We decided to meet in Ireland.

Killarney calls to us, and we head there.

You tell me you want a day exploring the counrtyside.

I have a lunch packed and we head to the Ring of Kerry.


I have no idea how you found the forest path.

It’s glorious, so green and vibrant.  Totally alive.

We walk hand in hand, our fingers entwined.

There is someting in the air, I can’t recognize what it is.


The path goes into a forest.

The trees arch their branches like a long hall.

As we walk the path leads to a small brook.

The sound of the water rushing by is like music.  


As we follow the brook it eventually leads to a small waterfall.

There is a small clearing beside it where we decide to have lunch.

I keep seeing tricks of light here and there.

It seems that there is always something just at the edge of my field of vision.


We sit there on the bank, watching the water run over the falls.

Your eyes aglow, sparkling, catching the light from the water.

The sun peeks through the trees on the banks of the brook.

I lose myself in your eyes, time seems to stand still.


You look so beautiful, almost ethereal.

If I pretend, I can almost see wings on your back.

It must be my imagination or the wonder of being in Ireland.

Still, that vision seems so natural on you.


There is wine with our lunch and my mind wanders.

I remember The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Wishing I had a book of verse to go with the wine and thou.

Lost in time, I steal a kiss.  A seemingly magical kiss.


The song of the brook and waterfall seems even sweeter.

The odd motions here and there seem to be more frequent.

It is as if someone is happy that we are here.

I can almost see flowers woven in your hair.


The day grows short and the shadows start to take over.

We wander back the way we came.

The birds singing a lovely chorus in the cathedral of the trees.

We are lost in the beauty of the woods.


As we wind down the path we come to a fork.

I swear it was not there during our earlier passage.

I look down that path and am amazed at what I see.

My eyes must be decieving me. That path cannot exist.


Looking down the new path I see things out of Celtic mythology.

Cu-sith, enbarr, cat sith, leprechans, fairies and more.

The foliage looks as exotic as the creatures.

I must be totally out of my senses.


I look towards you, your hand still in mine.

Your dress has become regal and emerald green.

There is a garland of flowers in your hair.

And now the wings I imagined are present and moving lightly with the wind.


I look deeply into your eyes.

You finally speak, “The time has come to make a choice

Will you come with me to the fairy realm?

Or will you choose to take path back to the mortal realm?”


“If you remain in the mortal realm the memories of today will fade.

If you join me, you may never return”

I stop a moment to understand what you are asking.

Finally it sinks in, today is April 30th.


It is Beltane and there are ancient rites and ceremonies to be performed.

I can see the bonfire about to be started.

I look in your eyes and say, “Yes, I will follow you.”

I offer my arm and we start along the sacred path.


The smile on your face tells me all I need to know.

As we enter the realm, all the creatures bow to you.

I had no idea of the enormity of my new life.

Royal Consort to the Queen of the Fae.























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