This story is about a girl named Lu, she is the second girl I fucked. I never pursued her in high school but she made my Summer between my Junior and Senior year very memorable.

I know most of what I am going to write about are my wife’s various sexual adventures, but I also wrote I would write about some of mine. However, the total number of my own adventures pales in comparison to Brandi’s.

After my experience with Brick, my self-confidence vastly improved. I started going out with girls on a regular basis. I even started seeing a girl named Kaye on a semi-regular basis, four or five times a month. I guess you could say we were going steady but we weren’t exclusive to each other. The other girls I went out with rarely lasted more than two to three dates, with some only one. There was also no sex with any of them other than some light petting and French kissing while in the movies and sometimes when we would be in an isolated area of a park or had snuck outside at a school dance. There was no such thing as going parking when one of our parents drove us or I went to their houses on my bicycle. I didn’t drive yet, so opportunities for fucking were absolutely zero. Also, fucking as teenagers was still a taboo at that time.

So, as it happened, about six months before I even went out with Brandi, I was at a choir party that was a birthday party for one of the members of the school choir. It was held at the girl’s house and, since I wasn’t driving yet, my mother dropped me off. The party started around seven but it was a little boring as her mother and father were “helicopter” parents and kept hovering around the party so nobody really felt comfortable. I had a ten o’clock curfew and since it was less than a mile from my house to the party, at a little after eight, I decided that I was just going to leave and walk home rather than bother my mother.

I called my mother and told her what I was doing. I got my jacket, paid my respects to the hosts and thanked them for everything, and went out the door. I got about three steps away from the front door when I heard a girl’s voice call my name from behind me. I stopped and turned around and there was Lu (short for Luanne) standing there.

“Where are you going?”

“I am heading home, the party is boring.”

She then wanted to know how I was getting home and I told her I was walking. She asked me where I lived and I told her.

She said that she lived in that direction, and could she walk with me?

“Sure, but what about David?” (David was her boyfriend and they had been going steady for a while.)

“David is still in the party. I will tell you more about him as we walk, so let’s just get going before he notices I’m not there.”

I shrugged my shoulders then said, “OK,” and off we walked. 

We weren’t walking fast and we talked. At first it was just small talk about classes, other people we knew and other meaningless stuff, but then she started to change the subject when she said to me, “I wanted to get to know you better before I graduate, so when I saw you leaving, I figured now was my only chance to get to know you.” She then went on to say that she knew I had gone out with a lot of different girls but she had only gone out with David since before high school.

I was just looking at her, not saying anything, but I was beginning to wonder where this conversation was going. She then asked me, “Have you had sex with any of the girls that you have gone out with?” 

As a matter of fact, I did have sex with this one girl I had known but the rest were mostly making out and light petting. I wasn’t inclined to reveal to her my sexual activity, especially with whom and what we did. So I said to her I was not someone who would “kiss and tell” and the question was really personal. “Don’t get mad at me or be embarrassed, but understand I try to keep my private life as private as possible. That question has me curious, though; why do you ask?”

She then went on to tell me that she and David did not do anything much more than kiss and sometimes “French” kiss and occasionally he would just rub her tits but only on top of her clothes. She continued telling me that she was ready for the relationship to move forward, more physically than just kissing and occasional light petting.

 “Shouldn’t you be having this talk with David?” I replied.

“I have tried, but David is really old-fashioned and doesn’t want the relationship to go too far sexually, at least not until marriage, after college, and all that.”

I should add that Lu was really cute and she had a great figure and a nice-looking rack. Her tits could have been false but I didn’t think so, and the only reason I never asked her out on a date was her involvement with David. She continued to explain about David’s and her relationship and we were soon at her house. 

She took me around the side of her house to a door that was on the side of the garage, which was attached to the house. Where I grew up, attached garages were only on houses where fairly affluent people lived back then.

She pulled out her keys to unlock the door when suddenly she turned around and grabbed me by the back of the neck, pulled my head down to hers and then planted her mouth on mine, where she proceeded to try and stick her tongue down my throat. No, I didn’t resist but started sticking my tongue into her mouth and our tongues began to “dance” around with each other. We both began to breathe really hard and I could feel my cock getting hard. She pushed her body up against mine and started to grind her pelvis into me.

I was then in full-on hard-on mode and after about two minutes she pulled away, unlocked and opened the door and pulled me inside. She turned on the lights and then she grabbed my cock through my pants. At the same time she started to undo her blouse with her other hand, took it off and then undid her bra and removed it, releasing a very nice set of tits. I wrapped both my hands around them, squeezing and rubbing, and then fearfully said to her, “Are your parents home?”

“No, they won’t be home until after midnight,” she answered and then let go of my cock and took off her skirt and panties. She told me, “I want to have sex with you.”

“No, I don’t have any protection with me.” 

“Wait a minute, I will be right back.” She turned and bounded out of the door leading into her house. As she was leaving I noticed she had a nice round but firm ass and nicely shaped and firm legs. When she came bounding back in I could see her nice tits just bouncing up and down over her flat, firm stomach and nicely trimmed pussy. I had noticed her before but because she and David were like conjoined twins, stuck together at the hip, I never approached her. She was absolutely delicious and my cock got even harder.

She handed me this small blue plastic container and said, “I think what you need is in here.” I opened it up and took out what I thought was a rubber but it was different than the rubbers I was familiar with. It was well lubricated and was not rolled up. It was folded up in this blue container.

Lu grabbed my belt and undid my pants. She pulled them down, freeing my hard cock, which she grabbed in her hand and started jerking me off. I told her to slow down as I was about to orgasm and unload my load of cum that had built up pressure. She did and then said, “Well, put that thing on and let’s have sex!”

I put it on and then she pushed me down onto this couch they had in the garage. She immediately straddled my lap and lowered herself down onto my cock. Her pussy was so tight she squealed a bit as she lowered herself and she had a slightly pained look on her face, but she didn’t stop. Soon I was all the way in her. She just sat there for a couple of minutes grinding her pelvis into mine and then she started bouncing up and down on my cock, slowly at first, but then she sped up and soon she was moaning and saying, “Ohhh shiiit, ohhh fuuuck,” over and over.

I grabbed her hips and started helping her ride my cock as I started cumming and told her not to stop bouncing. She then let out these loud moans and screams and said, “I am cumming, fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”

I didn’t need any coaching and we both orgasmed together. It was pretty frenzied for a couple of minutes and then we both collapsed back down on the couch with my cock still in her cunt and she on my lap. We started kissing again and I started fondling those great tits of hers. I could feel my cock getting hard again as I then started to lick and suck and nibble at those fabulous tits. Our breathing started to increase and I then spun to the left and laid her on her back and started fucking her again. She started bucking her hips up and down, meeting my strokes. She also started grinding her hips around and around as her head flailed from side to side.

She started screaming that she was getting ready to cum again and for me to fuck her faster and harder. Which I did. With that, she started cumming again, screeching and moaning and digging her nails into my ass and pulling me into her as far as I could go. I kept fucking her and after a few more minutes I was cumming again too. I drove that sweet ass of hers into the cushions of that couch. She came again and then I just collapsed down on top of her and those fine tits, and we just lay there catching our breaths.

We fucked like that and I came three more times, and I lost count as to how many orgasms Lu had. When they were all done, we both were pretty much drained of energy but feeling very good.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost fifteen minutes to 10 and I still had about a half-mile walk to get home. I (reluctantly) pulled out of her tight pussy and went to pull off the condom when I noticed it was a bit bloody and there was some blood on the outside of her pussy and on the couch. I pointed it out and she said, “Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s normal for a little blood when a girl first has sex. It’s called ‘popping the cherry’ for a reason. I am okay, really, and I really had a great time. That sex we had was great!”

 I answered her, saying, “Yes, it was great and you also have a great body. David doesn’t know what he is missing.”

I pulled off the condom, pulled up my pants and went to leave. Before I could go, she grabbed me and kissed me again. Our tongues entwined and I could feel myself getting excited again but I had to hurry up and get home before my curfew of 10:00PM. She grabbed a paper and pen from somewhere, wrote her number on it and told me to call the next day. She said it didn’t matter what time as she had a phone of her own in her room.

I took the paper, condom and little blue casing and ran out of her garage and started to run home. I threw the condom and plastic wrapper onto the road after I was well away from her house. I put the paper into my pocket and made it to my house with one minute to spare. As I went inside, my dad was home from work and he and my mom were watching TV. They asked me if I had a good time and I just smiled and said, “Oh yeah, it couldn’t have been better.” I told them goodnight and headed up to bed. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. However, I did forget to call Lu that weekend.

On Monday, we were in Choir. Lu didn’t sit anywhere near me but during the class we did exchange some glances towards each other. At the end of class, as we were filing out the doors, I felt someone put something into my hand and then saw Lu and David pass me. I looked down at what was put in my hand and saw it was a note from Lu that read, ‘Call me, k?’ I looked up and she was looking back at me. I just gave a short nod and looked away from her.

I then heard David say to her, “Who are you looking at, Lu?” (It seemed to me he was a jealous little shit even though he wasn’t even fucking her.)

She answered, “I wasn’t looking at anyone. I was looking for…” and she mentioned some other girl’s name that I don’t remember.

He said, “There she is, in front of us, to the right.”

“Oh, yeah, I see her now. It’s not important. I will catch up with her at lunch.” I was amazed at how well she kept her cool.

After I got home from track practice, I had dinner and told my folks I was going out for a ride on my bicycle. I had two purposes. One was I was going to call Lu and the other I was going to pedal the couple of miles to go to a drug store that I used to buy rubbers. It was far enough from my neighborhood so that I was not likely to run into a neighbor. I had been there before to buy rubbers, so they knew me. I bought rubbers to jerk off into so I didn’t mess up my bed when I came. (My mother always said something unpleasant when she saw dried cum on my sheets.) I also kept one in my wallet on the off chance I was going to get lucky. I also wanted to check out these “rubbers” that came in the blue plastic cases.

I got to the pharmacy and went back to the prescription counter. Back then, you had to ask for rubbers. They did not have them out on the shelves. You didn’t need a prescription but you needed to ask for them. The girl behind the counter, named Traci, smiled when she saw me and asked me if I wanted my regular purchase.

I said, “Yes, but first, can you show me the condoms that come in these little blue plastic cases?” She turned around and set down a three-pack of the Four-X condoms. That’s when I learned they weren’t rubbers but were actually lambskin. I also learned that they cost over three dollars for three of them, so I told her, “Never mind, just sell me the regular three-pack of Trojans.” Those sold for a dollar and change.

She rang them up, put them in a bag and said, smiling, “You know, I get off at 10:00.”

I told her, “My curfew is at ten, maybe some other time.” She was really good looking and I would have loved to fuck her even though she appeared to be about four or five years older than me and was married. Oh well, that was not meant to be.

I then left the store and went to a phone booth and called Lu. She answered the phone and sounded a little out of breath. I asked her if she was alright.

She said, “Yes, I was just working out a bit.” I found out that when she said she was working out, she was actually masturbating.

She said to me, “I was thinking about the other night, and well, it felt so good I was hoping that maybe you would like to come back again.”

“Sure, and I really enjoyed the other night too.” I then told her, “I am busy the following weekend; how about the weekend after?” Being busy meant I had a movie date with Kaye, on Friday. On Saturday, I had a movie date that I had just set up that day. No, I didn’t tell Lu I was going out with anyone, just that I was busy. However, she probably could have easily guessed I was going out on dates because she knew I went out with a lot of girls. 

I said, “How about the following weekend?” I can be there for a couple of hours on Friday night and then again after I get off work at about 5 o’clock on Saturday.”

“That would be great because my parents are going out of town on Friday and won’t be back until late Sunday.”

“Sounds good, but we need to be careful because I noticed that you have a very nosy neighbor who watched me leave on Friday.”

“I know, she already told my parents what she saw. When they asked me about you, I told them I had gotten a real bad headache at the party and when I saw you leaving, I asked you how you were getting home. When you said you were walking, I asked you where you lived, and when I realized that our house was on the way to yours, I asked you if I could walk with you.

“I also told them I told David I was leaving but he didn’t want to leave yet. No, I didn’t tell David I was leaving with you, but I did tell him later I walked home alone.” 

I just thought, ‘Oh, what a swell guy, letting his girlfriend walk home alone in the dark.’ Not that we lived in a dangerous area, but there have always been freaks around.

She then went on to say that she told her parents that I never left the garage but stayed for a little while to drink a glass of water. “It was believable because you were only here about thirty minutes or so.”

I then told her that we were going to have to be careful because of her “watchdog” neighbor.

She told me about this vacant lot behind her house that her parents owned. It was heavily wooded and full of bushes, but there was a clear path through it that came out into her back yard, on the side of the yard away from that neighbor. I could get to her back door without being seen by anybody. She then described how to find that lot that was behind her house.

I said, “OK, I will see you next Friday, but I’ll call back a few times before because I enjoy talking to you anyway.”

As it turned out, I couldn’t get there on the following Friday but did get there on Saturday. I went to the lot behind her house and I walked my bicycle through and left it in the underbrush. I walked up to the back door and knocked and saw that her nosy neighbor had no view of their back yard, so I relaxed. After a couple of minutes, Lu answered the door. She was wearing a robe but was covered in sweat and her face and neck were flushed. I asked her if she was OK and she said she was fine and to follow her.

I followed her, admiring her legs and sweet ass, upstairs and we went into this rather large bedroom. What was strange, when I walked in, was there was a 16mm movie projector set up opposite a movie screen. Then Lu turned and opened her robe and she was absolutely nude underneath and my cock got instantly hard. She pushed me back onto the bed, straddled my hips, rubbing her pussy on my cock and then said, “Watch this, I found this projector and a bunch of these movies hidden in my parents’ closet and you need to see them.”

She turned on the projector and it showed a guy fucking this woman and they were really going at it. The woman was moaning, groaning, writhing and wriggling as that cock ran into and out of her pussy and he kept saying, “Oh, baby, your pussy feels so good,” over and over. I could feel my cock getting harder (as I had never seen a skin flick before) and Lu could tell it was getting harder too. 

The next thing I knew was Lu was off me, took off her robe, pulled off my pants and underpants, put a condom on me and was jumping up and down on my cock and at the same time rubbing her pussy. She must have had her first orgasm in less than two minutes because she was moaning, groaning and screaming that she was cumming, and this went on for what felt like five minutes before I came too, pushing my cock up into her pussy as hard as I could. When I did that, she came again too.

She was so hot I couldn’t believe it. She collapsed on top of me and we caught our breaths for a minute. By then, the couple were fucking “doggie style” and I could see their faces. The woman looked familiar and then I saw her picture on a dresser with a guy, but not the guy in the movie.

I looked at Lu and said, “Is that someone you know?”

“Yes, my mother’s friend.”

“But the guy, in the movie, is not her husband?”

“No, he isn’t.”

“Who took the movie?”

“Her husband did, I think. Apparently he likes to watch and film his wife fuck other guys and it makes me hot to see these movies, how about you?” I looked at Lu, feeling my cock grow hard again.

“It sure does,” and then I pushed her onto her back and fucked her again and, in fact, two more times. She orgasmed at least three or four times and I came twice. We then began to watch more of the movie and I took off the rest of my clothes as we watched Lu’s mother’s friend and this guy fucking. We saw this guy cum twice (bareback-no condom) into her mother’s friend’s pussy. Then she sucked him until he shot a third load of cum into Lu’s mother’s friend’s mouth. We watched, breathing hard, as she swallowed every drop of the guy’s cum.

For the next three hours, Lu and I fucked each other until we were both exhausted.

We watched more movies during my visits and saw her mother’s friend fucking two guys at once, two guys and another woman at the same time, and in one movie she was fucking four guys at the same time. They all came in her pussy at least twice, in her mouth at least twice, and squirted their cum all over her face and tits. It was so hot I almost came by myself but Lu was more than willing to take care of everything. She had even found her mother’s dildo and fucked herself in front of me three times, making herself cum each time. 

All in all, we just fucked ourselves silly, a truly unforgettable summer. The fucking we did was tremendous for both of us.

During that summer between my junior and senior year, Lu and I only saw each other six times and before school started again for me. She went off to college and her family had moved, but those six times were great. Lu was the second girl I fucked.

Also, during that summer, I went to Driver’s Ed in my high school. I wanted my license to drive before my senior year started.

I passed Driver’s Ed and got my license and after I did, my parents said to me, “We can either pay for your first year of college or buy you a car.” I didn’t know what I wanted to take in college, so the choice was easy. A car.

The car gave me a lot more freedom and opportunities when it came to dating. Going on a date to a drive-in movie was one of them. Once again, at that time, girls were not willing to fuck as they seem to be now. The ways of our parents were still pervasive and “good” girls didn’t do that. The result was every girl I dated would allow petting, some even heavy petting where I could play with their tits and pussies and even make them cum, but they just were not going to go so far as to fuck.

Even Kaye, who I had been seeing fairly regularly, didn’t want to fuck. The furthest we ever got was at the drive-in one night; I fingered her pussy until she orgasmed and then she pulled out my cock and jerked me off. Having someone else jerking me off was great but when I started to cum, she caught my goo in her other hand. After I finished shooting my load into her hand, she opened the window and, sticking her hand out, let my cum fall to the ground. She then took a rag I had in my car, and with a very disgusted look on her face, cleaned off her hands. That essentially ended our relationship. A man’s cum is not a waste product, it’s as clean as pussy juice, but my cum apparently disgusted her. 

So, it was after school started that I met Brandi. My relationship with Kaye had ended. Even after I met Brandi I continued to date other girls because it was a few months before Brandi and I went out. After we started dating, the relationship and attraction Brandi and I had for each other took off like a wildfire. This is where Brandi’s and my adventure starts.

This ends the third part of “The Adventure Of Our Lives”. There is more and once again may be a little out of order. Hope you enjoy.


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Copyright © Copyright © Copyright, Tom Wetstuph, February 2021.
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