After agreeing to have sex with both Jon and Mark and watching Jon remove his clothes; I turned my attention back to Mark.  His cock was deep inside my pussy and I started to move my hips and grind into him and enjoyed his moans of pleasure.  I liked sex a great deal and having already given Jon a blow job, allowing him to cum over my breasts. I gave Mark a blow job less than an hour later, and being high on cocaine I was very horny and wanted, no, needed to be fucked.  I had no problem having both of them fuck me.  No problem with it at all.  It would not be my first threesome. 

I had done cocaine before, but not often, and doing coke always increased my sexual desire as well as the other euphoric feelings one got from the drug.  It not only stimulated my sex drive but made me want to fuck and be fucked hard.  I wanted to do just that right now with Mark.  I wanted to fuck him hard and fast while on top of him.  I started moving my hips more aggressively as Mark reached up and started fondling my breasts and nipples and I forgot all about Jon as I enjoyed myself. 

When I started moving my butt up and down on Mark’s cock he replaced one of his hands on my breasts with his mouth and as he sucked my nipples I cried out in pleasure.  He kissed and licked his way up my chest to my neck and then grabbed a handful of my red hair and pulled my head back hard causing me to cry out again but this time in both pain and pleasure.  I liked my hair pulled during sex.        

“You like it rough, huh?”  He asked as his lips pressed against my ear.

“Yes… God, yes… please… ohhh, please fuck me,” I panted out.

I heard Jon chuckle and Mark laughed and he laid down on the bed so his back was flat on the mattress.  “Well go for it, you slut.  Fuck me then.”

I did.  I put my knees on the edge of the bed and my hand on his stomach and sat up straight and fucked him.  I started bouncing up and down on his cock, hard and fast and it felt so good.  I could hear my moans of pleasure, the squeaking of the bed, Mark telling me how good my pussy felt, and Jon behind making various comments that referred to me as a whore or a slut.  I fucked Mark like that for several more moments. Then I moved to put my feet flat on the bed so I squatted over his body and fucked him hard and fast in that position until I cried out when I orgasmed.  After my orgasm ended, I put my knees back on the bed to straddle Mark again and bent down and started kissing his chest as Mark cupped my butt cheeks and slowly started thrusting his hips up into me.

“Now it’s my turn to cum,” Mark told me.  He scooted our bodies back on the bed more, put his feet flat on the bed, and while cupping my ass cheeks he started to thrust his penis up into my pussy hard and fast. 

I could tell by the way he was fucking me that he cared very little for my pleasure and was focused on his own, but I didn’t care because it felt good and I was getting pleasure from it anyway. So I just wrapped my arms around his shoulders, buried my face into his neck, and enjoyed him fucking me.

“Spread her ass apart,” I heard Jon instruct his friend, “and finger her ass.”

Mark thrust up into me hard and he moaned out, “Man, no.  You know I don’t do that.”

I heard Jon chuckle, “That’s why you lose the game almost every time.”

This was not the first time I had been fucked by two guys at the same time.  Nor was it the second or even the third.  I won’t reveal the number, because does it matter how many times I had done this before?  Let’s just leave it at that. I was what my grandmother used to call a “good-time girl.”  So after Jon’s comment about wanting Mark to put a finger in my ass, I had thought they would try and double penetrate me.  I would have liked that but they didn’t. 

I had been fucked that way before and enjoyed it a great deal.  I also knew from experience some guys were so hung up about being homophobic and be so squeamish about having any part of their naked bodies touching another guy’s naked body they did not do that.  Jon and Mark were of that mindset. 

Mark started fucking me hard again and due to the pleasure of it, I once again forgot about Jon being in the room waiting his turn to have me.  As I was moaning and gasping out into Mark’s neck, his hands moved off my butt and up my back, one hand found my breasts and his finger tweaked my nipple.  His other hand grabbed my hair again and once more, he pulled my head back hard by my hair as his hand on my breasts squeezed it hard and his fingers pinched my nipple just as hard.  I cried out from the mixture of pain and pleasure.  He drove his cock up into my pussy hard and deep and held it there.

“Fuck, you are such a whore,” he told me.

“Yeah, we never thought you would be such a slut.” I heard Jon comment.  “When we saw you and your friends on the beach Mark did not even want to talk to y’all.  He thought y’all looked too prudish.  Who knew you would whore yourself out for a little coke.”

Mark pulled my hair harder and I cried out again.  “A shame your friends did not want to come.  I sure would have liked to have fucked the skinny black girl.  She was pretty and it has been a while since I had any black girl pussy.” 

“I liked the little brunette girl.  She was fucking beautiful,” Jon added.  “Now hurry up, Mark, I still want to fuck the bitch and we have a party to get back to.”

“You want me to fuck you good now?”  Mark asked me.

I wanted to cum again and the way they were talking about me and to me was turning me on.  “Yes… please… please fuck me,” I told him in a pleading voice.

I enjoyed initiating sex or teasing a guy before we had sex or sometimes fucking him like I had fucked Mark earlier, but when it came down to it I much preferred the man to take charge and be rather submissive.  I got off on intimate and passionate sex but I also enjoyed it rough and being called a whore or a slut when getting fucked did arouse me as well, especially when I was high on cocaine or ecstasy or another drug. 

I had to admit that most of the sex I had in the past there was very little passion and intimacy involved.  I dated a few boys but never dated anyone I would call a boyfriend and even the two boys I dated for an extended period, I cheated on.  I liked sex a great deal and got a lot of enjoyment from it, but I also used sex like I used drugs and alcohol.  It was a brief escape from the reality of my life.

Mark let go of my hair and moved me onto my back.  He then stood next to the edge of the bed, put my legs on his shoulders, and pulled me into him.  I gasped as his penis went hard and deep into me.  He then started to fuck me and he fucked me hard.  As he was fucking me I felt Jon get on the bed and kneel at my head and I turned to see his hard cock in my face.  I knew what he wanted and without him even telling me, I took his penis into my mouth. 

Jon then grabbed my hair and twisted it around his hand and held my head in place as he pushed his cock deep down my throat.  I could deep throat a guy but he did it so hard and fast that it surprised me; I started gagging and choking as Mark continued to fuck me.  Jon held his cock in my mouth as I gagged and made muffled choking sounds and muffled moans of pleasure due to Mark fucking me hard. 

Finally, he pulled out of my mouth just as Mark thrust into me hard and deep and held his penis in my pussy. When I made a loud gasping cry of pleasure I also coughed and gagged and gobs of my saliva spilled out of my mouth, down my chin, and onto the bed.  Both boys laughed at me.  I didn’t care; I was enjoying their rough treatment of me.

Mark fucked my pussy hard while Jon fucked my mouth just as hard.  While the boys used my mouth and pussy, Jon started pinching my nipples hard and Mark’s fingers started playing with my clit.  I was lost in the high of the cocaine and the sexual pleasure I was getting and knew I was going to have another orgasm soon.  I was disappointed however when Mark thrust into me hard, his body jerked, and he gave masculine grunts as he came before I could orgasm. 

If I had not snorted the Vicodin earlier I may have had another orgasm if not two more.  When sober, I could cum rather quickly and often and on cocaine, drunk on alcohol, or high on ecstasy I could orgasm even more, but opioids made it take longer for me to orgasm.   

Mark pulled out of my pussy and Jon pulled out of my mouth.  As Mark took off the condom, Jon got off the bed and walked to the nightstand, and got a condom for himself so he could fuck me.  Mark looked down at me, grinned, and placed the cum filled condom over my face, and milked it so his orgasmic fluid dribbled over my face and into my mouth, which I had opened to catch his cum. 

“Fuck, she is such a slut.” Marked laughed as I swallowed what cum I could get into my mouth.  I then wiped my face with my fingers and licked them clean.  When I was done I smiled up at the man as I seductively sucked my fingers.

Mark moved away from the bed as Jon stepped in front of me.  “Get on the bed more and turn over.  I want to fuck your ass.”

“Dude, you are so nasty,” Mark commented.  I gathered he did not do anal sex.

I moved up on the bed and faced the headboard and got on my knees with my elbows on the bed and stuck my butt up.  I wanted to be ass fucked.  I liked anal sex.

Jon got behind me. “Spread your ass apart.”  I put my hands on my ass cheeks and my head on the bed and spread my ass apart for the man.  “Damn, she does have a great ass and look at her pussy.  So fat and swollen from getting fucked.”

I then felt a warm, thick fluid hit my butt crack and run down and on my asshole.  I knew Jon had dribbled some of his saliva on my ass.  I looked over my shoulder, “Don’t… you need some lubricant,” I told him.  “Please, Jon… don’t do it without it.  It will hurt.”  My voice was pleading.

“I don’t have any,” Mark said.  He was still naked and had moved to sit in the chair in the room.  He may not have liked to fuck a girl in her ass, but apparently, he had no problem with watching.

“I got some in my room but not going to go get it,” Jon said. “The condom is lubricated anyway.”

I felt more of his saliva dribble on my ass and I lay my head back down on the bed and waited for him to enter my butt.  I didn’t think just his spit and lubricant on the condom would be enough, but I wanted him to try.  The coke was wearing off now. I hated that the high of cocaine did not last long, but I had done the Vicodin earlier and maybe that would help with the pain.

Still holding my ass spread apart for Jon, I felt his penis press against my asshole and he tried to enter me but even with the spit and lubricant from the condom, he could not get it in.  After a few more attempts, Mark came up with an idea.  He got a small bottle of the complimentary hand lotion the resort placed throughout the rooms and cottages and handed it to Jon.  I had gotten tired of holding my butt spread for Jon while I waited to be fucked in my ass and put my arms back above my head and lay flat on my back.  Jon swatted my butt cheeks a few times; not spanking me hard but just pats on my ass.

“Lift that ass back up and spread it for me again.  I like seeing your asshole,” Jon told me after he swatted me.  “Fuck, the bitch is shaved.  I love a shaved pussy and ass.”  I did not bother telling Jon I did not shave but got a full Brazilian wax when needed.

I put my knees under me and lifted my butt back up for him and reached around and spread my ass apart again.  I felt the lotion being squirted on my tight hole and moaned out in pleasure when Jon used his finger to lubricate the inside of my butt.  When he pulled his finger out I waited for him to enter my ass with his lotion lubricated penis but he didn’t start right away.  I gave a grunting moan when I felt the tips of Jon’s index fingers from both his hands enter my ass and he started to spread my little hole apart.

“Look at that this bitch’s asshole, Mark,” Jon told his friend.  “So fucking tight and sexy.”  Jon spread me further apart, “I bet this whore has taken a lot of cocks up her ass.”  He swatted my butt again.

“Please fuck me now, Jon,” I asked as I looked over my shoulder to Jon.  I was still horny and the way they talked about me as if I was not there was adding to my arousal and I wanted to be fucked again.  I did not care if it was in my ass or my pussy.  I just wanted to be fucked.

I heard Mark chuckle and looked over at him.  He had stood up and was getting dressed.  “You are a nasty son-of-a-bitch,” he told his friend as he put on his shirt.  “I am going back to the party before everyone leaves.”

“Ok, make sure that girl Sarah does not leave.  She has hinted around she wants to spend the night with me,” Jon said.  “That girl Melissa seemed interested in you.”

“Yeah, she is cute.”

Jon laughed, “You always did like the chubby girls, but yes she is nice looking.”

As Mark finished getting dressed Jon turned his attention back to me and my ass.  He reached down and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and I whimpered.

“I am going to fuck your ass now, you little coke whore,” he told me.

“Uhhhh… yes… please,” I whimpered out in pain from my hair being pulled, but it was a pain I enjoyed.

I realized Jon and Mark had very little respect for girls, well at least girls like me.  I was sure Mark treated his wife with respect and if Jon had a girlfriend back home maybe he treated her with respect.  It was not the same case with girls they met at parties and just fucked.  I didn’t care.  I enjoyed rough sex and being treated in such a manner with men I had just met and I didn’t come to the party to be respected.  I came to have fun, get drunk or high or both and to get fucked. 

Jon let go of my hair, I felt more lotion being applied to my asshole, Jon’s finger in my ass to lubricate it more, and then I felt Jon’s cock press against my tight, taboo hole.  It did not go into my ass with ease, the lotion is not the best lubricant for anal sex but it would work in a pinch.  It hurt a little at first, and I cried out and whimpered but did not stop him. 

When Jon’s cock was in my ass and I felt his pelvis press against my butt cheeks, he started to rotate his hips.  The slight pain was replaced with that strange, pleasant sensation I felt when being penetrated anally.  I liked that sensation a great deal and I pushed back into him.  Jon got the hint and started to fuck my ass. 

I put my head down on the bed and my ass up higher as Jon placed his hands on my waist.  I moaned out repeatedly in ecstasy as he started thrusting his cock in and out of my butt hard and fast.  Even though it felt so good and I was enjoying the anal sex, I could tell by how hard Jon fucked me he also had little concern for my pleasure.  I brought my right hand between my legs and started play with my clit.  I wanted to; no I needed to have another orgasm.  I gave a loud squealing cry when Jon reached over my back and pulled my head back by my hair and drove his cock deep into my ass with a hard thrust.

“Fuck, this ass is tight,” Jon commented.  “That’s it, you slut, play with your pussy.” I cried out again as he pulled out of me, just leaving the tip of his penis inside me, and then once again drove his cock deep into my ass with a hard single thrust.  “Sucking two dicks, getting fucked, and getting ass fucked for just a little coke.  What a fucking whore,”  he told me.

I felt Jon wrap my hair around his hand, and he pulled my head back even further as he pulled my hair hard.  His cock was buried deep in my ass.  I whimpered out loudly.  He was hurting me by pulling my hair so hard but I liked it and removed my finger from my clit and inserted two fingers inside my very wet pussy.

“Tell me you’re a whore,” Jon said, still pulling my head back by my hair.  “Tell me you like it this way.”

“Uhhhh… yes… uhhhh, fuck… uhhhh God, I’m a whore… uhhhh, God… Jon… please fuck my ass harder… please,” I cried out.  “I love it… ohhh, fuck, I love having my ass fucked hard.”

Jon let go of my hair and shoved my head down. I could feel more lotion dribble over my butt as he lubed his cock more.  He then started fucking my butt hard again, harder than the first time.  He was fucking me hard and making masculine grunts of pleasure and exertion. I could hear his pelvis slapping against my ass. I started fingering my pussy harder, trying to get into the rhythm of Jon’s thrusts into my butt, as I moaned and cried out in pleasure. 

I have been told I was very loud when I got fucked.  I didn’t know if I was or not because when I was experiencing the intense sexual pleasure I was feeling with Jon fucking my butt and me fingering my pussy, I could not focus on what sounds I made or how loud they were. 

“Put another finger in that skanky pussy,”  I heard Jon tell me between his moans and grunts.  I inserted another finger inside me. 

I was getting close to orgasm so I brought my left hand between my legs and started fingering my clit again as I finger fucked my pussy.

“Uhhh… Jon… ohhh, God… yes… yes… don’t stop!  Ohhh fuck, please… uhhh, please don’t stop,” I cried out.

Jon thrust into me hard again and held his cock in my ass and pulled my head back once more by pulling my hair.  “Little coke head slut, going to cum?” 

“Yes… please… more… don’t stop… please fuck my ass… please,” I pleaded out.  “Oh God… yes… I am going to cum soon… please more!”

I expected Jon to start fucking me again and enjoy seeing me cum, but was very disappointed when he pulled his cock out of my ass, slapped my butt cheek hard, and told me to turn over.  I thought he was going to fuck me in another position so I spread my legs but got disappointed again.  Jon got off the bed and removed the condom from his penis and threw it at me.  It landed on my stomach.

“No… please… please fuck me again… please, Jon… I was about to cum,” I whined out as I looked at him. 

Jon laughed at me, “A slut like you ain’t worth me cumming again.  I like more innocent girls like Sarah than some whore like you who sucks dick and gets fucked for a little coke.” He bent down to collect his clothes.

“Fucking, prick!” I yelled and threw a pillow at him, wishing I had something much heavier to throw.  The pillow missed and he laughed again.

“You can get yourself off,” he told me and got dressed.

I sat up on the bed, too dumbfounded to say anything, brushed the condom off of me, and as Jon opened the door to leave I screamed at him and called him an asshole.  I sat on the bed for a while thinking of what to do.  I could do as he said and get myself off, but the moment had passed.  I suspected he was in the room where the party was going on telling Mark what he did and they were having a good laugh at my expense and maybe telling other people about what he did and me being such a whore. 

I screamed again in frustration and humiliation and wished I had more drugs, a lot more drugs, to get so high so I would blank out.  I thought I should just get dressed and leave.  It was still reasonably early and I would have time to drive home, get drunk and do some more Vicodin once I got home.  Hell, maybe I would make a booty call when I got home.  I knew plenty of boys who would come over and get drunk with me and then fuck me.  I did not need that asshole, Jon!

I got dressed and needed to go to the bathroom to freshen up, but Mark’s room did not have a bathroom.  I took a deep breath and opened the bedroom door, quickly made a B-line to the other bathroom before anyone could see me.  Lucky for me it was unoccupied.  I went into the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror, and saw what a mess I was.  My makeup was smeared and my hair was a mess.  I did not have any makeup so I washed my face and used Mark’s brush to brush out my hair. 

I took another deep breath and opened the bathroom door and was going to go straight to the front door and leave.  I was still a little high but figured I was okay enough to drive.  Not legally, but I felt I could make it home with no problem as long as I did not get pulled over by the police.  As I walked quickly into the main room where most of the people were continuing their party I bumped into the rat-faced boy, Daniel.

“Here, I think you could use this,” Daniel handed me a shot of the peach-flavored vodka. 

I drank it quickly.  I did not know what he meant by I could use it, but I suspected he may have overheard Jon tell Mark what he did, or maybe Jon told every guy at the party what he did to me and about me having sex for cocaine.  I looked toward the bar and saw Jon talking to Daniel’s sister, Sarah, and Mark talking to a chubby but not fat girl named Melissa.  She was very cute.  Jon looked at me and held up his glass in a mock toast.  Prick!  I took the red plastic cup of Daniel’s hand other hand and took a large swallow of it.  It was just a Coke Cola.

“I don’t drink,” he told me after I gave him a curious look. 

“Better tell your sister to be careful with Jon,” I told the ugly boy.

Daniel chuckled, “I don’t care what she does.  That’s her business, not mine.  Another shot?”

“Grab a bottle and meet me on the back deck.”

The ugly, chubby, pimply-faced boy nodded and walked to the wet bar as I walked out on the back deck and looked at the ocean as I waited.  I turned when I heard Daniel open and close the sliding glass door and he held up a bottle of liquor.

“There was no more vodka.”  I took the bottle out of his outstretched hand.

It was an unopened bottle of Jim Beam.  I preferred vodka over bourbon but the dark liquor would do.  I sat down on a padded, wood lounge chair, broke the seal of the unopened bottle, and took a long pull on the bottle.  The liquid burned my throat.  I moved to one side of the large lounge chair and patted the space next to me and Daniel sat down as I took another drink of the bourbon.  Daniel started talking in a nervous voice, but I was not paying attention as he told me about himself.  I just looked over the ocean at the stars and drank.  He asked questions about me that I answered mainly with yes or no or gave him other short answers as I kept drinking as he got the courage to put his arm around my shoulder.

I woke up the next morning naked and in the bed of the spare bedroom of the cottage.  The sheets were pulled up over my body and there was a person next to me.  I knew who was laying next to me; I knew why I was naked, and I knew why my parts of my body were tender or sore.  I had gotten very drunk the previous night, but not drunk enough to blackout or forget what I did.   

I didn’t have time to think about the previous night, not right at that moment.  I felt the urge to puke.  I got off the bed and rushed out of the room and into the bathroom in the hall between the two of the cottage’s bedrooms, got on my knees at the edge of the toilet, and emptied my stomach.  After I was done throwing up, I sat on the bathroom floor and the night came back to me in flashes.  I remembered clearly about having sex with Jon and Mark for cocaine, Jon fucking my ass but not coming, the things he said to me as he left the room, and then drinking the bourbon as Daniel sat next to me while we were on the deck.  Thinking about the whiskey I got sick again. 

As I thought about the previous night and having sex with three men in the same night, I felt the pain of the headache from the alcohol.  I remembered Daniel kissing me, me kissing him back, him clumsily feeling my boobs, and me getting on my knees and giving him a blow job on the deck until he came in my mouth.  I got sick again.  I remembered me laughing as I pulled him past the party and into the empty bedroom, taking off my clothes as he took off his, using my hands and mouth to get him hard again, and then him fucking me.  I remembered he orgasmed inside me rather quickly, lying next to him until he got hard once more and getting on top of him, fucking him until I had an orgasm. 

He came once more, later he told me he wanted to fuck me from behind and he did until I asked him to fuck my ass, and told him to use the lotion as a lubricant.  Daniel fucked my ass as I played with my clit and I orgasmed again, and he then came in my ass.  I then remembered I was surprised when he got erect again as he fondled my body. He told me I was only the second girl he ever had sex with and how he told me that girl was not a slut like I was.  I sucked his cock again for a while, and then he fucked me one more time.  The next thing I remembered was waking up and feeling sick.

I threw up once more, used the complimentary toothpaste and my fingers to brush my teeth, used the complimentary mouth wash, and then peed.  I went back into the room and saw Daniel was still sleeping and making a nasally sounding snore. I got dressed, left the room and the cottage, and drove home.  I was glad I was not pulled over by the police, because I was still a little drunk and smelled of alcohol and sex.

Once I got home I snorted another Vicodin, took a shower, changed into a comfortable pajama set, took another pill, and lay in bed.  I did not go back to sleep right away. I liked lying in bed and staying awake to enjoy the feeling the opioids gave me.

So that was basically how I spent the majority of my junior year of high school.  Going to parties, getting drunk, stoned, or high, and sometimes hooking up with random guys or guys I previously had sex with.  I turned seventeen on March seventeenth.  I loved that my birthday was on St. Patrick’s Day because St. Patrick’s Day was a huge thing in Savannah.  Savannah had the third and sometimes the second-largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the U.S. 

Boston was first and then we competed with Chicago for second place.  The celebration is a weeklong event with Irish-themed parades, activities, the water in the fountains in the squares is dyed green, and it’s capped off with a mini Mardi Gras-like celebration on River Street.  They used to try to dye the Savannah River green as they do in Chicago but the way the river is affected by the tides, it never worked out well. 

I celebrated my birthday by going to the St Patrick’s Day street party on River Street with Amber and Tamara.  I got drunk on mixed drinks and gross green beer. I did not like beer much, but it was St Patrick’s Day celebration after all, and I was stoned on OxyContin.  I got into an argument with Amber and Tamara when they tried to talk me out of going to the hotel room of two twenty-something-year-old tourists.  I laughed when Amber used her phone and took a photo of the two men and a photo of their driver’s licenses. She told them if I ended up dead in an alley or went missing she would know who to tell the police who did it. 

I then went back to their motel room and had a threesome.  One of the many things I loved about Amber and Tamara was that they never judged me on my drinking, drug use, or sexual behavior.  Yes, they would chastise me over it. Sometimes they got very angry about it and even took care of me when I was hungover or the times I crashed after a cocaine binge, but they never judged me. 

Even with my reckless behavior and immoral conduct, I still kept my reputation of being a proper Southern Lady intact.  As always, I still did very well in school and my extracurricular activities in sports and the clubs I was a member of.  I even befriended the freshman girl Britany. I took her to lunch on weekends on occasion and invited her to go out and eat dinner with me and my two friends. They, like me, found her adorable and charming. 

Brittany had attracted the attention of three older boys from Benedictine’s and she asked my advice if she should go out with them.  Her mother was pushing her to accept a date from one of the boys who was from an old, aristocratic Savannah family.  I advised her not to.  I knew the boys, hell I had sex with them at one time or another and even hooked up with one of them several times.  I knew their type.  Two were juniors and one was a senior. They liked to single out the cute and pretty freshmen girl’s just to have sex with them and then dump them and tell everyone how they fucked the girl. 

I did not want Brittany to be just a notch on their bedpost and to have her reputation ruined.  See, I was a sweet person.  I advised her to date the cute and nice sophomore boy who nervously and awkwardly flirted with her.  They made a cute couple.  Both were nice and innocent and it was sweetly entertaining to see them shyly flirt with one another and show awkward, innocent public displays of affection. 

Then things really started to look up for me toward the end of the school year.  I was reasonably happy.  I was now seventeen; I had been accepted to the first choice of colleges I applied to, Brown University in Rhode Island. Yes, it was a vast difference from Savannah, but I wanted to get far away from the city of my birth for a few years. Also, it upset my mother I did not want to go to the University of Georgia.  Upsetting her was a bonus. 

When I visited the campus with my father, I fell in love with it.  My two best friends would also follow their hopes and goals.  Tamara was accepted to Duke University in North Carolina.  It was where her grandfather went to college and she intended to follow in his footsteps and become a cardiologist.  Amber had been accepted for an audition to the Boston Conservatory School of Dance.  It was one of the most elite dance programs in the country and out of the thirty-five hundred applicants they receive every year, only an average of thirty students get accepted.  All three of us went our separate ways after we graduated, but we knew we would and had talked about that for a couple of years.  We knew that regardless of where we went we would always be close forever.

Our soccer team made it to the state championship game. While we lost the game we knew that the next year we would be even better and had a great chance to win state.  Tamara, Amber, and I decided to go dateless to our junior prom and we had so much fun dancing with various boys. After the prom, we all went to Amber’s grandmother’s beach house on Wilmington Island for the after-party. 

I got so drunk that I puked.  The first time I threw up was making out with a boy on the couch.  I then ran outside and started puking over the deck as Amber held my hair back, telling me I was going to be fine. Tamara, drunk herself, lay in a lounge chair holding her stomach as she laughed at me for getting sick in the boy’s mouth.  It was a fun night.

I even stopped doing drugs all the time; oh, I did them on occasion but not as much as before.  One day about a week before school ended, I came home and caught my father and mother in a passionate kiss in the kitchen.  Yes, things were looking up!  It was going to be a great summer and the next school year we would be seniors!  But in my happiness, I forgot one thing.

Years of Sunday schools for as long as I can remember, years of vacation Bible schools during the summer, going to Mass almost every Sunday, and eleven years of mandatory Bible class in school had taught me a great deal about the Bible.  I had forgotten that in my Catholic belief I believed in the Old Testament God more than the New Testament God.  In the New Testament, God and his Son were loving, kind, caring, and forgiving. 

The Old Testament God was jealous, cruel, sadistic, and vengeful against his people who turn their backs on Him.  I had forgotten the day of my brother’s funeral as I sat in the bathroom stall and sobbed, that I had cursed God and damned Him to His own hell that He had created.  God did not forget however, and His vengeance hit me with the destructive force of a hurricane.  Being a sadistic God, he did not come after me directly. To punish me he came after someone I loved.  That vengeance almost destroyed my life. 

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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