It’s hard to find an apartment to rent in London. Especially if you’re a student.

I was lucky to have friends who had set me up with a place that was within my budget.

It was a small one-bedroom apartment, and it had barely enough space to store everything I needed for my studies.

I’m a graphics design student, who was currently balancing a master’s degree as well as side modules as a photographer and also currently working as an all-round gopher at a Design firm.

Then there’s the weekend freelance work digitally touching up photos.

Why am I doing all this?

Networking, for my career, all sorts of reasons really. The big bad world now has evolved and if I wanted to make it in my industry, I needed the foresight to know what skills I needed. That made me busy as fuck. But it will pay off… I hoped.

The downside of living in a cramped apartment was that I had very little space to store all my equipment. Luckily, Mom and Dad lived a couple of hours away in Reading. I barely had time to see them lately but I try to whenever I can.

The upside of living in London on my own was the sheer privacy. Namely, privacy with women. I always had a high libido. I liked to fuck and women seemed to enjoy fucking me. I work out hard and made no compromises with my diet. I like to have the muscles to do the sort of things I loved doing with women. And I liked the stamina to go all night. I was blessed with a big dick too, so I had confidence in spades.

I laugh when I think about the girls I used to scare off back in the day. Some couldn’t handle a dick my size.

Anyways, I was in the middle of a photography job for my company when a client asked me for my portfolio. The timing sucked. He was impressed with my current projects but he wanted to see a range of skills I had up my sleeve. I could’ve sent him an email with my shit, but he was a big deal in the industry and he was eager to have a one-to-one meal with me and liked to see something in real life.

My problem was that my portfolio was at home back in Reading.

No problem, I told him. I’ll simply rush home after work was done, grab my shit and arrange a dinner with the client a few days later.

Sometimes, you can just taste opportunity and that was when you pull your finger out of your arse and go above and beyond.

It was a late Wednesday night and my parents wouldn’t be expecting me. I didn’t bother calling ahead because Mom would just fuss and make a big meal and a flying visit will turn into an entire evening. I still had other projects to manage back in my apartment before I can go to sleep.

It was a trail getting home. Traffic was a bitch and it was late by the time I parked my car on the drive.

I didn’t see dad’s car, but then again he was always busy at work. He’s a manager at an exporting firm and a lot of the time, he was away from home too. My poor mother was alone a lot, especially now that I was away from home too.

I shoved my key to the front door and was about to call out when I noticed how suspiciously dark the downstairs was. I was about to call out for Mom when I heard giggles upstairs. It seemed like my parents’ room light was on.

I didn’t like the twisting feeling in my gut – I knew something was wrong. A part of me wanted to drive off and forget about it, but then I remembered that I need my portfolio. If I really wanted to be honest, I was curious. There’s suspicions, and then there’s finding out for myself.

Like a cat burglar, I snuck up the stairs. I knew the house inside out so I knew where to avoid to set off the creaky floorboards. As I got closer to the stairs, I heard the giggles growing in volume. It was feminine. So it was either Mom or it wasn’t and I didn’t know which I preferred.

The fact that Dad’s car wasn’t here either niggled at me.

I passed my bedroom once I reached the top. Mom and Dad’s room was at the end down the hallway. The giggles were loud and free – I suppose that wasn’t a problem when you live in a big detached house- you wouldn’t have to worry too much about nosy neighbors overhearing anything.

For some strange reason, I thought back to when I lived here, how I had to snoop around town and hook up with girls. Bringing them home just seemed unfathomable.

I tip-toed to my parent’s door, which was open a crack and let in a slice of light out to the dark unlit hallway.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

There was a guy in there. About my age, tanned and muscular.

And the giggles- they were coming from my mother. My half-naked mother.

She was wearing nothing but her underwear. I could help but peek at her like some voyeuristic pervert. She was wearing a pair of lacy red panties and a matching bra, which struggled to contain her massive tits. Mom used to be chubby, but a few years back she found a job as a secretary at a law firm. Something twigged and she overhauled her diet and hit the gym hard. I swallowed as she gave her friend a little twirl which showed off the round juicy peach of an arse.

At forty-two, she was fucking perfect. Most of her fat was burned off due to her hard work but her massive tits stayed that way.

I felt a pang of possessiveness course through me- Mom was giving this random guy a show, and it was in my dad’s fucking bedroom!

“Are you sure about this, Mrs Smith?”

“Relax, sweetheart,” Mom purred. “Hubby won’t be back tonight. It’s just me and you, Scotty.”
He was sitting on the end of the bed, wearing a T-shirt and some jogging bottoms. If I had to hazard a guess, he was a gym buddy Mom must’ve befriended.

And invited over for some fun.

I shuddered. How long was this going on for? What if I didn’t make a surprise drop in?

I was about to stop this madness, push open the door and tell the asshole to get out of my house.

But then she said something.

“Scott, do you think you can do me a favour?”

“What is it, Mrs Smith?”

Mom climbed onto him until she was practically straddling him. She reached down and hooked her fingers on the hem of his Tee and helped take it off him.

“Let’s make things a bit more fun. Think you can call me ‘Mommy’? Think you can do that for me, Scotty?”

He swallowed. “Yes, Mrs S- Uhh I mean, Mommy.”

She let out a low, satisfied purr. “Oh, I like it!”

Then she leaned forward and her face disappeared as she buried it into the side of his neck.

The guy groaned in response, his hands were propped on his sides, not knowing what to do.
I didn’t know what to do either. I should stop this madness, but some unknown force was preventing me from doing so.

What’s more, my cock woke up, springing to life in all its curved, painful glory.

I peeked through the gap, not realizing I was holding my breath in as I watched my mother neck this stranger.

I felt sick and painfully aroused at the same time.

Was it even my mom?

Mom was so conservative. She was the type who would go to all my parents’ school meetings, go to my school plays. She cried at my college graduation and cried at my university graduation. She was part of the PTA and she was clueless about porn. I was pretty sure the amount of times she had sex with dad equaled the amount of times they had kids… She was so prim and fucking proper… 

And now, she was acting like a total whore.

With some mother-son fetish.

I never knew.

Mom pulled away from his neck and got off the bed. She raked her hand down his chest, clearly enjoying the hard contoured muscles of his chest and went downwards until she reached his jogging bottoms. She licked her lips and pulled them off him.


His dick wasn’t small, but nowhere as big as mine. At some point in my voyeuristic haze, I had my trousers partway down. It hurts when my dick gets fully erect and grind up against the fabric. This way, it doesn’t hurt and I get to stroke myself.

Fuck, why am I touching myself watching my mother like this? I didn’t know I had a thing for my mom. Not until just now. I always thought she was pretty, but it wasn’t a sexual thing.

I licked my lips, anticipating what Mom was going to do next, just as much as Scott in there.

“Do you want Mommy to suck your dick?”

“Yes… Mommy.”

Mom had her hand wrapped around Scott’s shaft and giving it a few good pumps for good measure. He groaned and from where I was, I could see a bead of precum seeping out at the tip. Mom purred and her tongue darted out and she lapped at it, drawing a string of see-through juices with it.

“Mmm, delicious.”

And then his dick disappeared into her mouth.

“Oh fuck! Mrs S- Mommy!!!”

Her head bobbed up and down and all I could see was her mousey brown hair bouncing up and down in time with her mouth.

I couldn’t believe she was sucking off a guy half her age. And my heart raced with erotic excitement. I knew she was thinking it was me who she was sucking off. It didn’t take Sherlock to work that one out.

Scott’s face was tight and he had his eyes slammed shut. One of his hands went behind Mom’s head as he helped push her head up and down his dick.

God, I wanted to go in there and punch him. But I couldn’t do that now that I was in the middle of jerking off. My cock was leaking loads of precum too. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this turned on.

Mom, though… she was sucking with a crazed enthusiasm. She did it like it was the best thing in the world. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing but the sensual moans and the way her cheeks hollowed as she went up to his tip suggested that she was more than a willing participant.
God, I wished it was my dick that she was sucking.

“M-Mommy, I’m going to cum soon!”

Mom pulled away almost immediately. “Oh my, we can’t have that, can we?”

She got up and went to her bedside drawer and pulled out a square-shaped packet.

A condom.

She peeled the packet and pulled out the rubber ring.

“Time for the main event, sweetheart,” she said and she peeled the rubber over his tip and used her fingers to pull it down over his shaft.

I thought she was going to straddle him again, but then she told him to get up.

He did as he was told, and she took his place on the bed. She turned around and peeled her panties down over her juicy asscheeks.

A fresh spike of arousal went straight to my dick, but also a burning frustration too. I was dying to see what my mother’s pussy looked like but that dickhead moved too quickly, probably at the promise of being inside her. So as a consequence, all I got was an eyeful of his pale white ass.

He tried to poke her a few times with his dick, but was unsuccessful at actually sticking it in. Sensing this, Mom reached under and guided him into her.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned.

I watched as he stepped forward and saw his ass tense with pleasure. I could only imagine how sweet her cunt must’ve felt. My dick leaked so much precum, it coated my fingers, adding to the slipperiness, letting me pump harder and tighter. I made a ring with my thumb and forefinger and imagined it was me inside Mom right now.

“Oh, Mommy…” Scott groaned.

“That’s it, baby, fuck Mommy’s pussy.”

“Oh yeah.” He rocked, clearly enjoying it but he seemed more focused on how good it felt for him.

Mom pushed back, trying to impale herself as deep as she could onto his dick as possible. If I had to wager, she was disappointed

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