Brad Davis was enjoying life since meeting his new girlfriend.  Polly was the most sex crazed woman he had ever met.  She loved sex and always wanted to be having it. 

Brad was just a normal guy who was not dating anybody for a while.  He met Polly on a dating app, and they have been dating for the last six months.  Polly loved having sex in every position imaginable.

She enjoyed watching herself get fucked.  The night they met they had a few drinks, but she was in a hurry to get laid.  She took Brad to her house which was like her sexual lair.

Polly took Brad’s hands and he followed her up to her bedroom.  Brad noticed there were pictures of couples making love all over her walls.  She had a mirrored ceiling above her bed and other mirrors in her room.  Polly undressed Brad and pushed him on her bed.  She was going to tease him for a while.

She put some music on and began dancing.  She had an amazing body where she showed off her fit body.  She was wearing a very tight spandex dress.  The dress left nothing to the imagination.  Brad was not sure if she was wearing a bra or panties.  Her breasts looked amazing in the tight dress.

Polly began dancing to the music and began gyrating her hips.  She was looking at Brad while she began to strip.  However, her strip show was over once she pulled her dress over her head.  She stood there naked.  Her tits and pussy were amazing while she gyrated and shook her hips.  She also had a belly piercing.  She was incredibly hot to look at.  Brad’s cock was hard while she danced for him.

When she was done with her dance, she went to the bed and played with his big cock.  She moved her sexy fingers up and down his shaft.  He was already hard when she was dancing.  Polly opened her mouth and began giving him a blow job.  She seemed to really enjoy pleasuring him.

Brad was so horny and began fucking into her mouth which made her spit dribble down his shaft.  She was like this amazing nymph enjoying him fucking her mouth.  He was on the big side, which she absolutely loved.  She took as much of his cock down her mouth and made all kinds of wet sucking noises while she devoured him.  She wanted more from Brad.

The real show was when she climbed on top of him and sat down on his cock which was hard and ready for action.  Polly spat on her palm and rubbed the spit all over her pussy.  Her pussy was bare, and she made noises while pushing his cock inside of her wet pussy.  She took care of everything while Brad lay on the bed.

Polly eased down on his cock and made noises while getting his dick inside of herself.  She slowly began to rock on his cock.  She licked her lips and looked at herself in a mirror across the room.  Brad watched her fuck him from the ceiling with the mirrors.

Polly held her hips and began riding Brad hard.  Her pussy felt amazing while she rode him like a fiend.  Her tits bounced up and down while she fucked him.  Brad sat up and gave her breasts attention.  Brad loved breasts and hers were a nice handful.  Her nipples were standing at attention while she rode Brad.

He held her perky breasts in his hands, while she continued bouncing her incredible body up and down over Brad’s cock.  She moaned and made interesting noises while she rode his hard cock.  In addition, Polly liked dirty talking and while she rode him, she told him how much she loved his big cock.  She liked dirty talk and did that while they fucked.  The room smell liked sex, and both were sweating while she rode Brad hard.

The best part was when she wanted her ass fucked.  She climbed off him and assumed the position with her ass high in the air.  She pulled apart her buttocks and looked over her shoulder and told her to fuck her ass.

Brad needed to moisten up her ass with his tongue.  He licked around her puckered hole and pushed his tongue up inside of her secret spot.  She was playing with her soaking wet pussy because she had orgasms while riding Brad.

Brad pushed his finger into her butt while continuing to lick all around her butt.  She was screaming to fuck her butt.  Brad was pleased to fuck her butt and slowly began pushing his cock up inside of her.  She moaned and cooed while he got into her.

She liked having her butt fucked which Brad was enjoying.  Her butt was much tighter than her bare pussy.  She was screaming to him to spank her and told him that excited her more than anything.

While he was enjoying her nice butt, he began swatting her buttocks which made her scream in passion and pain.  She was playing with her pussy which was dripping down her legs while Brad fucked her butt hole hard.

She told him to switch holes with his big dick.  Brad pulled out of her butt and slid into her wet pussy.  He fucked her there a while and changed into her butt.  She could not take much more and orgasmed and screamed so loudly.

Brad pulled out of her cunt and pushed himself back into her butt and his cock erupted.  She wanted him to eat his cum and commanded him to lick her holes.

Brad had never licked his own cum but did as she wished.  He licked his sticky goo out of her holes.  After he did that, she told him to lay down and she would clean up his dick.

Brad went to his back and Polly licked his shaft up and down and enjoyed their mixed cocktail of cum.  She seemed to really enjoy semen and with all the cleaning up, she went back to sucking his cock.  She sucked his dick for an hour.  The thing Brad liked was she sucked his hairy balls too.  She sucked each one for a long time, while stroking his cock.  She really seemed to love his dick.

Polly and Brad have been dating for six months.  They have been having sex every day but lately Polly wants to have sex outside.  She wants to do it in front of people.  Brad was a bit nervous to do that but said he would.


It was a beautiful day and Brad packed a picnic lunch and swung by Polly’s to pick her up.  He pulled into her driveway and knocked on her door.

Polly opened the door naked and pulled Brad into her house.

“Brad, I’m so horny.  Get undressed and slide your big dick inside of my pussy.”

“Polly you never stop!  I want to take my honey for a picnic.  Get dressed!”

“Not until you fuck me.  I need your cock.”

Brad was annoyed because he wanted to take her out.  What guy would not want to fuck his girlfriend?  He would have sex and then they would go out.

“Hurry up!  Get undressed.  I am hungry for your cock.”

Polly was sex-crazed, and Brad hurried to take his bathing suit off.  She dropped down to her knees and worked her hand up and down his incredible cock.  It did not take long, and Brad’s cock grew in her hand.

Polly opened her mouth and got busy sucking Brad’s cock.  She looked up into his eyes and went crazy on his cock.  Her spit drippled from her mouth which he wiped away with his finger.

“Baby!  Sit on the chair.  I want to ride your big dick.”

Brad sat down on the chair and Polly climbed onto his lap.  She eased herself down on his big cock and made noises while she got situated.  Once he was inside her, she began to ride him.  She moved her hips back and forth and Brad squeezed at her buttocks.

“Baby.  Push your fingers into my butt.  Oh God!  Your cock feels amazing.  Feel my tits.  Fuck!”

Brad pushed his one finger into her butt and leaned down to suck at her tits.  She was riding him like a champ.  She moaned and groaned while she rode him. 

“Baby!  Your dick feels so good.  My pussy is so wet while we fuck.  Feel my tits.  Hold my tits, in your hands.  Pull on my hard eraser nipples.”

Brad held her tits while she continued riding him.  She was such a good fuck.  Brad enjoyed fucking Polly.  He pulled at her nipples which seemed to make her pussy wetter.

“I am going to cum.  Yes.  Feel my orgasm.  Fucking hell.  You need to cum too.  Do it baby.”

“I am not ready to cum yet.”

“Pull out of my cunt and fuck my ass!  Do it!”

Polly climbed off Brad and went over to the couch.  She leaned over and pulled her buttocks apart.

“Fuck my dirty butt!  Do it Brad!  I need your big dick.  Fuck your slut!”

Brad liked when she called herself a slut.  He licked at her puckered hole and tongued into her butt.  She moaned while his tongue played in her secret spot.

“Go on!  Slide into my butt.  Fuck your girl!  Fuck my tight butt!”

Brad liked how she was talking and pushed himself up inside of her butt.  Her butt was very tight but since he fucked her there most days, he was able to slide right in.

“Smack my butt!  Fuck me! Do it faster.  Fuck your whore!”

Brad smacked her butt and fucked into her tight butt hole.  He was loving her ass and while he fucked her butt, she fingered her wet pussy.

“Go into my pussy now!  Change holes.  I want you to cum.  Fucking hell.”

Brad liked when she wanted him to change holes.  He pulled out of her butt and jammed his cock up inside of her pussy.  He fucked her hard and then jammed it back into her butt. 

“Fuck!  Baby!  Cum in my tight butt.  Let me feel your warm goo.  Do it baby.  Cum in my butt.”

Brad moaned and exploded inside of her butt.  He grabbed her breasts while he emptied himself in her butt.

“Lick it!  Clean my ass.  The cum is dripping out of me.  Pull out and eat it.  You know how horny it gets me.  Do it baby!”

Brad pulled out from her butt and licked the cream oozing out of her hole.  He did not like eating his cum, but it really turned Polly on.  She really got nastier with her words while he cleaned the cum from her butt.

“Baby that was hot.  I am too horny to go for a picnic.  I just want to fuck all day.  I will go and get the basket and we can eat it here.  Baby you really delight me with that big dick.  I loved fucking you Brad.”

“I really want to take you out.  All we do is fuck.  Let us go enjoy ourselves.  We can lay in the sun and have a picnic.  I’ll even fuck you in the open air.”

“Really?  We can fuck at the beach.  Okay.  I will get dressed.  I would love that.  We should shower first.  Come take a shower with me.”

Brad and Polly went to the bathroom and showered.  They made out it the shower.  Polly was a sex crazed lunatic.  But they just rubbed each other’s privates and got dressed.  Brad did not want her too horny again or she would want sex again.

Polly loved sex but sometimes it did get tiresome for Brad.  She would always give him head to get him started.  Brad loved oral sex and loved how full of gusto she was to please him.

Polly put her bikini on and wrapped a cloth skirt around her hips.  She and Brad went into his jeep and sped away.  Brad blasted the music and they both sang and danced in the jeep.

The beach was about a half an hour away.  It was a sunny day, and the beach was kind of crowded.  They were able to park and Brad grabbed the stuff.  He gave Polly the picnic basket and the pair walked up to the beach to look for a spot.  They walked a bit down the beach and found a place to sit.  There were some guys throwing a football near them.  Polly smiled at them while she and Brad walked by.

Brad spread out the blanket and the couple sat down. 

“Baby, will you rub oil on my body?”

“Of course.”

Polly took off her cloth skirt and sat there while Brad oiled her body. His fingers accidentally touched her boobs which made her smile. 

“Baby be careful, or you will get me all horny again.  You know how easily I get turned on.”

Polly lay on her back and Brad oiled her arms, back and legs.  His cock was getting aroused in his shorts.  His fingers oiled up her butt in her thong bikini.  She looked amazing and knew the hot guys throwing the ball around noticed her.  She was going to put on a show eventually for them.

“I will do you now.”

Polly sat up and poured the oil onto her hands she oiled his back and arms and shoulders and legs. 

“Your cock is growing.  Are you hard baby?”

“Baby.  We just had sex.”

“Let’s go swimming.”

Polly ran to the ocean and the guys whistled at her.  She had a great body and her butt looked amazing in her thong bikini.  Other’s noticed Polly and smirked at her.  She looked gorgeous but there were children, and her bathing suit was not appropriate.  Her top was a tiny top which barely covered her tits.

She looked amazing and just figured most were jealous of her hot body.  Her and Brad went into the water.  He held Polly in his arms, and they kissed each other passionately on the lips.

“Babe.  We can fuck right here.  I can take my suit off and you can slide it into me.  Fuck me Brad!  I want you.”

“Baby.  No.  There are families here.  Later if you are good, I will eat your pussy on the blanket.”

“That’s hot baby.  Maybe we can let the fellas watch.  Baby I want you to fuck me on the blanket and let the guys watch.”

“Baby.  Let us enjoy the day.”

He put her down and they enjoyed the ocean.  They jumped at the waves and had a great time.  They stayed in the water a while and after a long while.  Polly put her hands down his bathing suit and played with his cock. 

They went deeper into the water.  Polly moved her bikini over and Brad slid into her pussy.  They fucked in the ocean.  Brad held her in his arms and fucked into her pussy.  They were kissing and after a while he put her down.  She was never going to be quiet if he did not fuck her in the water.

“Baby.  That was so hot.  I am starving.  Let us eat.”

Polly and Brad went to the blanket.  He handed her a piece of chicken and made a plate with coleslaw and potato salad.  He brought beer and opened one for her.  They sat and ate on the blanket.

“Babe, what a cute picnic you made.  Nobody ever did this for me.”

“You are a special girl.”

“Babe.  You are the best boyfriend.  You know I think I love you.”

“Babe.  I love you too.  You are quite a gal.”

“You are quite a guy.  I love your dick.”

“Babe.  People will hear!”

“So.  We just fucked and I am sure everybody saw.”

“Who cares.  We are lovers.  Nobody called the cops yet.”

Polly and Brad laughed and continued to eat.  They drank their beers and cuddled on the blanket.  They kissed and held each other.  Eventually Brad fell asleep on the blanket.

Polly saw the guys were now in their beach chairs and she wanted to play with them.  She looked at them and took off her top.  She played with her breasts while oiling herself up.  The guys looked at her and whistled.

She slipped her hands into her bottom and played with herself while the guys watched.  They could not believe she was fucking herself with her fingers.  They all watched her in amazement. 

Polly stopped what she was doing and pushed her hand down Brad’s bathing suit.  She played with his cock and continued to look at the guys who were now shocked at what she was doing.  The beach was not crowded now, but these guys were watching Polly.  What she did next, really shocked the guys.  She pulled Brads cock out and began blowing him on the beach. 

Brad woke up hard and Polly moved her bottom over and pushed Brad’s cock into her pussy.  She rode him on the beach while the guys watched.  They now were cheering and clapping while Polly rode Brad.

Brad was excited and shot his cum into the hot and horny gal.  Polly stood up and took a bow.

“Dude, you are a lucky son-of-a-gun.”

Brad pulled Polly down to the blanket and they cuddled and kissed. 

“Show’s over guys.”

The guys continued to watch Polly and Brad.  Eventually they left.  Everybody left and Polly and Brad went into the water and eventually they left too.

They went back to the jeep.  Brad helped Polly in and cranked the music and drove away.

“Baby, thanks for taking us out today.  I had a blast.  I liked having sex in the open.”

“It was a fun time.  I will think of something else we can do another time.”

“I can’t wait.”

Polly and Brad sang and danced while he drove home.  He knew Polly was a very unusual gal and he was glad she was his.  He was happy they both were in love with each other.  He wondered what else they would do.  Only time would tell.





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