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The couple of weeks following Thanksgiving were mostly uneventful; we all had semester finals to study for and complete. The night we got home, Brandi pretty much turned me every which way but loose, but the only other sex the girls and I had was the odd quickie.

The girls had packed everything but the kitchen sink for our trip to Switzerland. The pilot had told them one big bag and one small bag each. They all went out and bought something the size of a steamer trunk.

I had thought we were just spending Christmas week, but I was ‘informed’ mom and the girls had agreed on the entire winter break. So Dads Gulfstream 650 would pick us up on December 13th. We would fly from California to Halifax, Nova Scotia, fuel up, and fly direct to Samedan, Switzerland. That’s just outside of St. Moritz. Then we would return on January 6th.

“Wait,” says Heather, “do we have to tell them the whole story about our Christmas adventure?”

“Why, is there something you’re ashamed of, Heather?” replies Connie.

“Connie, stop it, we all promised that we wouldn’t do this,” I say.

“I know, I’m sorry, Heather,” says Connie.

“Heather, I know the whole story doesn’t cast you in the best light, but we have all done things we have regretted,” says Brandi.

“Yeah, it’s not like any relationship is perfect,” says Rachel, “but I think anyone who reads our story will want to know that it isn’t perfect.”

“It’s hard enough when the emotions of two people are involved, but there are six of us,” says Sue.

“Honey, we all love you, and we all forgave your mistake, but I agree with the others. The readers of our story need to know we have the same problems that all relationships have… times six. You have to agree, though, or we’ll leave that part out.”

Heather looks around the room. “Okay, I guess you’re right. We should tell the whole story, good… and bad.”

“Okay, so where was I.”

We arrived at the airport at 5:00 a.m. sharp on the morning of December 13th. I saw that Dad’s jet was already sitting on the tarmac as we walked into the terminal. The pilot was standing there, shaking his head as the girls each rolled in their huge bags.

“Judy, would you weigh the bags and put a sticker on each please,” Jeff asked the terminal attendant.

We all stood there while the bags were being weighed. I noticed Rachel look over my shoulder and smile. I turned to hear a loud screech; I saw a flash of blonde hair and lifted my arms just in time to catch Melly mid-air.

Melly laid a deep kiss on me before she spoke, “Hey, big bro, long time no see.”

“Yes, it seems like forever. What’s it been… a week?” I asked.

“It’s been two weeks, you big jerk.”

“Hey, where’s my kiss, bitch?” exclaimed Heather.

“Heather!” exclaimed Melly.

Melly made the rounds to all the girls giving each a hug and a kiss. She stopped in front of Brandi, “Hi, you must be Brandi, I’m Mellony, but you can call me Mel.”

“So you’re the troublemaker… I mean little sister I’ve heard so much about,” said Brandi.

Melly laughed, “Yeah, that’s me, maker of trouble wherever I go.”

Brandi smiled and pulled Melly into a spine-snapping hug; then, she gave Melly a deep passionate kiss.

“Alright, you two, enough of that,” said Sue.

“Hey, I didn’t get to have fun last time; I’m making up for lost time here,” said Brandi.

The pilot came in a few minutes later and told us the luggage was stored, but two of us would have to stay behind because it was too heavy. The girls all went frantic over who packed too much as the pilot chuckled.

I let the excitement build before I spoke up, “Girls, Jeff’s pulling your leg; no one is staying behind.”

“Jay, you could have given me a couple of minutes to enjoy the show before pulling the plug,” Jeff said.

The girls were less amused as they filed past Jeff, shooting daggers at him with their eyes. Melly and I just smiled and gave him a knowing wink on the way by. Jeff followed us on and gave a quick rundown of the aircraft amenities and a safety briefing. We were in the air ten minutes later.

Brandi sat next to Melly, and they chatted for the next hour while the rest of us nodded off. I woke to everyone else sleeping and went and talked to Jeff. We were still an hour and a half from Halifax.

As I meandered back into the cabin, Brandi reached out and grabbed my leg. She beckoned me down close and whispered in my ear. “I want to join the mile-high club too.”

I whispered back, “After we leave Halifax, Jeff will be busy, and we can do it over the Atlantic.”

I heard Melly say, “Me too.” Followed by the other girls, “Three,” “Four,” “Five…”

“Do I hear a six?” I responded.

Connie pokes Rachel, “What! What happened!” exclaimed Rachel.

“Nothing, say six,” said Connie.

“What? Six, what are you… crap, am I last? No fair, I was sleeping.”

“Sucks to be you bitch,” said Heather.

“Be nice, Heather. It’s a six-hour flight after Halifax, Rach. We all have plenty of time,” said Connie.

“So what, did you girls have this planned already?” I asked.

“Not really planned,” said Sue.

“But after the girls told me they all joined the mile-high club at thanksgiving, I told them I wanted to join too,” said Brandi.

“Yeah, and since it was going to be a long flight, we figured you wouldn’t mind having some fun along the way,” said Connie.

“Okay, whatever, does anyone want to eat breakfast? Angela made us all breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” I said.

Everyone raised their hand, so I went to the galley and prepared breakfast. Angela had sent fresh Croissants, with Canadian Bacon, egg, and avocado. Along with specific instructions on how to heat and prepare. I fixed the sandwiches and made Mimosa’s.

We had all finished eating and were chatting about the trip when Jeff came over the intercom and told us we were landing; please buckle your seats.

After landing, Jeff had to rest for two hours before crossing the Atlantic. The girls and I spent the next three hours exploring the Citadel and downtown Halifax. We had lunch and were back at the airport terminal on time. We boarded the plane and were in the air ten minutes later.

We had been in the air for maybe thirty minutes when Brandi casually announced, “I’m horny now. You guys want to watch, or should I take him in the back of the plane?”

“Why don’t we all go sit on the couches and play,” said Melly. “Jeff can’t leave the cockpit, and the curtain is closed, so he can’t see back here.”

The girls all look at each other for a moment and then stood and headed to the couches. I was still sitting in my chair when Rachel turned and said to me, “Yo, idiot, you need an engraved invitation?”

“You know, it would be nice if you asked me what I want once in a while,” I responded.

“Aww, baby, we’re sorry,” said Connie. “Would you like to come to the back of the plane and have sex with us?”

“Yeah, like he’s going to turn down sex,” scoffed Rachel.

“That’s beside the point, Rach; it’s just nice to know I have a say in the matter,” I responded.

“He’s right, girls, we all have gotten angry in the past when guys just expect us to put out. We shouldn’t do the same to our Jay,” said Sue.

“I’m sorry, Jay,” said Rachel. “Your girlfriends are all a bunch of horny bitches. Would you care to join us for a little fun?”

I look around at the girls with a serious look on my face for a moment. Then crack a grin and say, “Shit, yeah, what are we waiting for!”

The girls all giggled and started removing their clothes, and Melly draws the curtain to the cabin.

“Will the pilots come back here?” asked Brandi.

“Not unless there’s an emergency, and they won’t open the curtain without announcing themselves and asking first. Mom, dad, and Angela have sex in here, so Jeff knows not to come back here when it’s closed,” said Melly.

Brandi was the first to have her clothes off and then helped me disrobe. There was no doubt Brandi was going first. She shoved me back on the couch and jumped on, and immediately guided my cock into her very wet pussy.

“What, no, foreplay?” I asked.

“No, babe, I was so horny just thinking about this, I soaked my panties,” responded Brandi.

Melly walked up behind Brandi and whispered in her ear; Brandi just nodded yes, and Melly quickly straddled my face. She looked down at me as I stared up at her cute pussy and said, “You can give me the foreplay, bro.”

I reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Melly’s tight ass and squeezed. Melly let out a little yelp and then a long slow moan as I licked slowly from her clit to her back door.

It didn’t take Brandi long till her orgasm took hold. Brandi, let out a long low moan as her body convulsed for about thirty seconds.

Connie helped Brandi lay back on the couch. Melly was so engrossed with the ministrations I was performing with my tongue; she didn’t notice Connie take her turn on my cock. She finally opened her eyes and saw Connie had replaced Brandi and said, “Hey, bitch, you took my turn!”

“You snooze, you lose,” retorted Connie. “Besides, you looked too far gone with his tongue in your snatch; I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right; he’s pretty good at this,” responded Melly.

“You want to switch? I just want to get off quick anyway,” asked Connie.

Melly practically jumped off my face with a resounding “YES!” Connie giggled and took a few more strokes before she lifted off, and Melly took her place.

Melly was not the shy girl of the past. She straddled my cock, still wet with Connie’s juices, and slid down on it slowly. Connie and I watched Melly’s face as she slid down my cock and let out a guttural moan.

Connie looked down at me and said, “Now that’s a face of pure ecstasy. Do I look like that when I slide on your cock, baby?”

“Sometimes,” I responded. “Sometimes, you look like you’re concentrating for an exam, while other times, you have a wild lusty look.”

Connie gave me a look. “What’s this look telling you?”

“Shut up and eat you,” I said.

“Good boy, and give my star some attention,” Connie responded.

I chucked; Connie liked to refer to her anus as her star. Connie had grown up a southern belle and debutant. Even in the new millennium, some southern girls were still being sent to charm and beauty school. Connie would cringe at words she was taught to consider vulgar.

Until a few weeks ago, Connie would freek if my tongue just grazed her star. But then, a few weeks ago, when she had just started to orgasm, I shoved my tongue in her Rosie little hole and gave her a powerful orgasm. Since then, she has been asking for lite anal play, like my finger and tongue. So my prim and proper lady is beginning to like being vulgar in private.

So while Melly was riding my cock for all it was worth, Connie gound herself on my mouth. The three of us orgasmed within thirty seconds of each other. I thought Connie would smother me for a moment; during her orgasm, she relaxed her full weight on my face and then didn’t move. Little did I know, she and Melly were passionately kissing and had forgotten about me. I had to slap her ass a couple of times before she finally lifted, and I gasped for breath.

“Damn, Cons,” said Sue. “Don’t smother him before we’ve all had a turn.” All the girls giggle.

“Sorry, babe,” apologized Connie. “I didn’t mean to suffocate you.”

“Well, if you ever decide to get rid of me, I recommend that method. At least I’ll die with a smile on my face,” I retorted.

The girls all laughed.

“Alright, bitches!” said Rachel. “Trade sides, it’s our turn.”

“You sure you don’t want us to get him ready for you,” asked Connie as she started to grind her pussy on my face again.

“No, Bitch,” said Rachel. “You already tried to suffocate him once with that thing, now get off.”

“I’m trying to get off,” responded Connie with a smile.

“Bitch, I will cut you,” said Heather. “Just remember, this is a private plane. They didn’t take my knife.”

“Oh, alright,” responded Connie. “Come on, girls, let’s let these bitches have their sloppy seconds.” Connie gave a couple more playful thrusts and lifted off of me. Then she bent down and gave me a quick kiss.

The girls all stood and face one another. They looked like they were about to rumble as they made a one-eighty around each other. Once they had traded places, Rachel, Heather, and Sue quickly shoved Connie, Melly, and Brandi back onto the other couch.

I pause the story and look around at the girls. “You were just playing there, weren’t you girls?”

The girls all look at one another for a moment, then look back at me and say together, “NO!”

“It’s okay, baby,” says Rachel. “It’s just a little healthy competition between friends.”

“Okayyy, moving on with the story,” I say.

Sue was in the middle of the three and said, “I get his cock first.”

With that, Sue started stroking my cock while Rachel took the initiative to straddle my face.

Rachel looked down at me and said, “I promise I won’t try and smother you like that cow over there.”

“Yeah, like those bird legs and flat ass could smother anything, Gumby. What are you, eighty pounds soaking wet?” asked Connie.

“I’m a hundred and ten, cow, and at least he’s not going to get smothered between my legs,” retorted Rachel.

I brought my hand down hard and grabbed a handful of Rachel’s ass, and said, “Ladies, quit your bickering. We’re all friends here; let’s not be mean to one another. You are both gorgeous with your own unique attributes. There are plenty of shitty people out there looking to tear you down. Don’t do it with your best friends. Now, hug and make nice.”

After a few tense moments, Rachel and Connie met in the middle and hugged.

While all this was going on, Sue had slowly mounted my cock. She had sunk as far as she could and stopped. While I had been paying attention to Rachel and Connie, Sue’s manipulations didn’t go unnoticed.

Sue was the third time and person to have sex with me. She had given me her virginity and had the tightest pussy of the group. She felt as tight today she had our first time.

“Sue, baby, how are you still so tight?” I asked.

With that, Sue squeezed my cock with her vagina, almost to the point of painfully.

“Damn, baby, you could crack walnuts with that thing.”

“I am a gym rat and have a rock-solid core,” Sue responded. “Plus, I do yoga.”

“Well, it shows, you definitely, mmm mhm mm,” I was saying as Rachel shoved her pussy on my mouth.

“Were you saying something, baby?” asked Rachel as she pushed her pussy hard against my mouth.

“Mha mmm mmm mha.”

“You know you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full,” Rachel responded.

“You were trying to prove you could suffocate me between those skinny little thighs, weren’t you, Rach?” I ask.

“No, baby, I love you; I would never try and suffocate you,” she responds.

The girls all giggle.

I moved back and shoved my tongue in Rachel’s ass, giving my nose room to breathe. The thrill made Rach forget whatever she was doing and concentrate on the pleasure she was receiving.

Much to my dismay, I felt Sue orgasm and slide off of me. I had been close to cumming myself and was set back by the interruption.

I could tell by the technique that Heather had taken her place. She sucked me hard while squeezing the base of my cock hard. The squeeze resulting pain reset me to the beginning, and she slid herself on my cock to begin her ride.

Heather started slow and steady. She would rise slowly until my cock was bearly in her and then drop quickly, impaling herself. She did that for several minutes, then picked up speed into a fast bounce. Her pussy was slick and hot; it felt like there was a furnace burning inside. I could feel the resistance of her cervix pushing in as she bottomed out with a grunt.

“Damn, Heather,” said Connie, “are you trying to ram him through your uterus?”

Rachel shuttered above me with a quick orgasm.

Heather, at this point, was a woman possessed. She had never fucked me so hard but started going ever faster for a moment before she screamed out with the start of her orgasm. Her pussy convulsed and spasmed as she slowed and sent me over the edge. I came hard and filled her with cum. She just sat on top of me as she came down from her orgasm.

“Damn, babe, it feels like you deposited a gallon in me,” said Heather.

“Wait!” exclaimed Rachel. “don’t push it out; I want it.”

Rachel quickly hopped off of my face. She laid face up on the end of the couch between my legs. Heather rose up slowly off my softened cock and hovered over Rachels’s face.

“You sure you want it, Rach? It’s a lot?” asked Heather.

“Yeah, not like I haven’t eaten one of his cream pies before.”

I looked up, and the rest of the girls hovered over me, watching as Rachel opened her mouth wide. Heather squeezed her vagina, and a large dollop of my cum dripped into Rachel’s mouth. Rachel’s eyes went wide as more squeezed out and filled her mouth before she could swallow.

Heather moved back and looked down at Rachel’s mouth filled with my cum and said, “Told you.”

As if to emphasize the point, another good sized drop landed on Rachel’s forehead.

Rachel closed her mouth and swallowed. “Damn, babe, it’s a fucking wonder we aren’t all preggers with the volume of cum you deposit in us.”

“He does have some quality baby-making batter,” said Connie.

I felt my cock sucked into someone’s mouth. I looked down, and it was Melly.

“Mel, honey, don’t get me hard again. I need some rest, and I’m a little sore right now.”

Melly spat my cock out and shakes it at me. “You’re sore; you should try having something this size stuffed in one of your openings.”

“Well, since none of you have cocks, I guess I’ll never know the pleasure,” I responded.

“Don’t worry, babe, I know a couple of guys that would love to pound your virgin ass,” said Heather.

“That’s okay, baby; I’m fine with leaving my latent homosexual tendencies unexplored,” I responded.

“But you’re okay with us licking each other’s pussies; aren’t you, dude?” responded Rachel.

“Well… you guys don’t seem to mind, and I’ve never actually asked you to lick each other’s pussies,” I stammered out.

“Don’t sweat it, dude,” said Rachel. “We don’t do anything we don’t want to. Heather is just fucking with you.”

Heather reached out and massaged my balls for a moment before slipping a finger down to my taint. “I don’t know, girls, I think it would be kind of hot watching a nice cock sliding in and out of my boyfriend’s ass.” She then slipped her finger into my ass, making me clench.

Melly slapped Heather’s hand. “Get your finger out of there; he said he needs to rest.”

“Don’t spaz Mel, I’m just fucking with him.”

“Alright ladies,” said Connie, “we all need to get cleaned up and dressed. We don’t need to wear out poor Jay before we get you Switzerland.”

As if to emphasize that point, the pilot made an announcement. “Ladies and gentleman, if you look out the left side of the plane, you will see the south coast of Ireland.”

The girls all got dressed, and they all took their seats except Melly. She joined me on the couch and cuddled up to me. “J.J., how are we going to handle Mom and Dad?”

“What do you mean, sweetie?”

“J.J., we are all going to be in close proximity for one of the three weeks, and I don’t want to hide or lie about us. Besides, mom and dad aren’t stupid; they know I’ve had a crush on you since I was young. I don’t want to hide that love anymore. I’ve talked to the other girls, and they said they’d stand by me.”

“Melly, I will stand beside you no matter what, but I’m not sure we should come out directly to mom and dad. Just let them figure it out, and if they say something, then so be it.”

“So, you want to go the, don’t ask, don’t tell route?” asked Melly. “Mom already commented to me about the kiss we shared before you left home… She knows something is up and is going to be keeping an eye on us.”

“What do you want to do, Mel?”

“I want all of us to sit down with Mom and Dad when they get here… and just tell them,” answered Melly.

“Well, you’re braver than I am, but if that’s what you want, then I’ll stand behind you when you tell them,” I responded.

“Behind me?” Melly quipped.

“Yeah, that way, I can push you at them and have a chance to run,” I responded.

“I can’t believe my boyfriend is a coward and would use me as a human shield.”

“I like to think of myself less of a coward and more of having a strong sense of self-preservation,” I responded.

“Not that it would help you; mom is faster than you.”

“Yes, but I’m counting on her motherly instinct to catch you before she pursues me. It might give me a chance I need to escape.”

“Don’t worry, baby,” piped in Heather, “I’ll protect the little boy from his Mommy.”

“You know, it’s not polite to listen to other people’s conversations. Do you need to be punished, slave?” I responded.

“Well, that depends, are you man enough to punish me, or are you a little bitch that hides behind his little sister?” responded Heather.

“I was just teasing her. Jeez, can’t a guy have a little fun with his sister?”

“You have a lot of fun with your little sister. You just better be the man she needs when the time comes,” said Heather.

I look over at Melly and say, “Don’t worry, I’ll stand beside or in front of Mellony whenever she needs me to.”

“In front of me… that way, I can trip you if you try and run,” said Melly with a giggle.

Melly hugged me tightly for a moment before we got up and returned to our seats.

The rest of the flight into Samedan, Switzerland, was quiet as the girls all napped or read a book. We arrived at Engadin Airport a little after two in the morning.

The swiss customs officer came onto the plane and

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