What was that? I smile.
I can’t quite hear what you said.
The gag muffles your pleadings,
as you kneel, naked on the bed.

Your hands clasped behind back,
a look of lust in your eyes.
I lower my gaze, inhale your scent,
Your need smeared on your thighs.

The trail of drool from the gag,
dribbles over your nipples.
My fingers follow the trail,
bringing you closer, little by little.

The jingle jangle of the bell, 
the kitten collar round your neck.
Every tiny shudder and squirm
leaves you a gibbering wreck.

I take out my lipstick.
I love this colour, I grin.
You watch as I write,
Marking your skin.

I raise my phone and… 
click, I take a photo.
I turn the screen round, 
Look, It’s another memento.

You read the words as you kneel.
Marked, naked on the bed.
Fucktoy and Cum Slut 
emblazoned in red.

Your womb gives a twitch,
more juices ooze out.
The puddle on the bed
spreading out from your clout.

You’re such a needy little cumslut,
I whisper in your ear.
Your eyes screwed so tight,
I don’t know if you hear.

My hand slips between your legs,
middle finger stroking your slit.
I trace folds slick with juices.
Your clit jerks like it’s been hit.

I must go, my darling little fucktoy.
I’ll be back soon, I solemnly pledge.
I can hear you whimper through the gag
as I leave you balanced on edge.

“Please, please!” you beg.
“Please, fuck, just let me cum.”
I smile, slowly rolling your nipple
between finger and thumb.

Be a good girl and don’t make a mess.
While I’m gone, I’ll need something to savour.
I smear your juices across my lips.
Cunt goo’s my new favourite flavour.

I stand at the door 
as you climb off the bed.
You cover the graffiti
Pull a dress over your head.

You sit at your desk,
Pretending to write.
Waiting and hoping
I’ll be back tonight.


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