In the swirling mist of forgotten history, one solitary god, the marble white deity, Phallus, reigned supreme over all of Kharbah, the land of men. At the foot of the Cold Mountains stood his High Temple, overseeing the walled city of Je’Mah. Inside the temple, on the black throne of power in the dark divine chamber, sat the five foot naked god, hidden behind his enormous erect phallus.  His pride and joy stood three feet high between his legs, its circumference of two and a half feet.  He was a fearsome ruler, commanding absolute obedience from his followers.  His subjects were brutish men, the women comely wenches.  Phallus enjoyed their worship of his enormous white member, especially when two women would wrap their arms around his large cock, stroking their naked breasts and bodies up and down his magic wand.  How he longed to fuck a pussy, but he could never enter their small cunts with his big dick.  That was the reason he summoned Yarba, his high priest, into his divine presence.

Sitting on his throne, Phallus had a difficult time seeing Yarba. His erection constantly obscured his vision. Resting his white forearms on his massive cock and pushing it a little forward and to the side, he peeked around his shaft to see the high priest. Phallus feared Yarba’s ambition. The little prick craved power as much as Phallus and the shit might turn on his god. At least Yarba had a small dick.     

One thing that pissed off the god with the big flesh lance more than any other thing was the constant complaints of the men. At every prayer meeting, at every sacrifice, and at every worship service, the men begged for stiffer cocks. Phallus confessed only to himself, that in his choice of a people to rule, he had made a little evaluation error. He had to decide between the lack of intelligence and stiff penises. It was easier to manipulate the dumb brutes of Kharbah, than the beautiful peoples of Shyriman or Eros. Although Phallus could perform miracles, more tricks than actual miracles, he could not enlarge small penises. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, in the land of the small cocks, the big dick rules.   

Phallus had an idea that might appease the people and remove Yarba’s influence over the masses. If Yarba failed, one problem would be solved. If he succeeded, Phallus still would have more power than Yarba.

“O, Magnificent One, how may I be of service?” asked Yarba, laying prostrated on the cold floor in front of Phallus. 

“I have heard the prayers of my people,” said Phallus, running his white hand over his naked white scalp. He was the only one in Kharbah without hair. 

“Which prayers, o holy One?”  

“Don’t act dumb with me. You know full well that the men want stiffer dicks.”

“Yes.  I heard.” Yarba raised his body to full height. “The men have trouble dominating their wives and mistresses with their soft penises. Now they have to slap or kick the women around to keep them under control.”

“Precisely. Not that violence is such a bad thing. Sometimes women deserve what they get.” Phallus stroked his cock absentmindedly. “Never mind. I am sending you on a fucking quest. I want you to steal the Holy Cunt of Calypso in the city of Pudenta. When you return….”

“Excuse me, your holiness. Pudenta is on the island of Eros, beyond the land of Shyriman, across the sea. How the fuck do you expect me to travel all the way there and ba…?”

“Were you not the lover of Randith, the high priestess of that whore Calypso? Use her, you idiot. Must I do all the thinking for you? Use your fucking brains, the little you got. Now get out of my sight and bring the Cunt to me.” 

Alone with his own thoughts, Phallus was unsure of what he will do with the pussy, or how it will help the complaining men. Maybe it would be big enough to slip his cock in.


Chapter 1


Zenoi was where he was trained to be, between the spread legs of a beautiful woman, pleasuring her most sacred place. Caressing Lady Irene’s vulva softly with his hands, he opened her outer lips to grant him access to her glistening inner sanctum. Like most women of Eros her pubic hair was shaved in the shape into her family crest. He wanted to taste her, but held back a little longer to prolong her pleasure by heightening her desire. With his thumb, he rubbed her clitoris, while he inserted two fingers into her holy entrance.  Touching the cushion on the inner wall of her velvet tunnel, he could feel the build-up of her delight emanating from deep within her being.

The Lady was his fourth appointment for the morning, and he had already come twice.

Zenoi loved his calling as a priest in the Temple of Calypso and judging from their loud expressions of ecstasy and the satisfied smiles of the female devotees, he was good at his job in pleasuring them. The one thing that separated him from their husbands and lovers was that he always tried to discover the secret desires of the devotees. Then he mustered all his talent to fulfil those wishes. This way Zenoi got to know the most intimate secrets of many people living in Pudenta and considered it a great responsibility to honour that trust.

He looked up from between her legs, over the horizon of her firm breasts and saw the rapture on her face. A soft moan escaped from between her clenched pure-white teeth and over her pink lips. She rolled her head from side to side in ecstasy and as Zenoi wriggled her engorged clit, she threw her blond head backwards and arced her back, lifting her bottom cheeks from the bed. He lowered his mouth to her dripping pussy and slowly licked and sucked on her sensitive clit. His tongue slipped between the pink folds of her puffy lips to sample her nectar. It tasted like sweet honey with a touch of lemon, and he wanted more. He drank from her fountain, feeling life return to his flaccid penis. 

Lady Irene’s body was shaking, as her climax swept through her body. She kicked out her legs and flopped on her back, spent. Zenoi crawled over her prostrate, shaking body and kissed her navel, the underside of her breasts and sucked on her protruding nipples. He slowly moved his hands over her body, caressed her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers. She pulled his face towards her mouth to lick her own juices from his lips. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, swirled it around and proceeded to suck on his tongue.

Lady Irene groped for his now erect penis to push it into her waiting valley of pleasure.   However, before he could insert his cock into her waiting pussy, Randith, the High Priestess walked into the chamber. Irene unceremoniously dumped Zenoi on the floor and quickly bowed before Randith.

“I hope I have not offended you, Your Holiness,” stammered Lady Irene with her naked ass in the air. Zenoi bowed respectfully as a temple priest is supposed to and saw the concern in Randith’s eyes but also the smile on her face when she saw his erect member. She quickly pumped it a few times and manoeuvred Irene’s face to his penis.

“Suck him off, quickly. I have some business with him.”

“But, your holiness, I paid for the full devotion,” came it from the beautiful Lady Irene, before she nearly gagged on Zenoi’s dick.

“My dear Lady, I have ordered two of my other priests to take care of all your needs. But first you must finish poor Zenoi off.”

Randith, the High Priestess of the goddess Calypso, was an ageless beauty with full breasts, large nipples and a hairless pussy. Seeing her in her transparent holy frock was enough to sent Zenoi’s pleasure over the top, despite the amateurish efforts of Lady Irene. Lady Irene had neglected her devotional duties, maybe because of her booming trade with Shyriman. She would rather make money than make love and that disturbed Zenoi. The people had become obsessed with wealth instead of spreading the love of Goddess to everybody.     

The impatient Randith bent down to help the poor woman. She kissed Irene on the cheek filled with his cock. Randith took the 9-inch cock from Irene’s mouth and licked and sucked on his purple head. She demonstrated to Lady Irene how to pleasure a man with her hands and mouth. Randith took his cock’s head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it then flicked her tongue over the small opening. 

Clasping her index finger and thumb beneath the bulb, she enveloped his cock with her mouth. Zenoi’s pulsating member slipped into her mouth and the High Priestess swallowed his sword flesh to the hilt. He could feel the head touching the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock without gagging. The annoyed Randith then took Lady Irene’s hand to play with his balls. It was heaven to have two desirable women wanting to bring him to a climax. When he couldn’t control his pleasure anymore and before he could come, Randith stuck his cock back into Irene’s mouth to receive his white cream. He threw back his blond head and shot his load into the wife of an important man. She swallowed it with joy and smiled like a blessed devotee of Calypso.

They left the poor Lady Irene begging for sexual release, but she was not allowed to masturbate in the temple. Once inside, the devotee’s sexual pleasure was an offering to the beloved goddess Calypso. A priest or priestess served as the go-between the divine and humans. Lady Irene didn’t have to wait too long to connect with Goddess because two other priests quickly filled every orifice with their ready cocks.   


In a small open field next to the Eros River, Xana, a statuesque woman with long dark red hair, surveyed the eight young people before her, looking uncomfortable in their ill-fitting armour. She shifted her eyes from one to another of the eight female and male recruits before her. They looked intimidated and stood around like nervous horses ready to bolt. The centurion who promoted her to this training job had said that her heart wasn’t in the fighting. He wanted soldiers who would kill at a moment notice, and she did not fit the mould. She was competent enough with archery, swords, and short knives and even with the spear, but she didn’t have the guts to stab an opponent or hack him into pieces. It would always be a him, because their enemies, the hoary men of Kharbah, were getting more aggressive by the day. Something bad might still happen and that is why Xana was needed to train new recruits in the martial arts.

“Listen up, troops. I am Xana, your insurance against death.” Everyone jumped into what seemed like attention, facing her. At least they got that right. Adjusting her helmet over her raven black hair, Xana stared at her charges, a bunch of misfits. Why would they want to fight? They could easily find work in the temple or even in a tavern. Suddenly her own armour began to choke her and drag her down. In the tropical heat of the Island of Eros too many clothes were always a hindrance and a liability. Besides the heavy armour didn’t feel right. Xana unhooked her chainmail and threw it off. Her helmet was the next to go. 

“Strip!” Xana pulled off her breastplate. 

They looked at her as if was crazy. “I said strip, take off your clothes, I want you buck naked within thirty counts.” Xana continued to remove her own clothes till she was naked except for her sandals. She faced them with spread legs and her hands on her naked hips. Her nipples were as hard as arrows. “I’m waiting.”

They stared at her clean-shaven pussy, the protruding clit and wet lips. Two shy ones hadn’t removed an item. Furious, Xana charged at them and ripped their clothes off. That inspired the other reluctant ones to quickly get rid of their own garments.

“Now we are equals with a difference. That difference is that I know what to do in combat and you don’t.” She stopped to see the effect of her words. “I’m here to teach you about that difference. If you do exactly what I say, you might survive a battle. If you survive, my job was well done. If you die, I will personally come and get you, rip your lungs out and teach you the lesson again. Do you follow me?” Blank faces greeted her. “I thought so.”

“Stick out those tits and peckers. Show me that you are proud warriors of Calypso and great soldiers of Eros.” Xana could feel the hot afternoon sun on her own naked skin. Sweat ran in rivulets between her firm breasts, over her muscled flat stomach, through the folds of her hairless pussy and down her strong legs. 

“We’ll start with unarmed combat.” Xana looked at a strong young man about her height of six feet with short blond hair and a long penis. “Pesher, attack me.”


“Attack me. See if you can pin me down.” 


“Are you deaf? Hit me then.” Still nothing. Suddenly Xana lashed out, grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground. 

“You just died. Okay, let’s start at the very beginning. There are a few easy stands you have to master before you can attack or thwart off an attack. Let me demonstrate.” 

The rest of the morning Xana put the eight prospective warriors through their gruelling paces and by lunchtime, they were exhausted. Xana had one more command before they break.

“I want you to shave off all the hair on your pussies and on your balls.” A loud protest followed but she was adamant. “Just like mine.” They looked again at her pussy.

“When you are captured, your family will be safe from reprisals. Yarba knows about our family symbols and he can use it against you.”  

“But what can he do?” asked a woman.

“Don’t you know who Yarba is? As the High Priest Wizard of Phallus of the Kingdom of Kharbah, his evil can reach you anywhere, even where you expect it the least.”

With that, she sent them to lunch. They quickly dressed and set off to their homes. Xana didn’t bother to put any of her armour or clothes back on. Removing her sandals, she walked to the river, dived into the clear water and swam to the other side where it was quiet. Once on the riverbank she quickly found a perfect spot to seek guidance from Calypso. Lying on a large flat rock, she faced the sun, and with her hands on her breasts, Xana began her ritual. She closed her eyes, pinched her nipples and gripped her breasts in a clench. Once the sensation became too much to bear, she slid her hands softly over her flat stomach to her waiting pussy. Cautiously Xana circled her vulva with light fingers, barely touching anything. The need to pleasure herself intensified with each circular motion. 

When she could feel the wetness from her pussy dripping down her crack, she tentatively touched her engorged clit with her middle finger. A ripple of pleasure engulfed her whole body. The sensation increased as soon as she put more pressure on. Ever so gently Xana started rubbing her finger in small circles over her sensitive pleasure knob. Once she increased the circles, her legs began to shake. She quickly slipped two fingers past her puffy pussy lips into her sopping cunt before it was too late. The one thought absorbing her whole being was that making love was more pleasurable than fighting. Pressing her fingers at the front wall of her vagina, Xana’s climax exploded in a blinding flash of light. 

Then absolute silence.

Xana found herself walking on white clouds towards the waiting, naked Calypso, Goddess of Love. Jubilant with emotions overflowing, she knew the Goddess had answered her prayers. She fell on her knees before Calypso and kissed her Sacred Vulva.

“You are destined for greater things, my love,” came the sweet sound from the Goddess. “Just be patient.” Calypso touched her forehead with her sexy lips before disappearing.

When Xana’s consciousness returned, she was licking her fingers clean, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Confused, she sat up and looked around her. She could immediately identify the sound of ten different birds in the vicinity and saw every single leaf of every tree. The rock beneath her caressed her naked bottom cheeks and the wind played a song of joy.


Randith dragged Zenoi behind her to the holy interior of the temple. They bowed down before the Holy Cunt of Calypso and proceeded to kiss the protruding clitoris twice. Only then could he wrap his short white tunic around his waist and try to discover the reason behind Randith’s interruption of his priestly duties. This would be very serious, because it had never happened during his ten years in the service of the temple.

Randith took Zenoi through the veil behind the statue of Calypso into her private boudoir. A huge bed in a form of an altar dominated the room. The priest and priestess that guarded the holiest place in the temple came to attention and then dropped to their knees when Randith entered. She dismissed them with a wave of her hand and glided over to the bed.

Zenoi didn’t neglect his duties and quickly prepared the cushions around his mistress to make her comfortable. She extended her long, beautiful legs like a cat stretching after a nap, giving him a glimpse of her private parts. From between her outer lips protruded her inviting sex lips, opening like wings.

This was the first time since his initiation that he had seen her in this position. But then he had the privilege to kiss, caress and suck on those beautiful nether lips. She also offered her clitoris to him before she allowed him to enter her. He was still the proud holder of the record for the longest initiation fuck – four hours non-stop – before Randith allowed him to release his holy milk into her depths.

Zenoi didn’t think that he was in her chambers for another marathon session.

“My dear Zenoi, I have an important task for you,” said Randith tapping, on the bed next to her.  He sat down, taking her beautiful hand in his. “Queen Amida from Aesopus will arrive tomorrow on an official state visit and I want you to be her escort.”

He dropped her hand in shock. This was truly a blessed moment. The lovely Queen Amida was known for her sexual appetite and her wonderful orgies in honour of the beloved Goddess Calypso. To be chosen as her official escort meant that he was to pleasure her every whim. The mere thought of making love to the queen of their closest ally before the whole nation had its effect on his rapidly growing member.

Randith saw the movement beneath his silk tunic and smiled. She slid her hand over his leg and under his garment, coming to rest around his penis.

“I am glad your recovery time is improving. Queen Amida will approve and I know that you will not disappoint the Temple.” Randith opened her legs slightly wider to show him the glistening wetness of her sex. It was wonderful to know that touching his erect member or the mere thought of coming events could still turn on the High Priestess. 

“It will be my privilege to be of service to the Queen,” he said, while Randith stroked his fully erect cock.

“Enough of this. Go and prepare yourself.” Slowly, he retreated backwards from her chamber, and once outside the temple he screamed and jumped in the air with joy. Zenoi ran over the cobbled streets and beneath the tropical trees of Pudenta, kissing and hugging people as he went along.  This was truly good news that he wanted to share with everybody, especially with his parents.


Running back to the river, Xana experienced an indescribable lightness. She wanted to run across the river on the water, but with her first step she fell face forward into the cold water. Refreshed, Xana didn’t care about such small matters. She knew that she had met the Goddess walking on her path.

The troops were waiting, naked with clean-shaven genitals. Xana smiled at them, her raven black hair still shiny wet. They looked sexy and ready for some more work. She let them stand in a straight line facing forward, then slowly walked up to each one, rubbing her naked tits against theirs and touching their pussies or penises. In no time all were sweating from the sun and the heat generated by their touching bodies.

“Follow me,” said Xana, and let the naked troop to the archery range. On the way they met a few soldiers who stared at the sight but didn’t say anything. At the range Xana gave the girls harnesses to cover their right breasts. Handing them each a bow she demonstrated how to grip of the bow and the string. When they all failed to understand, she walked up to the first recruit, a young redhead girl.

“Show me how you hold the bow.” The redhead arms shook with apprehension. Xana calmed her down and instructed her to repeat the action. Trying to comply she failed again, her nerves shattered. Xana touched the redhead’s arm and walked around to stand behind her. Pressing her naked breasts against the redhead’s back, she swung her arms over the redhead’s arms and breathed softly into the nervous girl’s ear.

“Take a deep breath. Lift up your left arm while holding the string in your right hand. Now push the left arm out and bring the right hand to your face.” The girl found the rhythm and pushed her tooshies out to touch Xana’s groin. Xana responded by slipping her hand over the girl’s belly to her smooth vulva, tickling her clit till she came. “Good work.”

Next in line was Pesher, sporting an erection. Standing in front of him, Xana showed him what to do. “Press against me,” she instructed. He pushed his erection in the valley between her cheeks and rested his hands on her arms. While bending the bow, she squeezed and massaged his cock between her arse cheeks. It had an incredible effect on her pussy and the heavy breathing in her ear matched her passion. She became aware of the other troopers, staring at them. 

“Remember,” she said out of breath, “make love to your weapon and it will take care of you.”  Suddenly her soldier boy shot his wad between her legs onto the grass. 

“Don’t you applaud your fellow trainee’s efforts? Come on, give Pesher a hand.”

The stunned troop applauded.

“Don’t worry, you’ll each get your chance to come.” Xana released the poor boy’s softening cock between her legs and stepped away from him. Pesher dropped to the ground exhausted with a satisfied smile on his face.


Zenoi arrived out of breath at his adoptive parents’ home in the lush area next to the river. The door of the house was the most beautiful depiction of an aroused cunt in all of the kingdom of Eros. It was sculpted by the best artist in the country as a favour to his adoptive mother, Quella, who at forty was still as sexy and active as any eighteen-year-old. Vion, his adoptive father, was a tall dark and handsome man with a cock to be proud of. Zenoi was grateful that they had sent him to the Temple when they discovered his powers of love.

He knocked twice and then entered. No one was in the lounge area, but he could hear little cries of pleasure coming from the main bedroom. He moved over and saw Quella laying on the bed with her blond head between the legs of their neighbour Sandl, a beautiful redhead woman. Vion stood on his knees on the bed with his cock in Sandl’s mouth, while he caressed her large breasts. 

“Zenoi, my boy. It is good to see you,” Vion said without missing a beat. Quella up from her position, saw him and smiled. She got up, kissed and hugged him.  He could taste the pussy juice of Sandl on her mouth. 

“Do you want to help pleasure Sandl while her husband is away? Or do you want something to drink?” the naked Quella asked, grasping his cock beneath his tunic. She took him over to the bed and for the first time Sandl looked up from her position. She gave a little scream when she saw Zenoi, but continued pumping Vion’s cock. With her other hand she opened her pussy lips as an invitation to enter her. Quella removed his tunic, sucked on his cock before she guided his erect member to Sandl’s waiting pussy.

When he was inside their guest, Quella lovingly kissed Vion and the two fell onto the bed next to the already fucking couple. Zenoi slowly moved his pelvis up and down not to hurt Sandl with his movements. Despite having had two children, she was very tight but because of Quella’s previous attention to her pussy, he slipped in without a problem. Her velvet cave welcomed his cock like an old friend, and he started to move in and out of her. Zenoi slid his hand between their bodies and sought out her pleasure trigger. To the rhythm of their movements Zenoi moved his fingers rapidly over her clitoris. He could feel Sandl involuntary contract her vagina muscles around his member.

Quella sat on Vion’s cock, riding him like a horse. His hands were busy with her breasts and her clitoris. They were both very aroused and came quickly. Sandl’s passionate screams brought Zenoi back to his own pleasure. He wanted to share his good fortune with his adoptive parents as soon as possible and he hurried in his stroke making. Sandl turned around on her hands and knees for him to continue from behind. She also sought out Quella’s wet pussy to lick it clean from Vion’s seed. The erotic scene playing before him stimulated Zenoi’s passion. He grabbed Sandl’s hips and started pumping in harmony with her movements between Quella’s legs. His cock hit the back wall of her pussy, sending pleasure messages to his brain. He became his cock, as a burning pleasure enveloped him and just before he found release, he pulled out to send his seed into his head, leaving him satisfied and still erect.

Quella dropped next to Sandl and took Zenoi’s cock into her mouth. She licked Sandl’s juices from his tool and swirled her tongue around the purple head. Zenoi loved fucking Quella. It was she who had first showed him the pleasures of the female flesh and the tastes of her essence. He dropped on the bed with his head next to Vion’s member. Quella swung her beautiful backside around, with Zenoi’s cock firmly in her mouth, for Zenoi to pleasure her pussy and let Vion fuck her from behind. Zenoi licked Quella’s clit and valley before taking Vion’s erect cock into his mouth, sucking on it. After a while, Vion pulled out to insert his now throbbing cock into Quella’s waiting pussy. Zenoi watched from below Vion’s pumping passion into his Quella’s beautiful pussy. How many wonderful times did he saw this action while Quella sucked his cock? He felt another mouth on his cock as Sandl didn’t want to be left out. Then Quella released his cock and Zenoi saw Vion withdraw from Quella. She turned around and impaled herself on Zenoi’s cock and starting to move up and down. Sandl sat her pussy down on Zenoi’s face and he started licking her pussy. Vion stepped between the two women and offered his cock to them. They hungrily grabbed it and took turns in sucking it, without losing their fucking rhythm. They all climaxed at the same time.   

They took a few moments to recover from their passion.

“Thank you, Zenoi, for helping me,” said an exhausted Sandl. “May the goddess Calypso bless you.”

“She already has,” he said, and shared his good fortune with his naked adoptive parents and their neighbour.

“I knew something good like this would eventually happen,” said Quella, their clothes still forgotten. “We’re so proud of you.”

“I heard that Queen Amida has problems getting aroused and is coming to Pudenta for a cure,” interrupted Sandl. She crawled, still naked, on her hands and feet over to where Zenoi was sitting. Taking his penis in her hands she caressed and kissed it. “Fortunately, I don’t have that problem.”

As she took Zenoi’s member into her mouth, Vion positioned himself between Sandl’s legs and ran his cock up and down her pleasure valley. Sandl sucked in both important cocks into two of her orifices, as she rhythmically moved back and forth, as if it was one long cock drilling through her. Zenoi played with her breasts and Vion used one hand on her clit and pushed his thumb of the other hand into her anus. It didn’t take long for Sandl to have another earth-shattering climax.  Zenoi held back his orgasm and saw that his father didn’t come either.


After Sandl left Zenoi enjoyed a few precious sunset moments with his adoptive parents on the porch overlooking the Innana River. Quella brought them some fruit drinks and he had to admire her beautiful multi-colored dress that barely covered her shapely buttocks. The golden ornament of the Holy Cunt held the dress in place on her left shoulder, letting the soft material cascade over her ample bosom. It was tied with a cord around her slim waist and stopped short of the V of her shaven sex. The dress was skimpy enough to let her left breast peek from behind the material and to let breasts sway while she walked. Vion was dressed in his usual administrative red tunic. Only Zenoi was still naked, his penis semi-erect. Zenoi gave them the imported leather sandals from Shyriman as gifts at the Festival of the Lick of the Sacred Vulva.

He jumped up to take the tray with their drinks from her.

“Have you decided who will help you with your toilet tomorrow morning?” Trust a caring woman to think about such practical things when his emotions were turbulent as a hurricane. She sat down beside Vion on a comfortable couch. 

“I don’t even know what I’ll wear,” he said. With drinks in their hands Quella laid out her plans for the morrow. She thought of everything and Zenoi couldn’t help but be amazed.

“Mother, dear, when did you plan all this?”

She smiled proudly. “The day we took you to the Temple of Calypso to become a priest, seven years ago. I just knew that you were born to love and pleasure all people.” She looked longingly at Vion and slipped her hand under his tunic.

“We received you as a gift from the Goddess during the first phase of the Festival of the Sacred Vagina, just after Vion and I licked the fetish of the Cunt. I was still a Temple Priestess and the only one who could take of an orphan boy.” she said, aroused by the memory. “After we made love, I danced my heart out for Calypso and for this smiling happy baby.”  Zenoi could see her hand moving beneath Vion’s tunic. “Calypso smiled on us that day and that is why we called you Zenoi.”

Vion pulled her closer and gave her a long kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He unclipped the Holy Cunt bracelet from Quella’s dress, caressing her breasts. He bent down and started kissing and sucking on her nipples. Quella dropped her head backwards, pushing her body towards Vion.  She untied the cord around her waist and opened her legs for Vion to explore her bald cunt.  He slowly inserted a finger in her already wet vagina and played with her clit. Vion called Zenoi over to help.

This was where Zenoi learned his skills as a lover, by observing his loving adoptive parents, pleasuring each other and other lovers. 

The love between them was legendary and served as an example to all Erosians. That is why they had many lovers over the years that strengthened their own love. The jealousy that crept into other homes was absent from this family. Vion always said that jealousy is the fruit of a possessive mind. His view was that one cannot own another person – one can only love someone.  Sharing lovers has been part of the Erosian culture for many generations and they must sustain this lifestyle for future generations.


To be continued…

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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