We finish the previous chapter with Daddy deciding he needed to put the brakes on Gracie’s activities by disciplining her.

As Gracie, Daddy, and Candy started to leave the bedroom to get some pizza, Daddy touched Gracie on the shoulders to stop her.  She stopped and glanced up at him. 

“Clothes off,” Daddy said with a firm stare into her eyes.  Gracie was unnerved by this but was expecting it.  She knew that the last two days of her sexual independence came with a price.  A price she would pay tonight. 

“Yes, Master,” she replied.  She dropped her top and skirt where she stood and stepped out of her shoes. 

Candy watched this unfold in front of her. She was naked too, but she realized that something bigger, something stronger, and it felt as if something darker was being shown to her. Something inside of her caused her to understand that she needed to be completely submissive tonight.  Do whatever she was instructed to do, if anything, and to do it properly. 

Her posture even changed.  She stood taller and held her head down.

Gracie noticed this and touched her shoulder.  She leaned in and whispered, “You are fine, baby.  Relax, but remain quiet unless you are spoken to, OK?” 

Candy’s body relaxed.  “Thank you, Miss.  I will do as you say.”

“OK, let’s eat!”  Daddy said as he headed to the kitchen to get some plates and drinks. 

Gracie and Candy sat side by side, remaining quiet.  Daddy brought them both plates with two large slices of pizza and each a glass of chilled wine. 

He sat across from them with his pizza and his scotch.  Everything seemed normal until Daddy spoke.

“Candy, we will be retiring to our, um, playroom after we finish here.  I will show it to you but need you to retire for the night right after you have the tour. Gracie and I have some things to address,” Daddy said calmly. 

“Yes, Daddy.  I will do as you say,” Candy replied without looking up. 

They finished up the pizza and Daddy collected the plates and put them in the dishwasher. 

“Shall we go, ladies?”  Daddy asked. 

“Yes, Daddy,” they answered in unison.

They walked down a hallway that Candy had not seen yet and Daddy grabbed a key as they entered the hallway.  Unlocking the door, he pushed it open and let the ladies enter. 

Dim red lights came on as they entered the room. 

Candy was stunned.  She just stood inside the door and tried to take in the room.  It was the size of a normal bedroom, but it was not a bedroom. 

There was a bed, but not meant for sleeping.  It had a heavy frame over it and at the foot of the bed; there was a big X in the middle with rings for the rope to be tied off to, located at the four ends of the X. 

Against the wall opposite the bed, there was a rack that looked to be made for someone to be tied to on their knees with a place to bind their neck.  Anyone on here would be in a position to have all of their holes presented. 

On the wall to the left as they entered the room was a full-length rack with “tools” or “toys” hanging from floor to ceiling. 

Fucking 50 Shades! Candy thought to herself.  She was shocked and her pussy was dripping.  What the fuck!? she asked herself silently. 

“I can see that you’re a little overwhelmed,”  Daddy said. 

He put his hand on Candy’s shoulder.  All of her senses focused on that touch.  Right then, she knew Daddy was not just going to play sex games with her.  She knew instinctively that even though Gracie was her Mistress, Daddy was the Alpha of the house, and she was his as well. 

She quivered with fear, calm, and lust all mixed into one.  She was home…in Daddy’s home. 

“Yes, Daddy, it is a lot to take in.” 

“We will all use this room for both pleasure and punishment.” 

“Tonight, Gracie will be punished for her independence.  But this room is meant for our sexual pleasure much more than discipline.  I hope to have you in here with us soon, and regularly.” 

“I think I would like that very much, Master.”  Candy replied. 

Daddy noted the change in her response; he was pleased.

Daddy walked to the middle of the open space in the room.  He was under a bar that was hanging from the ceiling.  It looked to be on a cable and pulley system.

He turned to Gracie and pointed to the floor right in front of his feet.  She immediately went to the spot, kneeled, and rested her ass on her heels.  Her legs were slightly open.  She rested her hands on her thighs with the palms up and looked to the ground. 

Daddy looked at Candy.  “I want you in this position in the guest room now, pet.” 

“Yes, Master!” Candy replied and hurried to the guest bedroom. 

Daddy looked at Gracie.  He reached to her chin and lifted it.  “I want you to think about the last forty-eight hours while I am gone.” 

“Yes, Master,” she replied. 

Daddy turned and walked out of the room.

He walked into the guest bedroom and was pleased to see Candy in perfect form at the head of the bed.  He walked to her.  “Look at me, pet.”  Candy looked up. 

“Each night, you will be in this position before going to bed.   You will ask for permission to enter my or your Miss’s bed depending on who you are with.  Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Master.”


“Master, may I have permission to enter your bed?” 

“Yes, pet, you may enter.”

Candy rose and climbed into bed.  Daddy kissed her and left the room, turning out the light as he did. 

Candy’s mind was on fire with all she had just seen.  She was intensely worried about her choice.  And, although she did not know why, she was fiercely aroused by it as well. 

She started rubbing her pussy while visualizing what Master was going to do to her Miss tonight.  She worked herself up to a wonderful orgasm and faded to sleep.

Daddy walked back into the room and closed the door.  He went to the rack and collected ankle and wrist cuffs, and a leg spreader.  Moving to where Gracie was kneeling, he lowered the bar that was attached to the ceiling.

“Stand up,” he said coldly. 

Gracie stood up. 

He took her hands one by one and attached a cuff to each one.  He locked them into the clip on the bar and raised the bar.  Gracie’s pulse increased but she stayed quiet. 

Daddy attached the leg spreader bar to her ankles via the ankle cuffs and spread her feet just past shoulder-width apart.

He walked around her, examining her. 

He reached and felt her pussy.  It was wet and even her thighs had residue on them.  He smelled his hand. 

“You reek of cum, you slut.”  He lowered his hand and slapped her cunt three times in rapid succession…slap slap slap. 

Gracie grunted at the assault but did not move or say a word.

“So, tell me, pet.  What are we going to do about your newfound lust for pussy?” he asked Gracie. 

“Master, I did not know I was going to feel the way I do when I followed your instruction the other night,” she answered. 

“I can see this is something that surprised you,” he said.  

“I can’t, however, accept your actions. You went too far with it, especially without my initial approval and guidance.” 

He walked in front of her and inspected her tits. 

“You’ve let someone mark you.  And you have bite bruises on your tits, the tits that belong to me.” 

“Yes, Master, I got carried away with Sami and I am sorry.  As I said, I did not know this would affect me as it has.”

Daddy slapped Gracie’s left breast with his right hand as hard as he could, eliciting a sharp gasp and moan from her.  Her knees buckled and she hung by the bar on the ceiling. 

As soon as she stood back up, he did the same thing to the right breast, knocking her sideways.  She moaned again as her knees buckled again.

She stood back up tall and thrust her breasts forward, only to have Daddy slap them both again.

“Fuck!” she moaned as her knees gave out again.  She’d never felt any pain like this on her tits.  She was shaking. 

She gathered her strength back and stood tall again and almost rebelliously thrust her tits forward once more.  SLAP SLAP rang through the room.

Again, Gracie’s knees failed her.  This time, she hung from the bar and did not stand as her legs were shaking too hard. 

“I am sorry, Master.  I will not fail you again.” 

Her tits were both crimson on the outside where Daddy had struck them.  Slowly she stood tall, tears running down her face.  She looked forward.

Daddy walked back to the rack and pulled down a paddle. 

“I am going to swat your ass four times.  That will make a total of ten swats for your indiscretions.” 

He lowered the bar from the ceiling and disconnected Gracie’s hands.  Then he raised the bar back up.  Removing the leg spreader, he told her to move to the bed, and bend over and grab the bar of the footboard.

She did as she was told.  This bent her body at nearly a ninety-degree angle. 

He rubbed the paddle across her ass slowly.  She tried to stay as calm as she could, but she knew what was coming. 

She felt the paddle leave her skin and suddenly, THWAP!  “Ung! Fuck!” she yelled out and stood straight up. 

“One,” she said loudly and bent back over. 

THWAP! “Ung!  Two!” she said. 

THWAP!  “Fuck! Three!”

THWAP! “Oh fuck!  Four,” she said. 

“Stand up,” Daddy ordered her. 

She stood, making no noise.  Her ass was on fire but she did not touch it. 

Daddy moved to her and she felt him rubbing cream on her ass cheeks.  It was comforting and cold.  Gracie was thankful for the loving gesture that followed her discipline. 

“I regret this had to happen, baby.  But we can’t have things get crazy like this again.  We must figure out how we can move forward without these surprises,” he told her as he massaged the cream into her crimson cheeks.

“I understand and agree, Daddy.  How do you think we should handle this new dynamic?” she asked. 

Daddy walked in front of Gracie, held her lovingly, and kissed her passionately.  “Let’s lay on the bed and we can discuss it,” he said as he held her hand and led her to the bed.

Gracie crawled onto the bed and Daddy followed.  He pulled a quilt up over them and held her to him.  She rested her head on his chest while he caressed her hair.

“If you have found that you have a thing for women as well, we need to figure out how we can make that part of our dynamic.  I am OK with this newfound love of the female flesh, but I am not OK with you losing control like you have the last two days,”  Daddy said as he kissed her forehead. 

“Your pussy, actually my pussy, has been making decisions for you and that has to stop.”

“I know, Daddy.  I just am full of lust all of a sudden.” 

“Then you will need to come to me, and we will figure out what to do at that time.  I am not going to make you a free agent.  You must have my approval and blessing moving forward.”

“Yes, Daddy, I understand.”  Gracie let her hand slide down to Daddy’s cock.  She was a little surprised to find him extremely hard.  “Well, what do we have here, Daddy?” 

“I want you, baby, I need to make love to you, and I have to give you my love.” 

She kissed Daddy and then moved to straddle him.  Rising up over him, she placed the opening to her pussy on his cockhead, and slowly slid down his cock, moaning as he filled her. 

Tears filled her eyes, knowing Daddy loved her dearly and was reclaiming her after her discipline.  Her heart was full…as full as her pussy that was being stretched. 

“Mm, Daddy, you feel so good in my pussy,” she purred.

“Your pussy feels so soft and warm and welcoming.  Fuck, you’re so tight, baby!” he replied.

Gracie started to ride Daddy’s cock like a wild woman.  She wanted to make him cum, and she wanted to cum with him.  They moved with each other in perfect rhythm.  Daddy pushed into Gracie as she was pushing herself down onto his cock. 

They were losing control.  Daddy thrust harder into Gracie as she was bouncing on him.  She moaned loudly as her orgasm was forming.  Daddy grabbed her hips and was pulling her down on him as he was thrusting up into her pussy.

“Oh Daddy, I am going to cum, please make me cum.  I love you so much, Daddy, give me your cum!” she yelled as she rode him hard. 

Daddy groaned and his balls tightened.  He grabbed her hips and pushed up deep into her and released his seed.

Gracie could feel Daddy’s cum filling her pussy, and she fell over the edge.  Screaming and quivering, she showered Daddy as she squirted, cumming all over his cock.  “Fuck!  I’m cumming, Daddy!” she yelled and fell forward onto him.

Daddy held Gracie to him tightly.  “I love you, Gracie.  You’re my everything.  I don’t want to do this again…OK?  I will do it, but it tears me up!” 

“Yes, Daddy, I will talk to you so you can help me figure this out.  I love you too, Daddy,” she said as she laid her head on his shoulder. 

They fell asleep holding each other.


Candy walked into the kitchen the next morning to find Daddy and Miss giggling as they were cooking breakfast.  Thank god! she thought to herself. 

“Good morning!” she said cheerfully. 

“Good morning!” Daddy and Gracie said in unison.

“Can I get you some coffee baby?” Daddy asked. 

“Oh, yes, please!” Candy said as she hugged and kissed Miss.  “How are you?” she leaned in and whispered to Gracie. 

“Oh, I am fine, baby!  I won’t sit comfortably for a few days,” she said to Candy. 

She winked at her and lifted her nightshirt to show the bruises. 

“Shit!” Candy said out loud. 

“It will be fine,” Gracie said as she handed Candy her coffee.

“I am so glad you two are OK!  I was a little worried last night.”

“I know, baby, but really it is OK,” Gracie assured her.


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