Jan’s A Bad Mom – Pt4

Jan and Brett had gotten together later in the week and she laid out how she wanted things to go concerning the other boys. She of course insisted that it had to remain a secret. If she heard ANY rumors or even a hint of what was going on, it would end, period! If this was going to last, and she secretly hoped it would, they must keep their mouths shut.


The next time the boys came over for a swim, she was wearing her jean shorts and a crocheted tank top. She thought she saw a hint of disappointment in their eyes as she was a bit overdressed, but she had a plan. As they played in the pool, she pretended to be busy doing some chores around the patio. When she felt she had messed with them enough, she put on some music and began to dance.


As soon as she started, she had their undivided attention and she began dancing very sexually. She had been watching stripper videos and practicing in her mirror so she could put on a good show for them. She gyrated her hips and shook her large breasts just like the girls in the videos and was doing a pretty good job. She slowly peeled off her tank top to reveal a very small pink bikini top. That got some clapping and cheering as the boys were obviously enjoying the show.


After a little more dancing, she slowly unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down a little, giving them a look at her pink thong bikini bottoms. Then she tugged on the shorts, causing them to fall to the ground. She stepped out of them and danced a little more before turning around and undoing the string holding her top on. She pulled the top off and then cupped her tits in her hands before turning around to face the crowd. She teased them a little more before removing her hands and letting her large breasts free. This got even louder cheers as the boys were getting more excited.


As she danced around some more, she pulled down the corners of her thong. She was really teasing them and when she started, she thought that she would not remove her thong. But the sexual energy had taken over and she turned around and bent all the way over as she pulled her thong down to her ankles. She pivoted her hips back and forth so everyone could get a good view of her asshole and pussy lips. She kicked the thong away and turned to face the boys completely naked. Her pussy was meticulously groomed, smooth and hairless, which she thought looked good. It was actually the first time any of them had seen her naked, and from the reactions, they liked what they were seeing.


The dancing went on for only another minute or two before the music ended and the boys cheered and applauded for her. The excitement of the moment took over and she knelt down right then and there. The boys took this as their cue and circled around her and tugged their swim trunks down. Every dick was rock hard and the excitement level was overwhelming. She leaned forward and began sucking the nearest dick feverishly as she grabbed another two and began masturbating them. Some of the boys – and she couldn’t see who – started fondling her large breasts, cupping them with their hands and playing with the erect nipples.


So here she was, on her knees, surrounded by her son’s friends, completely nude, sucking their young cocks while their hands explored her fine body. There was so much stimuli that she could barely concentrate on her cock-sucking. Some brave, or adventurous, lads even began rubbing and finally fingering her wet pussy, which made her even more excited. She was in such bliss with all the activity that she almost didn’t notice the back gate latch pop open.


The face she saw, she recognized instantly, was her best friend, Judy. Jan happened to have a view of the gate and saw her friend’s reaction: a look of shock slowly replaced by curiosity. Judy closed the gate, but Jan could see her still watching from between the slats. Jan couldn’t stop as she was in such an excited state, and since none of the boys saw Judy, she continued servicing the boys. One after the other, they all filled her mouth with semen as she swallowed every drop. They made no move to have intercourse with her at that time, for which she was thankful. Because now that the excitement of the moment was passing, Jan became worried about her friend; even though she had stayed watching till it was all over with, she was gone now, and they needed to talk as soon as possible!


Judy was Jan’s best friend for more years than they could count, as they grew up together. They had sons the same age also, so the boys all knew each other. When Jan and Judy would dress up and go out on the town, all the men took notice. They were both equally stunning, except where Jan was brunette and busty, Judy had blonde hair and just as good a body with a few curves and large breasts. And Judy was much more outgoing and a much bigger flirt. In fact, she was definitely the wilder of the two, which Jan didn’t mind because she was so chill most of the time.


Later that evening, Jan was in the kitchen. She heard the door open and shut and the click of high heels on the tiles. Judy was there. “Hello,” Judy said in an over-the-top friendly way. “How’s everything? Anything

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