Dorothy Owens needed to get a gift card for a friend’s birthday.  She drove over at three o’clock and walked into the restaurant.  The hostess took her information and told her to wait in the bar area while working on the gift certificate.

She had a small talk with the bartender and asked for water with lemon.  She noticed two younger men who were about the age of her grandsons.  She smiled at them and gazed up at the television and saw a baseball game was on, and it was a team that she enjoyed watching.

The younger gentlemen moved closer to her.  Dorothy and the men exchanged pleasantries, and then the hostess brought out the gift certificate to Dorothy.

She handed the certificate to Dorothy and thanked her for her business.  Dorothy continued to drink her water, and the two younger fellas were now sitting next to Dorothy.

Dorothy thought the men were nice looking and wondered why they moved closer to her.  She thought maybe they had an old lady fetish.

She hadn’t been with a man since her husband died and only had intercourse with him.  She knew some men had fetishes for an older woman, but Dorothy was not interested in entertaining two fellas old enough to be her grandchildren.


The blonde-haired man walked up to Dorothy and extended his hand to her.

“Well, hello.  I am Jake, and this is my friend Stanley.  You are quite a looker.  What is your name?”

Dorothy extended her hand, and Jake kissed her hand and smiled when she told him her name was Dorothy.

“Dorothy, what a lovely name.  Do you come to this restaurant a lot?”

“Yes.  My friends and I like it here very much.  So nice to make your acquaintance.”

“Would it be okay if my friend Stanley and myself sat down next to you?”

“Of course.  I would be delighted.”

“Would you like a drink?  The bartender will get you anything you like.”

Dorothy ordered a wine spritzer and thanked Jake for his kind gesture.  The other man Stanley didn’t say much and just listened to whatever his friend was saying.

“Dorothy, are you married?  A gorgeous woman like yourself must be married.”

“I was married to my husband for forty years.  He, unfortunately, died of cancer many moons ago.”

“Dorothy, I am so sorry.  God rest your husband’s soul.”

“Thank you, Jake.  I never had a man friend after he died.  He was my one true love and soul mate.”

Jake looked at his friend Stanley and smiled.  He had always wanted to be with an older grandmother.  Since she had never been with another man, this could be her lucky day.  Jake liked bedding older women and loved that she met his criteria.  Stanley wasn’t interested, and after a while, he left. 

Jake and Dorothy had a few more drinks, and Jake told her about himself.  Dorothy found him very attractive, and she wondered if he had sex on the brain. 

Jake and Dorothy ordered a few appetizers and had more drinks.  They watched the baseball game, and eventually, Jake whispered into Dorothy’s ear that he wanted to leave with her and get comfortable somewhere else.

Dorothy nodded, and Jake paid the bill, and the strange couple walked out of the restaurant.  Jake held Dorothy’s hand and walked towards his car.

“I would love to kiss you, Dorothy.  Would it be okay?”

“Sure.  It would be fine.”

Jake moved in front of Dorothy, held her in his arms, and placed a soft kiss on her lips.  He noticed her mouth was open, and he slid his tongue into her mouth and explored her mouth with his tongue. Dorothy’s eyes were closed while they shared very intimate and passionate kisses.

“Wow.  Dorothy, your kiss was dreamy.  Would you like to follow me?  I know a very nice place we could go to.”

Dorothy liked Jake’s kiss, and she was eager to go with him.  She hadn’t had sex in what seemed like a long time.  She wondered how he was in bed and was excited to feel like a woman again.

“Sure.  I will follow you.”

“May I kiss you one more time, Dorothy?”


Jake grabbed Dorothy and held her in a tight embrace.  His kiss was rougher, and his tongue filled her mouth with passion.  Dorothy kissed him back while his hands moved over her skirt.  He wasn’t planning on going any further with her until they went to the hotel.

“Dorothy, I will drive slow; follow my car, dear.”

Jake walked Dorothy to her car and walked to where his car was, and backed out.  Dorothy followed him.  She was very nervous and excited to be getting the opportunity to have sex.  It had been an extended amount of time that she had the chance.

She needed this, and Jake was eager to have sex with her.  She thought her vagina was dried up but was anxious to have an orgasm.  She hoped Jake liked having his dick sucked because Dorothy loved giving her husband blow jobs and was excited to provide Jake with that same pleasure.

Her mind wandered and hoped that Jake liked to eat pussy.  She kept her pussy shaved because her husband wanted it that way and after his death just continued keeping her vagina well maintained.

Dorothy was filled with anticipation and felt amazingly happy.  She couldn’t wait for their evening to begin.  Dorothy hoped Jake would find Dorothy a good lay.  She planned on leaving nothing out for her seduction with Jake.  He was only twenty-two, and Dorothy was seventy-eight.  She was hoping she would show Jake a thing or two.  It wasn’t that Dorothy had never had sex.  She just hadn’t had it in a very long time.  When her husband was alive, they had sex daily.

Dorothy followed Jake, and after about twenty minutes, he pulled into the hotel.  She parked next to him, and he hurried to her door, opened it, and helped her out.

Dorothy knew they looked like a very odd couple.  People probably thought she was his grandmother, or perhaps he was an escort.  Dorothy giggled under her breath, and the two walked into the hotel. 

Jake smiled and told Dorothy he already had a room, and they walked to the elevator.  Inside the elevator, Jake grabbed Dorothy and kissed her again passionately.  Dorothy couldn’t wait to get inside the room.

Jake and Dorothy walked to his room, and Jake opened the door, and Dorothy walked in.  He had a large room with many rooms.  It was the penthouse, and Dorothy was impressed with her young man.

“Would you like some wine?  I have a lovely bottle we could share.”


Jake went into the kitchen and opened the wine, and poured them some wine.  Dorothy sat on the couch, and Jake brought out the bottle of wine and two glasses.  He poured them the wine.

Dorothy took a sip and was eager to get busy with Jake.

“We have talked long enough, Jake.  How about we take our clothes off.  I am quite fond of blow jobs.  Would you like one?”

“Yes.  I would love one, Dorothy, dear.”

Dorothy and Jake stood up, and Dorothy helped Jake off with his clothes.  She was happy he had a nice-sized cock.  He did manscaping and had no hair on his chest or cock. 

Dorothy did not undress but wrapped her hand around Jake’s cock.  She loved how his cock grew to her attention.

“Why don’t we go into your bedroom.  I want to undress and get started on your cock.”

“Follow me.  I like your eagerness, dear.”

Jake walked naked to his bedroom and got comfy on the king-sized bed.  Dorothy took off her blouse and removed her bra.  She stepped out of her skirt and took her pantyhose off.  She took off her panties and went to where Jake was on the bed.

Jake glanced at her body and was impressed with her body.  Her pussy was shaved, and she had old but firm breasts.  They were large and didn’t sag as much as he thought they would.  She was a beauty, and he couldn’t wait to feel her lips on his growing cock.

“Why don’t you sit on the edge of the bed.  I want to suck your glorious cock now.”


Dorothy got on her knees and moved her hand up and down on Jake’s cock.  He was now hard and ready.  Dorothy opened her mouth and accepted his dick down her throat.  She remembered how she liked her husband’s cock and began to bob while enjoying his cock.

Jake was moaning and enjoying Dorothy’s efforts.  She made all the usual cock-sucking noises while stuffing her mouth with Jake’s cock.  She held and rubbed his smooth balls while devouring his cock.  He was pretty excited and began pumping his cock deeper down her throat.

Dorothy loved his cock and continued to take as much as she could stuff down her throat.

“Wow.  You are the best cock-sucker I have ever had.  Your husband was a lucky man.”

Dorothy looked up while she

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