Her alarm clock told her that it was midnight and sixteen-year-old Lydia Case jumped out of bed and switched on her laptop. While it began its start-up sequence, she stripped off her PJs and headed to her lingerie drawer and rummaged through the collection of bras and panties she owned and removed a pair of black silk thong panties and a matching shelf bra.

From another drawer and hidden in the back among the various pairs of pantyhose and tights she withdrew a pair of thigh-high stockings and quickly donned them.

She knew that despite the Covid lockdown her parents went to bed around eleven and her brother that had been forced home from college had crashed at about the same time probably with a textbook in his hand. Still, she placed a towel along the bottom edge of her door so the light from her monitor was not visible in the semi-dark hallway and invite someone to knock on her door to see if she was all right.

After creating a backdrop from an old sheet and a length of rope so the interior of her room was hidden, she took a seat in her leather chair. The coolness of the leather against her bare flesh sent a shiver through her tanned and toned body and caused her nipples to harden.

Lydia switched on her monitor and donned her headphone as she typed in the address of a site she had recently discovered. Her final act was to cover the camera lens with a black t-shit even though she had switched it off and tilted the lens toward her keyboard it made her feel better.

She logged onto the website, using the name she had created, on here she was known as Betty. She soon received multiple requests to chat but ignored all of them as there was only one person she wanted to chat with. A second later, she received a chat request from Chaz and she accepted it and they elected to make their chat private.

“Hey,” came his greeting in a soft voice.

“Hey yourself,” she replied as she felt her pussy warming up at the sound of his voice.

For the past three days since she had joined this site, she and Chaz had chatted on a variety of topics. Recently, it had been about sex and how this lockdown was putting a damper on their love life. Now Lydia had heard all the horror stories of pervs, weirdos, and old men pretending to be teenagers on these sites so she devised a series of references that could help detect if someone was lying about their age and Chaz passed with flying colors. 

During the course of their conversations, Chaz admitted to having a weakness for girls in sexy lingerie and Lydia told him of her collection in great detail. This is something she would have never done in the real world but this site made her feel reckless and daring.

Chaz commented that he wanted to see her in them. He also confessed that he had a few thongs that he occasionally wore and Lydia wanted to see him wearing them. They had agreed that on their next chat they would wear them and show each other.

“Did you wear them?” she heard him ask.

“Yes, I did. Did you?” she responded.

“Yes,” Chaz replied.

“I want to see them,” Lydia stated.

“You first,” came his response.

There was a moment’s hesitation Lydia stood up and removed the cover from her lens and slowly moved it upwards using the monitor window to see what the camera saw. Chaz could only see her from the neck down and she even placed her arms behind her back giving him an unobstructed view of her firm tits being held in place by her bra.

“Damn,” came his response. “You are so fucking hot.”

Lydia then did a slow turn to show off her firm ass cheeks and the silky strip of her thong between them.

“I take that back. You are beyond hot,” Chaz stated.

Lydia covered the camera and took her seat again.

“It’s your turn,” she said simply.

Chaz switched on his camera and Lydia saw a well-muscled male torso with a set of six-packs and a small black satin thong. He also turned around to give her a view of his well-muscled back and firm glutes. The sight of them got her wet and it increased when she saw the bulge in the front of this thong. The fact that he wasn’t one of those hairy brutes that she had met also helped her state of arousal.

“You like?” she heard him ask before his camera was turned off.

“You are also so fucking hot,” she replied.

“Thanks,” Chaz answered.

“I don’t see any hair,” she stated. “Do you shave?”

“Yes. There are a lot of bodybuilders at my school that I workout with so I do as they do,” he replied.

“I can also see that you got wood,” she commented.

“Blame your hot body and black lingerie for that,” he answered.

“Can I see it?” Lydia found herself asking

“Only if you lose your top,” Chaz replied.

Lydia adjusted the camera before she uncovered it and Chaz watched with unblinking eyes as Lydia reached around back and unfastened her bra and let it fall to her lap. Her breasts and their hard nipples were now exposed to her friend.

“Perfect,” he replied. “If only I was there to touch and kiss them.”

“I wish you were too,” Lydia stated. “Now it’s your turn.”

Chaz’s camera came on and it was pointed at his groin. Lydia watched as his hands tugged down the front of his shiny thong just far enough to allow his cock to be free of its silky prison. The circumcised head of his cock was already glistening with pre-cum and it got her pussy even hotter.

“I wish I was there to take care of that for you,” Lydia said in a breathy voice.

“Me too. Now how about losing those panties?” she heard him ask.

Chaz watched with bated breath as Lydia managed to shimmy out of her panties from her seated position until he had a view of her flat belly and hairless crotch.

“I see you shave as well,” he commented.

“I take it you approve?” she asked.

“For sure,” he responded. “Well since we can’t meet in person to take care of each other we will have to do it ourselves.”

Lydia watched as Chaz’s hand encircled his hard cock and began to gently pump it. Lydia gave him a show of her inserting two fingers into her wet pussy. When he heard her moan he began to pump his cock a little faster.

“I wish I was there to cum on your tits,” Chaz stated.

“Only after you push that hard cock into my wet pussy,” Lydia heard herself say between moans.

“I love your nylons,” Chaz commented. “I think it’s one of the sexiest things a girl can wear and I would love to run my hands up and down your legs.”

The headphone’s earpiece carried the sounds of their heavy breathing and the occasional moans for Lydia and they worked on their private parts. When Chaz admitted that he was ready to cum Lydia managed to spread her nylon-covered legs a little further apart and increase the speed of her finger against her hard clit.

“Oh yes,” she heard him exclaim as he emptied the contents of his balls onto his flat stomach.

The sight of his cock spewing its sticky contents pushed Lydia over the edge and she issued a small moan as her orgasm arrived and took control. They switched off their cameras off at the same time and listened to each other’s breathing.

“That was great,” Chaz said after a long silent pause.

“Yes, it was,” Lydia responded. “We will have to do it again real soon.”

They wished each other a good night and signed off. Lydia jumped into bed still wearing her thigh-highs and masturbated and thought about Chaz being there with her. 

The following night was a repeat of the previous night and this time Lydia found the garter belt she had purchased and forgotten about to hold up her nylons even though one was not required. She selected a bra and panty set in blue as she had not washed the black ones.

Chaz was clothed in another thong that was maroon in color and they admired each other’s outfits and bodies and commented on how great they looked. As they were talking about the Covid lockdown, the sound of a rescue squad’s siren heading down her street pierced the walls and windows of her room, but she also heard it in the earpiece of her headphone.

“It can’t be,” she said to herself as she advised Chaz that she was AFK.

Lydia exited her room and quietly padded to her brother’s room and pushed open the door, Her suspicions had been right for there in front of his laptop was her Michael wearing a maroon thong and his headset. Michael stared at his sister’s outfit and finally put two and two together.

“Betty?” he asked.

“Chaz?” she responded.

Lydia closed the door behind her and then, without hesitation, they flew into each other’s arms and crushed their bodies against one another. Kisses were planted in cheeks, ears, and neck before they found each other’s waiting lips and a tongue-sucking frenzy commenced. The fact that they were siblings wasn’t even a concern as Lydia locked her legs around Michael’s waist and placed his hands on her ass as he carried her to his bed.

Once Lydia was in a prone position Michael took a place next to her and commenced to kiss and his hands gently cupped and squeezed her breasts under her pretty bra. Lydia forced herself to be silent as waves of euphoria washed over her at the feeling of his hands on her body.

She stopped him long enough for her to remove her bra and give her brother full access to her breasts. Michael directed his head toward her pert breasts where he began to kiss and lick her hard nipples. After a while, Lydia pushed her brother on his back and gave his chest and nipples the same

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