The escapade of Dan and Amber’s group sex party continues in this deep and arousing second part of the series. Stay tuned for the next one..

Arriving in the living area of the studio apartment, I’d preset the mood by having the lights dimmed and candles lit, an eclectic mix of music set on the speaker and bed and sofas set invitingly with scatter cushions flung around haphazardly.

Still perplexed and perched over Bill’s shoulder, I heard a devilish giggle from Chantelle. I felt her tender, soft hands slide up my legs toward my buttocks before she caressed my cheeks and began to rub me through the material of my underwear.

“You horny girl!” Smiled Kevin, beer in hand and watching the sight unfold. “Shit, I need another drink to settle back and watch this.”

“Mmmh, Chantelle, I have to say, watching you with another girl has always been one of my favourite sights I’ve had the privilege of witnessing,” added Ryan.

“I’ll grab the beers from the house!” Stated Dan, taking the stairs two at a time back down and out of the studio.

Bill stood locked to the spot, watching Chantelle’s leering eye as her perfectly manicured fingers gently looped under my thong and found my lips. I breathed in sharply, savouring the touch of her on my skin. She paused, bringing her fingers to her mouth, and sucked seductively on them before expertly finding her way inside my thong again. Instantly she dove her two fingers into me. My mouth fell open; I hadn’t realised just how turned on and wet I already was over the situation. Her fingers moved in and out for just a moment, Ryan, Kevin and Bill enjoying the scene unfolding before them.

Chantelle released a naughty giggle as she stopped, allowing Bill to lower me to my feet. Reaching to Kevin with a thanks for grabbing my drink to safety when I’d been airlifted en route down the path, I sipped and regathered my thoughts. I flicked my eyelashes up to Chantelle, who was running her fingers around her mouth again.

“Mmm, delicious,” she smiled, settling on the low wide sofa and crossing her beautiful, smooth, tanned, toned legs. “I’ve been dying to taste you.”

“You and me both.” Bill shook his head, running his palm across his forehead.

“Funny that,” I started, glaring at Kevin. “I’d just been thinking the same about your cock, Kev. Ready to let me feel that bad boy in my mouth again? It’s been a while.”

Kevin obliged, undoing his belt. Bill and Ryan followed suit, refusing to miss the opportunity to get involved as soon as possible.

“Hell no, I already called dibs on being the first to get inside you, Amber!” Laughed Bill, pressing down on my shoulder to lower me. I obeyed, manoeuvring to my knees with my back to him, and without hesitation Kev sprang from his trousers and stepped into my space. I ran a long lick from the base of his cock to the tip of his head before gliding my lips open over the tip and sliding my mouth all the way down Kev’s familiar cock. He was hardening already in my mouth as I slid all the way back to the top and repeated the action, one hand holding his shaft, the other between my own legs. I could feel Bill’s eyes boring into my head; the rush of knowing this was frustrating him was spurring me on. I had always loved the idea of being watched.

The clink of bottle touching glass as Chantelle poured herself a refill on the coffee table made me open my eyes. Bill and Ryan both stood either side of me, now squared in on my knees on the fluffy rug. I reached up and took Ryan in my left hand while Bill stepped forward and found my right. My hands moved up and down the boys’ dicks, the small of my back taking the rocking motion of the rest of my body while I sucked Kevin in long tasty strokes. Ryan hardened in my hand much more confidently than Bill. First-time jitters, I guessed.

Dan stepped back into the studio as I skied like a pro up and down Bill and Ryan, Kevin in my mouth. He looked momentarily stunned at the sight of my filled mouth and his mate’s cock in my hand, then definitely intrigued and ready. Beers immediately dumped by the door and a glint of oh really? If you’re pleasuring someone else, then I’m getting some in his eye, Dan found his way to Chantelle, who was already on her feet facing him. His hand hurriedly found its way up beneath her black leather skirt, between her thighs, rubbing her through her underwear.

“What are you waiting for, horny girl? There’s plenty here for you too!”

Chantelle grinned like a Cheshire Cat, dropping to her knees, without taking her eyes from his once. She expertly undid Dan’s belt and zipper, springing him free into her hands.

I smiled inside at the sight of Dan staring down at this sexy woman, flitting his eyes to me, enjoying my motion, then back to Chantelle again. Watching his cock disappearing into the depths of her full glossy lips, I felt a surge of blood to my pussy and took a long sensual sigh as I savoured the taste of Kev in my mouth.

As if reading my mind, Kevin gripped either side of my shoulders, raised me to my feet and forced me ruggedly back onto the cream sofa. I lost the grip of the two cocks as I was adjusted. My head hit a cushion as Kevin swiftly dove on top of me, tearing south the top of my dress and freeing my chest, exposing me to the room. I was aware of being so displayed to all present and I revelled in it. His arms energetically raised my legs, and my thong was slid down instantaneously from above my suspenders. Not even fully removed, it dangled from the heel of my stiletto, and Kevin’s tongue located my slit with skilled precision. I closed my eyes, loving the feel of this man, not my husband, invading my horny cunt with his mouth.

Bill took a cue from the switch of position and found himself being drawn into the momentum of finding a place to put himself. The fun isn’t going to come to you if you aren’t available to be part of it. Stepping his feet fully out of his jeans now, he crouched a knee on the sofa close to my head and lowered his now rock solid dick toward my face. I looked up into his eyes, eyes I’d never taken much time to appreciate before, and saw the burning desire within him to drive his cock into me, wherever he could get it. I was grateful for his initiative and opened up slowly, inviting him to place his shaft in my mouth. He slid in so smoothly. I was startled to realise just how thick and girthy he was. There was now no question as to why this guy was so horny and confident all the time; he was carrying around a huge treat in his pants on a daily basis.

Kevin’s tongue flicked across my clit time and again, breaking only to dip inside my pussy teasingly every so often. I’m sure there must have been little breaks between my movement of sucking on Bill when I momentarily lost my placement from the feeling of Kev between my legs. Kevin plunged a deep thrust of tongue into me, making me gasp and fling my knee higher. Bill caught hold of my knee as it reached my shoulder and held it in place, allowing Kevin further access to me with me spread wide open and unable to move that leg. Bill drove his hips forward and back, sliding his huge appendage in and out of my mouth, filling it completely with every stroke. The width of him felt so large against my tongue and restricted my breathing with each thrust going ever so slightly deeper. I was shocked and impressed with myself at just how much of him I was able to take, having previously had issues with gag reflex. The whole situation was so arousing and already I was feeling like an integral part of a porn movie, clearly spurring me on and making me forget any restrictions I’d had before.

I was aware, as my mouth was being fucked and my cunt eaten, of Chantelle blowing Dan from her squat position just a few feet away. Ryan had made his way toward them, throwing himself into their mix by dropping to his own knees slightly beside and behind Chantelle. My attention had been sparked while I watched him fondle her large breasts, now laid out in a beautiful display from her incredibly sexy black lacy balconette bra, but sucking on the thumb of his other hand deviously, checking her gaze to see if she was watching him. His hand then cupped her ass, thumb slipping easily inside her underwear and grazing her asshole. She seemed to relax into the idea, swaying her hips toward the pressure of his thumb. Ryan giggled, nibbling her ear and kissing hungrily down her neck and to her chest. All the while, the thumb made the same cheeky motion inside her underwear.

As much as I was enjoying the sight of Chantelle with Ryan and Dan’s stern face as he watched her suck hungrily on his cock, I was losing concentration by what Kevin was doing to me. He had now slid a finger inside me; wet and riled, I writhed against him, encouraging him to insert a second finger. It felt amazing and I no longer had any control of sucking on Bill’s huge shaft. He was carrying out the motion of fucking my mouth all by himself, filling my brim over and over and restricting my breathing which I felt I needed for my mounting orgasm. Bill pulled out and rubbed his own hand up and down himself, watching my eyes close as I savoured the incredible feeling. Kev’s fingers angled up inside me at just the perfect spot; his tongue lapped over my clit, lapping at the engorged bud, scooping and rotating his fingers around and around inside as my breathing changed and slowed…

Just as I was feeling like I was ready to release, Kevin stopped. He looked up at me, smiling and I groaned, gathering my thoughts. We paused, taking in the sight of Chantelle and the guys. She had steered herself forward onto all fours and, using one hand and the assistance of Ryan, removed her lacy black panties. Ryan was rubbing her, front to back and back to front. Her breathing too was rapidly increasing and I could tell she was incredibly turned on.

I stood and lowered my dress to the floor. Kevin too stepped out of his jeans from around his feet. We all seemed to be taking a moment to regroup.

Chantelle took one long final downward motion onto Dan’s cock, taking him as far as she could, filling her own mouth and, I was sure, part of her throat too. With that, she slowly sucked back to his head, released and stood to her feet. Ryan sat back on his hunkers, reaching for his drink and allowing her space to refresh.

Chantelle unzipped her black leather skirt and stepped out of it seductively while she sipped from her glass of bubbles. She now stood completely naked, in only her heels and bra, in the living area of the studio. Her body really was something else. All five foot seven of her, perfectly formed. She had curves in all the right places, olive skin with the smoothness of someone who slept in cocoa butter. Her tits were amazing. My own, I thought, were great, but Chantelle’s were just the right size of a girl who should be in porn, exquisitely round and pert. Her pussy too looked inviting and delicious. I couldn’t wait to touch her.

Someone reached for a new bottle of cava and we all stood around the kitchenette toasting to a night to remember, taking somewhat of a break from the beginnings of our antics. Flirtation, innuendo and touching were rife by this point, Chantelle running her hands over my ass and around my waist as she passed me by, Ryan suckling on Chantelle’s nipples when she sat herself up onto the island worktop and Dan finding me as he returned from the bathroom, his hands grabby and urgent. His need to get things going again was apparent when he lifted me up on the island next to Chantelle and kissed me hard on the mouth, groping my tits and rubbing my snatch with vigorous motion.

Chantelle took her lead from his instigation and slipped her hand around my waist again as she perched next to me. She giggled suggestively before she began kissing me deep and hungrily, bringing the lads’ conversation to a halt as they watched. Dan stepped back, allowing Chantelle full access to me and tipping a new bottle of beer into his mouth. He rubbed his cock at the sight and grunted in appreciation as Chantelle caressed my tits, stomach and then slid down to my pussy, rubbing my clit in small arousing circles.

Dan, clearly wanting to get things moving, stepped in between my legs, scooping me up with my ass in his hands, and carried me toward the bed only a few feet away. The gang followed behind, Bill and Kev touching Chantelle as they moved. She was reciprocating, reaching behind her for anyone’s cock her hand could find!

This whole experience was horny every single second!


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