Dee did not take Patrick’s large penis in her mouth right away; she wanted to enjoy it and tease it first and the young black girl was also more than a little worried she would not be able to fit it in her mouth.  Instead, she continued to stroke the shaft slowly and as she brought her mouth closer she started to run her pink tongue around the head of Patrick’s cock. 

Patrick let out a small masculine moan as Dee tasted his precum.  Hearing him moan in pleasure excited Dee.  She teased his penis for a while, running her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft, licking it while she continued to stroke it with her right hand and rested her left hand on his thigh.

“Unbutton your blouse again and lift up your bra,” Patrick told her as started to unbutton his shirt.  “I want to see your breasts.”  

Dee looked up and him and smiled, she was quite proud of her breasts, and she liked how he called them breasts and not “tits” like the other men she had been with.  She did as he told her and then went back to giving her oral attention to his big penis.  When Patrick had removed his shirt, Dee ran her left hand over his stomach; feeling his well-defined abs.  A little whisper of arousal escaped her lips as she felt his white, tight stomach under her black fingers.  She looked up at Patrick as she continued to lick his cock and the contrast of her black hands on his white stomach was very erotic to her.  She enjoyed hearing his occasional soft moans of pleasure; the knowledge that she was giving him pleasure excited her. 

“That’s enough teasing; put it in your mouth,” Patrick told her and placed a hand on the back of her head.

Dee pulled her head back a little and looked up at the handsome white man, nodded, and swallowed hard.  She then lowered her head again and opened her mouth wide.  She first took the large tip of his cock into her mouth and then moved her head down more to take more of the huge white penis in her.  Dee felt her mouth being stretched as she took more of him. 

Even though he fit inside her parted lips and it still astonished her and she could take him in her mouth, it was difficult, and Dee could feel her mouth being forced wide open and had to breathe through her nose to get air as his large cock filled her mouth.  She was heartened by the fact she could give Patrick a blow job and desperately felt the need to please this white man and make him feel good.  Dee moved her head down even further.

She gagged a little when she went down on Patrick’s cock and knew that was as far as she could go, and she looked and saw he was not quite halfway in her mouth.  With an average-sized penis or a little above average, Dee would have been able to deep throat him until her mouth was pressed against his pubic hairs.  Dee had a fetish for sucking cock.  She really enjoyed giving her partner a blow job and she knew was very good at it, but Patrick was not just too long, he was also very large around, and she knew she could never take him all the way in her mouth and down her throat. 

Now, knowing her limit of what she could take, the pretty young black girl pulled her head back until just the tip of his penis was in her mouth, she ran her tongue over the head which made Patrick moan out in his enjoyment of her sucking his cock, and then she moved her head back down his shaft.  

Soon Dee was able to get into a nice tempo and she started to go faster and her head was bobbing up and down as her hand stroked his shaft.  Her hand glided up and down the large white shaft with ease as it became slick with Dee’s saliva that filled her mouth and leaked out of the edges of her lips.  Dee was making involuntary whimpering sounds as she sucked Patrick’s dick. 

“Ummm… fuck, girl, that feels good,” Patrick groaned out.

Delighting in hearing the white man’s low groans of pleasure and enjoying the fact she was pleasing Patrick; Dee was encouraged to try and take him even a little further down her throat.  She was able to go maybe an inch more.

“Uhhhgh… damn you know how to suck dick,” Patrick moaned out and applied just a little pressure on the back of Dee’s head making her go down further.

Dee gagged and coughed as Patrick pushed her head down further and his large penis choked her slightly.  Her sinus cavity started to get congested with her snot and she found it difficult to breathe.  The black girl tried to exhale out of her mouth and her cheeks puffed up and she gagged and coughed and gobs of her saliva spewed from her mouth, coating Patrick’s shaft, and running down her chin.  Her saliva was now thick and slimy. 

Dee tried to pull her head off of the large white cock but Patrick held her down.  She started to whimper and used her hands to push on his thighs but he held her tight.  Dee’s muffed whimpers became louder as her lungs desperately felt the need for air.  Patrick finally let go of her head and Dee pulled her head back quickly and as she gasped for air she gagged and coughed and choked on her spit.  She gagged hard and her saliva poured out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her black breasts.

As soon as Dee caught her breath, Patrick guided her head back to his cock and she once again took him in her mouth.  At first, he allowed her to control the tempo as she was doing before, but after several moments he once again pushed her head down and forced her to take more of his cock in her.  Once again Dee started gagging and choking and could not breathe as Patrick held her head.  Once he released her head she again gasped for air.  He kept telling her how good her sucking his cock felt and how she was a “good cocksucker”.

Dee did not enjoy a man forcing her like that when she gave him oral sex, or being called a “good cocksucker”, which to her made her sound like a whore.  If it had been anyone else she would have stopped, but there was something about her white boss that made her want to please him, accept what he was doing to her, and his control aroused her a great deal.  Even getting his cock sucked, he is an arrogant asshole, Dee thought as she took him into her mouth after she caught her breath.

The oral activity was repeated several times until Dee could not take it anymore.  When Patrick let go of her head she pulled her mouth off of him and her saliva that ran out of her mouth was now thicker and mucus-like.  There was a long thick string of it that ran from Patrick’s thick shaft to Dee’s lips.  Her thick spit surrounded the outside of her mouth, ran down her chin to her chest and her breasts were now coated with the heavy, slick, saliva.  Her jaw was aching from her mouth being forced open so wide and stretched, she was gagging and coughing as she gasped for air, her eyes were watery and leaked a few tears that ran down her cheeks, and Dee even had snot running out of her nose.

“Please… aaack… I can’t do it! Ohhhaack… no more… aaaack. Please, Patrick,”  Dee said as she continued to gag even without him in her mouth.

Patrick went down on his knees, picked up his shirt, and wiped Dee’s face with it, and then kissed her deeply and passionately.  Dee put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

“I… I am sorry.  I wanted to finish you.  I am sorry, Patrick.  I wanted to make you feel good and cum in my mouth.  I… I can try again later, I promise,” Dee told him after they broke their kiss, her voice sounding weak and almost childlike.

“Shhh, it’s okay, Dee,” Patrick reached up and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, “you will get better.  We will train your mouth to take it.”

Dee smiled at the “you will get better”.   To her, it meant this was not a one-night stand.  She had no clue what “train your mouth” meant, but she assumed it meant the more she sucked his cock the better she would get at it.

Patrick stood up, stepped out of his pants that were on the floor at his feet, reached out and helped Dee to her feet, and then put his arms around her under her butt.  Dee giggled and made a squealing sound as he picked her up off her feet with ease and she wrapped her legs around his lower back just above his butt and her arms went around his neck.  Dee could feel his huge penis pressing into her stomach and she looked down at him and kissed him furiously.  Patrick kissed her back with the same passion and then started kissing her neck and then his mouth went down to her saliva-slick chest and he started licking her breasts and nipples and chest.  Dee giggled and moaned.  Patrick was wearing only his socks as he carried Dee up the stairs and into his bedroom. 

Patrick gently sat Dee down on the edge of his king-sized bed.  Dee watched him obsessively as the white man walked to one of the chests of drawers in the room and opened a drawer and searched it.  She could not take her eyes off of him and kept glancing down and thought he had a very nice butt and thought his white skin was sexy.  Patrick was not pasty pale white but had a slight tan to him; not dark at all but just enough to make his white complexion not look pale. 

Patrick turned to face Dee and her eyes dropped to look at his large penis.  She thought it was very erotic when she was giving him a blow job; her being black and him white; well, until he became very forceful, at least.  She imagined how sexy it was going to be with him on top of her fucking her; his large, muscular white body on top of her smaller body with its ebony color skin.  The size of his penis did worry her but she wanted him inside her so badly that her wet pussy seemed to ache with desire to feel him.

“Fuck.  I don’t have any condoms,” Patrick told her.

Dee smiled at his disappointment, “That’s okay; I am on birth control.  I have an implant.”  Dee held up her arm.

“What about the other, I may have an STD?”  Patrick teased.

Dee giggled, “No you don’t, silly.  You forget who opens your personal mail.  You went to the doctor last week and he did all your blood work and also an STD test and all came back negative.  You got the results today, actually.”    

“And you were going to tell me this when?”  he teased her.

Dee giggled again, “Oh I suppose sometime in between when you had your fingers in my pussy or when you were forcing that baseball bat you try to pass off as your dick down my throat.”

Patrick gave her a curious look and Dee blushed as she put her hands on her face and blushed, “Oh God, I can’t believe I said that.” 

She normally did not make crude comments like that and it made her feel dirty but she also wicked.  She wanted to feel dirty and wicked for Patrick.  She wanted to be such a slut for him.

Patrick laughed, “So, how do I know you don’t have any?”  He continued teasing her as he walked back to the bed.

Dee looked away. “Because I… well… you are going to be the first person to have sex with me without a condom,”  she admitted, “And the one time I thought I was… well, when… when one guy did it in my mouth and I thought I may be at risk I got tested at the clinic.  That was years ago.  Other guys, I know they were clean ’cause if they don’t get tested before; I don’t do that with them.”  She turned her pretty face back to Patrick, “And it’s been a while since I had sex with anyone.” 

Patrick now stood in front of Dee and his large, erect penis was inches from her face.  She reached up and put her hand on it and started to caress him.  She could not get enough of touching it or looking at it; the size of it still amazed her. 

“So why the birth control implant?”

Dee smiled, “I don’t like taking that chance so it’s best to have a backup.  I have seen too many girls get knocked up by accident.”

Patrick nodded, held out his hand and she took it in her free hand and he pulled her to her feet.  Patrick moved her away from the bed and turned her and then kissed her again.  Dee kissed him back.  She enjoyed the intimacy of such kissing and she thought Patrick was an amazing kisser.  His body was pressed to hers and his penis was pressing into her stomach when his hands moved to her butt.  Dee felt him unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor.  Patrick next helped her remove her blouse and bra and she let them fall to the floor as well.  Dee let out a small gasp as Patrick grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back; his left hand holding both of her wrists.  Her gasp was not one of pain but surprise; he did not hold her wrists too tight and it did not hurt. 

“You are so beautiful, Dee,”  Patrick told her as he caressed her face with his fingers.

Dee started breathing heavier as Patrick ran his fingers over her cheeks to her lips, “You have beautiful eyes, Dee. With the slight almond shape to them, your black lashes are so long and thick even without makeup, and the color of your eyes is amazing.  Such a rich dark brown and they sparkle even in dim light.  Your eyes are very hypnotizing.” 

Patrick continued to caress her face. “Your skin is incredible.  So soft and smooth and the color of your skin is so dark and sexy and exotic.” Dee let out a whimper as his fingers moved to her lips and traced around her mouth. “Your lips are so alluring.  So full and provocative; your face is so beautiful.  Like a sculpture of a Nubian queen carved from ebony.”  

Dee let out another whimper and inhaled deeply as Patrick caressed her lips and complimented her.  Dee normally did not fall for a man’s so-called game when they complimented her looks when they were trying to fuck her.  She was used to it, and she had not fallen for that since she was sixteen, but Patrick was different.  The tone of his voice and how he said the compliments seemed different than what she was used to.  She could not really describe how different it was, but she highly enjoyed how he complimented her looks and the way he softly caressed her face.

 “P… P… Patrick, please take me now.  Please fuck me.  I want to feel you inside me so bad.”  Her voice was close to pleading.

Patrick pressed a finger to her lips. “Patience, Dee.  I told you, you need to be patient.  We will work on that.  Right now I want to enjoy your body.” 

Dee just bit her lower lip and nodded.  Still holding her arms behind her, Patrick ran his fingers down her neck and to her breasts.  He caressed her breasts, in the same manner he did her face, and when his fingers brushed her nipples, Dee gasped. 

“Your breasts are perfect.  So dark and firm.”  He ran his finger over her left erect nipple in a circular motion and then her right erect nipple.  “I like how your breasts curve up at your nipples and how darker they are than your skin.  It’s very sexy and so is how slightly puffy and long your nipples get when you are sexually aroused.”  Patrick gently pinched one and then the other, and Dee moaned loudly. 

Dee felt as if she was going to go insane from her need to have him inside her.  She was breathing very heavily; almost panting, she could feel the heavy moistness between her legs from her pussy being so wet, and as Patrick commented her nipples were so erect they ached.  Patrick placed a hand under her chin and lifted her head so she could look into her eyes.

“You are an incredibly sexy and beautiful young woman, Dee,” he told her.  The comment made Dee smile.  

“So… so now?  Now, will you put it in me?” Dee asked once again.

Patrick grinned at her. “I am not done admiring your lovely black body.”  Dee let out a whimper of frustration.  “There is much more to admire, my dear,”  Patrick told her.

He let go of her arms and led Dee to his bed.  He sat down on the edge of the bed and had Dee stand in front of him.  Dee was not a tall girl, standing only five feet three inches, so when Patrick sat down his head was level with her neck.  Dee looked down and saw his large penis jutting up from between his legs.  Dee could not understand how the white man could have such self-control and not take her right then.  Surely he had an incredible need to cum by now, she thought.

“Take down your hair,” Patrick told her as he caressed her back, running his fingers up and down her spine.

Dee had worn her hair up that day, putting it in two buns on the top sides of her head.  Dee started to remove the bobby pins and blue hair clips in the shape of butterflies that held her hair up.  Patrick’s hands moved to the front of her body and he ran his hands over her breasts, hard nipples, and stomach, caressing her body very sensually.  Dee gave a short but deep intake of breath when his hands found her nipples, which were so hard they felt like little stones under his fingers. 

Dee was turned on by his touch and she felt it was so much different than the way other men had touched her breasts and body.  It seemed not only more erotic but also like he was inspecting her.  She liked the feeling a great deal. 

“I am not into a girl’s breasts much, I enjoy a nice ass better, but damn you have fantastic breasts, Dee.  The contrast of how dark your nipples are compared to your dark skin is very sexy,“ Patrick told the black girl.

“Th… thank…thank you,” Dee gaspedm and held the bobby pins and hair clips in her hands.

“Just drop them to the floor.”

Dee dropped them and Patrick reached up and ran his hands through her hair to spread it out and loosen it so it fell to her shoulders.  The older white man ran his hands down her back again and pulled her to him and Dee moaned out in pleasure as he started kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples, his hands resting on her butt.  She reached out to touch his penis, but Patrick stopped her.

“Not yet, Dee.” 

“Please, Patrick.  I need you inside me so bad,” Dee whined.  She was getting very frustrated; Dee never had to beg a man for sex.

Patrick smiled, “Soon, baby, I promise.” 

He reached down and his hands glided up her legs, starting at her calves and moving very slowly and sensually up to her inner thighs.  Dee started to tremble slightly from her arousal at his touch.  She knew her pussy was incredibly wet; she could feel the dampness of her panties as the volume of her sex fluid that came out of her pussy increased.  Dee looked down at Patrick’s hands as they slowly went up and down her inner thighs, almost touching her pussy but then stopping just short at her panties and then down to almost her knees and then slowly and delicately back up.  The contrast of his white hands on her black skin was intoxicating to Dee.

“You get your legs waxed, don’t you?”

“Y… yes, sir.  When I… ohhh damn that feels good… most of the time… when… when I have time; if not I… ohhh God… I use a cream.”  Dee’s normally soft sweet voice was a more throaty whisper due to her ever-increasing sexual desire.

It was not lost on Dee that she called him “sir” and she thought briefly why she did and then the very pleasant feeling of his hands on her body made her focus back on the pleasure he was giving her.  She called him ‘Sir” at work all the time, but this was not work and it was much more of an intimate setting; she liked the feeling it gave her when she called him “Sir”. 

“What else do you get waxed?”

“My… ohh dear God, you… you are making me crazy! My underarms and… and arms.”

“I admit I am ignorant in waxing, so how long does it normally last?”

“About… about two weeks. Maybe… maybe a little longer.”

“There is a spa on Forsyth Street, I forget the name, you are to make an appointment there weekly for your waxing, your nails, and however else you want to treat yourself.”

“Yes… yes, sir.  I… I know it.”  The spa he was referring to was very upscale and very expensive. 

“You will take the time off work to go there.  No exceptions and no excuses, unless we are out of town.  You can use the personal card I gave you to pay for it.”

“Yes, sir.” 


Patrick placed his hands under the leg openings of her panties and pulled them down slowly.  Dee did not resist and she watched his hands remove her lacy red underwear.  The crotch area of her panties stuck to her pussy due to her being so aroused and wet as they were pulled off of her.  Patrick pulled them down to her ankles and then took first her right ankle and lifted it and pulled her underwear off and then the right ankle.  He dropped the panties to the floor.  She now stood in front of him completely naked except for her thigh-high stockings.

Dee was not embarrassed about being naked for him; after all, he was also naked for her, and she knew she had a great body and nothing to be ashamed of.  She found standing in front of this white man naked arousing.

“Now?  Are we going to have sex now?”  she asked, her need to have him inside her revealed in the sound of her voice. 

Patrick chuckled again, “Are you that horny that you need me to fuck you that desperately?”

Dee bit her lower lip and did blush this time, but she nodded her head.

Patrick grinned. “No, not now.  There is still more of you I want to admire and much I want to do to you.”  Patrick bent his head and kissed her stomach and looked up at her, “Such as taste your pussy.”  He then kissed below her belly button, kissed lower, and then kissed just above her pussy where her pubic hairs started.  He pulled his head back.

“Have you ever considered removing all of your hair on your pussy?” 

Dee shook her head. “That’s nasty.  Only hood rats, hookers, and porn stars do that.” 

Patrick chuckled at her naivety on the subject.  Her pussy was not overly hairy, Dee did trim it and did get waxed around her pussy for her bikini and above her pussy was a naturally neat and perfect triangle of pubic hair. 

“Turn around and bend over slightly.”

“Yes, sir.”

Dee turned around and bent over slightly, keeping her legs shoulder width apart, and rested her hands on her thighs.  She inhaled sharply when she felt Patrick’s hand touch her again.  He put his hands on her hips and started to move them down the sides of her butt.

“You have a fantastic ass, Dee, the skin is so smooth and soft and no blemishes,”  Patrick told her.  As he talked his hands continued to caress her butt as he ran them down her and under her butt cheeks.  “I do enjoy how it bubbles out and then curves back under the back of your legs.”  His hand now ran up her butt cheeks, “It has just the perfect amount of suppleness to it then under that it’s nice and firm.”

“Thank you,” Dee sighed.  She was indeed proud of her ass and over the years had gotten many compliments of all types on it, from her friends just making observations on it to crude sexual comments about it from men.  Again, Dee thought he sounded as if he was inspecting her body like an object he was going to purchase. 

“I won a twerking contest last year at spring break in Florida,” Dee giggled.

Patrick laughed. “I imagine you did.” 

Dee did not bother to tell Patrick she had been very drunk, if not she would never have entered the contest, and that later she had gotten sick in front of a cute guy she was flirting with and toying with the thought of having sex with him.  After she threw up in front of him, almost on him, he lost interest and moved on to her sorority sister Nicole, who was a guaranteed fuck anyway.   

Patrick gently took Dee’s small hands in his large ones and brought them behind her and placed them on her butt cheek.

“Spread your ass apart.”  He told her.

Dee shook her head. “Patrick, no.  That’s… that’s just vulgar.”  She did not want to expose herself to him in that way so he could see her asshole.

“I want to see,” Patrick told her, his tone sterner and commanding now.

Dee swallowed hard and spread her butt cheeks apart.  She heard Patrick tell her “more” and she spread them further apart. “A little more,” he told her and she did.  He used the same commanding tone he would use at work when he was verbally chastising an employee when they made a mistake or when he was negotiating with a competitor or setting the terms of a business deal he dictated for his benefit. 

He never raised his voice or used curse words, but there was just something about that tone that could make people do what he wanted, make them feel like they disappointed him, or even fear him.  Dee had been on the receiving end of that tone at work more than once when she made a mistake and one time it sent her to the bathroom in tears as she cursed him under her breath and calling him an arrogant prick for making her feel terrible about herself that she disappointed him.

By spreading her butt cheeks apart as wide as he wanted her to, Dee not only exposed her butthole to Patrick; but it also opened her pussy up to him.  She felt humiliated by the vulgar manner in which she stood, slightly bent over, for him.  She also felt turned on by her shame and how he spoke to her as well.

Patrick touched her again, this time taking his fingers and running them down her butt crack.  He started at the top of her butt then ran them slowly down in a sensual way and when he got to her small hole he paused and started circling a finger around the opening of her anus.  Dee’s body jerked.

“No… not there… Patrick, please not there.  I don’t like that,” Dee told him firmly.

Dee had never had anal sex, never had anything put inside her butt, and was never going to allow anyone to do that to her.  On that, she would draw the line of what she would allow him to do to her.

“Shhh… don’t worry, Dee, I am not going to put my finger in your ass while I admire it,” he told her.

Dee relaxed and trusted he wouldn’t.  Patrick continued using his finger to make circular motions around the tight opening and Dee whimpered in pleasure.  It did feel very pleasant and made her feel sexually wicked that she liked it.  Still, she was not going to let him go further than that.

Patrick ran his finger down further until he got to the opening of her pussy and he ignored that and ran his finger back up, again pausing to circle her butthole, and then up her butt crack.

“You have a sexy asshole, Dee.  I enjoy how much darker the flesh around your asshole is compared to the rest of your body and the same with your pussy.  It’s very erotic to see how much darker your pussy is than your body,”  he told her, and Dee blushed. 

Patrick removed his hands from her and told her to stand back up and turn around.  She watched as he took off his socks and lay down on the large bed and she grinned when he patted the mattress next to him.   Finally!  She screamed in her head, He is finally going to fuck me! She started to remove her thigh-high stockings, but Patrick shook his head and she knew he wanted her to leave them on.

Dee lay on the bed on her side and Patrick turned to her and put his arms around her and started kissing her mouth as Dee wrapped her arms around him, and then she put her leg over his and pulled him even closer to her.  Patrick kissed her lips with a fierce passion and she replied in kind; he had one hand cupped under her butt while the other fondled one of her breasts and its hard nipple.  Dee had her arms around his back and her fingers pressed hard into the white skin of his back.  Dee could feel his large, hard penis pressing into her.  Patrick started kissing her neck and Dee moaned out in pleasure and pressed her dark body even harder into his white one.  The hand cupping her butt check moved under her more and Patrick brushed her pussy with his fingers; not penetrating her, but just lightly running up and down her slit, teasing her.

“Ohhh God, now… please now… Ohhh please fuck me, Patrick… please…ohhhh God that… that feels so good! Please… I can’t take it any longer,” Dee cried out, and now her voice was begging him.

Patrick moved Dee to her back and she spread her ebony legs as he rolled on top of her; his mouth moved from her neck to her chest and he started to kiss her breasts and then took one of her nipples in his mouth.  Dee cried out as she thrust her hips to press herself against him.  Patrick still did not put himself inside her or even penetrate her pussy with his fingers; instead, he kissed his way down her body.  He paused at her stomach to lick and kiss around her belly button, then further down and got on his knees between her spread legs and kissed her pelvic area as he took Dee’s arms and moved them above her head. 

Patrick then lifted his head, placed his hands on Dee’s knees, gently spread her legs further apart, and looked down at her exposed sex.  He stared at the black girl’s pussy for a moment and Dee blushed as she wrapped her hands around one of the wooden bars on the headboard of the bed.  She felt a wave of humiliation and arousal rush over her by the way he looked at her sex and again felt as if he was summoning her up like a fine piece of art he was thinking about purchasing.

“Your pussy is so sexy, Dee,”  Patrick told her as he moved both of his hands and placed them on each side of her vulva.  “It’s so fat and well defined.  Your pussy is perfect and I do enjoy how it’s so much darker than your ebony colored skin.  You really should consider removing all the hair from it and not just trim it.  You have such a beautiful pussy you should show it off for your lovers and not hide it.” 

Dee did indeed have a sexy “fat” pussy.  The vulva area was much darker than her natural skin tone and so was the rest of her pussy and the skin surrounding it.  Her vulva was puffy, or “fat”, as Patrick called it.  Her slit ran up from the entrance hole into her sex to her clit hood; it was not a long slit.  Her sex was well “defined” just as Patrick said.  The outer and inner lips of her pussy were thin but clearly noticeable as was her clit hood.  Dee’s sex was as perfectly defined as an artist’s drawing of it. 

Patrick ran his hands over her pussy until they met very close to her entrance into her sex and then he ran them back to the sides of her vulva.  Dee was panting as she clutched the smaller posts of the intricate headboard.

“It’s so smooth and you are so wet,” Patrick continued his comments about her pussy.  “The hairs are matted from your pussy fluid and your black pussy is glistening.”  He grinned down at her and used his hands to spread her pussy apart.  “It’s so pink and smooth on the inside.  Like polished pink coral.”    

“Now Patrick… I can’t take it.  I need it now.  Fuck me now!”  Dee cried out; this time she was not begging, but sounded demanding in her need to have him in her. 

Patrick chuckled, “I told you I want to taste you first.”    

“I… I never have done that,” Dee admitted as Patrick moved his body to lie on his stomach and place his face to her pussy.

Patrick looked up at Dee and raised an eyebrow.  “Really?”

Dee nodded. “Yes.  No guy I have ever been with liked doing that.”

Patrick grinned at her in that arrogant grin of his. “Well, lucky for you, for your first time you have someone who knows what they are doing.” 

Dee giggled as Patrick placed his mouth on her pussy as he used his fingers to spread her dark lips apart.  He first ran his tongue up the slit to taste her and then up to her clit hood and back down.  Patrick then placed his tongue into the black girl’s pink pussy and Dee gave a slight moan as Patrick’s tongue licked and darted in and out of her pussy.  Dee thought it felt pleasant but nothing too great and she would rather him fuck her, but Dee did not understand that Patrick was taking his time and enjoying her taste and scent of her sex.

Patrick teased the girl’s pussy for several moments and then Dee felt his finger’s move to her clit hood and he pushed it up to expose her clit, which was now very hard and swollen from her arousal, and she gave a louder moan of pleasure and her body jerked as Patrick’s finger brushed her clit.  Patrick licked his way up the slit of her pussy and placed his mouth over her.

“Ohhh fuck!”  Dee cried out as Patrick’s mouth closed around the dark hood and his tongue flicked over her pink clit, now hard and swollen from arousal.

“Uhhh… God… yes… Uhhhh fuck yes, there… there… uhhh, God!”  Dee cried out and gripped the headboard hard with one hand and moved her right hand and placed it on the back of Patrick’s head in hopes of holding it in place as his tongue pleasantly tormented her clit.

Patrick used his tongue to give Dee pleasure as she cried out in her enjoyment of what he was doing to her with his mouth.  Patrick then easily inserted three fingers into the black girl’s very wet and aroused pussy.  Just like on the sofa he began twisting his fingers inside her and then pulling them out and thrusting into her again and twisting them into her.  He kept repeating the movements as his tongue flicked over her clit rapidly.

“Uhhhh… Patrick… uhhhhh ohhh Patrick…. Uhhhh fuck! Ohhh God, I am going to cum… ohhh Patrick, I am going to cum!”  Being so aroused from everything he had done to her since they got in the bedroom and the wonderful attention he was giving her clit it did not take Dee long before she was going to orgasm.

“NOOO!”  Dee cried out when Patrick removed his mouth from her clit.  “Why?  Please, Patrick… why did you stop?” 

Patrick just looked up at her and grinned his cocky grin, removed his fingers from her pussy, and ran his tongue back down her slit.  He once again paused and entered her pussy with his tongue to taste her again.

“You taste so good, Dee,” he said.

“More… make me cum… please… it’s not fair you just stopped when I was going to cum,” she whined, her soft voice sounding childlike.

Patrick chuckled. “Oh, I will make you cum but I am not done tasting you yet.  Now lift your legs and spread them wider apart.”

A frustrated Dee placed her hands under her knees and lifted her legs and spread them as far apart as she could.  Her desire to orgasm was overwhelming so she would do what he told her.  She heard him say “higher”, and she lifted her legs even higher so that with them spread so far apart and lifted up high her ass was now exposed to Patrick.

Patrick ran his tongue down her pussy and her perineum.  He licked over her taint for several seconds and then his tongue brushed her butthole.

“No…  no please not there, Patrick.  That’s gross.”  Dee complained and lowered her legs.

Patrick looked up at her. “Lift your legs up again,”  he told her, using that arrogant commanding voice of his.

Dee swallowed hard, “I… I don’t like that.  It’s gross, please don’t,” she begged, but she lifted her legs again anyway, obeying Patrick’s authoritative tone.

“How do you know if you enjoy it or not, you never had anyone do it to you,” he told her and placed his tongue against her butthole once more.

“It’s just gross and I know I won’t… oh damn that feels good!” Dee gasped as Patrick’s wet, warm tongue entered her ass.

Dee thought the sensation of Patrick’s tongue inside her butt was very pleasing, very pleasing indeed.  Patrick rimmed her ass, licking around the outside of her tight hole, then back in her butt.  Dee enjoyed the feeling very much.  He kept rimming her and then once again inserted three fingers into her pussy and then used a finger on his other hand to play with her clit.  Dee was moaning and had a hard time keeping her legs up, the pleasure was so intense.  It was not long before she cried out as her orgasm hit her. 

After she came, Dee lay on the bed panting and let go of her legs as Patrick kissed his way up her body and got on top of her.  “I enjoy watching your orgasm, Dee.  You are very sexy when you cum, the way your face contorts in pleasure and the delightful sounds you make.”

Dee blushed but did not say a word.  She felt so weak in the blissful aftermath of her orgasm she did not care when he kissed her and his tongue that had been in her butt entered her mouth; she welcomed it and kissed her new white lover back fiercely.  As Patrick kissed Dee he used his right hand to guide his large penis to her pussy.  Dee broke their kiss.

“Go slow.  Please go slow at first, Patrick.  It’s so big,” Dee asked in a fearful tone.  She was a little scared of how the size of his penis might hurt her.  

“Don’t worry, baby, I know,” he assured her.  A quick flash of jealousy washed over Dee.  How many other girls had told him the same thing, she thought.  The thought left her quickly as she felt the tip of Patrick’s penis touch her pussy. 

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