

The news of her cheating would devastate him.  Gina knew Brian was desperate to have a child.  She would make his wish come true since he was sterile and had to achieve incredible feats to make that happen.  She would have to enlist his entire family to help with the troubling news that Brian was sterile.  Cheating with his family and hoping they would make Gina pregnant was the only way to make her pregnant.    

She would do what she had to, to make Brian a father, even if it meant sleeping with his entire family to make his dreams come true.  Andy and Steven were not good-looking in any way, but they were very gracious and wanted to help Gina and their brother have children.     

Gina was enjoying the massage.  She was so relaxed and fell asleep.  When her hour was up, Gina took a shower and got dressed, and went home.  She was nervous about her meeting with Brian’s brothers.  They weren’t attractive to her but were happy they wanted to help her get pregnant.  They both were on the round side.  She wondered if they would be good in bed.

Gina got dressed and waited for Andy and Steven.  At around nine o’clock, her door rang.  Gina was nervous and went to the door.

“Hi, guys.  How are you?”

“Great.  Our mother told us of your issues.”

“Come in.  How are Shelly and Gretchen doing?  They are okay with this?”

“They are good.  We won’t lie; we didn’t tell our wives.”

“Really?  Your mom said you were all swingers.”

“Our parents swing, but we don’t.  Not sure the wives would like us having sex with you.  Mom said, you and Brian are desperate to have a family.  Since we both have our families already, we are happy to help you.”

“However you guys want to proceed is fine.  Let us make a baby. It’s all about baby-making and not about pleasure.”

“Oh, come on, Gina.  We know you are a nymphomaniac.  Brian has told the family how you are very sexual.”

“Really?  He said that about me.”

Gina felt uncomfortable that her husband told his family about her nymphomanic ways.  She was feeling like a slut while Steven and Andy spoke to her.

“I can like sex and want a baby too. Can’t I?”

“Of course.”

“Shall we go to your room?”

“Do you guys want a drink?  We can talk a bit.”

“To tell you the truth, we are wild to have sex with you.  You are quite a babe, Steven announced.”

“Thanks.  Let

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