The Geni is out of the bottle. There is no going back. To have found one
another in this bleakest of midwinters was miraculous enough, but for both to find that their most primitive desires might yet be satisfied is beyond their dreams.

Suzy writes:

This is nothing like I expected. I am in freefall. For some reason, I burst into tears. I shed the kind of tears that come when I discover that someone I have loved and lost is suddenly found again.   It is she who makes the crossing. It is she who puts her lips on mine. It is her face that is now wet with tears. The rest of the world falls away, and she holds my face in her hands, and nothing is lost, and everything is re-united, and we kiss and kiss. “Amanda,” is all I hear as our lips part momentarily. “Suzy,” I reply. We are now smiling while kissing, which for me is pure delight.

Amanda is so lovely, those enormous brown eyes!

All the rest of this beautiful girl is hidden beneath her many layers. I completely forget that I have seen her naked, and I long to unwrap her, discover her all over again. To touch her, to hold her nakedness tight against me.

There’s suddenly a clatter in the branches above our head. Magpies and crows, fighting their eternal battle. We both shiver with the cold. “Let’s go home,” she says.

Walking down the slope, Amanda takes my hand so naturally. I feel as if we have been walking like this all our lives. I feel as if we have known each other all our lives.

We are nearing our separate homes. I suddenly become aware of the girl’s youthfulness, the difference in our ages. Was this wrong? Was this grooming? How old was she exactly?

I turn as usual to the entrance to my section of the apartment building. However, the girl pulls me away, and we walk across the divide to her door. We are kissing in the lift, giggling, catching sight of ourselves in the mirror. There is some unbuttoning, loosening, unwrapping.

Her door, identical to mine, but then everything changes. So colourful, so many little lights. And there is the window and Amanda, still holding my hand leads me to the place where she watched and where she performed.

Still no words are spoken. It’s as if we are still separate in some way, insulated from one another. While I gaze at this very different view of our shared world, I hear the pop of a bottle being uncorked, the rush of the bubbles.

I turn, but she has gone. I sip the wine, letting it sparkle on my tongue as I wait for her return. On the shelves are mostly books, and I suddenly feel awkward. I walk into the hallway. An open door, her bedroom? Yes.

She is hidden under the duvet, and her clothes piled neatly beside her bed. I hear a giggle as I undress.

And so it begins. The tangling of tongues as we kiss and kiss so hard. The tangling of limbs too as our bodies struggle to find agreement over what will go where.

Eventually, after much giggling, a truce is signed, and I begin to draw lazy circles on her tummy. Murmurs and sighs guide me.

Then she takes my hand and places it frankly and firmly on her sex. With a wriggle, her legs part and, our love for each other takes over the proceedings as we both gratefully submit to love’s plans for us.



Amanda writes:

Staring up at the ceiling, I sigh with satisfied contentment, replete. I never knew it could be that good.

Guiltily I wonder how soon Suzy will be ready to go again. I’m like an eager puppy, all fired up with the enthusiasm of a new convert, though at the moment I lie still, not wanting to disturb my lover.

My lover.

I have a lover! The grin that spreads across my face keeps widening, threatening to swallow my ears. How did I get a lover? How did Lil’ Ol me get a lover? And a lesbian lover, at that. I’m straight. Hetero. I like guys. Dick.

Oh, but something is unique about loving a girl. A woman, I correct, because Suzy is all woman. Yes, she’s still young. It’s not like I’m going with an old person. But she’s older than me, I am nineteen. It’s so obvious. She has maturity and certainty about her, experience, and I find it very attractive. I could seriously worship this woman.

I adjust my arm slightly, holding her close, the warmth of her skin along my side a comfort, her left leg resting so neatly between mine, her smooth private area moistening my hip. That was a surprise, no hair at all. I knew most girls my age shaved or waxed, but I didn’t expect it from Suzy. My Suzy.

My Suzy.

I mouth the words, practising them, seeing how they feel on my lips. That makes me smile since I know how Suzy feels on my lips. She feels wonderful. And yes, being smooth down there had certainly made that whole experience a joy. Note to self: ask My Suzy if she wants me to be smooth down there for her.

It was so different getting to know the intimate folds of another girl. We were built the same, yet we are so different, and I yearn to get to know her even better down there. My firm intension is to spend a great deal of time down there, so I can learn how to give her as much pleasure as she gave me.

Discovering each other had been a lot of fun. It was so unlike a scripted and directed film, where everything comes together perfectly. We enjoyed a lot of fumbling around and experimenting, but we did well. I would like to think that for our first coupling we were awesome. But we will need to practice. A lot. At every opportunity. Frequently. Whenever we can. Any excuse. I can hardly wait. I want to go again.

My hand strokes her soft back, relishing the velvet smooth, warm textures and curves. My Suzy is all beauty.

I can’t restrain myself, and the words escape before thought.

“I love you, My Suzy. I want to love you again, and again, oodles of times, Suzy, zoodles of times.”

My hand strokes more insistently, loving Suzy’s smooth bottom, slipping between the cheeks, reaching for the hairless folds that guard the gateway to fufillment.

I am in love. And in lust.

I need us to go again.



Suzy writes:

It isn’t a diffcult decision, and we both make it at the very same moment, that sunny Sunday morning.

Amanda is comfortably nestled in her favourite spot, down between my thighs. I am trying to plait her hair. Somehow, Amanda is managing to rub her warm wet opening against the instep of my foot.

Croissant crumbs decorate her beautiful bottom as it rises and falls in rhythm with the movement of her tongue. We are one. We often talk this way, about our ‘oneness’. And on this Sunday morning, we indeed were one creature, slick with sweat and our loving fluids.

“Two can live as cheaply as one,” I say. Amanda responds by thrusting her tongue deeper inside me and wiggling her bottom. But then my thoughts dissolve as this wonderful girl finds yet another private place down there that makes me swoon.

This is our first time in bed together. Amanda is so young and so delightful and so excited, and she so wants to do everything at once.

I settle her amongst pillows and cushions. I kiss her forehead and guide her arms up around my neck.

“I may be gone for some time,” I say with a smile, as I kiss my way down South. Her skin is silky smooth with a natural fragrance that no perfumier could ever hope to replicate. Anxious not to go to her too soon, I nuzzle for a while in her neat little garden. I become utterly intoxicated with her aroma. My own body is shockingly aroused. As her bottom lifts in her need, I envelop her sex with my mouth and let her feel my tongue.

Amanda clings to me as if being saved from a shipwreck. She whimpers and repeats my name—she gives a single cry, almost bird-like, and then her climax.

I stay down there, answering each shock with a kiss on her soft wet folds. Then I hear a giggle, and we play together like children. There is such innocence in her exploration of my body. She was fascinated by my smooth, hairless mound and my sex, now all open and exposed.

Amanda’s hands stroked me so carefully as if I might suddenly vanish. But now I was hungry for her. I turned her on to her tummy and slid a pillow under her hips, and the girl became passive. I held both her wrists in one hand, lifted them above her head, as my fingertips traced her spine all the way down.

Then I eat her, forcefully, raking her velvety flesh with my teeth. She pushes hard against me, and her orgasm comes almost immediately.

In each other’s arms now. I guide the girl’s hand and let her touch me. And she does, without hesitation and in the same way that I imagine she touches herself. Simple, direct and very, very effective!

Afterwards, this wonderful girl lies beside me, looking up at the ceiling, simply gurgling with happiness. I thought I already loved her, but now I realise this is the exact moment. Pulling her on top of me, I kiss her hard.

Then warm and special words are exchanged, and now we are and will always be lovers.



Amanda writes:

I know I’m in love. In lust and in love. Are the two really that different? It doesn’t seem so.

My Suzy leaves me gasping, jumbles my insides and crumbles my self-control, dissolves my composure, loves me completely. I’m zoodled.

Yet I know it’s not really complete because there is so much she hasn’t yet shown me. My voyage across the Sea of Relationships to the uncharted Land of Sexual Experiences previously unknown has barely begun, and I feel like a Virgin explorer. Except that I have a guide. The Guide. My Suzy.

This is new. She is forceful, dominating, postioning me, restraining my hands, ravishing me. I surrender as if this is how I’m meant to be. Something new is born within. A need has awoken and once birthed, demands feeding. I can’t hold back and my body responds, expressing my submission in it’s own damp embrace.

I try to reply, to return her love, knowing only what works for me. I give her my everything.

Does she know? Has Suzy worked out that I am totally hers? Does she have any idea what she does to me? Does she understand my need of her? I’m trying to be generous, to give her all of me, but inside I need her and hunger for her. That new creature, the peculliar paradoxical blend of submissive greed, is taking over my thoughts and needs and desires.

She orgasms, making my joy complete. Except there is more. She drags me onto her soft fragrant naked form, the place I want to always be, and she kisses me. We don’t kiss each other, though I respond with energetic urgency. She kisses me. I love it. I love Suzy. She has captured me forever.

Without conscious thought or effort we find the words. We know. We are One.




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