Widow decides that she needs to stop mourning and begin to enjoy life again. But she experiences much more than she anticipated.

Sandy stared off across the park that came up to the fence in her yard from her back porch. Her small subdivision abutted a large reserve at the edge of town. 

She drank down her last cup of coffee for the morning. It was a nice morning; winter was letting go and giving spring a chance to take hold.  What a beautiful morning! she thought to herself. 

It was at this time last year that her husband, Steve, had passed.  Winter yielding to spring fit her feelings well. She had an overwhelming feeling, a need to start living again. 

Sandy was fifty-nine and still in very good shape. She still turned heads at five feet, four inches tall and 125 pounds. She had curves in the right places and her breasts were still pert at a 36D-cup. She had strawberry blonde hair that hung below the middle of her back and piercing green eyes.

Other than her church group, Sandy had not been out amongst the public much.  Mourning her husband and getting her feet under her was tough, but she’d made it through. 

“Today, I start living again,” she said out loud to herself. 

She stood up and entered the house to get cleaned up. Whatever the day and future brought, she was ready to enjoy life again.  

She set the cup on the counter and picked up her phone. Scrolling through her contacts, she found Francine. She hit the dial button. 

“Hi, Sandy!”  Francine answered. 

“Hi, Francine, I need to get my hair done, do you have a spot for me today?” 

“Um, it’s Friday so I need to check. Yes, I can fit you in between 1 and 2 this afternoon, will that work?” 

“Oh, I love you! Yes, that will work, see you then!” Sandy exclaimed. 

“OK, dear, the works?” Francine asked.   

“Yes, cut and color, and nails if you can fit me in. Thank you, love, I will see you soon.” 

Sandy set the phone down. Fantastic, let’s get cleaned up. I’ve got three hours, she thought.

She rinsed out her cup and placed it in the dishwasher, then headed for the bedroom. She pulled her T-shirt off as she walked, exposing her lovely breasts. As she got into the room, she shed her sweatpants and panties, tossing them into the hamper with the shirt. 

She walked into the master bath and started the shower running and headed back into the closet to get some clean panties. As she walked out of the closet, she caught her reflection in the mirror.

“Hmm, I look good,” she said, turning to the mirror. Then she turned sideways. “Oh, I need to groom my bush,” she noticed. “It has grown wild!” she giggled. 

Moving to the vanity, she pulled her clippers out of the drawer and trimmed her bush pretty short. I’ll fix the rest when I shave my legs, she thought to herself. 

She stepped into the shower and stood under the warm water. “Oh, this feels good,” she moaned. 

Her body had heard her heart and mind about living again; it was coming alive and tingling. She grabbed the soap and poured some in her palm and put it back in the rack. Stepping away from the water, she started rubbing soap on herself.  She ran her hands over her breasts, then her stomach and belly, then to her arms.

She leaned her back against the tile of the shower, and slipped one hand down over her mound and found her pussy. She rubbed the suds over her lips and gave her sex a squeeze. 

“Oooohhh,” she moaned. Slipping a finger into herself, she palmed her left breast, squeezing it. Then she ran her soapy fingers across the nipple, moaning as she did. 

She slipped two fingers into her warm pussy and thrust them furiously with knees bent slightly. She had not felt so aroused in a long time. She dropped her right hand to her pussy as the fingers of her left hand were fucking her tight hole deep and fast. She began rubbing her clit with her right hand, awakening her core. 

She could feel an orgasm building, something she hadn’t felt in over a year. “Oh my,” she sighed, moaning loudly as the pressure built. 

She pinched her clit and pulled on it, which sent her over the edge.  She rammed her fingers hard into her wanting pussy and yelled “Fuck!” as the waves of pleasure washed over her. 

She slid to the corner of the shower to recover. She steadied her shaking legs and caught her breath. That was amazing! she thought to herself. 

She grabbed the soap again and moved to the bench at the side of the shower. There, she lathered up her legs and even lathered up her bush and into her ass crack. Grabbing her razor, she began taking long strokes on her calves and cleaned up her legs as far as she needed to. 

Then she stood with one leg on the bench and the other further away, opening up her crotch. Running her hands down across her lips, she pulled the skin tight with one hand and pulled the razor up her inner thigh and gently up her outer lips. One width of the razor at a time, she cleaned the hair around her pussy lips, changing legs on the bench as she changed sides of her pussy. 

She ran her finger down into her ass crack and stopped to tease her asshole. She moaned and pushed her finger into her asshole two knuckles deep and stroked it a few times. 

“Oh my god, that feels good!” she moaned. Then she removed it and held her cheeks open as she cleaned the skin around her asshole of any hair.

She then moved up to groom her bush. With all the hair around her pussy removed, she decided to sculpt a landing strip about as wide as her middle finger and ending about a half-inch over her clit.  

When she finished, she rinsed all the hair and soap from her pussy and ass and began inspecting her work.  “Oh, that feels nice,” she said. 

She was becoming more aroused as her fingers ran over all her sensitive skin. Dragging her middle finger up through her wet slit, she settled on her clit and started rubbing it in circles. She leaned against the wall and pushed two fingers back inside her pussy and began to fuck herself again as she worked her clit. 

I’ve missed this so much, she thought. This feels so good, oh my god I love it! Moaning louder, she increased the intensity of the finger fucking she was giving herself with both hands on her pussy. 

Diddling her clit fast and hard, she started ramming her two fingers into her pussy as hard as she could. “Oh fuck, here it comes,” she moaned.  Right at that point, her second orgasm hit her and caused her knees to buckle. “Oh Fuck!  Cumming!” she yelled as she squirted and added her cum to her already wet fingers.

“Wow!  That was hot!” she said to herself. What has gotten into me? she wondered. 

She washed her hair and conditioned it. Then she shut the shower off. Opening the door, she grabbed her towel and dried herself off in the shower. Her body was buzzing. 

She could feel the moisture between the lips of her pussy that was still tingling. Grabbing her tits and drying them off, she could feel her nipples tingling. They were standing tall and erect. Her body was alive!  Her senses were all working. “What is happening to me?” she asked herself out loud.

She dried her hair last and wrapped it up in her towel. She walked to the vanity to collect the panties she had chosen but decided she would wear a thong instead. She went to the dresser and found a white thong and put the panties back. She was feeling alive and now a little bit naughty as well. 

She was happy today and she decided to push the edge a bit more than she had in a long time. She wanted to be the Sandy she was with Steve before the heart attack that had taken him. 

She smiled and started to remember the times he would have her dress provocatively when they went out. He’d make her wear short skirts without panties. Or he would take her to nice, busy restaurants and have her take her panties off for him while they sat amongst a full dining room of people. 

“I loved what you did with me, what we had together,” she said out loud but to nobody. “I miss you, honey.”

She pulled her thong on and ran her hand over her pussy to make sure it was in the right place. Pulling on the narrow band that ran through her ass crack, she centered it. 

She could feel she had shaken the sorrow from the last year. 

She knew it was time, time to regain that spark that their love had created. It would be what Steve would want. She wondered if somehow he was watching over her still, and he was letting her go. “Thank you, baby,” she said, looking up at the ceiling. Tears filled her eyes, happy tears.

Sandy dried her hair and brushed it. I’m so overdue getting this cut, she thought. It is a mess!

For the next thirty minutes, she applied her makeup. 

She looked in the mirror and thought she looked sexy in her thong and nothing else. She admired her tits, cupping them both and squeezing them. 

“You sexy bitch!” she said to her reflection. Then she pinched her nipples with each hand. “Oh god!” she moaned.  

She let her breasts fall and realized she needed to cool down. Her pussy was starting to drip from her playing with her nipples. Knock it off, Sandy! she thought.

She cleaned up the vanity and put the makeup away.  One last look in the mirror, and she walked to the closet. I look pretty good! she thought as she looked for something to wear. 

She pulled a pair of white jeans that fit her tightly as she remembered. “You’ll do nicely today,” she said to them. Then she pulled a black camisole with a lacy band at the top off the hanger. 

She pulled the jeans on and wiggled into them. They fit her like a second skin. She pulled the camisole on without a bra, noting how her nipples showed in it. Nice, she thought.

Then she pulled a sheer button-up blouse and put it on. She buttoned the bottom three buttons and left the top open. She tucked the blouse into her tight jeans. 

Next, she grabbed a small black belt with a gold buckle and put it on. She put on three long gold necklaces and put gold studs and loops in her ears. Finishing off her look, she put on a couple of golden bracelets on each arm.

She pulled on a black pair of boots that went to just below her knees. The four-inch heels made her tits stick out and her ass pop. 

“To die for,” she said to her reflection. 

Looking up at the clock, she saw that she had forty-five minutes to get to Francine’s place. Better get going. I’ll stop for a smoothie on the way, she thought to herself as she gathered up her keys and purse.

Forty minutes later, Sandy strolled in the door to Francine’s parlor. 

“Sandy!” Francine screamed. 

“Hi, Francine! How are you?” Sandy exclaimed as they hugged. 

“I am great! Gosh, it is so good to see you! I’ve been wondering how you were. I am so glad you’re here, I have missed you!” 

Francine was a beautiful dark-haired woman. About the same height as Sandy, but she was more curvy. She had a lovely hourglass figure and sported a lovely set of 38DD tits. 

She stood back and looked Sandy up and down. “Damn, girl, you are smoking hot! I love your outfit!”

“Fran, I don’t know what it is, but I feel alive today for the first time since Steve died,” she told her. “I masturbated twice in the shower this morning!” she whispered. “Oh my god, it was so wonderful, so hot!”

“Sandy!” Fran shrieked and then they both giggled. “Well, sweetie, welcome back to the land of the living,” Fran said with a broad smile. Her pussy was tingling from visualizing Sandy rubbing herself in the shower. So hot, she thought.

“So, what are we going to do with your hair, honey? You’ve been away too long,” she said. 

“I know, it is a mess,” Sandy replied. “I was thinking of cutting it short. Maybe a pixie? Long on the sides and bangs, cut short to the neck in the back. Can we do that?” she asked.

“Sandy, that would be so hot. It would fit your attitude and this CFM look you have going.” 

“Fran! You’re so naughty!” Sandy giggled.  

“Girl, you’re the one dressed to kill. You’re on a hunt, and everyone can see it. I love it!” Fran said as she pulled on Sandy’s arm. “Come, let’s get started,” she said, taking her back to wash and condition her hair.

An hour later, Sandy was looking in the mirror.  Her hair was cut just like she wanted it, and her nails had been done, deep red in color.

“Oh Fran, I love it! It is such a new look! So sexy, so alive,” she said. A tear formed in her eye as she looked at Francine. “Thank you, sweetie, I just love what you’ve done,” she said as she hugged Francine. 

Then, out of the blue, Francine kissed her. 

She was surprised but she did not back away. She melted into the kiss and pulled Francine close to her. 

“Mm,“ she moaned. 

They broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes. 

“I am sorry, Sandy, but I could not help myself. You are just so beautiful, and I love that you’re back,” Fran told her. 

She kissed Sandy again, this time opening up her mouth with her tongue. Their tongues danced and they ran their hands up and down each other’s backs for a few minutes. 

Oh my god, Sandy thought to herself. I can’t believe this is happening, but I love it, she thought.

“Fran, that was wonderful, but what’s going on?” Sandy asked. She was still holding Francine’s hands. 

“I guess I just couldn’t hold back anymore, Sandy,” she answered. “I’ve always thought you were beautiful inside and out. Today, with your look and your energy…well, it just felt right,” she told her.

“Fran, I feel so alive today. You just surprised me beyond words but I have to admit I enjoyed our kiss. I am very warm, in my heart, and oh my, my pussy is leaking,” Sandy admitted. 

“When do you close, Fran? I’d like you to come to the house so we can talk and have some wine. Will you come over, please? Can you?” she asked.

“Oh my gosh, yes! I will come over after I close at 6:00!” Fran squealed. 

She was so happy that Sandy had welcomed her advance. Her heart was beating very fast.  

“I am so happy that you invited me over, Sandy. I was worried you would not react like this. I am so pleased you joined in my kiss,” she said. 

Then she kissed her again softly. “I will call you when I am headed your way,” she said.

“Great! I will get some stuff for dinner,” she replied. “Maybe, if we play our cards right, we can have breakfast when we wake up too,” she said to Francine and winked at her. 

“Oh, Sandy! You are so bad! But I would so love that to be the case,” she replied. “Now, go! I have another appointment!” 

“Bye, sweetie, see you later, babe,” Sandy said. 

She turned and walked out. 

Francine watched her walk out of sight. “Oh my,” she sighed. 


Sandy was singing along to Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ as she pulled into her driveway. She was having an amazing day. She’d stopped off at the store and picked up some cheese, sausage, and fruit for tonight. She had also bought four bottles of wine. 

It was just 4:00, so she had time to relax and reflect on her day so far. Francine would probably be there at about 6:30.

In the store, she’d been looked over and hit on by half a dozen men. Even a woman asked if she could have her number. She’d given her number to two men and the gorgeous blonde woman. 

She brought the food and wine into the house and wanted to unwind. After pouring herself a glass of chilled Chardonnay, she headed to the back porch to relax. She sat down and put her legs up on the table. 

“Hey Sandy!” came a shout from next door.

She turned to see her neighbor, Keith, cooking something on the grill. 

He raised his beer and said, “I love your new look! You’re smoking hot!” 

“Thank you, Keith! It’s new! I am living life again!” she said. “What are you up to?” 

“Joe and I are just hanging out. I’m cooking up some burgers; we just turned on the hot tub, you should come over!” he said.

Keith had been her neighbor for about five years. He’d just divorced about six months ago. His wife had moved out and he’d invited Joe to move in to help with the rent. 

Keith had just turned forty a few weeks back. He was a nice man, and gorgeous. He stood six feet, two inches tall and she figured he was about 220 pounds. Joe was forty-two. He was about Keith’s size but maybe twenty pounds lighter. Keith had blonde hair cut close on the sides. Joe had long black hair.

“Are you sure?” Sandy asked. 

“Absolutely!” Keith replied. “We have plenty of food and you’d break up the testosterone a bit if you know what I mean,”  Keith said with a devilish grin.

“Oh my, Keith!” Sandy said, feigning shock. “You naughty boy, behave!” she chuckled.

“Seriously, Sandy. We’d love to have you join us,” Keith insisted. “Bring some wine and a swimsuit. It is such a beautiful day, let’s enjoy it!” he added. 

Sandy was excited to be invited over. She’d been quite a hermit since Steve passed. 

“Oh, OK, I’ll be over in a few minutes. You boys be good, though,” she said flirtingly. 

“Oh, we’ll be good, Sandy…we’ll be REAL good,” he teased back.

Sandy’s pussy was tingling and she could feel her thong was wet and sticking to her outer lips. 

“Oh, this could be fun!” she said to herself as she walked into the house.

She hurried to her room and ran through the shower to “freshen” up. I need to wash. I’ve been dripping all day, she thought with a smile. Her body was alive; it was on fire. Her nipples were standing proud and tingling just as her pussy was. 

She washed herself in the shower quickly without getting her new haircut wet. She toweled off and put on some sensual perfume. 

Then she went to her dresser and looked through her swimsuits. She had a few modest one-piece suits and one very sexy, extremely revealing bikini that she had only worn in Jamaica with Steve nearly three years ago on vacation. 

She pulled the bikini out of the drawer and put it on. This is going to get me fucked, she thought to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror. 

It was a string bikini. The triangle in the front was formed in a V. Nearly all of her landing strip was in plain sight. Just below the point of the V was a wonderfully puffy cameltoe. The top had just enough material to cover her nipples and then wrapped around the bottom of her tits to the string. Once wet, nothing would be left to the imagination. 

She pulled on the cover that came with the suit. It was a short-sleeve top that reached only to the middle of her ass. From behind, her ass and her pussy lips could be seen as she walked.

She remembered how Steve had fucked her at the resort beach in front of a dozen people when she wore this last.

Here we go, she thought as she put two chilled bottles of wine in her beach bag along with the snacks she had purchased on the way home. 

“I am ready to have some fun, it has been too long,” she said out loud as she walked across the driveway.

As she reached to push the doorbell, Keith opened up the door for her. 

“Welcome, Sandy. Damn, that is an amazing swimsuit!  I like the vibe, sweetie!” he said as he took the bag from her and hugged her. 

He let his hand slip to her ass and squeezed it. Fucking hot! he thought as Sandy just melted into the hug and her body showed no resistance to the grope. 

She looked into his eyes. “Keith, I have been alone and grieving for a year. Tonight, I want to enjoy things. Can I trust you?” she asked. 

Keith kissed her gently. “Sandy, baby, you could not be in more safe hands. I, we would love to have some fun with you. You are in control,” he said. “We go where you go, and we stop where you say, OK?”  

Sandy kissed him passionately and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Keith sucked on it then broke the kiss. 

“That sounds perfect, Keith, thank you for understanding my needs,” she said. 

“Let’s go out back then, baby,” Keith said. He took her hand and led her to the back porch.

She followed Keith out, holding his hand. She was nervous and extremely aroused at the potential of what could happen.

“Hi, Sandy!” Joe said, standing up to hug her. 

Keith let go of her hand. She and Joe embraced. Joe’s hand found her ass as well. He found no resistance, either. Sandy melted into his embrace just as she had with Keith at the front door. 

He stood back. “Fuck, Sandy, that swimsuit!  Are you telling us what I think you’re telling us?” 

“Yes, Joe. I want to have some fun. Keith has assured me I can trust you two. Can I trust you, Joe?” 

“Sandy, you absolutely can!” Joe assured her. 

“I bought this bikini to take to Jamaica with my husband. I have not worn it since. As you can see, it is clearly sexual,” Sandy explained 

“Hell yeah, it is!” Keith chimed in. “You are saying you want to get fucked. And we can help with that!” 

“I was hoping so,” Sandy said. “I need a refill on my wine, little help?” she asked Keith. 

Keith opened up a bottle of wine and filled her glass. 

Sandy removed her see-through top. 

“Shall we, gentlemen?” she asked as she stepped up onto and then into the hot tub. “Oh, this feels so nice.” she said. 

She stood up and held her hands out for both of them to take. Keith and Joe just stood beside each other, staring at her now totally visible body. Finally, Keith spoke. ”Fuck, you’re stunning!” he said.

He lifted his T-shirt off and dropped it in a chair. He looked good. His shoulders were broad, and his chest was muscular. He did not have a six-pack, but Sandy thought his stomach was sexy as hell. She knew her pussy was dripping. 

Joe followed suit. He too had broad shoulders and a muscular chest. But he did have a very defined six-pack that trailed into his trunks. Fuck, he is hot! Sandy thought. I can’t believe this!

They both smiled and took her hands. They all settled into the soothing water with the jets going. 

Sandy kissed Keith and gave his hand a squeeze. Then she turned and kissed Joe and gave his hand a squeeze. She was in heaven. 

She took her glass of wine off the edge of the tub and raised it. Keith and Joe raised their beer bottles. 

“To good friends and good fun,” she said as they clinked and took a drink.


Francine was closing up her shop when her phone chimed with a text. She walked to the phone and opened up the screen. 

A text from Sandy said: Hurry, change of plans! 

While she was reading it, a photo came through.

Francine just stared at the picture. It was a picture of Sandy and two men, one on each side of her. They apparently were in a hot tub. Sandy’s breasts were on full display through the wet bikini top she was wearing. The two men each held one of Sandy’s breasts up.

Then another text: The water is fine!

Another text: I am at the house on the east side of mine. The door is open. Come on in. Don’t worry if you don’t have a swimsuit, just be naked when you come out onto the back patio.

Francine smiled a naughty smile and hurried to finish closing up her shop. Twenty minutes later, she was pulling into Sandy’s driveway.

Francine let herself in the front door of Keith’s house as instructed. She stopped in the kitchen and took her clothes off and laid them on a chair of the kitchen table. 

As she slid the glass door open, she heard Sandy. “Fuck yes! Fuck me, boys!” she yelled. “Oh my god, you guys are amazing! Harder, fuck me harder!” she yelled again. 

As instructed, Francine walked out onto the patio naked. She did not know what to expect, but her pussy was already dripping from the texts. She froze and just stared at the scene in front of her. 

Sandy was lying on one man with short blonde hair. She had his cock pumping into her pussy. Standing above her at her ass was a second man with his legs bent. He had his cock buried deep into Sandy’s asshole. Sandy was pinned between the two of them and she was receiving a rough double penetration fuck. 

Francine could see Sandy’s legs shaking; she knew that meant Sandy was about to cum. The balls on the man with his cock in her ass were tightened up, so Francine knew he too was about to cum. 

The man on the bottom with his cock in Sandy’s pussy yelled out, “Fuck, I am cumming!” Then he grunted and Francine could see his cock pumping Sandy full of cum. 

Sandy moaned loudly and started bucking her hips. “Cumming!” she yelled. 

Like clockwork, the man with the cock in Sandy’s ass grunted and moaned, “Cumming!” filling her ass with his cum.

Fuck me! Francine thought as she was rubbing her clit hard and fast. “Oh fuck!” she yelled as she came on her hand.

Sandy heard Francine and turned her head. She was standing at the edge of the picnic table naked. Her hand was on her pussy and she was squeezing it as she came down from her orgasm.

“Hi, baby,” Sandy said. “Glad you could make it.” 

“Hey, babe, thanks for the invite. I hope I am not too late,” she said with a giggle.

Joe pulled his shrinking cock out of Sandy’s asshole and stepped down from the hot tub. Sandy rolled off of Keith’s wilting cock and stood up as well. 

“Um, you’re right on time, baby,” Sandy said as she walked to Francine. She kissed her passionately and slid her hand to Francine’s ass, giving it a sensual squeeze.

“Oh, good!” Francine answered. She moved her finger to Sandy’s pussy and raked some cum out of it, and she took a taste. 

“Mm, delicious,” she said as she fed some to Sandy.

“Man cum, I have so missed this taste,” Sandy said. “Come on,” Sandy grabbed Francine’s hand and led her toward the hot tub. “Let’s give the guys a chance to recharge.” 

“Oh,” Sandy pointed to Keith, who was just now grabbing a beer. “This is my neighbor, Keith.” 

“Hi, Keith,” Francine said. She walked to him and hugged him, giving him a deep kiss. “Nice to meet you,” she purred. 

“And this is Joe,” Sandy said as she was squeezing his ass. 

“Hello there,” Francine said as she hugged and kissed him. “Nice to meet you, boys, impressive display you just put on. Maybe I can get a little of that too?” she asked coyly.

“Absolutely!” Keith answered. 

“Give us a little break, beautiful lady, and we will give you some of this too!” Joe added. 

Both Keith and Joe sat down and clinked beer bottles. 

“Man, this is fucking unbelievable,” Keith said.  

“Good thing it’s dark out here! We might get arrested!” Joe replied.

Sandy grabbed Francine’s hand and pulled her back toward the hot tub. She poured her a glass of wine. 

“You’re mine first,” she said to Francine, then pulled her into the hot tub, where they sat and kissed. “I’ve wanted this since I left your shop,” she said. She put a hand on Francine’s thigh under the water as she kissed her passionately.

Francine moaned into Sandy’s mouth and opened up her legs, welcoming Sandy’s hand. With tongues dancing, Sandy moved her hand to Francine’s pussy. She slipped two fingers into Francine’s wet hole and started to softly thrust them into her. 

Francine grabbed one of Sandy’s tits and caressed it. She flicked her finger across the nipple, causing Sandy to moan into her mouth.

Sandy stopped kissing Francine. 

“Sit up on the edge, baby. I want to taste you,” she told Francine. 

Francine smiled. “Oh, that sounds lovely!” she said as she sat in a corner of the seat up on the edge. 

Sandy moved between her legs and leaned to her pussy. She licked Francine’s clit as Francine leaned back on her hand and watched. 

“Mm, that feels so good, Sandy. I can’t believe we are finally doing this. I have dreamed of this for a long time.” 

Sandy buried her tongue deep inside Francine’s pussy, drinking in her sweet nectar. 

Francine put her other hand behind Sandy’s head and pulled her face into her pussy. “That’s it, eat me, baby,” she moaned. 

Keith and Joe watched the hot action. Both started to stroke their cocks that were beginning to grow again.

Sandy sucked Francine’s clit into her mouth then flicked it with her tongue. 

“Oh my god! That feels so wonderful, baby!” Francine moaned. “That’s it, suck that clit, baby!” she told Sandy. “Be my little slut and eat my pussy!” 

Sandy thrust two fingers into Francine’s pussy hard and curled her fingers. Then she stroked in and out of her, rubbing across her G-spot. All the while, she was flicking her tongue over Francine’s clit rapidly. Francine started to moan and threw her head back.

“Fuck, baby, I am going to cum…keep it up, just like that, baby,” she encouraged her lover. 

Sandy responded by increasing the intensity of her pussy eating. And thrusting her fingers faster and harder into Francine’s dripping pussy. 

“Oh god, Oh god!” Francine yelled. “Cumming!” she shouted, and she came all over Sandy’s face. 

Sandy sat up and smiled proudly at her lover. “You taste better than I imagined, baby.” She leaned up and kissed Francine passionately, pushing her tongue into her mouth to share Francine’s cum with her. 

“You’re right, I do taste good,” Francine said when they broke their kiss.

Both Francine and Sandy were startled as Keith and Joe stepped into the tub. They’d gotten lost in each other and did not see Keith and Joe approaching.

“Oh!” Sandy said. “Hello, boys.” 

Keith moved to Francine and kissed her. He pushed her on her back and lay upon her, kissing her tits. 

“Fuck, these big tits are luscious!” he said as he took a nipple into his mouth.

Joe pulled Sandy up onto the edge on the other side of the hot tub. He pushed her back and lay on her as well. He pushed her legs to her chest and opened them. Putting his cock to her pussy, he skipped past foreplay and started fucking her hard. 

“Oh my god yes!” Sandy yelled. “Take me, take me hard, Joe!” 

Keith had both of Francine’s nipples between his thumbs and fingers and was lifting her double-D breasts by them. 

Francine was moaning. “Oh, Keith, pinch them harder!” she begged him. 

He pinched them both very hard as he moved his cock to her pussy. She opened her legs, making her pussy open to him. He never let go of her nipples while he thrust into her hard and started fucking her.

Both couples were going at it roughly. Joe had Sandy pinned and was ravaging her cunt. 

“Fuck me, Joe. Fuck me hard!” she yelled. Their bodies slapped each time he thrust into her. 

Keith was hammering Francine, who had pulled her legs back at the knee so he could get deeper into her wanting pussy. 

“Oh god. Fuck me, stud!  Make me your whore!” she yelled.

Keith moaned and started fucking her harder.

Joe’s balls were tightening and he increased his pace. 

“Fuck! You’re amazing, Sandy!” he told her as her legs began to quiver. 

“Fuck me, Joe, I’m going to cum! Fuck me hard and cum with me, stud!” 

Joe groaned loudly and thrust deep into Sandy. “Cumming! He yelled as he began to fill her pussy. 

Sandy felt him release and she fell over the edge.  “Fuck!  Cumming!”  She yelled as they came together.

Keith heard Joe and Sandy going at it and that pushed him over the edge. 

“I’m cumming!” he yelled and thrust hard into Francine. 

“Fuck! Cumming!” she yelled as she squirted all over Keith. 

Both couples lay together, marinating in their sex. 

Eventually, Keith shrank out of Francine. He stood and moved to the picnic table. Francine followed once her legs settled down and she could walk. 

Joe separated from Sandy and took her hand. “Thank you,” he said, and then he kissed her softly. 

Keith handed Francine a fresh glass of wine, then kissed her softly as well. “That was so wonderful, Francine, thank you,” he said.

“Let’s eat, folks!” he said. 

“Good idea,” Sandy agreed. “I am starving. You boys really know how to wear a girl out!” she chuckled.

The four sat and ate cheeseburgers and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Sandy raised her glass and looked at her playmates. “Here’s to enjoying life. Thank you all for making this day so wonderful. May we always enjoy life as the four of us have enjoyed tonight!” she said. Tears filled her eyes. “I could not imagine a better way to begin living again. Thank you all for making this so special.”

“Here, here!”  they all agreed and drank with Sandy.

Sandy looked at her phone. It was 9:30 already. 

“Fran, we should head back to the house. Keith, Joe, thank you, boys, so much for helping this old gal feel like a real woman again. It was so special.” 

“Yes, thanks, boys!” Francine echoed.

“Sandy, you and the lovely Francine are welcome back anytime. We hope to repeat tonight soon!” Keith said, smiling from ear to ear. 

Everyone hugged and the ladies gathered their things. Since it was dark, they walked naked back to Sandy’s house.  

“Get us some more wine, dear,” she said to Francine. “I will start the bubble bath. We are going to have a wonderful weekend,” she added with a naughty grin. 

“I love the thought of that,” Francine said. “I love it.”


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