Dan had the body of an athlete, so tight and ripped; Denise couldn’t get enough of her latest PA.

Denise lay on her back, admiring his six-pack and grabbing onto his tort bum, as Dan used all his stamina to ride Denise.

He was much smoother than her other PAs, well, in terms of his hair. He was hairless, apart from some hairs on his legs.

Forty-five minutes, this extra session had already gone for and Denise still wanted more.

With a sly nod and smile, Denise indicated, that she wanted to go on top and Dan obliged. Slowly rolling over and with that young hard cock still in her gaping pussy, she was now on top and in control.

Swaying her hips back and forth, she was soon in the rhythm and it wasn’t long before she was screaming, as she climaxed for the third time in that session.

She loved fucking young studs.


In only her short towel, which barely covered her body, Denise led Dan out of the mansion where she lived.

“Same time next week Denise?” Dan said with a playful smile.

“Of course, as always,” Denise replied, before closing the door.

Denise had been using Dan as a PA for about six months now, obviously a PA with benefits, and in recent years, he was one of the best she had.

She knew there was no relationship in it, it was just sex, and she was fine with that.

He must have been getting on forty years younger than her, and not that Denise wasn’t an attractive older lady, but he was there for the money and some good sex, just like the others.

After closing the door and saying goodbye to Dan, Denise saw a letter on the floor and picked it up, before going back upstairs to take a shower.

Letting her towel drop to the floor, she looked at herself in the mirror.

At sixty-four years old, she still felt good.

A glamorous lady like herself, with expensive taste, had obviously had a bit of work done: a facelift and some Botox, a lift here and there. With her long blonde hair, blue eyes, and slim body, she looked in great shape, even if it wasn’t necessarily a natural look.

After she showered, thinking of Dan; Denise towelled herself down, put on a dressing gown and made herself a coffee, and opened the letter.

It was from an ex called Howard, from what felt like a lifetime ago. A lot had changed in Denise’s life since then.

What attracted Denise to Howard, back then, was his money. He was successful and had power too, she would have been in her early fifties and still in her sexual prime.

Working as a marketing executive, but more as an assistant, she met him at a conference and the affair started. It lasted for about five years.

Expense gifts and trips away followed. Denise was keen, but money motivated her, and she was greedy.

That’s when her current husband, Stanley, seemed to appear, an ex-banker with more money than Howard and no wife on the scene. Denise seduced him and eventually married him a few years ago.

Stanley worshipped Denise, she was his showpiece and still was. He was fifteen years older than her, and he showed her off to all his friends.

Stanley’s family were not happy at all, and they worried that, she was there for the money, which to a large extent she was. With Stanley approaching eighty and not in great health, she was hoping in another year, he may finally pass away and then; she would have free reign, and free reign before she was too old.

She could enjoy an even more hedonistic lifestyle then.

This letter from Howard promised more money though. Apparently, something to do with money she was owed. Anything involving money always interested Denise.

Smiling to herself, looking at her reflection in the mirror, she flicked her hair and thought it wouldn’t hurt paying Howard a visit. Stanley would never know anyway.


A few days later.

Mrs Wild answered the door but knew who it was.

“Hi, I’ve got a meeting with Howard,” Denise said.

“Oh, I see… Denise is it?” Mrs Wild said.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Oh, please do take a seat, I will go and let Howard know you are here.”

Denise sat down in the reception area.

The place was much better than the last time she was here. In fact, it had several extensions since then, and grounds with beautiful landscaped gardens. Maybe, Howard was doing better than she thought, maybe he had as much money as Stanley did.

Mrs Wild returned a few minutes later and explained how Howard wanted to start the meeting outside in his office. Denise was excited about seeing Howard and hurriedly followed Mrs Wild.

Denise didn’t understand why Howard had such an old PA, after all, she knew what he liked, especially with women. Then Denise concluded, she must be the cleaner.

As they made the short walk across the gardens, some small talk was made.

Mrs Wild watched how Denise walked so proudly, it felt like she owned the place.

Dressed in a black designer suit jacket and a black dress, with a hint of cleveage on show. The dress reaching the top of her knees, to show off the rest of her slender tanned legs. Of course, topped off with some designer heels.

She looked like a glamorous wife.

She looked like the person she was.

Mrs Wild knew she would have something nice on underneath, a treat for Howard no doubt, or just to tease him. After all, Mrs Wild knew sex with an eighty-year-old wouldn’t keep Denise satisfied, but Mrs Wild knew all the details about Dan.

“Have you worked for Howard for long then?” Denise asked.

“Oh, not that long really,”

“I take it you do the cleaning or gardening here. It’s a beautiful estate,”

“Yes, you could say that.”

Mrs Wild smiled.


Twenty minutes later.

“Buzzzzzzzzz,” was all Denise could hear.

She felt like she had almost passed out and was panting heavily.

“Buzzzzzzzzz,” was the sound again.

The room felt like it had dim lighting and Denise struggled to make out much about the room, that was more due to her wearing, what felt like a silk blindfold, which was tightly wrapped around her head, completely covering her eyes.

She could feel that her legs, were strung up in some form of chains, and spread high and wide; she had a vibrator pressed against her clit.

Feeling a little weak, she couldn’t move her legs a lot at all, nor her arms, which again, felt like they were tightly chained to a rest board.

As she contorted her body, due to the sensations of the sex toys, she could feel that her body was naked.

She could feel the cold on her body, as she was fully exposed. She could even fill her boobs jiggle underneath her heavy panting.

This was different and not like the sex she shared in the past with Howard. Yes, he was dirty, and built a sex chamber in the final year of their relationship, but this was kinky to a new level.

But, with the fear and confusion, came the excitement. She was enjoying herself too.

“Oh fuck…Howard,” Denise screamed, as she then felt a massive dildo slip inside her and deeply penetrate her pussy.

Back and forth it came, in and out, then a vibrator followed.

Each time she was about to climax, the speed completely slowed down, she was struggling to take much more.

Whatever Howard was now into, wasn’t what he was, a decade ago. She was completely under his control, but she was enjoying it, although the toy play was endless, she was drifting in and out, moaning throughout.

Howard had updated his sex toys and Denise was loving it.

“Howard, let me see you…let me feel you now,” was all Denise was managing to say.

The buzzing sound was relentless. As she tried to move her arms, she discovered that they were chained to some form of headboard.

Her boobs continued to wobble with each buzz or insertion of the dildo.

She was naked in that bed but had no idea how she had got into that position.

Her pussy felt so wet, but tender too. That felt like the biggest dildo she had ever used.

Denise wondered what Howard was wearing or was he naked? She imagined him looking at her naked body, with a hardon, excited by her and wanting her.

She was surprised, he hadn’t started to fuck her with his cock.

Again, Denise tried to move her legs and arms, hearing the faint rattle of the chains.

Then, there was a pause and Denise managed to get some breath back.

“Oh…Hmmmm,” was all Denise could moan, as she felt Howard’s fingers insert themselves into her pussy.

There he played with her clit and was a little rough, but she still enjoyed it.

Then she felt his hands, a little coarser than she remembered, playing with her boobs. She wanted to tell him that she had new implants now but didn’t have the energy to say anything.

Another pause, and again Howard didn’t speak.

Then the buzzing sound of the vibrator was back. It seemed to be at an even higher setting, if that was possible, then the big dildo again. Back and forth.

“Howard… oh fuck…” was all she managed to say, before passing out in the bed.

Mrs Wild smiled to herself at her work and looked across at her favourite silver dong, bathing in a beaker full of her special formula, on the operating table to her right.

That would make it a special treatment for Denise.

Quickly grabbing the saturated dong and savagely forcing into Denise.


Looking at her naked body, she could tell she had work done to it, no matter how bronzed and good it was, especially for a woman, only a few years younger than herself.

It wasn’t just Denise’s clothes which were designer; her lingerie was too.

Another pair of size 12 pants, these frilly and silk, a matching bra, with jewel-like details for a 32D cup.

As Mrs Wild grabbed Denise’s boobs with her big hands, she could feel the implants inside them.

Whispering aloud, Mrs Wild said,

“Oh Denise, you old slut. Who’s going to think those tits are real. Your body is full of plastic…Yes, Denise I know all about Dan, I know your secrets, and soon, important people will too. Revenge is sweet my dear.”

Looking down at Denise’s shaven pussy, made Mrs Wild laugh, thinking how Denise really did fancy herself.

But it was her hair. Those long trademark blonde locks, which made Denise look so glamorous.

From behind, she could pass for a twentysomething. She always got men’s heads turning.

Slowly, with her coarse hands from years of doing experiments and working in laboratories, she stroked her blonde locks and started to laugh uncontrollably.

“Oh, dear Goldilocks,” Mrs Wild whispered, above Denise, as she played with her hair.

Mrs Wild wasn’t finished with her yet.


As Denise opened her eyes, it took her a few moments to remember where she was.

She remembered the letter, the meeting with Howard and the kinkiest sex, she had ever had.

Rolling her naked body over in the bed and between the expensive silky sheets, she realised that she was alone in that bed.

Slowly, feeling more awake, Denise got up out of the bed and saw her clothes all laid out for her on the dressing table opposite, and she could make out a letter placed clearly to see, it was labelled, “Denise.”

Howard must have had a business meeting and had to leave.

She grinned. Howard was a changed man. Not just with the sex, but the clothes. He was never that tidy in the past. After a wild sex session, she awoke to her clothes scattered all over the room.

Denise admired herself in the mirror, as she got out of the bed. Slowly, spinning around and flicking her hair like a teenager.

With her back facing the mirror, she admired her small tight bum, then turning around her slim frame and boobs, which didn’t drop at all.

At 5-feet-5, she was average height for a woman, but she had nice long slender legs too. Oh, how all the men she has bedded over the years, loved her wrapping them around their bodies.

Even her make-up still looked good, although she would touch that up after her shower, before she left.

Denise opened the letter, whilst admiring herself again in the dressing room mirror.

It really was like Howard was a changed man. He wanted to say thanks and how he had to go off suddenly for a meeting. He was sorry again about the misunderstanding about the shares, and how great the sex was. Even gave her a new number if she ever wanted to contact him.

Denise smiled to herself, thinking about him saying the sex was great. She knew she had it, although, she really couldn’t remember much about it at all.

Like old times, Denise took a shower, and considered how Howard was a wealthy and successful man. Maybe, after Howard passed away, she would entertain the idea of being with Howard again, but she wouldn’t risk it whilst Howard was alive.

After her shower, she got changed but couldn’t find her silky skimpy knickers. Dan liked those ones too.

Denise thought, she could always buy another pair, but this was like the old Howard, stealing her pants; he was a dirty pervert.

On leaving, Denise saw Mrs Wild in the reception area.

“Oh, I didn’t realise you ended up back in the main house. I do hope the meeting went well Denise… I know Howard… can be demanding,” Mrs Wild said.

“Ha, yes, he can be… I think Howard wanted to change the scenery to end the meeting, but it went well. Thanks for asking.”

Mrs Wild led her out and watched how she gingerly walked to her car. She still looked so glamourous, even after that sex session. She giggled to herself thinking how sore she must feel and confused, at what happened. She was so egotistical, that letter would have made her not worry about not remembering what happened, but just focus on how great in bed she was.

Mrs Wild thought about how she watched her, all naked, prancing around the master bedroom, the bedroom she shared with Howard, admiring herself, flicking her hair. She had seen it all on the cameras. In fact, that afternoon, she had a lot of footage of old Denise. Along with all the photos Michelle had provided of Denise, Mrs Wild had quite a dossier.

Denise was a narcissistic fool of the highest order.

As Denise got in the car and drove off down the drive. She smiled to herself. She felt years younger than her age, not just in how she looked, but how she acted: no pants on under her dress, after a dirty sex session.

She was too good for Howard though. No wonder he thought the sex was good. At that point, she decided that she would leave Howard alone now. Stanley was the inheritance, that she had worked so hard on, and after all, Dan was the sex toy she needed, in fact, the sex toy every older woman needed.

She felt like a cougar.

That said, by the time she got home, she felt very sore. Maybe, she would have to cancel her meeting with Dan tomorrow to recover from that kinky sex.


A couple of days later Michelle called Mrs Wild and confirmed that the lawyers had the required information and Stanley’s children knew too. It appeared that, as Mrs Wild had wanted and planned, none of this would be mentioned to Denise.

A few months ago, Michelle and Mrs Wild had found that Stanley, unknown to Denise, and through his children, had instructed lawyers, that any known affairs and promiscuous activities by Denise, would void her inheritance. This was pushed through by Stanley’s children, in return for their co-operation over a marriage they were against.

The photos of Denise with Dan in the bedroom. The video of Denise calling out Howard’s name, whilst naked in bed, plus the letter and video of her smiling getting changed in the bedroom; it was all so compelling. It was watertight.

Stanley’s children wanted to thank the person for gathering such information, they so desperately wanted to find themselves, but Mrs Wild didn’t need their praise at all. It was just a consequential gain.

Mrs Wild imagined Denise, playing the innocent widow, secretly waiting to get her hands on that money, to be told, she had no right to it. She may even be a lot older then and with less money, how would she maintain her looks. She would struggle finding anyone then.


Almost a month had passed, since that meeting with Howard, and Denise had been keeping up appearances and enjoying more sex with Dan, but in the shower, she noticed clumps of her hair falling out.

Even Dan, had mentioned her hair looking different, thinner.

Worried, she immediately booked an appointment to see a specialist and a few days after, she had lost more clumps of her hair. She didn’t want to leave the house. She was inconsolable. Her beautiful golden locks had gone.

She couldn’t see Dan looking like this.

No money was sparred on understanding what was wrong and she was told it was something to do with chemicals in her hair, maybe from the hair dye. Her hair would grow back but it would take a while.

Being in her sixties, it could well be over a year at least, before it was anywhere near shoulder-length, not even passed her shoulders, how it used to be.

She would sue the hair stylist now. Stanley would get the best lawyers on the case.

Spending thousands of pounds, Denise eventually decided on a wig to wear in the meantime, but it just wasn’t the same.

What if Dan realised, like he surely would? He wouldn’t fancy her as much then.

Stanley wasn’t overly concerned at all. He was of ill health anyway, he probably had too much on his mind, as it was.

Denise thought of her inheritance. She would have her hands on all that money soon, and in the meantime, her hair would hopefully grow back, plus she had the best specialist money could buy helping her.


On one of the days Denise was stood in her dressing room, looking at her wig from all the angles in the mirrors. Checking it over and over, wondering how noticeable it was; Michelle met Mrs Wild for a coffee and presented some pictures.

They were all of Denise, her walking around the town, and wearing a wig.

They both laughed at her loudly.

By the looks of her, it didn’t look like her PA had been on the scene, she had gained a little weight too.

When Mrs Wild got home, she headed straight to the Annex and went to her secret compartment.

Taking the box out again, she put these new pictures of Denise in there, alongside the other pictures, videos, lawyers’ documents, the sexy pants and a lock of her blonde hair, which Mrs Wild wanted to keep.

Hair that belonged to a twentysomething, not a sixty-something.

Denise’s hair may be a temporary loss, but not her inheritance.

Mrs Wild smiled to herself.

The Professor had arrived and now that Professor Wild was active, there was more work to do.

The first known affair of Howard’s had been dealt with.

More chilling consequences were ahead, and next on her list would-be Howard’s latest glamorous blonde.

An-ex model called Jo.

Mrs Wild smiled at the plans for her.




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